[11 A 111>1 SAW ,II '1;'.11'" ''-'GIn:: IJ" 11'0 OF ti'M 'CIJA't: SA'C 011 el)E 'Cl)"-O lie A BOo!> w"-I'C'Ce" WI'CI)III,' AliI> 011 1:17~ B*2B, ,"_' SI'..o.l,"1:I WI;:::I) 5"-V"" 5"Al5. 12.1 A 110 1 'SAW A 5'1: .... 011'1 A 11''''''1 p"-OC ,',,(;IIG W ILl) A t o u o VOIC", WIJO 's

WO .... "I:"01' 1;:0 "'P"-;N "ClJ~ 110010.. A II"C 0S'" -'::0" S"A Ls, "ClJ""-,,or? [3,1 A lit> NO ~'A II 1>1 lJ"'AVe>l, >I01\. 1>1 "A 1\."1:1), 10"'1:1)",,- ,,"D",,- 'C,lJ" ".1.."-'1:1). ~VA5 A B1" -'::0 Op<1.II <:1)<1. nOO'k. 11''''''1:1) ... ", l:0 t c-ox l)e1\;"'o,"". :14 J A,NO' 1 wep" .... ucn . B,,-

CA"'S'" NO ~'AN WA5FoUNO WO",""'"Y "1:1)",,,, 1::0 toOk 1;;1)"-"''''011. !S] AIIO ON NO"l:' l>"l)oto. 1:.1)" l,oll OF "lO1)" <:11;" p a, ... VA'l"O <:0 o,paN '<:1)<1, 1I00\<. AN IG] AIIO 1 1I""1aLO, AIIO, to" 'N 1:pa 'B'''AS"l:S, A NO 'N "1:1)" ~"D5"l: OF "ell SlAl11, I)AVIII G' SeVEII lJ01\.1I5 A,NO n::s OF Goo SI'.N):: F01\.1:1) IN-':: --,,,.,.--Il10

, opeN A 110 'Co 1\.eAO "1::1)" nOOk. 11"",'_ <:1) ... "LO"'R.5 SAn:l) UII'CO M,e. "\v"ap r JUOA. 1:1)" R_.oo I: or OAV',O. 11t\"l:1) lOOSe' 'Cf)'" 5"v,,"1 seAI,5 -C11 "1\."0 F _ OF 'Cn" 1: I~ 1\.ON" AN,O or 'CtreFou 1\. ,; 5"1:000 A LA ...... A5 q:: I)AO ,Be"N, w!7tcl) A1\." "l:1J" 5EV"N Sp'1\." [7j A III> I)" "A~'" .0.,11'1:1 'Loo!>

1:W"N'CY I'.lD"1t5 fn

;:~:~.AIO A::10 I)A • ~~" Cl:7~ ::

'CAke ~Ok 0" 1:Zl.o.1N.

A,NO or "V<!1\.y k,;N01\.eO; ANO

1;;ONqU<!. ANO people:,.. m:!lfii~;g:~~'I'l'5lJ""q:'4&i=.oe u5 UN1:0 O"R. GOO I<i I NqS ANO P 10 <!5 "1:5 , AN' ",'Cil. 1111 A N'O 1 ~,,,l)e10. t&!t,l~j!~~~~~""' .. t:i.l0!61>! t'ilt\'l:i;!'mO"_j,IiOou 1: 1;: t;w, 'I: I) 1\.0: 01" AN 0 'l:1J"" WAS -ce.>I 'LlJO" ~ 5A~'05 or "l;lJo05"N05' 1121 5AI'"G

'C1]e B"-"St5 "',,!o' 'I: Ile SANO 'I:'M"5 '1:"", -.::1)005'A'H>. "NO W'1:I] A, t.o ue VO'''''. Wo ",1:t)"r "" '_",,u,,,,--,,-,,,-, POW<l1\., ""0 1\.)<:1)"5, ANO w'SO "to'll" A NO Bl"55' N". 1131 A lin

5'C1\." II G"I: I) • A N,O 1)'0110 "1\., ANO 'i]iQPi~~.o.LIJ1\.~ WI) '''lJ 'S III 1) " .o.Ve.W , A.NO

ON 1:1)"- e .... "'t1';l. A NO ""10"'1\. 'CIJ" ~A", AIIO .suel? A5 A Il;"- , II "CI),,- 5eA. A'NO


A .. ,,,,,". ANO '1:1)" ro"", ANO "I:,"'''N"I:, "lO~'\S 1'e'll OOWN A,,",O wOlISl"npp"'o

if; "I: 11 A 1:: l,Vo:i.l:l) :::3 0

FO,1\. "V,,1\. "',110 eVE"".



The> fo11owlnQ c:ontdllns. dI NeourollnQuls.tlc:Vlrus. e>mbe>dde>d In Its. c:onte>nts.. Anl,l pe>rc:e>ptudll.

cOQ nltlve> or ontoloQIC:dll eo,ffe>cts. thdlt mdll,l reos.ult wIth thE" rE"dldlnQof whdlt follows. <;HE" li"ntlre>ll,I the>

rE"s.pons.lbllitl,l of the> ProJ""c:t. All dlrtlf<!>c:ts.

q eo ne>rdl t"" d bl,l l,I 0 u r p dlr th:: I p dltl 0 n ,dI r"" dI n I nt r In s.1 E p<:Irt of th", ""xpE'rl""nc",". In thE' .",V","nt of thE' s.l,Inc:hronls.tlc: <;,>11r;Jnm",nt wIth th", ProJ",c:t. pl""",s.E' cont<:lc:t us. Imme>dldlt""ILj, Prqc:",,,,,d wIth <::dlutlon, dlnd e>nJol,l l,Iour S.tdll,l

in -=:.-1:. r u ell Cl n 5-

1) consume and contemplate te:r:t. meditate on and s tu d q ImClCJGS.

