- -- - _" --

flliis Card Agreemant, which [liI.cliudesyolllr card. canisr,

is yO~J eontraet witih us, a~d glovenl1lS tbe lUIS a of' !/OllJllf card an(il account lhe card carrier contains lmportant aeenum ill1lfmmation, inc~ILld~lng, your anrtual pe~IJienta!g,e rates and the amount of any mambers!lip ~ee, iPlease read and ke:e:p m~~e'se doc um ents 1'0 r yo u r records.


Fo r co m p Ilete il'nlfo rml.No 1111 a bout: '~h ase 'fscts~ pie a5'e! slee th e rellrUed sectilDilmll$ iln tihris, Card Ag'F,eemell'illt


IPlUlrohas e :alHld Cas Iii! Adv8lniC e AlPIRs: S,e19 em rd lea rri~ r., All APRs baslBld 0.111 tbe Prmme Ri3Ire may valry each bill'ill1gl period,.

IDler~a.Uln: AlPiR:: See card canli:e1r" T~,@! ID'efaulij A1PR eqlUla~s ]ihe Prime Rate I'P to 23,'99,Qk or U~' to 2',8,. 99 'ljoi whli'c~ever jiG; glreater. Alii. Rs may aJlI]om8ltwc-al~yiruJnnH3e up to '~he Derf,!Ult ~p R, 'ilf you fai;i to m,ake a payment to us, when dW1!!~ exceeo your crediit: IliinfJ", or maJ~e it paymellf1lt to us llih,a't ls not honored

IlIliinii mu m Finan'D I! IClhalrlg,l!: ${L6'0,

TRANSACTION FE'E.S-FINAINCE CIH,A.RGE:S, IBI~anee Tralflls;fer Fee: :3°/0 of leach balance transfer, $,5 mWlIllimulm.

IPlurchSISIBS mlade ~n Ii Fo,re!,i.'Qltn Currener fe'l: 8% of each IPIUll~lchase ,[meiF its (lioJlv:emion ~ntQ U,S. dolll'atrS.

ICa!sh ,AdvlnIlIUI' IFee: 3% of eachi cash advance, $.5 m~l1IiimLim. IOlHIER. FEII!S

IlLaie Fe,e:: ,$115, on baJan c es U pita, $1 001;$2'9 onl b8l1ialiliCes of $11010 up 10$250; $3'91 on balances of' $25;0 andl over,

Imlillir-..the~ Clmerdl.ilt~ l im1li Ilree: $39.

AlliJllllall iMleml~le!lrSih~IP fe'e:: See card canie![ IRlturned Pa,mEml'lfll:: $3,9.

IRe1urned IColnvenlilencEl! Check: Fee: $39.

Sbll'P Payment Din CDlnlJeniio'nrerEl: Chllick IFeie:$39 ..

IRa:les:j, fe!e's.~ ,aid 'terms: may 'Elih:llge: We may' chan(lltl the nIte s, 'fees, and te rrns of yo U r a£c~:flmt 8;t ;aJIilY Ume fOlr an y reason These reasons Imlay 'be baSe!d oml ilFiformatiiQl1iII in

your ,cre'di~ ~ep,oltslU:ch as YOllJr' failure t(lI!lllak!13 payments to en oth er Glr,sdUo r when d ue ~ almo!!.l nms owed ~o oti~;erCn9d~]ors~ ne number '(llf ,credit accounts Dil]ltst:aIli~lillilgl! ,or !the numbe'lr Ol~ credit inquiries. TI,ese rsasons ma.y atso include loompetitivlB or marke~-~e!lated facto rs ,~m . we' ma.ke ,a Ic.hiFlJ ng'6 for any of 'th,BS'E! reasons, ymJlwUI rec:eiV'(i!.idvance notlce and a r~g!ht to opt out in m;cordanCIB w~th appUcabll:e Illaw.

De,fiiniiltii:on s

B,CCfJl1l1l: the F,slilationshlp' establlisihed 'be:twee!rli yOIlJ and us by

th,~s lC:a rd Ag reem ant .

A,'R: a.nnuml p'ercentage· rate.

iJu'",orized 1}$lr: any person you :alll!~owb) use ~lOIJjF ,aCCQUIIiil!t. cartJ,;' one, or mere canj:s, or (lther account access i1e:vioes'l' in,C:lud,ing account mJI!rnbers!that. we ~SSUl!to yOiJ u) lo,b,'ta~n. clrefti: undert~~sC:ard Aglreement

Ca'w' ,Agreemen' (rlr A',,rIJ.emero.tJ': thi s document ,andttlt1i€! oi,1!rldl ca,rrh,u.

WI'j ,UI j ral'(},lur: CUmlba~tk (S outh. IDako~a). N .A., tihle ~ss u elr D"

your account. .

; .. -". '.,.- ... '. ,-r-,tI· u:""'uts.:th.:.cQrsnn wlhlrCI aJllp·Uedlto O:p.·f.llil the:

YID~ Y;fJU;'~ IlL I'~ -- -- -- .13 p",- -. " '1_ _ -. _ _ -, _ .. ~--

aceeunt and! .any oitlne'r p,erS,Cllnl reSIPIDnS~llbl,e ror comp'lying wi.tw tlhls ,Ag!reemeflm~, im::huld'ingllhe' IfJililFSOlnl to wihom we· adldln3ss

!oHlliing ~stateme rns, - -


¥OIU aglr:~M3 ~o U:SS your' aC'C·ClIIIJ~t in a!o,t:Dn~a~c,e wIrth 'tihis· Agllrtl,smemt This, AglrElemlen~ is Ib.indl'ing on you umliliess yoU! c,aI1iJjCie~, your account within 30 days afier moeiviFilQ U'Ile card and yo u h,1)uE!: n at used lor a!1li1horill~e d use of th e card. ¥ou mlWS~ Ipay us ~or a~~ 8,mourns dlue IOn your ,aCC·OIU,:I1t ,Iss,precified in UdsA!gn~:elm.enrt.YDblr acc(u.llmilt: must o:rnly be used tor 1,B:wfiUI transactio ns,

AUI~m1U!I!ril·edIIUse!rs: Vbllll Mlay a.lrow ,fiut.hod2ls,d· users to ~Ise your laccount.~ou may niqueSr~ ,addit~o,rnall cards 'ftl,r' ,authOlrmzed users. You mus/ill ~l~y us fnrall clhalrgeg made by.aILl~~lorizedl users even H' y1o:u did llThot irnern1ld ~o be res'Dons.ib~~e:for those: chliflgles. 'YoUJ ImWSt. notify us tereveke ,aJlIfiIY perm~s:si:on YOII[jI

9 iVre tc a n al~~tuJ rizBd user to use' a ea rd lor~o II.i sa yo u r ,a(;,C,OILJ ni~.

C,f;ldliil L.ine:: Your ini,~~alilcred'!]t nn.e appears on ~t1ie card canh:l:r; lhefuH BmiOllHfilt of yOIUir credtt H~je i:s avaHalble to Ibllii,V or lease good's or se!,rViicas wh,er·ethe oa'~d isnoflloF,edl.Pa.nt of yQl~u cUldi~ lin,e·" loalilled tile mls~1 8!dv,anC61 II'ijlmit, is aJv,aUalblef,or cash advarllce·s. We may chalrn:gf~ yOllUltr IClredlit 1iI11' Dr ca,s:~ adlvanc:e limil,i3!t any 1iime for any reason, We' wm nrotiify you or any Gtmange~ bum 1tlh19 chang:e may tl~e eff,ec~ be1for,e you receivethe nonee, Ther totai bailiance en yOlur acceunt, lim;:II,I~ldilrwg p'f±uilodliic flrwancle charges and fees, must: a~,wa:ys IFe·ma.in belilw the CIrf:ldilt. nne. How8ve.r; i'I~\~le tuma~ balance e>:)ceeds, Y(Jillllr cr®drt line you mttmststm pay' lUIS. If your account has a Icred~~ ballam::le~ we may reduce the' Grerd~~ balaliu:le lby .any new c:~laJ~gleso>nl yiOlIJIF a!1!::COiIJnt YCIUI ml~!, no~ malintahill acn!ldi~ ba~ln.ce in BXlcess ('If your eredlt ~~n8.

