A Letter to my Daughter

Une Frances Okuneh (The Ododo of Okuneh Dynasty)
By Arierhie Patrick Okuneh

Une Ọghaghare1 As you grow up beautifully and gracefully Know that the world revolves blissfully And you are not peculiar but special So hold on humbly to your pride and honour in particular Wake up when you should Then commit every day to the Lord Jesus as you would Frankly tell Him all your supplications And deviate not from your baptismal obligations Don’t bother about how the day comes What you can give is what counts Think big and think great Then what you can give shall give you your break You can soar like the eagle All you need is principle as your girdle Your faith in God as your mantle While you believe in yourself to overcome the hurdle Daughters are great and so you are Every day live nothing less of what you proffer And you’ll have less to think about who you want to be And much to put into what you have to give Open up your heart to wisdom And your mind to sound knowledge that comes Be limited only by what you cannot conceive But broaden your horizon cautiously, only just believe Strive to be the best not necessarily the first Because a positive mind is the secret of success And as you better your best You make the world a better place to rest Give the best Because you deserve the best And remember ‘urhe r’o f’odo Ọyę avwọ kar’ odo’2 Rule your world

Une (song) is my daughter’s name; ‘Ọghaghare’ is an Urhobo word for Dear.


An Urhobo adage which means, ‘respect is given to whom it is due’ (Urhobo is the fifth largest tribe in Nigeria).

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