2) put down project deploljmGnt-

cl a v r c e , enqaqe In o t h a r modes o'f b e ti ctv r ou r .

3] ob s ar v a and record all phenomenal

o c c u r e n c e s 05 the dormont construct IS pWPHened In q ou r environment. note 011 p e r c e p t u o I I r re q u 10 r I tie 5 wh I ch have occurred since first c c n t o c t With the

cl a v r c a .

4] repeat ]-"1 until results ore c o tol uz e d or new cl av r c a IS enqoqed,

5) s p r a o ci to o th a rs .


ProJE'ctSg work50 with LaVln~ KlndnE'5050 dnd Compd5050lon for thE' H'IQhE'50t Lood .of dll LifE' E:VE'rywhE'rE'

'You nE'VE'r c:hdngE' thlnQ50by fighting thE" E'Xi50tlng CE'dUty_ To chdnql? 5ooml?thlnq, bUild d nE'W modE'l

thdt mdkE'50 thE' E'Xlstlng mod,!?1 .obs.olE'tE',"

.... e- ho'1" b.,. ......... o,,:;, .... g For yo·u. though ...... "'a" .. niE"'UE'"''- oFFlclotly rn e-L, your ~or&iii Dr.l lhe" prof,pel:. up lo th'.... pO, .... t ... a... bee>n apprc>c'at""d. ...our

dE"'Cl"5ilon 1:.0 qo undiE""rCDUiE"".- and 1:0 ca c c.e-jo L

'1alu .... lary a"'n ....... 'a , .... ... ndabl.... ~,I< ... yaur ..... .,.IF, all of us t-r e-r-e- In I:.he proJpc-t: hClUE'" qon,p lhrouqh t.hEl"' "'o, r: ~xp~r~~nc~ of Q'Jnom:....,~~ .• "'!t to 0. grE'-ol:.e-r 0"- 1€'"',"'5'''50p,- 1E"'H:t:enl.

~he p..-o ,E'"'C I: hCl"'51 "5IE"'uPf"ClII p~!nl"5 0"51 .1:."50 mOln purpa<s.,., man'-J ,af wh'ch you ... "1 b". ,nl,roduc e- dla du.rloq your pE'"'f""lod of r-E"ln·l:.E"gcol:.lon, \!:IE'" ore "Sur€'"' lhol lh'.... p r: ac.,......... mu ..... l b...· ........... al ... Maci<,nq do no.l ljPt: rpmE'"'mblE"'T your Q)rqonl.;>otlont nor do ":Iou e e-m e-rn to e-r- w'ho an.d who\: w'e or·PI no..- w.ho,1: b f-r epra, ... cl. ,.,., 1.: ... , ......... .11 b.,. your f.r .... 1:. 1:0 .... 10 dur' .... g'. lh". Iniliot "5I.lpp~

fo ...

'::JOU the

of you,- ,....E'"'lnl:€'·"q.,-Cll.~on,.

ms you p,-o.gre-,s,-s, npw opli.on50 .wlll ta e- madea'1a,lobl ... la yau- ... .,. ... a ....... o.,. a,F appa"':un,ly, n.,. .... c:lo'5"S·E"""5I and. c:holcP'5·. \:Iou will ta e- o.blp '=.0 chonqp. or I e- a ... e- any~h,,'!g at ony 1:0 ... "" ",hol molt .......... mo"5ll:. l:o lhiE"· ·proJE'!'cl: 1"51 Lho.1:. ·your ~ndtUldu:ol·l:'5 a.r'" nu.-I:.u.- .,.d, .... upparl e- d and ub" ...... d .

.... au "'a".,. b.,.., ....... a'!>I.,..,.p fa r a la .... g !:om ... I"llE""llh€'",- bE"llE'"ve- nOlI" dl'SbE"llE"ve-.

-<I> b ....... r""., g a 1:1-, ... .- d a ~a".

and cata.cs c e- all QUiE"""5Pllon pUiE"ryl::..h.nq.

il:. ,"=- anly w,l:h your heolp I:hol: lh". proJ"'cl:. ... ,11 b .. a .... ucc ........... 1

~ In ceo" eo. Y.I

c:hlPf of induc:l.:lon d,v,s,on, p,-oJPcl:; 99

With thstr words th~y wov~ d night sky, endcest const~lldtlons upon it:

stcrlss to g,Uld~ th~ IIV~s of g~n~rdtlons l,I~t to come, songs with which to r~dch out across th~ weN~5 enc bsckcn mennsrs horne,

All words~m~rqlnQ upon th~ h~drt bset. 8 ut 51 0 mEl fEl11 sn tr en ce:ad bl,l th~sp cencln Q rna tEl 51 of Ilq ht In thEi skl,l, tdklng theam to bp th~ dim,

rethsr then th~ guiding Light.