B,iilll~iillig ;Sta.le lIelt~ You rb~111 ~~fllg .sta1tem'E!rot shows metotal ba~anoe, per~b:iU:nC finanoe chawQltUh f6!BS, mlnlmum ,amC'1lHlt

due, ,311111d ,PaymE!:rrut due ~at€l. It a,~sl[)shO'ws your current

cre:ciln It~,e and cash achfaJlllC:S' ~imU:; an ~,temi!Zed lisl ofi currermt charg,es, ipaymenrts ,allol,credits;: a, mte summary; ,!ltmo other

i m pcntanm i tnlfiolrma1~io n. W,e die liv,tll!ra, :s~a:te ment ~o 0 n I~ on e address. You IM.1lW5t notify Cus~om!er Servic!e of a c~ali1gle in address, If we deem your a.ccoulmut lli'trlG[)lIectib~le or iFli5,tl~!lUtte coUec!~CI:n prlcc:eed~trr'lg:s by 'sEllndingl it to, 21lf1t lCiut:side a~elrn,cy or attorneY~Clr oOlllhtllcm~O'rll!wle may stopsemliing you Sm81Emenms. IlPe~:~()dic' wh']lallce ,charges and tses clcmUnillle: to accrue e.ven ii~ we stOlP send lill1g siate me n~s.

Thetotal amlJiUttl1~ you owe lUIS ap'PJBaws as thle New Ballance cn tha Ibi~~~'nlg ~s;tatement Io dletEmrnine 1'hle New Balance we Ib,egin wimh the tDia[llbal,aJnc:e at tne start 01 'ttle billingl period., We! aJ}ttd] anypure[~as,els (u cash ·adv,anoes· ,Ind subtrmc~ any orecms IOf paym1ents ·credi~ed' as ,olf th,a~ [b:Wing1 period. We

then add any per!:odic Wiiliii81iij:ce charglss orfees and make: other ad] usme nts,


Ar'Rs, [B'lsed O~I [Prime:: We eallclIJt~ate 8itrrliy APR bas'e!!dJ on the

U.S. Prime Raim f"Plrimei Ra,te") by iaddingth'8: licajb'!e

aml]ltmn~ that ilPpears en the ,cardl caul~er to thle: ~meR,!l'te, flor ,eath: billing. p'eriod we t~s,e the Pr~tme R,a:te' p'~l!blished

in The IWall Stmet JOUflJaUWODusine:ss days prior 10 me ,sta,te:mentlC~ios:il~g O'ate: for tham ~illimg p,er~old" Il,f The Wall Stf,e~~' ,Journal' d Des n at ~lIIlb llsh ~~el [P ri m eli [Rame, we may substii1;ut'E! a simih]Jr pu~Hs;~ed rate. ,A, chalmg'e iin an ArP[R due to a Ohall1Q'8 irn'the Prime Ra,t!e takes effeG:t as 'D'm ~Ihtef~rnt day of th,s bU~~ng period fOtrW~lmc~1 we c!aJmJt~a:~e: 'Uille APFt We app" tne new app~liicabllle APR. to any existl~lI1g ba~!fJlnces, sLltJ~ellJ.t to any ~;mJlmo~~on:3J~ rate that may app,liy ..

Defalll~ IR~ne'~ A~li YO:Jli r AP'Rs, may' iililliCf,e,ase :tf you de1a,uU under any Cam Agi~e,ement thaI: you Ihlavle 'with us because y:(~llWfaii to, make' a :paytme:mt!J' us WtiU311 due'I' .V0l[j exo6:etd your 'credim [liiinElII• or you m,ake a, payment '00 us'thia.t is not honored. IIIl~ih,ese cirtums;tanc:e:!hWe may au~oma,UcaUy ~lnlcreias,e YCl"IJr A:PRs (inc~ludlwngany' ptromotlol1laJAPR:s:) on a[11 ~aJam6es: to Ume De1fault' APR, whiich 13(1'lal:8 th'9 Ptrnme Rate p:lusllilp~o 2,3,.919°~~ or U'lpl to 28.'919%~wh!cheV1e'lr is grlealter. Facl)()rs ccnsldsred itli'ru de~ermijning your D'efaul~t APR may ,inc[llHjle: how longl you,r acomntt has been open. the timhll~ or seriousness .of a. default: under ,a:ny Card .Agrelemen~ tllilat yOlll have wi~h US1, or other ind~:C'I~~on$ of: aeeeu nt p,ertormancll .. The OlJf,lult APR '~akas effect ,i1JS 1):1 ]he flrst daJY of the bl~~~iing :periOid iin W'~i,ch :~OtU deffault 'We marY lower ~iiille APR. ~Otr new purelnlases andV'~u cash ,advatrr'lCtl3s if yOU! meetmhe te~lim~s I]:fr alll[IIC,ard AglreemSf!lS ~he;1 y,olUl have' with ~Isf:()r six cOlns:Bcutive bilUtl1lil pewwod's. Ex~:stinQ baJanol'S, tremaiiFll su[oject '[0 thee Oe:f3ilu.lt APR IlJlmltil p'aid in fllUllI~ uFlli~es$, 'walell y()lllllllJ~illilf;mN]s'e.


IEfte:ollof APiR Increa'se,s: If an APIR increases, peri,Dcne finan~)e, charges inl::,reas'e and your minllimlum p'a:yment may 'increase'.

P,eri,od'i:c F'inance, Clh,arges Based Q'n APRs, Perilodiic IF:inIIIC:& Challge's: Pler1iodic 'finane,a' chaliQjes airs fillrniance c1llarg'els that are a:ddled to youlr account when we ,apply the aplpHoab~e AIPR b) tne balances 'em YOlJraccou:mt. 'W'B callculate perlodlc financl9 c:hituQles seiparately ~or leach ba~ance sublect to drntferent t'Blrmsgfor lexarmpl~eJ standa:rd purclhasesl, standard cash ,adlvanc,e,s~ and leach [JllromotionaJ offer. The tOiB'1 Ipe'rr~odllc 'fiirrlam::9: c.harg'B for 'the billilrnl{l period Elqua~s the dai~y pe!fiodi'c finance charges, h:u each bal,anca ~o:r' eac'h day in the bming period, This metlhlodl of caillcu~ating' pedodic finance ,charg'e's results in daily' ,comiPound'ing .of finance ,chalrg,es.

WhlBfIIl Preriodiie fiinance 'Ch:argiBs, BeD~n '1)0 Accrue:: P'erhldic flnanee charges begin mo accrue' on a charge from th~' date

lit lIs 8!ddlled to,the' daily balanoe and Icontinue' to accrue unili:111 ,Payment in full ls credi'ted ~o yOlllllr account ,(lCha1rglts ~ndude purchas'E!s; 'baJianlc13' transfer.s" leash adlvances, tr.anslleti~on

tees, Illtlher tees, and ,81111 minimum finance charge.),Y;ou can avojd ps'riodi,c Ulrlam:::e charues on purchases (e~Gllu(iling balami8' tra~nsfe~s) that appear on 'your currllnr! billing statement if you paid the Mew Balanc,s on~~le last stli'iemeUl[ Ib,y the p'aymerl't due da,t~! om '~~ar.ts,ta:1:e'men~ andl you pall' your New Ballance Iby' the paymlent due date 'On Y'OlUlr current 's1atement iii you madle a balanoe transfer, you may be unable to avo~d periodicfinance 'chiaJ,g:es lem new' pun:llilasesi as described in dlla' bailianee transtar 'GHar.

IC:alcullatimllQ of ,Pel'ildiIC' FinanlCI Charglls:

'. FOlr each balance. we mullipily the daUy b,all!ance by the aprplMlcabrl~e daily periodiic r,ate. We do lt1ii-s tor each. dray il~ the, billingl peir:iod. A, ,rJ,aJli'ly' periodlic rate is the ap,p'Hcalbie. AIPR divided by .316S. A billing period beg1ins on 1h'9 day after the StatemerntlCllos'ingl Date' of the previollJs billlliin,Q' perlcdend ~nrCl~des th'9 St.a'~ementle!los;ingll[),ate lof the current 'DUling period.

'. To !lJjlet 'til']:€! daiiliy balance~ we 'take the breglinningl bal!aJf1llc,e

for eaclh balance every d,IY (inclillJdiin,g un;paiid periodic fiiil1ance charlgl8s from previous billl!i,ng periods), add! any new charges't and ,any perilDdi,c finance' Icharge o.n tns ptr6viious da:y's baJarruc;.sl suetraet an'y credits, or Ilaymenl:s credi1ed as of that da.y anal make other adiju:s.trt1lElnIS. A credit balance ils. tlleatedi asa Ibalance lof zero ..

