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This document and the accompanying SuppJcmenta) Pricing Information (~Supplemenn together make up your Card Agreement and throughout this document are referred to as Agreement or Gard Agreement. The Supplement contains Imporrant account fnformatfoo, including your annual percentage ratas and the amount of any membership fee. Please read and keep both the Supplement ar,d Ihis cccurnant for your {BCOrdS_ This Agreemen1 is bindlnl;l on you unless you eancal your account wllhin 30 days after receivlng thecard and you have not use{f or authorized use of your 2GCOunl.

To simplify .hls Agrc.ement for you, the following definitions will appry. The ',vords you; your, yours, and aCCOl1nthfl/der mean all persol)s responsible for cDlTlplying wHh this A1r~erl1lmtt lncludIll!] tllll person. and any co-applicant, who applied to open tile account and t~e person-to whom We adnress account srnlemenls_ The w[)rd CilHi means one or more cards or other access !levices. such as account numbers, lhat we have issued to p~rmit you

to obtain crsdlt under this Agreement The words we. us. and

our mean Citibank USA, N_A., the issuer of your account. Sears means Sears. Roebuck and Co, and Us particrpating afflJJates. subsidiaries and licer,sees. Tile words aulhoJized usermean

any person 10 whom you give permisslnn to use your account. ExternJI purchase. or Externar tansecuon means any purchase

or transaction involving a non Sears entity. Balance transfers win be treated as E:cternal purchases ':tnless othC'r.vise provIded In

lhls Agreement. Sears- purclrase cr S~HHS trarrsar;;tion means any purcnase or transaction ir.voilling a Sears entity.

Using Your A ccount: and Your Credit Line:

The card must be si!JJ1ed to be used. Whether YDU sIgn the cilrd or not, you are. fully responsible tor I:!omplylng with all lhl! terms of this Agreement, includ1ng tha obligation ta pay us lor aU lJalannes due on your account as specHied in this Agreement. Your card must GJ1I~ tle: used for laWful transactions.

A pot-ion 01 your credit line. caJlBd the cash access tine, is availa~Je for cash access transactlnns. At OUI discretion, we

may, Ghange your credit line Of cash access line s t any lime. We. \vill nm:i!y you of any new line eilher by sending you a notice or through your account statement. A change may take effllc1- nefar[l you receive no!J1ication from us. You may requesl a change 10 ycur-credit line or cash access line by contacting' CuslOmer Service by t~lephone or maiL

The fuJI.amount of your \;redit iine is a'lailabte: to buy O( lease !;JI}ods or servicas wherever the card is oon()red. Your cash access line is avaiiabJe ~nr cash through any bank or automated teller mach ine that accepts 1flt: card or by using convenlence checks. The total arnoset cl1uged on your account, including.

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.kJ~JF" o!-

p'l.Ifcl1ases. bO!IJ.rice r"lnst~fs. cash access !rans'jI.:l1ol1S, f!l1;jncr. cl1ilJlli!S. r~s, ur DIlle t chafQes .- .lsi always remai'l helOlY your credit liM. HI/L'I~\I~r, if mar IOt2 aunt IDI:cl»ds yaur credit lin" you m:Jst still pay us, We m:a~' a~·iilove rrmsacUons th~t I:~use yw to exceed your I:redil tine ~'Jithotlt \~ai:JiIlq anI' ~f C;J r rt[1hls under this A!lr~ement

H It.ls is a juln! a~o!Jl1t each of you. together and iodi\<idually,. IS' rasponsicle for all iHllllUll1S owed, even if t~e aecnunt is used by only Il~ of you. Each ofyau will contInue to he liable 1o;lr th~ <!Ii~ re oalanca 01 (Ile account, eVER H cr.e of you is ordered by

a CDlir110 Jl3'J us. Each 01 you will remain rrable to lJS if one of ~ou falls to pay US.15 atdemo by tile coerr, nod The status or the ifccounl wi I! contlnue to be reported to the credlt tJlXe11U umier eaCh of y,urnamlls. The derNtf'1 ot DotlCi1.S or account stalemants 10 allY ot ynu cnnsfitutes deliv~ry to each ot you, We may rely on io~trutlj{lns given by ally of you. and \L'~ lire not If~ble 10 JJ1~ of you ref relYInQ IJPOO such Instructions.

A ddjflooai Cards:

YoU may rsquest addllJon.J cards all your account lor yotrrselt or others and yru may permit an aumoriza(J user 10 have access to Ille card or account Pl1l11hef, Any author/Led user may use the account, and mzy t.1l(e Oi:lIyac!1on on the account tha~ you could take, ejth~( on lJehaJr r./ yourself or the aUlho rillld :.IS;:,_ You ul1derSlan:1lha!: (i) this AgretfJ1enr comro/s all charge:> made all the aecount by any 3lJlflOrilZd user; (II} YDU are feS!llJflslble..flJr llnd ,~m pa'l al! chilrges rnada lJy any auinonzso user 1,1clmilpg charges tor wilieR vou milt not have rntendg~ 10 be responslhlI:: ml) we rna.... disclOSE IJJiomation about tile ar.-coun! fa any authorized u:wi; ~v) iUly ilUVta ciLetf user Is ~'Dur agool tor purposes of managlnD tile account 10 the sarne extent YOI{ can r:;anage1tll1 account. stlbje(;t to SIIci1limfl(!.(ions:is we l'(Jay.lmpo~e. YOll must notify us to revoke an authDrJ~ed user's perrnlsslc n to use tl1 B 3CCO u III. II you do SD. you wil' retrteve the ~afd (ram any authorizej user all(J destroy tfie card or we may closs Ihe account and Issue a neo,'L' card or cards YJittnr differentaccQUnlll~m~er. Yo;.! M!! re5poll5ible lor ti1e use \1t each card Iss ued :::Ill you i account uc:onlillg tll the terms 01 Illis .Agreement,