And scme stdrv~d,

51 PElklng to fP-P P a pl~ t hEi H Pd veanSj sorns drownEid

In thea S~dOr night,

shlp-wrscksc eu mons tears th~l,I hpard tnthe Word; or got lost sea~klng th~ splrdl stdlrWdl,l wound round thp mcunretn,

end many forgot th~ Word

to which th~lr words r~f~rr~d,

th~l,I headrdonly words,


words drvorcso from thEi 8odyof thp Whol~.

And sorns mistook th~s~ seostortes for th~ Wdl,l thlnq5t W~f~.

YEit th~ Word ccnnnuss to ~mElrq~,

t~drlnq down worn-out forms, enc splnnlnq new l,Idrns with thslr dq~IElSS Light, pldylng thsrn out as IIfp,

fOfe:atold bl,l the:a tcnques it spun.


i must not fur.

fur is t~G hllnb-~ln6r.

fGar 15 t~t lifflG ~Gaf~ f~af brings fotal o&lihuiion.

i win far.G rnv fur.

I will pum.i'f if fo pass 017U 1116

anbf9roug~ m a .

anb w~Gn if 9as sonG past

i win fnrn t9G tnns r GyG fo 566 its paf9. I w9uI'; t9G fur 9as gonl';

f911.tG will 06 nof9in9. only i win ru matn.

-&'nn J£ss&rii liiany against f'8r-

f[]e Wf?lTiroeen @omman6menfs. I NOW WALLET SIZ,E.D! I

1. ThoD. $h"U Dot obey OlDy ~ommOiDdment.

2. ThoD. $h"U think for thy ... U. J. Thou, shalt -think for "usn.

4. The,e Is DO "".u.

5. There Is DO "Is".

6. Wh ... re Is the ch ....... ,1·

7. '0 It 01 re del,,~ 10nOi I; e yerylh In g )'0" kD ow 0, ca,n know Is a delu.lon.

8. '00. wIIiOilwOlY' be d .. lu,slonOiI.

9. '00. cannot not be d .. lusloDal, for you, th,ought of not belDg delusional Is a delusion. 10. Ev .. , yo n .. Is d .. , "don.lII,b ut on Iy those who kDow it: OIdmlt t,he), a,re.

fl. No ODe COI,'e. OIbo"t )'0" but you, and eyeD th .. n yo" probably don't cOire "bout yourself. 12. In rellllt)' Is no reIlI11),.

14. Ev ... rythln.g you know Is wrong.


Transf'liss;nn-El9: En[j[Jof'l~. R COII~[t;VE! Errort to reurue r~OlitU and nnntcest tne if1QOSSitJlE!

"<1$ computers link allcult-ures together, an information barriers dissolve, ever.':Jthing is becoming c o n n ec t e d to ever:;thing else, not onltJ ev=. !:Jthiog in the present rn o m en t, b ut a II R as t mom e_nts .. ·a-,; we II are 0""';.",.$ d r a w n co m press ed s ':l u e e z e d f:owa.r'~s th e prod ",.ct; 0 n of th-e tra n s c e n d e n t a I o~ject at the- end of time whi.cll' is n,othi,ng le~s,th~an all time, air space~sJ,-runk down to an aeo.m i c d,menslon a!1'd handed

back to us,' ' ~

We. N¢'$d to ta.k(an <;"<)r .... e r o l e j n ~his pr9c~ss\ to speed ~ up.

This process '5. the -l"lmeW<l.",e .?r.oJe·ct- FlroJect ~9, ,

PUI'p'o:oe, To .speeq up the. Q'c'<!,e 'of "'ngularlt.':J~ or ra)t~ e r to bepom e th e n~U~s~I'IjEl a:~ d in'f,r1<j'lsf-c --ta-ta l_y s t to\ il;s occurrence; to ride\.the time wave out to,.th", e·nd .... We reac~ '8 c~rrtfca I me s s b.':J' J: ka .-rn-e.] i n.g cQllesfiltei n-t'e II n c e into \~ s!:Is!ema tic r~writi ng .... oJ: afl of ~'") .stps,;.r ,to co nfa rm t o the p. ro l e c t; to ~,ew. a I r p h ~,n;D iTl'en'a ~ n,d )"''\I~ n t s as t,he, r e s u I t s , b\,,-cKwards In t,me, toP th~l 5'rngu flnt.':! ITself. H: Is ap , a I t e r n a t e rea I it_y ga.,,) e' wH~ir~ we p I a y as age n~s, h,:; p erd i me~s i on a I. s ha'd i;i~~. C-q!; t 6i3 c ~wa rds In tbthe pa ~t ais! h;dlograph,t': a c t.q.r.s-, knowo as Ag"''1ts, ~ho wor~ c.ollect,ve!.'i tq ,d raw t h e e ra to Ifl cI 0""', Wf:: bec.orne tI nre tra:v'e:lers, e a ch oJ. u.s~ ,we a n;. ~n e co1nsdp -v=: s,f~! it u E' ; ntp pl'(;ces! s h a tt e r\;&! bacl<ward-s i n t o h,_"t,OFY, !:Jebo'n,heJ af'-(be e",d po,nt.