• W:e add a charge 'tOI the da~!lly balance as f,ollo,ws: W,e add a purchase to. the approplfliB:te' ba,I,ancEI' as et the SlallJe Date C1ln the bUling statement W,el add a bal!ance transfer or cash advance to the apP,ooplrliate ballance as of the Post D,a'te oln the state:mlent We add any transa,cti'oll'l fees tor purchases,

ballal1loe trenslers, or leash advances to the same' balance

as the transaction as of the same date Ihle! tnu~saction ls ,adldedl to Ihle daiilly' ballance. The' Post Da~e is thle Idate we relceiiivl9 your Irequast~or the ballance 'transfer or cash aav,ance'j' inrc~udingl a w9Ques't '~h,ail1 we! rm!!mpl~'etle a balance Halnllsfer Dr cash advance convenilenCIElI check for a ~speclfi,c amount. III

VOU sleDd a ba.~a.n.ce transfer or Iconv'lsnh3nce Iche,ck dJirI6:c1jly

to sorneoae, ~he Post D,a~e i:s ~he d,a'te 'we n;u::eJve tha clt1JlBclk tor paym,ellllrt.

• TOI get 't,h,(l' tota'l periodic finance ,charge, we add IUp III of the daiily' periodic finance cihargle.s fOlr each balance for each day in th,ef bi iii ngl Iplefnod.

'. iFlor each 'oalanolll, tne Bal,ance ,subj:ect to FimU10B' Charg'9 'O'1i1 tlnle ,statement, is the 8!ve~a.gI6 'om the daily ~al:ances dl!Jllling the ibillina period. ~f you mulltipl!y this 'fii'gum f,or le,acl~ b,alance by 'thel nu rn be r of days Ii n t~1 bill i no PB rio d and by U~e~ ,3 P P Ii cab'lle dlailliy' p'er'~lodh:: Irate'." the If1Bsu11 ~s,t~le pe1rWodirnc finalr:l[;e chargI8'g, assessae fOf'rhat balance, eKelapt Tor miil10r variations caused by IllOulnlding"

MEoim'UIiI IFlnamll~ ii:hargle: U tlhlB' p,eriodilc Irate fiinal1ce Chilrg'B w(lu~d othenniiS'l\! be less ~than $O .. 50~ we assess a mil1limum f~NAINCE CH~R'BE. of ,$0.5,0. We add 'the amount: to any'

bal,ancle that is. assessed a fmnance 'chauglEl, .

Tr,ans'Blcl:ilon, FIRI,S

- - - --

Transac.ioll11 Flu,·s and APHs: ilf you ere assessee a transac1iion ~ee, Tor a balance 1r,ansfer, I. purchase made ilm! a Torei,gn cuneney:, or a cash advance, ]ihle tr,ansaction fee will cause the .APR Ion ihle b,Unng s,tarement on which t'h,e transaction first aplp1ears 10 e';cB'sd your nomilnal.APR..

1Ia nlsa c~ i'l III Felli '~II1!rB,a Ilal,ce Tra lliS!llers::: You obtai n ,at

~---- - ---------------"_--

ball!a.nce tralms,fler' if y',eu (1Ibta~n 'fwu:ls, 11~m:lUgh 18 b,alalmlce transfer chec'k or tranSftUi ,8 ibalalrllc'el without !Jj,sing I easf advance convenienca ch,eck. W'e t~eat balance tmlll'lsfers as purchases unless lotherwisl9 pruvlded ln thls Agreement. For each balance tr,ans.fler we add 131111 addJlitioflaJ Fill -_NICE C!HIAIRGIE of ,3% 0'1 the: amount of the' blalanc'B tlrans'fer, but [lot less than ,$5.

Trans:lotiollli FOle 'OIF' Plurchasl's Madel lill ,I F'ore~ln leUneO'e,,::

For e,lch p'WllliChasle made lin a florle'igrllC:l!Jlne~,cy we addl an - additionallFllNANCE 'CIHARGIE: of: 3%i otl~la' p'urcJhase ameuot after Its conversion in~o llS. dollars,

- - - - . -- -

lli8lnsac.illlFIB'llolr ICash IllIv,anCles;:: ViOilUi obtain a cash adlvance' i,f 'you obtain funds ~hroughi an autolmated teUer mae:lliiilne! I(ATML convelnience Ichec'k. heme bank:ing, 'I:l'r fiinanc~al institutiiDn; make a wiir-e tr,ansfl!u: obltaJin a money orde'rll tltBvlel,er's checlk. ~011:elry ticket~ caslno c1hip, O'f simillar item; li]lf leng~gle: in a ,s,imUar ilmnsaction. For each c8.slh

8lovanc:ewe add iUl adldimiom~J f~!NANICE CHARGE ow 3% (J'f 'tihe amOlllmt of the cash advanee, tn~t nm less tl:Jtan :$6.

Other Feesi

lLa~,e Fe!!': We add a la1e fie'liI! 'to tl1,e stalfll(jard 'Puro~ase baJalfl'C9! fJ'of each bU~I~lng p,eriod you fail 1110 ;pay~ by its duol d8Jte, the Minim:llWm ,Amount: Due Oess the Amollllnm Ove![' Crs!dlit Line :sl~t1wlm on Y'(lur' IpHI~wng s~ate'men~). 'lhI~s, ~e'e ~IS t)a~Hld. cD YOUlr ,accoum balance, as of the Ip:ayme'l1~ due dame. U: is: $151 on tjalances I~IP tCI$,100~ $2:91 on bailianoes of $100 up to $251),

Iii! n,d $319 0 n b,a~ja.n ces oi$1250 an dI [J~e [

'Dvlr-..D1Ile .. Credi.t"lile !F"8IeJ: W,e ,add I $3'91 mee ~C1 thestandard purchase ibalanm! if your ,a!cl;::o~'nt bal,ance IBt:<c,e·eds your clreom ~!nel ,at iBJiJiy time Idl~n~ng ~hle bUlllli!ngl period .. We add thiisf'ee even if t;r,llI1Js,actions we 8uthlorize or pj~!r:iod~!GfimIIJrllce ohargles~, f'ees'l andl (J,mher 'ChiaJrlges ~ll)U incur an~!; a reason 'the ,aCOI(UJlrnt bal~anc:e ,exceeds y,[n.l11F credit n~e, We add thts 'f'eieI18v,sn ~11iheam)col~.m~ b,ailancefalls b,elloW' yo'Ur oredit ~wn® by the end of the 'billingl pelnhl,dl.

AnluJa~ MIBllllbershiiip, IFlee~ We add: any ,aIPpl~icabl'e ann'~la.1 melmtu~rs~~'pi1ele to tih'e stand,amd p~lrclhasEf b,aia!rnoe. This wee' is lIWun"refundab~le unlles,s you notify 1~lsbJ cance'~yolUr account wUhhl 3'DI days of Ule' mlamng or dell~iverv date lof '~he! b~i~l~ingl s:ta~emenf: oml wliicli1J~he~e,s: iis Ibilled.

- . .. ....

