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Photograph Your Life!

Your childhood home Where were you married? Favourite winter activity

Your first school Favourite Christmas decoration Child’s teacher

Your first home after moving out Your backyard Current place of worship

Your first job Your pet(s) Inside the fridge

Your favourite hobby Cemetery with loved ones Your kitchen, clean or messy

Your favourite restaurant Place where you proposed Your favourite brand of toothpaste

Your favourite meal Least favourite chore Person you are most like

Your current job Favourite clothing/accessory Children playing with favourite toys

Your favourite book Oldest pair of shoes Your favourite “toys”

Where do you relax? Easter tradition Pizza toppings

Your vehicle Halloween costume Monopoly character you always use

Your favourite flowers Instrument you play Most meaningful possession

Your favourite sport Favourite room in the house Organization tools

Self portrait Birthday traditions Favourite Date Night Activity

Who do you resemble? Your school(s) City Landmark

Best Friend (s) Street where you live What grows in your garden?

Childhood church building Favourite board game What time do you wake up?

Favourite grocery store Where you get your hair cut What camera do you use?

Your current house Your favourite color Favourite piece of jewellery

Your bedroom How do you blow off steam? What do you own too much of?

Someone you admire If you had to evacuate, what would What makes you angry?
you bring?
How you exercise What is your dream house?
Your bicycle
Your favourite season One thing that defines your city
Your creative projects
Favourite vacation spot One thing that defines you
Least favourite room
What makes you laugh? Favourite website

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