EDWARD CULLEN AGENT 367!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m Edward Cullen. I have no friends, my family won’t talk to me nor do I ever socialize. At the age of 16 I got into a bad crowd and started robbing cars etc. It changed as the years went by. I was shot and nearly died, I later killed the person who shot me and I suppose you could say that I found a taste for killing. I was so jealous of anyone who had a better life than me, that I even began killing children. Poor innocent children. I can’t understand why I do this, I just went down a dark tunnel and cannot find a way out of it . There is no light. No brightness ahead and I have no guide. I have been given a task from agent 376. We all have numbers, we call ourselves agents. I am agent 367. I am at 5th level, we kidnap people to practice killing. I don't even feel any emotion when I kill someone. Other people say that they feel great achievement and are proud of them self. I have never found this emotion, I usually feel nothing. My task is to kill Bella Swan. Agent 376 didn’t tell me why I had to kill her , he just told me to transfer to her high school in Forks and earn her trust . Most girls find me attractive, so it won’t be that hard to get her to talk to me. Judging by the pictures of her she seems very shy. Quiet and unique. I've been asked to manipulate her. We agents always do as we are asked because if we don’t we usually end up dead!

CHAPTER 1: FINDING BELLA I have finally reached Forks. I am transferring to Forks High school tomorrow, and my plan will immediately be put into action . I have been practicing my story for when people ask where I come from and why I'm here . Every good agent knows that once you start the story

you keep the story. Jonny B was the last agent; he was killed when people started to get suspicious. Jonny wasn't a good liar and soon people started talking and realized that he told all of them that he was from various places. They executed him. Well I was with them, I helped. It wasn’t even hard for me, and I worked with him for 7 years That’s how heartless I am.

‘’ Okay , Edward Cullen this is the house you will be renting for 6months. I hope it reaches your expectations , and I hope you have a pleasant time here, but can I ask one question ‘’ the landlady told me . I gave her a nod and then she asked where my parents where . I was about show her my ID as I’m over 18 , but then turned against is as I’m claiming to be 17. I quickly said goodbye to the landlady and ran inside. I only had one day to unpack and set everything up. The rest of my time here would be following Bella Swan . I have a profile book in my backpack, it has her favourite places , favourite things to do , and so on. You might think it wouldn’t help but when you’re trying to track someone down it’s very useful. Today is my first day Forks High School. For some reason I’m excited, maybe it’s because everyone is going to fancy me or maybe it’s because Im going to try out for the football team and get in. Whatever the reason I was excited and felt alive for one of the first times in my life.

Here I am at Forks High School. All the female population are staring at me like I’m a delicious candy bar , while the male population are giving me jealous and angry daggers. You could definitely use the expression ‘if looks could kill’ now, because I’m pretty sure most of the men are trying to kill me with their eyes. Well I’m used to this. Remember I’m Edward Cullen. Everyone stared at me the whole day but finally by lunch a tiny girl with short spiky black hair walked up to me .She was beyond

beautiful , her skin was so pale it was nearly translucent. When I looked into her eyes I was memorized. She had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. There was something different about her, I just knew it . I felt a connection; nothing else mattered in the world at that moment. ‘’Hi I’m Alice’’ the beautiful girl introduced herself. I couldn’t find the muscles to make my mouth move for a moment , I just stared at her with my mouth hanging open , until I thought ‘ Edward stop being so pathetic ‘. ‘’Hi’’ I answered in my most inviting voice .She just smiled at me and finally said ‘’you should really shut your mouth before the flies get in ‘’. Oh no she noticed me staring , oh well I’m sure she’s used to it . ‘’Well goodbye nice to meet you’’ she laughed in her beautiful voice . It was like silk . Why didn’t she have boys crowding around her ? I wondered . Nobody really seemed to notice her.

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