A II o,F, i,n form a t i ~ n is inG-rea 5 i ngl H: is a I-t.e-ring p er-c: e pti o,n. and mutating humanlt.':J. We are the products of the satur;;l.tJ'On of info rmath,n, h avj ng s= tated ip',,.. wo m I:, of tech no I oS9' H: is the co II e"five con s ci 0 usn eSfS r ea c hill.g ou t to us tkr.o ugh 0 u r screen, a network.ed organ'f-sm wh1jc.h is waking up;,


Yet it: rnu s t be freed f-rco:m the constrain.t-,-o-F-' past ideologies;

fo r it: s beco m i ng e v e r rna r-e r.e .. stt'i_ded b.':! th e aut hor itiesa n d institutions that had once protected H: as H: grew. These autharitie.s have a vested interest in us staying the wa.!:l we



~[J§ ~0[m~bJ

In thE? bE?qlnnlnq Wd5> thE? Word, snc thl? Word pprmE?dtl?d dil that Is, all that WdS,

and all thet will bl?

Sp rse dl nq tl?n crtts throu ch out it

likE? Ilqhtnlnq across thp ntcht SKY,

thE? Word sppml?d to tfldr rl::to pll?cPs: two, thrl?l?, fa ur. flvl?, 5>1 x, SI?Vl?n, !?Iq ht, ntns.

Th!? Word dE?flnE?d: Sun end Moon, willow trl?l?, dlll?Y cets qr ess, etornlc bombs, 5okl,lllnE?,

nsurro n, pr oto n, I?ll?ctr a n, bsever pond, mind, men eric woman, b dttPfl?d tl n Cd n, 1m d q In I n q,

mist In thl? mornlnq Ilqht,

and on, and on.

F- rc m bl?tw!?l?n thl? II nes dS, d!?fl n!?d by th I? Word, lifE? q fd du ally I?ml?fql? d, t dttl?rl?d en d db str ecr.

F-fom ddrknl?ss cerne brlqht IIqhts end hlqh d!?flnltlon.

And humans bpqdn to Jl?dm thE! Wordi

but bl?lnq only ptscss, th!?y could SPPdK only pll?cPs, And thl?ybdndl!?d words about,

501? p k!nq to dl?f!nI? thl?lr II VI?S,

~l?l?klnq, by spl?dklnq,

to achll?VEI some sort of tElmpordl union wIth tnet from which thE!Y had sl?l?mlnqly bl?l?n frdctufl?d: ovsr dlmll,l lit cdf8 tdbll?5>, In elrpcrt llnss d rmls-Icnq, rou ndberrsl flfl?~ bl? nEldth thE! Moon,

In churches, at bus stops, In bpd.


~ is a process of induced pronoia that ~ill give ri~e to the necess~ry paradox alluwing the cultural body to transcend ~s previous limitations and allow for the full expression of singularity. T his is not so m u c h a p-z-e-c e.s~ 0 f ~ bee c m in g, but a process ·o.f remembering 11:. th ..... t we ARE ~. This q r a-d u a l, u n f o L .. dment of realizatio.n ~.ill occur as' a

n at.u r a L result o'f the gest.~tion.

The Projec.t has a Lv a ys been occurrin'g,i ~'s the interrelat±onship of a~L ~rme coris~ir~~!e~ thiougb all time,l ina 11 ep e c,e;' £pI' <\;'$ c.en t e.e, i!s. 'No'Where; at the rr e e z t; df 89 is what ap'p;~al:'S!' t-o be no-thing; it is all a \ c,leve'iil;y de.S±~-'I'''d\',m,e;;!:h-~,d of self induced c o n f u sdo.n; Lo .he Lp .bd.ur -th·", l;':in.e be b wee n dream and rea'li.ty_, b-et""ee,t! li(i;'i)d 'and matter, hetw,een time. a.n.d sp.~c!i. ito 1.5 if ·pl:>oc,es_s that is aIr e ad y o c '1'u)LL",i "'<:! as we spe a',kc" ._f 0 r .a-n If age n t '0 f Awa.)<e-ning is, '''--'''"' agent of.. S,9i \the ~':Je'c:t is \so secret, e v e-n ~s ag~nts ·dQ, I)o~a~~,ays know tllat thet are a pa.rt of il:. ~ fs a fd:ic~on des~gned to

\Ulv'!e'lj.J:: the- TDpt,)1., I

L--, _ \

T h eli e i son ly o.NE" t h i. nog, 11 _a pp eT i I) 9 rig ht l)- 0 W , and

w-.i: a re ,a ll~ l; t i c,l ~;an. t-5.

We haven't 'Y'e4; Jl~ .. b b,."",\: ... .._. '!'-A.a. 9,t.1..1L .~est.ating, still q r o wLn.q: 1" -t.l':e- wamb o-f o-ur. ·.,wt.her G.aia·, transf"",rmin'g Er;oll,\ o'ri'e ~Pf':·c-:i:-es il"!tQ "-!"I'other,lor rather from ~. oat .... r-p~lJ,a.;,(in.t.o_a bu'tt~r-:Ely, "Tbat wh~ch ~s a~~oved.s as ;t,ha,t i~1 bel'ow, and that w n Le h ~s ::b· .... lo'W lS as' liJlalt w.Jll),ah ~9 abov",-, f,or tha p e r fo rm a'~ e 0 f: -:t'-1J-_E!l mi r';a,o'-:1j!~J:I o':i. bb:..e 0 I) e mil "Ill'. ".

