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Indian cultural values have nothing to fear from globalization
Let s talk about globalization first. Globalization describes an ongoing process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a globe-spanning network of communication and trade. Globalization term may be new, but originally it is not new. The most common and dominant cultures and economies had always made an impact on other societies and economies. Either we see it during Indus Valley civilization or Islamic Golden Age. Globalization was playing a role there. There were trade routes between distant countries at that time too. Some popular commodities like silk or spices were being exported to other countries. The knowledge and idea were also being transferred from one place to other. Like number system from India travelled to Arab during Islamic Golden age and from there travelled to Europe in the 12th century. So, globalization is a term used frequently since last 30 years. But, its root is in the history. Evolution of a culture is inevitable. The nature of Indian culture was different before Aryans came in India. Even it changed when Moghuls conquered India and Islamic influence try to change Indian culture. If you just see in the past 50 years the culture has changed a lot. Even those who believe that they are very much attached to the cultural values, have some changes in their cultural values than that of their fore fathers. The cultural difference can be found all across India. The culture of southern and Northern states is diverse. We call collectively the culture of whole India as one Indian culture. Indian culture is changing every day. India adopts good from every new culture which comes close to it. Both new and old culture in its time is regarded as Indian culture. Elders will always feel that young people are following new culture. What exactly we can say is truly Indian culture one that is followed by our elders or one which is before Moghuls invaded India or the one we believe to be there during Lord Ram? The culture we will follow 30 or 40 years from now will also be different from now. But, still at that time too it will be regarded as Indian culture worldwide. The language of India has changed a lot since past 1000 years. From Sanskrit to Prakrit to Apbhransa, language has changed a lot. Indian had seen even Persian and Farsi language being followed. Urdu and Hindi are very new in the list. So, even one language is not a concrete part of Indian culture. Hindi when followed by many was regarded as a slang language. But, today we say it is the language of gentlemen. In India, we are moving towards English and it may possible that we in future have to adopt some new language. However, again it will be a part of Indian culture. Globalization surely impacts on the Indian culture. And, the alternation of culture is inevitable. However, there is nothing to fear from it. It is just like fearing from unavoidable death. So, Indian cultural values have nothing to fear from Globalization.

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