Product Launch

Dandy skin creams for men

Joint venture
Paras ITC Canada 

pharma cosmetic company


maximization To give more bang for buck To capture the semi city market and rural market To give customer delight Quality products for the men segment
  

Market Overview

total size of the Indian MEN cosmetic market is close to INR 13 Billion Highly fragmented Concentrated in the Tier-I cities only Men’s cosmetic captured market is 12% only

Product Description

base Citrus essence Gel base not talc base Free of alcohol For oily, normal and dry skin types No allergies medically approved by I.M.A For oily mineral clay For dry glycerin and jojoba oil

Product description

25 for 10 grams Rs 70 for 30 grams Rs 140 for 60 grams

Production Location

in NBB belt Production Capacity 15000 per day Nagpur belt production capacity 10000 per day Subsidy Cheap electric rates Cheap labour Ancillary units
 

Unique selling point

free Sunscreen of SPF 20 Different creams for different skin types Melanin reducer Less price Acne preventer
  

Marketing strategies

awareness and social consciousness in Tier-II cities greater awareness of brands and segments Provide free samples Electronic media tv radio etc Print media
 

Marketing strategies

ambassador campaigning Fashion shows CSR WOM

Financial Forecast

capital between ITC, Paras and Canada cosmetic company 95 crores funded from Canada cosmetic company 90 crores from ITC and 100 from Paras 60 crores allocated to research and development. 120 crores for plant and machinery

Financial Forecast

break even point in four

year. Excepted returns on investment 25 %
 

Human Resource Management

skilled labourcount 4300, unskilled labour 3200 Technical staff 150 Production and line manager 20 Corporate office management staff 160 Misc staff 30 Semi annual appraisal

Target people

class Cosmopolitan men Semi city inhabitants and rural Fairness conscious persons


product for different skin

types Strong marketing strategies Good returns on investment Sound headcount Flexible in production

 

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