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Statement of Purpose for DMU

Statement of Purpose for DMU

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Published by Raj Kumar

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Published by: Raj Kumar on Jun 06, 2010
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“Exposure, Insight, and International experience from a reputed Institution are the three top most reasons I’m intending to study Master’s in International Business from Northampton University” Global business is now a complex chain of human thoughts and endless human endeavor. Goods and services integrate seamlessly to help satisfy customers in every aspect. Management of these services is very essential to prove a stand in this highly competitive world. To fit and contribute to this business environment I need to add to my engineering skills, the various techniques required to solve critical and day-to-day problems. In the new dynamics of business, supply chain and logistics determine the flow of business and its functions. To achieve my goal I would need to enhance my knowledge on solving immediate problems and learn strategic methods that are necessary for the optimization and growth of the business. The theoretical knowledge would help advantage my capabilities thus making me fit to take on day-to-day evolving problems in business. I have had the opportunity to exercise my problem solving capability and identify the leadership qualities in me through the various symposiums and projects at the school and college level. A master’s in International Business will help me better understand how business and management operates and perform by internationally. There are such reasons why I am saying this? An overseas education will certainly provide a competitive edge in addition to knowledge and training to understand and participate in International Business. REASON FOR SELECTING NORTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY I intend to study in your university because of your good ranking a globally recognized hallmark of excellence. The quality of research, teaching, Learning and development at your university will help me improve my knowledge in my field and help me style myself into a better businessperson. I am very impressed with the standard facilities available at your university and the Experience you provide to students as per this field. I privileged to have had opportunities to study at M.S.P. School at Dindigul, widely regarded as among the states best schools. I am a graduate of Bsc.Visual Communication from Loyola College, Chennai, which ranks among top five colleges in India. In fact, this is also another reason I intended to study abroad, because of the academic standard and Educational Intuitional has given me the urge and confidence to take up challenge of pursuing the Master’s program from your university

Why I chose Master in Business Administration? As soon as finished 12th standard I went into business, which is packaging Industry. I was into the section of supervising the employees. To be honest I was not having much experience in the beginning. However, I had learnt quickly by the guidance of the Production Manager. During that one year, l faced so many troubles. Nevertheless, I solved it easily. My responsibilities are to control the over all production by the command of the Production Manager. I‘ll give the job cards to the employees for the daily activities and planning the output result. I had been always co-ordinate with employees to achieve the production goal. Then I have to maintain the machineries regularly. After one year, I thought of doing my UG in Visual Communication. In visual communication, I had a chance to study about different kinds of communications like visually and verbally. However, I studied this course in different perspective. I had an elective subject of marketing. I just taught myself how to do marketing through media. Because media playing a vital role in this contemporary business world. I was focused marketing management and that decided finally I do not want to be an employee anymore, I wanted to be an Employer in future. I needed some industrial experience to learn about the production and management sector. For that, I joined again in a packaging industry and I posted as a Production Manager that was really a challenging part in my life. I posted as a Production Manager in a packaging industry, I have gone a very meticulously planned way, well-structured practice during production experience. We are manufacturing corrugated box (Carton box). After my appearance to this production hall, I made the production to 40,000 boxes per day. Previously per day our productions were 20000 boxes. In my two years of production experience, this is my great achievement that I am keeping constant production of same quantity. We are giving best quality at reasonable price and using best quality of raw materials for the Production. We are keeping a good reputation in the market so far. I had a chance to learn about management in a concern. Even though I am working in a small scale Industry, I have full freedom to interact with all the employees working there. There are about 100 employees are working under down to me. This posting has really helped me in developing my leadership qualities. My responsibilities are planning, scheduling, calibrating, stock maintenance and reporting to my superior. So far, I have learnt to a certain extent as to how the organization is running their administration. This skill is enough for my current industry. Nevertheless, for my upcoming business, which is a ‘Paper Mill’ I need to improve my production skills as well as my Management skills to the International level.

I am going to start a ‘Paper Mill’ in another two years that is relevant to my current industry. This is a very big industry and it is my dream project too. For my part, I need to learn about International marketing and business operations. We have chosen this project because of usage of paper will be in high demand in the world, especially in India. Paper product is using in high number nowadays. To manufacture a paper we have to buy raw materials like OCC waste, Machineries, chemicals etc., from abroad. In future I must know International business, marketing, Finance, banking, management, Strategy planning etc., if I study this course, would give me International exposures and I can market my product in India as well as in my neighborhood countries. I understand that I have three years of experience, but as an overseas student from India, I can yet contribute to the MBA program in your University. Rules and principles of business in the world, most need to become a good businessperson. Moreover, the university will give me an opportunity to develop my Multi Cultural Business and management skills. REASON FOR STUDY IN UK UK is one of the Vibrant Country that technically and academically advanced. Moreover 150-country student are studying in and around UK. So I may have chance to meet and learn world culture at one place that is UK. This is one of the main reasons why I opted to study in UK. More than I am highly impressed with the curriculum and the study modules offered by your u niversity, which in turn will help me acquire the skills needed to face a competitive market. CONCLUSION I assure you that I will make the most of myself, and will be unsparing in my efforts to scale great academic heights bringing laurels to your university, which I feel is an ideal place for me to perceive my studies. I believe that this program at your university will help me to achieve my goals, exploit my potential to the fullest and lead me to the path to realize my dreams to become a successful man. I would like to say thank you for given me the opportunities to write this SOP

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