Pandora-Part Two

I sat under a tent, trying to block the hot sun. South Africa was my home. My name is Harold… well that’s my adopted name. My real name is hunger. I was very skinny and had a bald-head. Dorothy sat down beside me. Dorothy was another curse that was locked in my mother’s box. My brother Darren thought that she was our sister but she is not. Her real name is disease. She had long blond hair and tanned skin. She also had a bored look on her face. “What’s wrong my dear?” I asked her while I stroked her hair. She looked up at me. “I’m bored… can we go somewhere else please?” she said, pleading with her sparkling green eyes. “Where… go where?” I asked throwing my hands up in the air. “Anywhere… it’s just we haven’t been any where since Francis was born,” she said still pleading. Francis was our son. His real name was Famine and last we seen him was when we were in Ireland. “Fine we’ll go to America and visit Darren and the others” I said smiling about my small victory. Dorothy squealed with joy. “When are we going?” I asked. “Are you joking… we’re going now” she said. I groaned but got up off my seat anyway. We held hands and then disappeared with a puff of smoke. We landed on the first of Darren’s house. It was three stories and he always had room for his siblings. Dorothy squealed again and ran up stairs to the room that was put aside for her. I sat down in front of the TV and started to watch some baseball. A few minutes later Dorothy came down the stairs. She walked over to me and smiled. I smiled back. She bent down and put her lips to mine. I pulled her down on to the coach and she started to laugh. I bent down for another kiss but then the door opened. Darren walked in. he was wearing a white doctor’s coat and blue scrubs. He jumped a little when he saw us.

“Darren, you always walk in at the wrong time,” I said smiling at him. “Whatever, brother and hi sister” he said. “I’m not your sister… but hi anyway,” said Dorothy who was still lying on the coach. “How long have you been here?” asked Darren “About ten minutes… why are you wearing scrubs?” I said in reply. “Oh, yeah … em… well you know death at a hospital is usual” he said before going to his room and getting changed. I stood up and walked over to the door. “Where are you going?” asked Dorothy. “Just going to get a drink” I said “OK but hurry back so we can have some fun”. I smiled at her and then walked out the door. I knew a bar that was close so I went there. It was quiet and almost completely empty. I walked up to the bar and ordered a beer and a whiskey shot. I turned around and saw someone who I really did not want to see. I picked up my drinks and walked over to her. “Hello Mother”

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