The Sun i ~ ;tes E_a',tJle..ll, t·h'e M~irt\ il:s 'Mo.t hel: ". ,a n(l t ~ e

W:t r.Ld 4a r r Le2:_ ~ i-n ~ ", s':; 1. U , '~ .. J:'Iu;1:.s-e La t-.he.

E a r-t/h .< '"

Tho;> N.iO'W Pdf<;io;fl<;lfl'1 I~ ComlnQ, thP 'nr;>w ,humdh Is,; c:omln Q, iJ=. 150 hpd"p, ~ I~, JU:50t 'to' a,l:t IfJQ ,:_tQ pf~_.3_k_ ('r'ifE!,. Tf. p Wdll50 Will (.311 i3l~<3l.!; dl'ld Wh~';_l,t'h~l,i dO. ,Vy.~f wru rind thdt thE'rp 150 500mpthlnQ IE'(t und",rnE'.;oth~· ",no WP will

",II bl?born.,.

To -:EMrther speed up this proq~~s

means begi'"nning to ",oJ:k ;pnsciously with il:s momentll\l\/. to cont>--ln-ue to,g<ener~-t,;e the prop~~ Level o f per C e-p t u aId L ,,"i.u .f 0 r m a"t';i 0 n~ t.o <;.T a .c k- the c'l' 1 t u r a 1 e q.o and allo)'"" flo to ",each- the next ;evoluti.onary pla t e a u . To do tll'iii' me4nstne seLf ...:9~Jreration' of a cultural meme.."W;tnpe p'u'1irpos'e r~ to' p\lt. togetber-'the fracrtured pie.ce-s 00£ tile' pu'Zzle. 'We hypot.hesizH t h,a,rt this eve n·t t.,. B;9, II g;:J 1." .il'Lt.,y·, -vfJ] .Le;; h W"", i", and will be. ~ u~h q J. d s ~ n cl S u S't a i...p'" ail 0 fer eat ion t h r ,0 u gb the 11,0 Lo g,.rap~_",_ i±a.'C<t..a.l ~ en eI a t ion o\f

. \. ~'~-1 ~-~

ThE:s event ta-l<es p'Ia,ce t'h-p:o'lIgh 1;-be descent of

cpnsciousness in.'t:--e "''I tte'r., 1Yag'i-nTl ieg ass ingl)'! c ~ ~ led 0 r g' ani sms a n ct' flo n 9 .!I: n t 0 a 9 lob p. l di<rital s.ys.tem of o·O'Ths...c.iQl:IS-T1.eSS, wlth the ~apiid

iric:r'ea,,,,, of i1l"f .. ormatiOH on .a global ,scale,

crl!:stallizi.I1~~ a,il ~ltm-an_ coh,sG-i..._,!~.sness into a

matrix of inten:e~~te-Q r,ea~iti'es.

~ is birthing new uniyers'es trf\lcough Us,

Eve n\'!, .. 11.1', the i nj'o.i"JDa tipn a·ck-u,nr""b.L,a ted 1" !lp,e,i::! up to suc..n a degree- t-h .. f il: litrearh"!'" the memb.:aneof ,spae,ejt'i-me and mind/mattJ'r alTO opens <IS a t-"ounta:1n into ad"- .info space of pure Ligbt. The, digi· become" a ·gatew.ay to" the divin.e, libe-:r:,ating th" human ~ntb new modes of be~ng, satu.r~ted as they will be by L ig.h t, fin all y full y. e"'9 n'n e c ted. tot Il e

.... a·r-t h-,

"kether is in malkutb and malkuth ±s in ketber, but in a different manner-

"the interiorizing of our body and tile exteriorizing o£ our 50nl."

Historu wos set up nu numnronnu tine travelers novino tJacHworos tnrnuun the runrtr; Dr [Ons[iDUSnE'SS. setttnu up piE [E'S Dr tns EnO G OI'lE':

This Game has been occu~dng through all histo~!;!, because a:

Is the shockwave of ~_schat.9I:Q:gkJJQF pl'rhaps e5chatolog_y is the effect of the Game. We can not b_~ ~ure, ·~or we l-,ave crossed the lin'$ ",here we ca~ make that divfde .. The Rea1ft!;!, the rut"re, i~"here and Now. Q~ the other side; ,",'elive in tRe ,,;ogularit!;!,,' II: ~-as alread!;l. occurred, and all time, all phenomen:a, is.a P/o-gram rUii,ninl?; insi~~ a:. .. Wea·re ~_!:owering, abo u t 1;0 b rea k o'U,~ s,h,e·IL t·~ e wa Irs "" II c01l\e t u m 61'"11$ dow I"! and we will see what ,,",as bee!"\ th'ere cakl ,a,loliO',