RleUJlfilill!d IP,{fYIIUlilill f'ee:W'e add a $,S9 flee,~othe sttU~ldJard IPun::has,e baJanlce' tif I, p,aym8rn'IDt 'ahec!k or simililar instrument is Ino,1Inlon(lfil~d or is IliemlU rnre!j bleCal~!se: it cannot be processed, lor if ,ani aut.oma11iic debi~ ls n~tllllinned 1~II~p\alird.We aSS'f;lSS Ilm1isfle!9 the 'fksi ~Ime your ~hec!~ IOIr payment ~s nD'~ tr!,cul1lor,ed, even U

it is Il1oml(l rsdu pen res u bmi:ss,~o:n,

Re~llinnld Co lil'llsrll1iieln'CI! CihlBCk Fe!e: We add ,a $89 fee to the s,ta.ndlall'1d advance loallance if we dleciUne to liI!iDnor,a ,c,Qlnveniem::e c~lect. 'We may decline to hOI~I(lr thes,s c1heck:s iw1,f,cllf example, ]hie amOti!nt [I'f~hel clhetk: wO'I~I~d IOIJUl:se 1he baJlance to 8X!Geel1 lhe eash adva~[;,el II ~ m it or Itred~t II'i ne j im yo til defaulN:. [f YOLi did Inlot ('llOmIP~Y with Ot:JIF ililstruc~wons In:!ganJJlngl the' c~eck, or if your aoommt has Ibeen c·loisect

SlIP Pa,Ylll8lt on ICOIlilvenilfiUlICB ICheok jf'1911': We adml a $391 WElle to 'tilille· s~anld:all'1d ,adVaIJ1Jc,e' baillam::eif we Iholiilo r you r req u est to s,tCllIP payment olm a. ICf]nven~ie·nce: 'check. To S~OIP lJ!ayment Dim

a ,conve:rli'eFII~e checkwlri~e '~s: at HO. lB:ox 65001 S~IOUX Ifalls'i Suuth IDakota 5,711i1" ID,r cailll~ 'th,S! eus10rner Se!!rvi:ce number Olrli 't~le bilUIIT1I(J statlement If you call, you must c(ln~irmrth€l~ call ~Inl writing' wfr~l~in 14 day!Si A wlninen stop payment order re!maiWijls iirilleftslctfiOlr 6 montl1ls uruess reu6,wed ~II~ wri~!if1ig.

Bal:anc'ElI Tr3ililsisHIi' IChecks lind Conl"uali~lell1ltel Cblee:ks~ IEitc!h

c hlelck ,mllJlst be ~n '~ne WI)rm ltwas i ssu edl an d 1l!l!sed acce [d:~ ng

10 ali1ryins~lllwcttlJlns 'We. Iglivl81• The checks mus~ riot be 'Used to play an amount owed 'Us under th,iis [or ,another le,ard Agreement thia.t you have 'with IlIIS,_ Wl6 do Ir1lill~ certilfy '~hese checks or n;'lturn any suchl cheeks tihat halvel been plajrj,.

~nI1[o,rmatiQln ani Fa[~eig,n Currency'

'Conversionl Procedlulres

if yOlIlJ make atransactlcn in af(~,re:i,gn C'lmneOICY1' other th.an a cash adv,al1ce made at ,3 branclil or ATM o,f 'one ot 'OllJr affiliat[8s Mas,'el~Card~ Visa or American Express, dependingl em whiclm card is used!, Iconverlts the amount iinto U.S. Idolll!ll(_us as foII OiWS·

'.[ 'MasterCaf1d comllJHes with Hs f:or,eign currency conver-' sian proCiedureslhen in eff,ect. lMastlerCard cUirnernUy '1LIIses a convllllrsh)I~1 rate in ,s'tfe£),t onl d,ay plrior to, lts tv,ans,ac" linn processing dlate. Suchrate 11s- either a whlolesale market rate or th,e ,g:overnlment-m:tlfldated rate,

'.' Visa comlplies with Us 'fonl:i:glilil currency' locmve'~sjon procedures then in eHect. Visa ()urrently uses ,8 eenversion rate ilnefiecl on its ap[plic[able central prov&ssing date. Such rate ~s leithelr a r-ate it selects from the rang'9 of rate's, Iv,8Uab1B! wn wh,olesale (lurrle!(iiC,y Imar~ets! whiGI~ may va ry 'from th e rate It reea ivels I ()ilr 'tJh e g Qv[em ment-

mgnld",,,to,d ra +0

IQ _:_lQI. I~U I" '~'Y'li

• Alme ri Dan Exp ress ICO m pll,ilSS, wlth its fo re~:gll1 c,urrlenoy C()II1IVlerS,~ll:m procedures then ilml eff'ect tJnlli!lss[ a, partlcuar r,ate is r,equilred by aplPiic,ablle lawl Ute rate' used by Amerrican IExpress; 's!haii be the highes,t i,lnlterbamllk rate seleated Ian the busjne'ss day prlor to the day onwhilcnl 'fihe: tnlinS-CIlction rls, pnlcessJed Iby .Amellic:an Ex!pr,ess"

I'f a cash advance is madle ill a forei'i;Jn curJency .at. a branchl or A1M of ona lIJ[fr our affilj,a18s 1jhe amoUint is converted ~llIi1t(]l U.S. doUars b:Y' our affililiate ~n a_[ccordanc[e wlfth its forleign GIUJHelflicy cOlillversion procedures thsn in fl:·ff,ect OIUJIF li"iliatei c'Ulrnmtly' uses, a conversion rate! in eff,ect: on its ap'piicable Ipr(u;:e:s's,ingl ~at:e. Suc:h ~a~e 1:$ '61rrtllillelir a mi,d"p,(l,inl ma~k"et Irate' [or the 'government-mandated rate.

ThlB 'fDrre~gn ,cunellillcy' conversion r,a1e~n ,effeet om the aplpli'cabl[B p'ro1oessingl date. for a t~alflsa.lciion may daffier trom ,lnlE! rate ill ·effelC,~ on thie' Sa~e ,or' Post date on yo~u bii~llling

statement for that tralnsaction. -

. -' - - -

If a Iran saetlon is. 'co~J~erted loy' a 'third pa.rty prior 11] s,uch tr,ansaO'tlion b,eiingllpnlcessed by 1M asts rC ariD [I' Visa, lor Amrermcan Expriess, the fmreigl:l1 currency ClOll1lv'9'rs,ilorl If,Ei,te for lhat 1mnsaCition will be 'the rate s'B'lecteu by that 111lird pa~~


IMinillU!Jlm AmlDunt DUI':, IEa,ch month you mast pay at least the lMini[mum ,Amount DUIB by the pay'ment due darts., The:


sooner Y'ou pay tne Ne'w Balance, mlli1le I:ess, you willi p,ay ~n

periodic 1'inanOB charges. -

To ItalcUl~a~e the M1imJliml~ m Am,ount IDue" 'We begin w:irth any' past dUler ,amount and add, any amount in excess o.f your 'Clliedit l!'ine. We iih(lUll adld ~he larg'est of ~heflollb)w~nlg::

I. Tiller Nlew 18,ai~ance Ion the billingl statlement illrt is I,e'ssthan $20:

., $2.0 if the Nie:w Balance is ,at least $,2.0;

• 1 %11 of lhe N BiW' B all:2l1n>CI (wh lc h calc!ulati on i~s ro IJI n dSld do'wn to the nearest d,olla.F) pilus ~h,e' amount 01 your biUedlinancle chargles, ,and any' ,appHcable ~atle mee; or

• i .51% of 'the Nlew lBalanc,e {whicllillca'lc:ul,a~miOn is rounded

down tic the IrnJarest dlollar).

However,~h,e, MilillimUlm Ammml Due: never excseds the: Nlew IB;ala;nlce. lin calcul1ating the MInimum ,Amount DlIe~ Vile may su btrac,t fm m ihe: New Ba ~ancle' ce:r1a,iln~e as ad d~ed to yo LI r account dUlri,Wl,gi tile billingl pe.,iod.

A:p.plicai~iiilin 101: PIJim,en.,s;: We, ;appiY' payments and cn~diit5 to ~ow A'PR balances, :befoF't:l h~gher APR balances. That 'means 'y'lou r sa,vili1tjs will~ biB: Ireducedif you make tr,!nslctlion.s thlt are s u I~,ject 110 Ih jig h er APIRs.

IPay'mEHli.: Ilm=lfiuIO;Uon:s: 'Pa.ymrEmts are credited in accordsnee w'ith th e paYlme nl instlrtl aliollls, 011111 th e: b i iii ngl s'a~e m Blnit. 'ltiOIll must PlY us in U.S. do~ilars usingl a ,check, sillm'ilar'iinstrumel1t, or automcatic debrt 'that 'iis drawn on and 'honored, by a ban'k

in the U.S .. Do not sellild cash. W~J can accept lade or p,arnal Ip,lyments" and p'ayments, that rreflec1: 'paid "in 'ruill" a,r

o~lner rle's:~r;ildive endiorsements", withlout :Iosino O'IiU righ~s ..

We res'erv,e the right to accept payments made lin foreign eurrency a~d instrum.ents drawn [m fu~ds on I,eposit outside ~hle U.s. If we 'do, we select thle c.urnmcy conVlersilon rats' at our d~ls(:n~tiion ,and IClredit ymu aCCOlunt ~n U.,S .. doUars after dledllJcting any costs ii nGU Hedl lin prooessing: your paymfmt, or we may bUl yOI~1 s'e,a r,ate~yfi(Jr :s u eln costs.

