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Architectural Newsletter from Lane Architecture + Design ‘January. 2008 Vol. 2, Issue 1 Lane Architecture + Deisgn is an architectural firm in Manhattan that specializes in Corporate Interiors, Site Feasibility Studies, and High End Residential Design. Our office is pleased to offer our clients and associates with a newsletter that includes comments from Larry Lane and other experts. This newsletter covers up-to-date news of architecture that can be applied to every day Ife. Our goal is to share our passion of architecture with others. What a Wonderful World! Don't Let the Spin Doctors Tell You Different By the time you read this newsletter, the greetings of “Happy New Year" will have already run its course. It is "business as usual" and deadlines are already looming in the near horizon. But just the ‘same, let me wish you a "Happy New Year.” | believe that in spite of all of the negative reports spinning from the radio, TV, and print, 2008 holds more promises of abundance than any other years of our past. We are living in. See page 2 The Secrets to a Successful Green Office Building Exposed by Termites Sustainable Building in Zimbabwe Modeled After Termite Mounds December 14, 2007 Architectural Record also from Inhabitat The Eastgate Centre in Harare, Zimbabwe has no conventional air-conditioning or heating, yet stays regulated year round with dramatically less energy consumption, the building uses less than 10% of the energy of a conventional office tower in similar size, thus saving the management $3.5 million a year on air-conditioning, See page 3 page 1 What a Wonderful Worldl.....pages 1 and 2 The Secrets toa Successful Green Otfice Building Exposed by Termites....pages 1 and 3 2 World's biggest building. page 3 Do you want @ shower in your office?, 4 Resources Lane Architecture + Design has a growing library of resources for the commercial real estate investor and for the home ovner. Do you really need an architect to design your dream house? Email to us any question about architecture and we wil send a free git back to you. That Gift is a comprehensive audio CD that is worth aver $95 and fliscusses when you need an architect, how to choose one, hhow to negotiate their fee, what to expect the architect to do for you, and lots more - al for EREE. * For the commercial realestate people, Lane Architecture + DDesign has a fantastic check lst of items that you shoula ‘consider before you invest in your next commercial property| Email us at LaneArchiteture@aol com for that check list to be sent to you. Again frst come, fist served. Special Offer Lary Lane of Lane Architecture + Design spoke at a couple of sominars late last year. We now have copies available of the audio and power point presentation tiled, "Secrets of a Successful Historic Storefront” where Larry reveals lessons leamed while designing several retail, brownstone, and commercial office building interiors within Landmarked Districts * All FREE and Special Offers can be sent to you while supplies last. Just send a $10 check to us to cover the postage and handling, "Wonderful World” from page 1 a wonderful world of opportunities! No, this is not just puffy shiny talk, its true. Just think of all of the technology available to us that was not affordable or even existed this time last year! For example, the | Phone... Page 2 Also, America is becoming smarter about how we use our natural resources (I know, we have a long way to go still), and information is more available than’ any other time is history - about ANYTHING. You can even learn how to finally solve the Rubik's cube that has been collecting dust in some box in your attic by watching Web-in-nars produced by kids on We will be launching an updated web site this year that will give access to a growing library of recorded seminars, interviews with experts in the construction industry, and many other treats for our clients and consultants. Do you want to preview some of the stuff that will be available on the web site? Check out the Resources box on page 2 of this newsletter. So, tum a deaf ear to the doom and gloom attitude of the media and your peers and tune into what's going on from our office. What is in store for you this year? We have some really exciting projects on the board and some under construction. Such as: a major lobby and showroom redesign of a high profile commercial establishment in Rockefeller Plaza, a luxury apartment near Central Park and 5th ‘Avenue, and a two story penthouse in SOHO. Are you happy with the space that you do most of your work, rest, or play? | doubt it. Call us to see what can be done to fix it. Not everything that we are designing is for the living. In fact, we have been asked to help overhaul the same funeral home that the famous Louie "Satchmo" Armstrong was put to rest. By the way, in 1968, only three years before he passed on, Mr. ‘Armstrong recorded a number one hit with the touchingly optimistic "What a Wonderful World”. So, even Satchmo had the right attitude about the years to come! Learning to be Green from the Termites Continued from page one. Designed by architect Mick Pearce in conjunction with engineers at Arup Associates using design methods inspired by indigenous Zimbabwean masonry and the self-cooling mounds of African termites, in order to achieve this, fresh air is continuously drawn from the open space by fans on the first floor, it is pushed into the core of the building through vertical ducts, thus the fresh air replaces stale air that rises and exits through exhaust ports in the ceilings of each floor. Termites in Zimbabwe build gigantic mounds inside of which they farm a fungus that is their primary food source. The fungus must be kept at exactly 87 degrees F, while the temperatures outside range from 35 degrees F at night to 104 degrees F during the day. The termites achieve this remarkable feat by constantly opening and closing a series of heating and cooling vents throughout the mound over the course of the day. With a system of carefully adjusted convection currents, air is sucked in at the lower part of the mound. down into enclosures with muddy walls, and up through a channel to the peak of the termite mound. The industrious termites constantly dig new vents and plug up old ones in order to regulate the temperature. World's Biggest Building Coming to Moscow: Crystal Island Inhabitat Dec. 26, 2007 Reuters September 5, 2007 The statistics for the project are absolutely staggering; floor area alone will be four times the size of Pentagon in Washington DC. The incredible 1500 ft. tall multi use structure will feature 900 apartments, 3000 hotel rooms, an international school for 500 students, cinemas, a theater, sports complex and much more. Page 3