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Pictures of graves of prophets and ahlebait and sahabies

Foot mark Of Hazrat Adam AS In Sri Lanka First footmark On Earth.

Amma Hawwa In Jeddah

Abeel, son of ADAM, first grave on earth, in Jordan.

Abeel, another view of grave of Abeel, son of ADAM.

This is the place from where the TOOFAN-E-NOOH started, its in Musjid-e-Koofa,

Grave of Hazrat Youshe, first Prophet after Adam, its in Jordan.

Makam E Ibrahim

Grave of Hazrat IBRAHIM – Al-Khalil, ISRAEL.

Grave of Hazrat LOT In IRAQ

Grave of Hazrat Saleh AS

Gave Of DAWOOD In Israel.

Grave Of MOOSA In Israel.

Tomb Of MOOSA And His Companions



YAHYA, its in Jama Masjid Damascus.

YAHYA Inside view

Grave of BIB AMNA, some where out side Macca.

Grave of BIBI HALEEMA, out side Madina.

Jannat ul Moala, before destructions – Macca.

BAQI Before destruction

oza of 4 Imams, before destruction, the cage was made from pure GOLD.


BILAL HABASHI, in Damascus.