Inspired By A Pamphlet Published By The California Department Of Tourism Inviting You To Take A Second Look At Orange County by Jon

Thorpe so now i’m jumpin’ through hoops in this bozo’s paddywagon so forget your menstrual cycle lots of other things are laggin’ it’s a concentration nightmare just cuttin’ through your world so drop me a bottled letter Arco signs a string of pearls cuz i’m runnin’ through these streets i still ain’t got no car that ol’ judge snatched it from me after i crashed into that bar all fucked up on meth and night train trapped like an amputated mouse and you still pretend you didn’t like it when i ripped you from your blouse (didn’t you?) so now my love i spend my days starin’ in this empty canteen breathin’ fire chokin’ on dust just lookin’ to score me some speed cuz’ the hills out here don’t speak to me like the girls at the mini-mall i’ll strike this match smoke this blunt maybe head down to the farmer’s ball where the girls are young still in high school all lookin’ for an easy lay

(remember bein’ bounced from that Sadie Hawkins dance cuz everyone thought we were gay?) but first I’ve got to hitch a ride on this good ol’ tri-county bus let it deliver me down to the mega-mall is it westridge? lakeridge? stoneridge? oakridge? doesn’t really matter democratic gates a universal fall maybe i’ll see you sittin’ there sippin’ coke by the Panda Express i’ll eat fried rice munch fried pork and you just might be wearin’ that dress the one you were wearin’ way back when you and i was rollin’ in the trash out behind the ol’ KFC crushin’ Slurpee cups into mash but those days are long gone by now everything’s turned to rust so now i’m runnin’ from a used car lot my memories kickin’ dust so i’ll cross the street and throw some stones at K-Mart’s big discount world the window smashed and burglar alarm blast a soundtrack for the Arco pearls and this ol’ town it’s shuttin’ down the streelamps bright and shoutin’ your name i walk into this here 7-11 and stamp my ticket to fame

pistol drawn i’m on the run there’s only one place left to go l.a. skyline a memory on the road to Mexico but those cop sirens ar soundin’ closer now i hear birds singin’ songs of first light so i suppose i should be shuttin’ it down so good night my love good night

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