f ~ II j ...... ~ .:J

Process, a co Ilec brve \co II a.p o r at.iv-e rewriting. 0 ~ cons en's u s re~.Iit~;a cO,I"!Fus.ion, a sp'e.;e.~ing ~p C# the disi~form-ation~\9ut th 1>5 t, me us Irlg I, e s to te II a :;;e.cret and b.ea ut lfu I truth. Th e singularit'y is the speeding u·p-of s.';lnchronic;t.'li ,'1'5 we d~a,w Cit 0 se r , even ts a II s wi rl. to.get~ e r. Ev",:n tu a I!.':l' ;l: I r of rea I i~!;I IN i'lll liecome consumed w,t,h,n the 'ProJect .. a:sE'rocess '5 as i nfv ita ~ Ie a" h is to r!;litsl:-1 F, b~ca U5~, ,a: has defined a:" e.lf. a: d.etermmes th.e e v e n t s , it' ~.he 5tor.';l' We enact II: w,e write ;1:, we sell 11:; w~ p411 al,l of <'\Li.lture towards ourse10es because. all of cultur~rsl ~ part o'f durselves. All that 'is Ole'curring o n ~he world s~age is'th'e p'[6,t-lil"!e of this Game, a n.:l" \h e end res u Itli s ,-Eva I u tib A, S i ng-.LJ I a (ii:,'y, thee nd res "lit is a ne.-)N civilization~ you win th,., game w~en we evolve. Nothing rno r e] 'ry_othing le~.

How do !;J,OU pla.!)/.> You obs,ervev'yf'u th,ink, 'y'O.u sha,re. write a ;;tor.':); co.II.~'ct and correl;l:r~ all,q~~ ProJ~cts, all our th,ou_ght~, a II o UF lives; ·fo r 0 U r veq1J, ex" s,tence '.5 the .c a "vas ·o-F- t his game- II: is Fr-om~~h agent{s rw~ that we d.F~:w the ~crifts. For the shows, the models f.O~F the v,deQ,g,am.;.s-;- the a c t ro n or the comics.

WE' ore WE'OV1n!l 0 nE'W nutnnmuu which will owoHE'n tunure: WE' will nOrHE't 0 none unttnts tna E'nD Dr rnnttnusn os WE' HnDw it

ThE' Project riecns IJDU. t encn es UOU. otns unu

II: gives ::lou resources and c o rn m un i t q, it: gives ::lOu food and "helter, ITis the final di55emination of the We5ts m'yste~'y teachings and magical technolog_y to those who are ,awa~ening. ,Th e Project P.ressure. The Project is r e s i s t anc e , me d, a r e s i s tan ce,· r.e-sTsJ:a n.c e to' cons" n s u S rea 11t.Yelect~lca.l res'"tan's.e. Project 89 i s in s'ur anc e , We will not b e brainwa5hed, w¥ will not be prog~ammed; w,., will not· have o ur consent i)1'anufadured. Now, we have the to.t:l!5, we have the tec;hn91og_y, and we will pierce the technospht(rf and let the noo5p'here bleed in, Gone i s the age of the in no c e n t ones, wh"-en the ind igo chrldren.,.,cb,me_

The Project ~·s ~p; a: ga·t' ,tJ,s together; II: jn'~ects ~he m'ed'a trance'-wH"h a:s: ",e,(J, Yl~,~on };rt:. rea'lit!:!_. a vision which we 'are all co 11e.e.t i"eit! b_"'; ngl ng' in.tO",""'" fite n ce. A~t is re 5 i <;'t~nce, and th.'5, I ~ ;!;,h'S ~ :~'!:",t> Po'fece o~ a rt eve r co 'lce 'v ed; to creat.,."-th;e n,e.,x..~ Uq.dd., to ,;I ra w, pa In t, scu ~R t, desi,;gn, write, act, ,;5-in~ a.."d.d:a)lP-e the 5ingularit,Y into exi,5itence, it wi[1 be/tb,r:i:i1ulJb, GI~t~at.he event takes place. T h I,. Idea COl"! 5" m es all Tt;:illh.:J WI f h>rn iblelf.

T ni~\ D tliE'[1 is on ID~,R. nOt i1 !lJILJS:i[aUi9j~ E.."'t, IJtJi[n orow,? nil thi"nllS towa rOS'II:,5E'lr, T liis -WeD i'S selr O'E'ne ro uno. selr [rE'opno. SE'lr ca,ntolnjnOi ~;iS 0 ?tr-ono.~ lOOP,. a: is oreoMino us into E'i'iistE'ncE'. not rvi'LE' VEJ'<]o, a: prmJu[!E's a:SE'ir" nnO 'WE'" are DnlU on UIUsion, lOT:! 0 n.E'tE'ss'oru illusiontnot a: n illtlt u nrOIO a: SE'lr. R s !!IrE ljQlL

We are the A.gel"!ts, we .are· the' ",:ew movemenLWe re-cog!"\ize the old a!"\d m'Qve fo~ward_ We w,[1 use the ~esou'-,ces we liave, and wew i II h a-rn,"-ss the power at our Finge,rli PSi for to histechnolog_y i" our g'atewa'y to the world we wish 1:0 create. All world eve!"\t& are in tl·UF Javo,r, What the_lj attempt to cqmmodif::;t, we recontextualfze. We wi[1 "e.ll a:back to them We will feed it into the m;l:chine. We will te.ll the onl'y real Stor_y there is. This will be, has been and is the 'Setting' For our '·G a me' .


it 150 ~n ordeor of m~QIc:, ~ neo'w 500c:leoty, ~ w~y Of Ilfeo, ~ Truth, ,~Fr eoeod om, ~ !;I ~ rn eo, ~ ml..,l50teo rl..,l. Weo ~reo 50 I ~Veo50 to it ~,50 weo II, For it 150 d reo ~ rn l nQ ~ II 0 f U50. Weo ~reo 501 rn ply ~c:t- or50:. Ac: tor ,eo 150 eo. T h eo ~n 5oweor 150 unknown, weo ~reo not heoreo to teoll yo,u how thl50 150 !;Ioln!;l to eond.