OptionaIIlIP,ay' by Plume Service: You m,[lY re{~uest to. make your p,a:yment by phone usingl our opUcmal Pa:y by Phone Service:. 'Each time you make such a rle!que'8t~ you ,agree to 'Pa.y IUI:S 1he lilIl,moun~ s'h,Dwn in mhe IPay by P'~one seclion on the back of the billing slltatement Our rl81JuiBSeiltatirws .aIrs tra_flled io tel! ylJiruJ this amount i~ yOlu: d,ecid!E!! to use Uds optionall Pay by Phone' Service.

, Credi'ilt Rep'i!l,rtinIQI

Wl9 may report information Ibout your accoent to credit: 1~lp'ortingl l!genC]ls. Late IpaymS'fjit,s1 m~s'se'd /payrmlentsj or ollhler defaults on your ac:colunt may' lalPpear on y10ur credit ~e!porl:. I~ you n:!'Qjue'sm cards an 'your account fur others, we ma~l repO'ri account information in the names of those otner


p'ea,ple as, 1/lelL Wei may alse obtain foUlJw,,,up cr,edit n~pods on you (for 19xBmp,l,e,. when W,!, Ireview' ~OI1l r accountfer ,I ctli:!dlil !lline ilrillCreasel). Ilf you wmsih to Iknow whlc.1iJr 8lgernci8:s we' eontacted 'write IUS, al th'9 Gus,tom,sr Service addn!lss onlhe Ib ill 11 ng sta1Je'me nt.

~f you th~nk 'W,e rs!porte,dl,ermneol.!ls information '110 a cr,edit r'BllJtIJtrting aglfmcy, write us at '~be C:1~s,tt(Jmer Se'rvi:ce 3!ddrress on the bilillilrng s.tatement We Wlill pmmptJhl investigate the m:atter and if "We a,glnn~ wi,11~ you1 W'9 wiill co ntact leach

c~edn rlB'por1iill1lgl agllnlcy to which we repo'll1ed and IreQue:st a correction. Ilf, aft,e!r our inve,stigatiolnl, we diisaglree with you" we will ieU you in writingl or by teie!phans' al~d tellil yow how

10 submit a statem,ernt:to U11Ds,e ag,encles 'for inclusion in YOll.I,r 'crledit 'report ..

IChang,es to 'this, Ag,lreemel'nt

Wa may olha,ng,e thll'ratls", lels:9. 3,n,dl'ie'rms lol'.lhis

Agfle" rrie,n~ ata nr 1m m e fo,,' any rlea:SOII. llh Ise Ireas,o,ns

may be Ib 15'1 d on i I~io rill (lInin -i Ii1 yourI' ,criB,d it raplort ~ SUGilil

as YO'Ulf' f:alii~llureto make p,llv'melnts 'tl am.th,elr GrlBlditor'

wih,en dillie" ,a,mIDunis; Dwed 10 lother' Icreldltors'l Ihle' nUlI1I1brl:r of credit IGcounts IDluts:t8indliinlg~ or'~b,e Ili1umb.,r lui cretilil, iinqluilrie,s~Thes'e rela'sOlls may al'~SIIlJ iim~ludB Icolm'petitivllor I.alrkel .. rt,~:ate d lalG,tDrs" 'e hlllA,grin g tlllm!s i III 1ll:1 ui:as ;1 ddliil II ~ r'BIPI,acingl, IIU de!lle1illg 'prDv;isions re!~a'lJlnrg III )lOUf' ;a,c:CD.l!lliIt. ,and tOI 'the m:atulre:'1 1llIlent, alRd Infolmemenlo' the riglhts ,alll1l oibligillions YDiU Ili!Ir we Illve reilialinig to' lfilis Aireenllini. l1b,B'SIB ,chaingl9s ,are Ib,indill,11 IDnl you., IIIIDweve'r~, illl,he' change 'wU!~ 0:a0811' :1 '~iele~, ral'e or mliinimum Iprlvmlenl to hllclrie:as8']1 'wew'illlilil'l~1 youl'wri'U8'1i1 ImIO~i[De alleast15 d:aiJs: bet:,lne

Ihle begli.animo DII~Ib,11 Ibminl,Ollper~iDld iln whillohibe chan,Ol1 blelcomes leflo'oUV'II,. Ilf you dlul nlot a grll 'liD Ihei Iclila n g e ~ "ou mlust nf!lllirfr us ln wrning witliliiln 25 da"s aftSir'lhle ,effeicU,e Id:ate' of the Dhanll~ IBoldl pay US: the'tl,lal b,alililcIB" eUhe,r'

al DOlce Dr IllInd"r Ihll' tS:flm:s IDI thlB' ulleh:angledl,Agres'.,BII.

IIJ n 11'ls's W',Eli nlotify' ,'m UI olh I" iis'IiI!1 use, ID~ 'tih-, CB'lid after' '111,13' lene'clive Idlatl8 011111.'1' changl shaU biB Id,elemSld aCCB'ptance D~: I,h e nl'w 'Ie rmls ~ II'V'18 iii i'f 118' 25 Id QS haw'l nol elp ired.


¥Ol~ def,ilult I~ndelf this Ag[reemlent jlfyouf,ail to play the MiliW1limum Amolkimt [lIlWe. by Is, d'~le date;: exc6,ed your cre,diil' line; play by a chec'k or :simwllar illl1istrumnen1 that is, not hOlno'redi or that we must return because n call1not be pn;u::essed; pay by' automate debit that is rnun1leldliJlll,p'aid; mi,~ehJr ban~:rlJlp:t:cy: or defaul,t under any other Card A,greement that you havil with us, ~f you default, we may [:'101$9 y'our account ari,d derma,ndi imme[Hate payment ofthe total ba~am::e. If ylOIlJ g:ave us a security interest in a Cermicate 'Of D1epositu Wlel m,ay use the Idepes,it amount U)'pay any amount you OWl!!!.

'Fhtfusal o,f the C;ard, C:losed .A.c:eoulntl,~

,and Re~2Ite,dl P'ltJ,viisilons

IR,e'fula~111 lof I:he ICalrd: 'We Idc' not Igl~laran~eel ,a'pprovall·of transacflonsand are not liab~e 'fOf traesactlons that are not appmvert either by us or by a tln,:iird pr]lrty~ Ifl:ven n you h,!Rve suff~cilent credlt availlab~e. 'Wem~y Umilt llhle nurnaer of transaeflens that may be ap,proved in one' o'ay., ~fI we d eteet unusual or $!lUsph::illJus; activrutyj we mtwy suspend your credU priv~lelges L1n~~11 we can verify ~he' actiiv~t'Y.,

'ire'8uth:Qlrizl,d Cha'rgles: II~ you d'efaull; il tne card ·~s lost IOf stolen" or we ,change yOlliJ'lr' accmmtmr any reason, we m1ay suspend 8UEomatt: ,chla~ges W'iU~fhird party vendors. If Jm~'authori!mdl charg,es :u,e ,s,usfJ<elmdled, ~ou are F'espcm,slib!!e for makilng di.r€u;t 'Paymen~ 'for such Icharg,lIs untilll('olllJ eontac1t the: Ulil rd party to re'i,~sla;te th'8:31IJtOlnillaiUC en arg'ill s,

l'IS'~ Dlr ·S~)ml.m ICIF1d:s:~ ACG11lumt NUlllbelfS;" Dr ICID'IiIIVII'n~einIGie 3:nd, Balan,cl 'Inms€ie.r Checks,:: I,f amll~t card account' rIIumb~lr" or e~eck is 'lost or s1{Jh~!n' or if you think: semeona used or may use it!he:Jmj wi~li1IlolilJt permi:s,s,ioo, calli us at tlnle Cilmtom,sr Servioe numb,er on the bn~I~Irr1lg s,tatement Olr the Ilru.lmbel~r obtaru'rHad by' [~aUing, lolHn:le 'Olr h)oal DI~reC:llory Assi:s,~aJ1ICle,. We may' r,equire ,Y'OM to pmvide certa~lrn infform3ltion: ~r1 writing to he~p usf~lldl OU~ what !liIappeuleI~ and [0 ofJmp'~''y wiUI our i,nv,es:ti,gat~on.. yo~ mus[ idsllfilitifyfior us ~hle c:hargle:s that we'~@ iiUJt made by you, IO'lr someone tJJulth()r1I~ed lOy yoiJ~, and frem whiclhl yaqUI' received no bene1~t,

