“Broken Bottles, Shattered Glass” Cstr F This, love F+c F Am Was born by the sea Am+c Am F Just like you and

me F+c F Am You held my hand Am+c Am Dm Played footsie in the sand A# Now you're gone F C Dm You left me in the past A# Scared it was wrong F+c C F Broken bottles, shattered glass F+c F Am I wrote you a note Am+c Am F But you just let it float F+c F Am Like styrofoam debris Am+c Am Dm Soakin' up the sea A# No more calls F C Dm No more whispers in my ear A# Make me feel small F+c C A#7+5 Go ahead, throw your bottle of beer!

Written by Jay Fuller 2010

That don't change the love we had

That don't make the good times bad

Even if the oceans freeze

You can't take my memories A# Broken bottles, shattered glass Dm Empty beer cans flying past F Empty vows and broken dreams C F Torn asunder at the seams! F+c F Am And so we end Am+c Am F Barely even friends F+c F Am Gone our separate ways Am+c Am Dm A love refused to fade A# It's still here F C Dm Livin' by the sea A# Broken bottles F C Shattered dreams (repeat bold, end on F)
THE END ------------------------------"Cstr" = just play the C string "+c" = add the C note played on the A string to the chord