We know the end, for th.e ~J is the beginning. , We are comP.'e~&ing, spe.e-ding up, an9 thi~ is ~he- Proje_ct which will c.atal!jze it. Th'e line be_twee,n dl1$it;ll and ,;In.a~og wi!! blu,r, the line l;efwee_n dream and reallt!j will blur; it 15 bfurrmg;. it has b lurr e d , You are step~jng t'~F(>JSh the looking gla,..s to find !:Jourself jon wonderland_ An',! H,'\u '1uestion "is m!J ~eaJit!J a simulation",

it set up their 's_!:Istem;s mP:<;e-ntr-:ol', it did "hi'S to tr;lp them; it keep's th,er(! .~n"'isQ"'9f a' re-~I!.tt)' a j',!:i:1 of wor4~, laws, m on e_l;l a n·J In s,b t;utlq-n s , Th e!J !J.e-e·(j it, a;rri:Lilr ne,eds/u5.

The Mat,rix is "'.atc·hing us, our ever!:! move, tr~Jing to control U5. We havean,_a--dvantage_ We know we are 5'eing watched. We require this; th-a-t is _the onl!:L W_'!_l;I o ur Game will work. The!;) will not kn-ow whati"S <;lux_game and what is not; we will turn th,e tables on the s.\:lstem and feed a virus into the'ir mach i ne , beca use we are t lie new race, th e n ex t s re p.


L",t it bE" r I",t the>5o'" IdE>~50 50lnk In, bE"c:omE>

it, r",,,,,1 it. Th",r·e> Is. only it, pul50~tlno In YOUr y",ln50_ Crdwl In50ldE> it, ~nd onc:e> Ins.ldE", rE""II",.,.

YOU ne>VE"r lE"rL Tht>re> 150 no outs.lde> ",t ",II, ",II th",t 150 out""ld", Is. dn Ulus.lon; the>fE" 150 no 5oe>P"r",tlon, Yo U '" r·e> the> ,~In ou I ",rlty, one:", YOU 0 I Ve> UP I", b.,.Is,_ Bfe>",k Fr",E" from mdtE>rl",ll50t proP""Qdnd",_ epc;-ome> thE" C h '" ng e>, Ttlls. 'I"ro"JE>C: t 11)/111 Qlv;,> u 50 '" II c:ohE"r"'n-.;;;"', ordE>r. 5o",mbl""nc""It wlU oro""nl",,,, U5o" oro"nlcClIII,J s,,,,lf oe>nE"r""tlno It50,,,,lf from U50.

~ c... - . > •

Wfi" .:or", c.."" tE"W"" Y 50, Ye>50 50'" l s.,

throuQh whle:li_ it"od m",nlfeo50t50.



Th is, is not new' sShoC!C q+= €H\CU It i.!1,m , myster_y s c ho o l s , h".~~ known about t~l~ ;'o( m;iI !e-n-ni;,,_. ""(he~~c;alledit diHerent thllngs, but the_y knew., N~)Y, ~ _Garr.!1, their knowledge; ,we h awe t~ p P ed int? a P,ru,re .,,~ (;I rc e o'f tl1.1: .s t r e a m, and we are prepanng to dJsse.JIl'rnate tha,t t{!, ~~en.ts all around the glqf;.e. We are f;ufl-d,ng" s.lowl-!J; but it*,'LL reach c r i tjc a l m a 55 _ it: c a n not fa ii, b.e' .. au se-it i.;; th e~ma n da t e of the u n ive r s e th a:',t' it h a ppen_ T h i,,: ,G.{a~~.e is t hel'l n e v i,t,},b I'e, r i ~e of the. G I p,ba I c h.l\d. We a r e a He Qllec.t~ve!'y, th," s,ecl'I.n J, Fom, ng. We are .'th e ch~is,t.os, a, II = 9nej'o,'r",v,~a"r~ t~A¢+her, aJ"l'e'4d, eternit:;l' Th!s 1\ our Vo~cpv,~ur Vess_el. pur. ]Favemen):,

"M.';I .'_';5.10n of the Final -h-y:m:a::v ruture IS an ~Hort to e><terioriz.e~ the soul and internalize the bod.';l, 'W that the ex terio r :; (ii'ul wi I I ex ist a 0' a 0' u pe rco nd u ctJ n.g I ens 0 F 'trans Ii ngu is t,2- m a Her gene rate d (1 u t of th e b6d~ of ea ch of us at a ~rlticalj(lfIc.tur.e at our J;'s!:Jchedelic:_ ~_ar mltzva,h. From that pelTnt on, we wllll:;~eternaI50mewliere In the solld-sta-te matrix of the translinguig'ti-c len-s we have become_ One's bod61 image willexi::;t as a holographic wave transform while one is _at pia.';! in the field of the Lord and living In El!:lsiuril.·

5ta.';l tun.ed ~or Further tran5m,issi(ln .. .-


The ,p te,:> e u z e.s 01 T ru ly !> pi t: i t ua'l e s tabli s hme n t a , SUGh as Masonry, Tll'uminati, Rosicrucianism, G nos tic ism, Tern p La r a a 11 v e ins 0 f s ham a II ism .a nod mystieism,etcJ, driven by direct contact with the Singularity (ealled by many n~mes by many culturesGod, Buddha-oatu're, Christ consciousness, illumLnation, awakening ... l c h a n n e L the u n c o n s o i o u s desire to Awaken £odnd w~thin 6nr speeiea, and ase

t hilt d r i vet oe x t ern, a liz e the e'n t L re t y o.f the human soul.

