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Apology for Mohammed and the Koran

Apology for Mohammed and the Koran

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A Work of Unity
A Work of Unity

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Published by: Umberto Miguel Rullo on Jun 07, 2010
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to as a subsisting treaty in two separate communications

from the Governor-General to the King of Oude in the

years 1839 and 1847 ; and lastly that it was included in a

volume which was published in 1845 by the authority of

Government. {See Oude Blue Book.)

The case having been submitted in 1857 to the eminent

jurist, Dr. Travers Twiss, for his opinion, that learned gentle-

man gave it as follows



Upon the best consideration which I have been able to

give to all these facts, I am constrained to come to the con-

clusion that the Governor-General of India in Council was

not authorised by the law of nations to set aside the treaty

of 1837 as inoperative."

And yet, notwithstanding this opinion of so eminent an

authority, a recent writer who appears to have about as

much respect for the Decalogue as for the Law of Nations,

scruples not to defend the annexation of Oude, by the stet

pro ratione voluntas argument, an argument which would

equally justify the thus ennobled art of kleptomania whether

practised by the bold brigand or the sneaking pickpocket.


There was still," says Mr. Kaye* another province to be

absorbed into the British Empire, under the administration

of Lord Dalhousie ; not by conquest, for its rulers had ever

been our friends and its people had recruited our armies >

not by lapse, for there had always been a son or a brother,

or some member of the royal house to fulfil, according to


Kaye's '

History of tlie Sepoy War in India,' vol. i.

p. 112.

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