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Consumer perception towards Mahindra Finance Fixed Deposits


 How many people know about Mahindra finance fixed deposits?  Where do they invest their money?  Why are they not interested in investing in Mahindra finance fixed deposit?  For this I designed a questionnaire and did a market survey in Udyog Vihar, Maruti Udyog and sec. 39 in Gurgaon. Most of the questionnaires were filled by employees who worked in private companies.

• Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited, a subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra Limited • established in the year 1991 with a vision to become the number one semi-urban and rural Finance Company • it has become one of the India's leading non-banking finance company providing finance for acquisition of utility vehicles, tractors and cars etc. • It has more than 450 branches covering the entire India and services over 6, 00,000 customer contracts.

Mutual Fund Distribution
• Recently it has been permitted by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to start the distribution of Mutual Fund products through its network.

Product portfolio
• • • • • • • • Two wheeler loans Car loans Utility vehicle loans Tractor loans Refinance Commercial vehicle loans Fixed deposits Personal loans

• DATA SOURCE: Primary as well as Secondary data. Primary data was collected by filling up of questionnaires from Udyog Vihar, Maruti Udyog and sector 39 in Gurgaon and secondary from internet. • SAMPLING UNIT: Individual (people) • SAMPLING SIZE: 150 • SAMPLING METHOD: Random

Analysis and interpretations
Age group

It means that people who are of age group 20-30 are more willing to know about different ways of investment and then age group of 30-50. therefore we should be more focused to these groups


It does not mean that female does not want to know about investment instruments but there is less strength of female in the companies where I surveyed.


I did not get any businessman since I had done survey only in front of private companies.

Income level

It means company should give more emphasis on those people who get more than 300000 salary p.a. because people who have more liquidity in their hands in terms of money can invest in different investment instruments and can take risks.

Where do you invest?

For this question only 67% people responded and other 33% said they do not invest anywhere because they are not earning more than 1 lakh salary per annum. Out of responded 44% people said they get insured themselves instead of investing anywhere. 29% said they invest like in saving account, gold, land etc. People do not invest in mutual funds as compare to insurance because maximum number of people I surveyed is of income group below 300000. So first they want to secure their life, belongings etc.

Do you know about corporate fixed deposits?

60% said they are not aware about corporate fixed deposits. 40% said they are aware. Corporate fixed deposits should be promoted to bring more awareness among the people.

Are you aware about Mahindra finance fixed deposits?

Only 34% of the total respondents were aware about Mahindra finance fixed deposits. It means company should do more promotional activities to increase awareness level among people about Mahindra finance. Company should give something different than other competitors.

What is the reason for not investing in Mahindra finance fixed deposits?

42% of the people said they want to invest in secure place like in post offices and banks because these are more secure. People think that Mahindra fixed deposits are less popular and also risky. Therefore company should do more promotional activies to reduce these myths of people mind.

What rate of return you get from other investment (s) (like mutual funds, equity or insurance)?

Most of the people agreed that they get less than 9% return on their investment but still they do not find Mahindra finance fixed deposits as a better instrument for investment. Most of the people think saving account as a better option for saving because they feel this is flexible as when they need money they can get.

• Not much people know about corporate fixed deposits. • One third of the total respondents said they do not invest anywhere because they do not get much salary. • People who know about corporate fixed deposits or Mahindra finance fixed deposits and get less than 9% on their investment on other products like saving account or fixed deposits of post office do not want to invest in Mahindra fixed deposits because of risk and less popularity or may be because they do not have excess liquidity of cash in their hand.

• People are less aware about corporate fixed deposits like that of Mahindra finance fixed deposits. • People who are aware about Mahindra finance fixed deposits do not want to invest in their fixed deposits because they do not want change their old pattern of investing like in post offices and banks even after knowing that they can get more interest than they get in post offices and banks. • People do not want to invest in corporate fixed deposits as they think there is a risk investing in corporate fixed deposit. They also think that it’s not a popular way to invest. • People who have less income level do not want to invest in fixed deposits because they want easy liquidity of money rather than investing in fixed deposits.

• • • Sample size is small. Survey is done only in some regions in Gurgaon. People did not want to respond willingly and accurately.

• Company should employ more number of agents who are already working as an agent in post offices so that people do not find any difficulty in depositing and receiving their amount. To attract these agents, they may be paid more interest on their applications. More promotional activities should be done so that people become aware about Mahindra finance fixed deposits and do not hesitate in investing in the company. Company should focus on those people who have excess money in their hand and can invest in fixed deposit. Company should focus more on people who get more than Rs.300000 p.a. salary.

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