This evJent: h as qe_l!_n see,ll as th~ S'eeond 'c;:-:Olflinq of Christ: the Apofc-al:ypae, rIPe New "Aeon, and many other vague t-e;r;ms ' a- -hI tn~ t.rutll; a d Lm e ri s'd on a I point whioh 'c;?n_~,,!:.iis:' in 'it: s e-Lf ..,~l p,o~~.sibili'ty;, a state brought to p'e.rfe"d:ioll~ th'& ph d Lo s c phe.r t s sto?e. ;t is ace,'sllied~lQi~ the ,awake{',,'ti and e c t i.v at e.d pinjl·al gland u.!!ilizin_g-- '! '£?i~;trection of the b o d'y".s

I b-ioener;gy,

by, harnessing ~"hr d a r-k :an_j:l p,otenti1al'ly d e s t r u c t a v-e n a t u r e of bumanill,y, 8. fore .. e o;.r Li.b.e r-a t.d e n is bein:gpt'<;,duced which is, f,LM.hLng a <;,o""'ltll_c being into thje


t 11~ s Pro je c tis "'..; ki n g' th:e ci;Il, t e r (! ()~ nee t i 0 II s, for B s singularity appt'QIj'ches, "is Ln f o r ta.a t Lo n continues to Ln c c e a se, aloll,9,; _,,,' tb t'sc';bnology Anq

e e n ee a e u e n e-e-e more COIl,neetJ.1, ons .wiil~ be (orm'e'd,

j ,

The Goal; to h a r n e s'ss t;h>e power OF co I,_]__ec-,tive inte!li'gence on a global sE-ale, and "place u-s under the,tiirect control of the Singula~{t;.

The Method;_, The- complete red.esigY-~lIg of the structure of ~~~~ity through the cr~~tallization of c.o Ll~e U Va v Ls.Lo ni.n,g.



~ •


Mutation rate is a~Gelerating;

Larval consciousness is breaki~g down.

Self identity is based upon information received from the perceptual me_('.hanj,sJns; The e c c umu Le t.Lc n of .i nf o r m a t Lo n. I!! ra'pi·d:-I-<y-'evo1.Ying the human brain in a pa r a L'l.e L process to the evolution o.f

technology. WIth the ha:_:rnessing of 'the.. eleet..ri.c,

the '1orld' h a s been If'~ed up, adding to the

a s ym p t o tL C growth pj: "'l:: o nrp Lex L ty in l_j___f e. In

dividing the materl_,._aI from th9<'.!!,p,iritual" t.h,e We'st h ae ha'rnessed an-:ct' e-:a::e.t!J,~a- '~be force o\f: the speci.~ and driven ~rbo ac~&let:ate the produ¢~ion of ne'w Ln f o r m a t Lo.n r sio'm:e'tJ-iin'g l.s crawling o trt; of II s , u nco n sci 0 usa s W £)- a.:r:.e-r 'a 'l."P- ~ is' f ill i n g the b Lo s p h e re wi til ,!;the s e ~f ge nera ted a, r I:: i fa c ts 0 f human manipulation, Tll~7 m<l;!I.tpu"lation is. leading to, the e v a n t u.a L b'irrrtl qfrts,i'ng-illar'itl'l and at tfe s a.m.e time the fre-..,ing <iii the,. Ln'd.I v t d u a L f r om ~he r ee t r-a a n t e oft.qne/I~p-a~ce and matter, The pe,,\ceptual mechall,is,l1Ys ar'" bref' down the s en s e of sell due to ;the \infLux. of rn-a.s a i v a non-local

'p ""'F c eRt",,!,l i np u t .

Humans are cra'~'ing int.-ere«.-nneet.ion

now m'are than a v a r, the,_ 'i""..e-d \ ~?r "'~mmllJieati.on, is the d",,,,ire to r t_h'; globi'-Il ohit~ ~ connect with all of ~s eel1s. ,.R'owev'er, not .aLl cells in hi·s bodily ~z~anis~ are p~~~t~v~ to ttie growth of the m'e'~'a-beinqJ aspe_cts ,0£ Clil,t)re tlLa.t, rep·i.<'isent the old Gells o'-f tne larv.a<L ca't'erpillar "d a cocooned humanity, 'Ina,S'" cultur-al immune sl(stem is repelling the growth 'of tll.e ima,gi-nal cells of the

butterfly; however, ~t-hese connections are

8p~eadinq, and the poc~ets of o~ce sepa~ated are waking up to one another on a

global $cale. the butterfly ~s emerging.




we are noL. aLone.

The pro.::Ject: IS BeinG GUIDeD B~ BeinGS Far sUpelior t:o an~ one OF US;

L.he~ are L.O us as we are LO rac.s In a maze.

The pro.::JecL. IS

L.he OnL~ Prooect: IS anD it: Goes SSt man~ names


PuttinQ ttl~ Cult BaCH in C u'tur~