Tensei blocked, holding Masa’s hand in his own with barely any strength used at all, yet to Masa

it felt like his hand was being crushed. “Hai, to you it would be Hijikatasan.” He growled and looked down into the other man’s eyes and began to glare with absolute disgust. “How dare you do that to your sister, after all these years of how she’s tried to be just as good as you, all you do is throw her to the back of the room and abuse her.” “Of course, she’s worthless like everyone else in my family.” Masa smirked, and tried to remove himself from Tensei’s grasp, failing he retorted, “Let go of me, you’re no better you filthy animal.” “An animal, yes … filthy no.” Tensei growled again, his teeth showing slightly as he let his grip lighten a little on the other man. “What are you going to do, slice and dice me mr samurai?” Masa grinned, if what he lacked in physical strength he threw back ten fold in verbal strength. “Miss me miss me now ya gotta kiss me” He slapped back, making a taut laugh and slipping out of the other man’s grip, turning his back and only to return with a swift and hearty punch to Tensei’s face. Making contact, he saw this as an entry way to figure each and every weakness he could and exploit it. Tensei’s face had no emotion in it for the moment, he looked at the other man and rolled his eyes. The punch thrown at him, did nothing more but annoy him --- It hurt no more than simply being smacked in the face. “Verbal, Physical abuse is not tolerated.. you’re annoying the absolute shit out of me you realize this.” “

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