C~lmsiing JOIIU ACfUJIUJIm!II:: Ylou may c~ose: your 8jCH?llllmu ~y W10tityifilg I~'S in\{II'F'iti'lmgl or by' IGaU~l1Ig~(]I~~-freel at~lhle Customer se N~oel lrill u mbelr S howiiI 1[1 nthe blil~~~n g s~ateme ni 0 r 0I1rrl ttl e ba!ck of your credit card, but must still repay the total balance i:n aCGordarlicewith nils AgllrulF:nent We' may close your ClJ:lCOI!lilnt Ollf suspend account pllriivileges at Iny tlrne for any' masoln' wi,ttillou1 prior no,1th:::s. We may aliso reiSS'LI'B a differe'nl Icard al.any 't~me .. You m,,~s:t return any card mo us UpOm1l request,

,Se'(l:(IIrU,' hil~!ere'st Ilf Seollll'IJdl ,Alclclunts: If yrJur account is a sl~clUlred arCicount YOllillgave I.IS ,8 s,ecurity interes,1 ililll a

G ermiGa!~e af: II) epos i~ in s e'cl~'re: mp,ayment of yo Il:I r aee DIU nrt li'f youwUhdraw YCN:J!r funds from the: CeI1U~oa.Ee ID~ []'eposft.

'we wi III1 doseycllIJr account .






"AgrlNlmllllt to ,AtfJillllll,. Eithe r you 0 r we maY', with out '''11 other's consent ellect mandatory', b,inding arbltratlon for any claim!, dispute, or controversy between you and us (caHed

1"0 la i ms~') ;. .

,Cfalm's ,CiDve',e,d

Wlhal CI~aims ,are sUlbjecl '1101 :arlbil'lI'iafll!i'ni? All Claims rel,ating to your aocQtllmt~, a prior related secount, or our reila.tionship, are sub~ect to arbitration, i['tI\c:luding G~aims regarding thei app~i(:a.tijonl enfrorceab~l~tyli I(U ~1~terp'retB~~OEll ,of tihis Aglreemen1 an d t his arb itrati 0,1111 p roviis,j on. AIIII Cl a Ii rns are' '$IIJ'oje,ct to 3.rbltra.ti onl" IUJ matter w~ at le·gjall theo ry tihrlBY a re base d Q n or what nfl,mady (damag'€Is, orin,~uncUv:e' 'or d€llcJan,tc,ry nilUe~) the'll seek. Thlls, mlOcludes C1a.ims based ,on contract" bJ111 (inclludingl ~nte'lltilJnal tort), fraud, agency, your or our negUglencej statutory or rregu~atlJry p'rovi,Sio'rlls" er a.ny o~lller sources of law; Clllaims, made as, counterclaims, cress-clalms, UJirdi-party elalms interpleaders or otherwise; and Cla~ms made i nde p ende:lillUy 0' r with 10th S't C lai'l. ' S. A ~ ,arty who initiates, a proceeding in court may. els,cl ,iribitiation with rsspeet to any Claim ad'~anced in 1h'aJ.t: pm£EH~d!ngl bY,Em)y other ~arty. Claims ,and [ie:mled~les s'o'l1llghtas part of a C~3:SS acti'on, private aHorney gl9ri1eral or other representa:t'iv,e

actiollill sre ,subJect to arbitration Ion an iin,d'ilvidua~ (non-class, mm"re~Uresentativle) 'basis ,and 1he arDkratolf may aw.ard relief only' on an indirviduaJ (norn-cl,ass! Rlon-repH~sentaliiy'ei) basis.

_ Jhose leb.iil."S arBI subjiecl to iarbUralion? Not olrillll~l ours land yours. bUlt also IC'I'a~ms rnade by or il!gainst anyone (}(jII1In,e'c1ed w~itl~ IIJS or you or i(;laJmingl throlWgh us or ycuu such as, a lo()~a.ppll;iicamlt or authorized I~ser of y~)rur account an ,smp,l'oyeIB, ,aglel!1tj, repn:u;entatiiv'E!, affili'alted cDmpallY! pr,ed'e~ess'or or successor, heir, assiglnee, or trustee in bankruptc~~

--Ih,at limit '~rame apiplhHi 101 CII:aimssllIbject to ,arb,itratillorn?

Clalims ,aris.ingl ,in the pas.t" present, or future including Claims a.rising betore fhe op,enlng of: your account are sublect to arb.itra.ti on,

Broadesl illelJretalil]IQ,. ,Any q,IUJEls,mions about whe'ther C~laims irlQ sublect '110 arbitmtirollil sha~l~ be: IresohJ,ed by imlterlprlstingl thil~;s arbaration pmv:isJon in 1hlE! broadest way the ~aw wm alll,ow it to be sntoreed, Thlls 8-rbuf,at'O.fl proviSion is gDv,arned t)y th ! Federal Alrltlitfation Act (the !lFAAfI).

Whal, abolllli C:laiml filo!d in :SmaIIIIIIIIC:lalillis Co Dirt:? Cla.ms fiirlled iifil a small elalms court are not subject to ,ad)H:~lfion;, so ~o:ng as the matter remains in such court' and adVBIJi1ICeS only

an ind~vid~a~ (non-cI18lss, non-rspresentatlve) Cla~.m, .

How' Arbitra'i,'Q'11 WO,tks

IHow dOlfH:t ;11 party illln:~atearbUv;atiln? The p,altly 'riling an alrbi~l~ation must ChIOOS'9 ens ,of the [ollowllng two arbltrafiun 'filrms and fOUDW its rules andprocledulr,es,T'or inifiatilng alfll'rnl IPlmtrs'Ulngl aiJll,arbit:r,a~ion: American Arbitration Assoc]a'tllO!1 or ~aJt~olmiall ~rbim~atl{)n Fo,rum. A ,y arbitr,atl(m hear-in~p~a:1,YOul ;attelflld, W'I!MI be; hela·~at a ·plactl::'hosen b.~the arbltratl@.nflirm 'in 1i~e same city as th,e U,S. IDist:rilct Coun closest tIl your ~henl CUlrnent b~~lling address, or at some other plaoce to wnljohl you and WIE! aJgree ~111rn1 writingl. Ylm,W may obl1tain copi,cs of the current rulles o~ each Qlm theatrbitratiom n~ms and morms .and instructions fm iilnii:t[alingan arbUl"lation by con1aCf[ing them ,as,fo I ~ows:

Amelfi(:an Arbitrat~on Ass[li(;iation 335, Madison Avel~,uel Hoar 10 INew York1 ~v 1100~17"'4S05

Web s iite: w~.a.d r,Qllrgi

N anonal ArbimraUo n Forum P,O. Box 51Q1 !9r1 MI:ilnnle~apoll~s; MNI 55405

W'ebl site: W~fIIW .,arbiirath)lrJ:-w·o r ~I mee m

A:t: al11yt~ me y'D u or w,e' may ,IS,k an ap p,lroplriate C Q U M to Icompel ar1IJ1~~m[ia,n Ol~ elaims~ or to staJythe ~~t~ga'Uon 'of Olaims pendl~ngl amiJat~on. even U SI!JC:~I ma~ms aJ,re pan of a lawsuit., u n'~ess a t('all has beg u n or ,afiinalj ud g rnent has bifJEl n e nte nedl. E:ven~f a lpady fails, to, exercwse '~ne'se ri~gl~1$ at any particul,if flms, or in connsction wHh :lImy particular Cllai!ms~ fhat pa.rty ICln 8tm reqlllirearbi~ratkm ,at a Ilater time or In conlilie!c]~oi[1] with a ny' otihe r C Ilaii1IIDs.,

'W'h'al pnll,cl,du,res :allilJldllllaw' a,~e apIIPUc.ab~,e in arbiir~faIUon?

