Market Positioning Dawlance is the largest company in Pakistan engaged in appliance business.

Present Market Share of Dawlance product is: refrigerators 65%, Washing Machines 35%, Microwave Oven 40%, Chest Freezers 45%, and Air Conditioners 15%

There are three factors to take into account for home appliance industry in Pakistan. Firstly, the challenging situation has been created by dealers whose profits have been reduced due to certain policies adopted by manufacturers in the last few years. So they are looking forward to new manufacturers entering in the industry. More profits and better services are also being included in their demands. Secondly, the new entrants in the manufacturing industry including manufacturers and importers, either they are local or foreign investors have challenged the domination of existing manufacturers and importers. Thirdly, due to the expansion in market size horizontally and vertically, competitive situation has been increased among manufacturers within the industry. Dawlance is the largest Home Appliances Brand of Pakistan with Annual Turnover of over Rs. 15.5 Bn. and the overall strength of over 4,000 employees. It has a range of Products in various categories including Refrigerators, Chest Freezers, Microwave Ovens, Washing Machines and Split AC. Dawlance Market Share in Pakistan is 58% and it has No. 1 position in 4 out of 5 categories. Dimension: Managing all facets of Dawlance Group marketing in Pakistan and Export Markets to deliver top line proceeds of Rs. 15.5 Billion.

Why dawlance and reason for high demand:

1. Dawlance strategy is to produce more user health friendly rather than conventional production.
This technology is named as “H-Zone”. Pakistani consumers today are very concerned about their family health, be it related to their food preservation in refrigerators, various methods of washing clothes or quality of air inside and outside their house.

2. Dawlance tries to minimize the load of Power Consumption (Electric Bill), and enhance Quality,
Service and Reliability for its consumers.

3. Dawlance product are comparatively cheaper than other local or foreign company, giving
opportunity to people of all classes to be a part of it.

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