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The Cultic Phenomena: New and Emerging Religious Movements in America (Addendum III) Charles H.

Whittier 50-page research report by Charles H. Whittier , Specialist in Humanities and Religion , Government Division - produced January 24, 1979 by the Congressional Research Service , Library of Congress , Report No. 79-24 GOV. CRS-46 Addendum III: Organizations Concerned with the Cults There is a sympathetic account of organizations engaged in "deprogramming" activities across the country: see Ronald Enroth's Youth, Brainwashing, and the Extremist Cults, pp. 188-199. He lists the following: Citizens Engaged in Reuniting Families Return to Personal Choice Individual Freedom Foundation Free Minds Many such groups appear from time to time under these and similar titles. Opposing viewpoints may be examined in "Deprogramming": A Book of Documents, published by the American Civil Liberties Union, 22 East 40th Street, N.Y.C., 10016, and in Let Our Children Go, by Ted Patrick (with Tom Dulack), E.P. Dutton, N.J., 1976, L of C BP 603.P37). An unofficial but carefully documented listing of current "information-retrieval" and other organizations concerned with cults, compiled by Prof. Richard Delgado of the University of Washington, presently visiting lecturer at UCLA Law School, will be available from Charles H. Whittier, Government Division, CRS, on request.