A :s,ingle~ [lBru.tral arbitrator w'illllmsol\N;lIC:th3J!ilms, Th,e' arbitrator 'will be 'ei~h~r a ~aVilYer with a~ least tan y,e;ars exp'~Hile.nlcla or a Ir1elt,ir'ed or former ji~;djgle~ sel'llIcted ~n a;c[m~dance witih 'the n~ll~es, of the arbitrati'on Urm. The a.~b1t:raHon will1ol:l:ow proc:edlUlres ,and rules of! t~le a-rb~tlr.amion 'fuilffill in effect: on the date the ,arbitr.ation is fHed ~In~ess tlhose pmeedlllr'es andl Irul:EHll

Imi i neonslste nt witht~IIS Agi realmr€! nt, ~Im wh i eh cas!e th is .Agireement !fj~iII prevail. Those plfoGed~lreSand n.Hes may limit: the! disCOVEI!1nj aVlt~ia.bte! to you or us.The arb~trab}1r will tElkle reas:onmblle s,teps to, protract eustcrner ,alcc~ount inronmlabon andl other Gontidenmialinformation if rc,qLlestled to dOl SQ ,by yO'~1 or ~1~t]1he arb~1r.a~orwil~II,ap,ph( apIP~lr:c:able subs.tantiv'8 II;w' Ito;nlsilst~rrt wiith the' FAAanc. aJPPlilic:alblle staiutEH$; eif limitations, wiU In,onor cl1aims om privUelglil: 'FE1lr:ogni~ell.l at ~aw! ,and wm ilav,e! '~he pow1er to award~o a p,a,rmy any ,damages or lJ~her rell'~ef pmvlldedmlr under ,ap'pHc.a.b,le law. You lOr \1ve may c:1~loosle '00 have a hieallli~g and bei l'lepre'Siented by counsel. The! ,a,rbitndor win mak'El 31rruy award: i,1l1 wrimina and,.ilf reqlm~:sted by you or US"


win ,provid,e a Ic,riief sta~em,enlt !J~~:he! IreaSOmlS for U1e awardl. An a.ward in ,arbitrat~on slhlaJllil' de'telrmillill,flj the niQ1~rts and ob~iglatiollils bIB,tw'El,en ~hlel named parties ornll,Y'. and OImI~ hl respect of

the Claims, in arbitra:ni0~1~ ami shall not h,a'iJ,e~ any bearing 011 the' rights, ,and obHgatio~ls of any o~lhler person, or Ollli ~he' reselutlon of any othlftlr dlliSp~.:JIte.

Wh,1 pays?' Wha.evelrfiles th,91J-Fbitrati,onRay:s the initial fin;, ~e. Iw ~efl~!ef we,~ay; if ypu fille. ydu P'~!f~ unles.s you gao

fe,e, waiver Ym:t'er the 3;pphcallle ru~es Of fhe arbltratiol"liirm. 1~1fyID'u have paifj fli,e lirrnHma~, n~!ngtileH3 .ana yOU' prevalilt ""e wtll

rel m b u rse yOlll fo r th:a.tfee, lim thlll!rtfil is a h'e:aJi n gl we wm pay any f,ees, of t:he a.rbitrattl'r a'lnial ,alrblii~lranonfilrlm lor Uu~ first day om that hearing. All II o~her f's·es wi'll be allocated as pl~oivided by [hie, rules, !)~the arbitrntj~oi[1l ~iiir:ml,ali1td app:liicalb~e law. How,evf:r~ w,e: will,a.d'~,am::,e· or lleimbursJ6 your 1:6,69 if the arbitration firm or aJbitra.~(Jr detarmlnes there lis glood reason for ~equiring

us to do so. Of ~T you ask us' and we deilflj~m.~ne 't'~ere is good reason tor dOi'ng so. IEaclh parqr will bearth:l3: expell1lse of tin'at IPI;ut/S anorne~l9l BXipelrl&l", cm~ witl1ie:9ses~ alrne, other eXlpenses, Ir,e,g'aJd~eS8 of which party PI'iBVaiUS, h ~t a p!alr[y may recover anry ow a~1111 expenses mmm anDthlfl,F party i~ tne arbi~ra~or, app,l~ingl a!pp~~ca.blile ~aw, so determines".

Whlol c~m .ble II p,a,f,,? C::I'aims ml1ls~ be l~roug,lnrt in~hm Imame

of ,alii ind]viidlual person 'Or '6:ntity alnd mUSE pmceerJ on

amil iindhJiiidlua~ I(non-C~asgj iilllOrrlI-lre~lresentative} basis, .. lhs' arbii~nr~or w~1111 not ·aw,ar,d ~eHet for or aQ,aJnst: anyonel Will} ls InlIO~' ,8. party., IJt you or we req.:u~lr'e aFbi~nljtllon o~ a GII!amm" neither you, W€'j r:lor any oiimer P B rson may pursue ~he C:~a,m ~II~ aJlriJilratilo 11 as ,3. class ao.ti'o n! p'riv,a~e.' atlolnney g e nel'l~am~ionl OF otiherr repr'BSelll1liatii:ve .ac:~icm! ner may such Claim be: pursued om yO~Jlr or OIJIIr' tbel~alli. jn any Utigation in any court Clla~lmis., ili1lc~udi~ng ass!]gllned 1C;lla~ms, .of twm or more persons may not be ,~ol~lne,d er cOlmsoUdiiii~e:d in the' ssrne alrbir~ratiolFt Hl1Jwev,er, a~p:p!l~cantsl oOI~',appUca.nts, au~h.Dlri~ed users on a s~nglle' account and/or reia.ted! accollll'iJis~ or corporate affili;.tes are

here consiillllo.red as l!)liilel perSOllil1. -

Whllm is, ai, alf,b~tratitDI aWlrld 'Una.l!? ThiEl aJb~trators awardl isflilrilai and_lb~l~dil,ng OnJ mhe ~'adi,e5 unless a party aplpea_ls iti1lil writing. to t~e arbitratlloli], firrrn~~ith!J1 fifteen days of noti,c!3' of tne award. T~le' aplPea~ musm rsquesta new ,a.rb~'Ua:UDn b,e'fD~e a pane I o~ tlil ree mlUtm~ a rbl~'mnllo!li's d esijglnaj~ed by Ul,e: sam e arbitrationwirm. The ~liane'l willi cDlnlisi,d'9r all factual and: Ilegra~1 i:ss,u'es an,ewi follllo~ ~he same trIlJIII3's. [hat 3J~)1plly toe pnu;eedinm u:smg a smgl,!, arbitrlror~ a,rllal inna~e dlecistOrliS based Dim 1he ~Qtte: of: th.e maJority. CDS,mS wililbe al~,~oc,a:ted in the same way th,ey are alhn.:atled for arrbimralion be'mOire ,3 s:ing~e awbitrator.

An award ~Iy a panel is, 'fiinllf and b'ind~:~g D~I me pani.es, ale'r miflElen d.a.y.sJ has pas'sleet A ~inal 2mdll binding award is subj,elOt

to jud~ci~1 n3view and e!llfortement as p!mvided bY'ihle FAA or ()~her .ap,pHcalbll:e Ilaw.

·Surlli'V:lJl and Seve,a,D,illty of ·r-.rml'

Tlh lis alrllJl~F,ami (lin ,mvi sl onshall s u rvil~,e!: (~i)telrlIDwm'a1:ilOn iQ!f clhanges rnFl ~h;e ,Aglre!emel1ltJ the aJ!GDDUlriltor [hie relation:shiip lo'etween yO'lJl anl[j lUIS conGemiil1lg' 1:~le ,acc:ourn~ l(iO the baJ1krtmptcy of any ~'arty; ,ani Ofli) any~r,am;,1e!r;,s:ale' en ass~gnlment of your account, or any amounts owed em )'lour 3CCClulrntj 10 anyoth,er person or entity. If any IPortion fJf~h:is ar:oiltrlticlm R'mvliis~om ~5, deemeIJ inv,al'j,d lor unenliomeablle,

]~€! entim ,aJb,nraJt~oln pmV1ilsi'On shall not rnma1ill1l lntorce . .N,o portiollil 01f this alrbii~tratjio.m prilJvisiO!1 may i)e ame!nded. severed or w6ilivecil absemt a wr'ktlen ,agre'elm,en~ beMeen you amdl us.

Applliea,bl'I,Lawland En'o:n:iln,g lour Rli'QllhIS, AplPliiclliJ~lle law': l'he terms al~d el1fon)emen~ of this Aglbnlmeir1rt shall be Qovlemedl bryfed:ew,all.aw and the' ~a:w

of South [~]a!kota, where: 'W,1l!! ,a-r,e H),cam~I,.

Enfio'~C:ingl·thb; Agreeilelillt:We ca.~ delay in ,enforc:ilng orfall:1 to enfoJrotl .any of our righ~s I,]nder~hiis Ag!reement wftholJt Ilos i n~ 'them.

C,oUalcrjlDIlJ ICiDstS:~ 111 we retelf c;o~~eo~icm ef ymn asccuntto a Ilawyer.ho is net O~ r saialrmed e!m:I~~IJ,e'e~ you are ~~~Iabie for any reaso:nabl'9 at:t[mney'g 'fees! we ~lirn,Cll.lr, plus ~h,a' 'C·(j'S,lS ,and expenses of any ~e~lall 8ctl]onltD the edernl !P€!lrmI~lffed 01{ ~aJw.

Ass~'gll'.elnt: Wi8 mSiy assiglml a.1~y Olr' all of cur rights an~

ob ~igatiiDns ~.m~ler Um~ls AQ reeMie nit: to ,I mh i rd Pilny'.

F,ot Furthler ~nfol'mlaUon

Ca~~ tl~e ~d~~free CIUls~omelr S,erviCJf~ 1eh~:plho:nle 11111J11rimber shown on the b~~ilingl s:taltememlt: or on mhe b:8Ck ,of your card. Vou

can a.lsill call1ll! '1Ioca~ Clr: ~ClIIII'''~wle'e' DirlBctory Assis.~anl)e to. g,et 'our

te lie p hlone fllU mbe:F. ~


Ken St!Dnk

P res j,dle.rnt s c EO

pimi ban k (SJm~h [)a ko~a) ~ N.A. P.O. B@x 60Q[I

Sioux Fans, SiD 5,1'1t1

What7b .00 'f Theif'e~ .An Error In Your .Bill., YOUI' .BillilJlJ Rigllls ... Keep' 'fl'is NoUc-I' FO.r "l/lre Us, ..

T~,i$ no]ioE!l comtail~s important. ~'llfmmaJt]o!ln abOI~1 you r .r1]:gl~Ms amICi ou r Ires.p olnsi!I~~~~mije'S ,~ndler mWl e 'Fa~ilr ere d it Bill in~1 Aot.

.NfJtlfy Us' ~n Cas', ,,, Elfors I' tJui.s'lil.~S ,Ab~Ul rD,urBil/ ..

I'f you t~~lliIik you ~·ItJ~IUing sta~eme~t ~swrongl Dr wf you

~]ee~d more h1l1ormatio:n about aJ. tromsaCImon on your b~mn;gl s:ta:tement, \IV rite to LIS (0 n a se pa rate sheet) as SOClin as poss.ilblle .at ~he~ addlress pfoviided ;lln ·tl~~e IeHling Raghts

SI[J:m mary po rti on on th e b,ack OT you r s,tat'9 m ant. W,e mu sl hear hom you no liide:r tlhiaA 60 days ailie!r we· sent you the filll~s·il sta~ement 0:111 W~I~IClhl Ulit~ eW:H or ,nllblem a~'De',aJ6d, Yiou cain 'teil'elphome illS, but doing SOl will not Ipresen/lc' your rights.

hill YOtH l~eHe:rj give us; thefollilowing, ~n'~llrmation:

-. Your nam-a and ,2'iJ:Jc:ou.nt fIIilJmbrH,

·lh,e~ Ido,lIaramo!un1t of the: :5w;,pec®ed error.

_. DS'SiCJib8 the' IBoor and 'explain, iif you can, why you b,eliieve tlnlere iis an error, Illf yew ru::ed more inworrnrUlhcml, de:Slcribe th'e limm y'Clu ,are~ LUlsur'~ alblout.

'. Ph3,·a,s'e' s ig n you r 19'1tII:er.

lif"you a:ultlhlmizedl usto paYy-Q'lu' crean card IMI aub)ma~ically

fro m Y'OlJl r sa vin'g:s (I r c hEl,e ld n~ aeco u nt, yo u can sto p th Ei' -

pay m~ nt (l:1iI any ,amo u n~ yo!ru~h i n kJs W'fO Wllel. To stopt hie p~ym~nt 'you must tell us at least three business days bBlfom 'the aUllomlUc pa.yment is $che,dul,ed~o ()CGur"

r'lIr 111(l~"s anti' Olll Rel:fJQ,IIJbJIJ:tJ:es Allier We ,""Gaive' rsur Wrilel1 No,.ti;r;fjl",

We must .ackllilowlleidgle your letter with~1ilI 3,0 da;1s.~Hlllle:ss we hav~ c,orlllcted; the error by 'flhen, 'Wi~hin '90d,ay:s, we must leit.nler eerreet '~nle error or f~::<lplla~.ln w~y we be~~Elv,e ~QlIr billing statement WClJS correct After we receiv'B your I ett1Elrl, VIl'e cannot try to CQ,lilflct a~y amount jt1C1U qlliJe'stiol1l, or report your aODDLInt as de Ii nlq uent, 'We~ lea n c onmi flllJ~' to h ill yo ~I to r ·tlme am mull: y011lJ auestlen, ~nclud~.lllgl nmanc:e ch'3Irges, alfilO1 we call1l3JplP~Y any unpaid amount ,against youlr credit line. You do not have 'to. p'a,y any IqlJest~oned smount while 'We ;IFEl investigartiinQI, but y"llu an3 stillill olb:ll~ga:ted to payflhle Iparts ci you r blalanc,e that an:l

not in qUlles:t:ion. .

~f W',6 findt;~Ia:t we made a mis·tak!EI on y(l~,r bill:~i'~.gl.smate'lmlen:~~ you will net ~,avietIlIP'W any tinanc,e Iclharges rell'a:~e:d [f) am,y 'questioned amount If we :[[iiildillil'1 makaa mistake~ YO'I!] may have to payfiirnam)e (: har'a es, amd yo~ 'will'l hal/eta mak,e up, a.ny mlssedpayments em 'U~,e questlonad amount ~n e~lher ease, we 'Wiill sen d yCil!!J a st(]t.em 13'111,1 of U, e am au n~: y,o u entll,D! and the date ;llt is due.

liT you fai~to pay the ammmt mat WI! think yo,u owe" we may report you as dsllnquent !Howevelr~ if our eXiplanat:ion does not sa.ti:sfy you Ina y,ou wmiS to' us with~n'IO days [e~lllliing us m~a!t ~tou still rreh~se to p,ay. ~~'e mus1:te~,I' anyol1lls, 'We repert yOL~ mo ,t hat yo u h a VEl: a. QI ua s'l]on ab out you r b,iiJlt And, we m IJ stts II you the marne and. address o~ anyolmlEl' mo whom 'We reported your aecouml nti(lirim,at~on. Wfj must'teU anyone we r'B'port

you tiQIUilat the matter has belen seHI'eld be'tween us whe~ it is miWTIall~y setUed.

II~ we d on 't J{)~ II O~i ~hes 9' r.u las, we 'can ~~ ():o II set th s'fii rat' :S51O (lfth'B qlulest~oli1led, amount, ,e'Jen im yorur billing sma1ement was correct

,SpfJ'cialR,ule 18'1 'retlit, ''a,til ,Pur,bJ"",',

111 you bav,e ,R prob'l~em. w~thlt'h~: q ~ia,llilty oi p,rop,erty or se'fvicBS ~hat YOIIJIIPurchased wltha cradltGard, and Y'ou have triledl ~n Igoold fiaiflh tc correct the IPwlbl,em witJh the mer'chant Y'l"m may

have the r'j,girt not '~O p,a;y the rlemaint~lg amoull1It due on 'Ilhe -

pmp,er1y' lO'if seNiices., There are two limitat~o[ls on this; r'jlght

• You m ust ~Iav,e mad€lt~le purchase in your h 0 mestate 0 r" . u not 'W~~I~in your 111ome'statel, wiltihin 100 miillel:s olf ~C'iU r

'C:IIJFflen,1 8Iddres:s; and -

,I Tln'BIPurohase price mus~ i~i8JVllj Iblsen more than $11,0.

T,n,eS'E:! II~m'ita~ions; d:o not apply i~ we own or operate ]he merclnalllrt or ~f: we maileld you tlnle adv,el'nli,sement tor th,e pmp'erty er sen.riil,";fls.,


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