Me.mbBrsMp Fee.:

Tlie S[Jppl~ment Indicate:> \.'Ihalher yQur acccunl is suble!;! to

II fTlfo'T:belSlilp !e~_ Ilii is. (t,e le~ is added to [he re!:lVlar Se.ars pnrcnase Oill,lnte and ls IIDII'retllnrf~ni e untess rOil (lot!)! us to cancel ynur account wlt/lill 30 d2'{S from the maJling or 1~1t"ery date 01 the aeccenr statement OR whiGlt th~ tee is billed.


'four areoem slalem60t sh O\VS the 3CCOUf)l tralan~e. a:JY tlnance c:narqes.lees. tile toM minimul!' ~hJe_and Ihe PiIYmenl due dale. It <.150 sno'lls your current credit Ime .and cash access line; an lemiJ,e!i list 01 currenl charges. con\lelli8flce checks. payments Jnd r;r~dl!s: a semrnarv ot the purchaSe. and casn access transacron .lctivlly: ami a!t.£r important inf(lrmalloll !nduding th<!



~p}lIiQbl~ tales and fi.ll.In.ce chal~e!O, 11 \1e deem your aCIllUlt I1ncollvt:litj!j or If we In~11tulg dd!l1QIH!1cY-::1'llredlorJ proteedinns by sending n to an outside .co(lecllon .. gellcy or attorney lor :0[' tecliOll, W~ may, in our .sere ciscrelion. swp S~ndlll!l ~'o·u ac~OtJ:ll StBtem.eflts, HOWI!V~r. 1mance chcr!}!s .md lees win cOIItlrl\JE m <!J:Cr![B wllether Of no r we send Y(Jl} ~ ccou nt state menls.

You must notify us ct a: change irr your address by contacting C'uSEOm'.!r Service bv telephone 0' mail. We wut mallilf (]liJ'!H the aJ;COUllt statement to only one admess.

How We tretermtns the Balance:

The total "Ulstandlng oaliln~ {Ihe amount you owa JJSI aPl:"ears as the "Accoimr Bill. nee" nn [fie account slar~ment. To detumin(: the Accounl Balance, we b~gm with till! outstanding batance Q() your account at 1M baginning of ~(h !Jfi1ifl!} I:fC~. caU~ tne "Pw"jous f1a.lanc~" on your atCOO~t statement, We add ar~ plJrchases, cash access transacscns, :hbils. or other cha:rlll'.S and subtract any cTedlls or payments c(ed[ted as of mat hillinQ cycle, We ll1en add the appropriate finance charges "lid fees and male o!her appli:able adjuslmllnts.

Annual Percentage A:ites for Purchases and Cash Access:

Your annual percel1tage rates iIflO the ca rrespondMJ9 daily pariQdlc rates apnear un lhe Sup:;>lemallt./\ dally pBricdic rate Is 1~ appll(;<lO!1: illlnlJalllertellt~ge rate drvided by365_ Whether or net: 1f1 anl1ualpHl:wtagll r.Jre is b~~d M the u.s. PrimE! RaIl! plus

a m<I{jJillls ir.dTCilted on the Supptenwnt. prea.sa s~e the seeuon ell1Itled -Yariabil A!"l;lUal Perl:£fllage RaJas for Puretrases and Ca;h Access"' ror delalfs [~Iatjng 10 how rhes~ (;!tes may Change, indlJding If vou d~fdult under any CglU Agrc"llmen~thalyou nave with us.

Variable Annual Perc,;nl.age Retes for Purchases and CaSh Access::

Il any tlr.nuill per~113ge Idte is t>as.ei1on the U.S. ?lims Ram p1us a margin. 'o'Ie- will i;3!l:uIalll rhe rats for ea~b blUing cycle by· addi~!I me apPlicable margn that appears an the Stlppllli71~m 10 t~e U.S. Prime Rare.. Far ~ach billing cytle we wilt use 1he U,S. Primg Flare pubH;ltecf in TIle W~YStjeeIJ(Jl/fI}iJrtwCJ ~usine:i'S days prior1o tour Smfllg tyc!<l Closing Date lorthl! bililng cYGIQ. Any inaease or lIecr~ast! in a vari.abre ,Wl1uar per<;:nlltag~ fate (lie [0 a change in the U .5_ prime Rate ~akcs effect as ~llhe first day (If the bil~ng cy~le tor which W~ :calcu'ate the varial:lie 3{1nlIaJ percentage rate, If more !l1a~ one U.S_ PrIme Rale is PliillfshEt!, we may C:'O~Sc Ifle hlghest rate, 11 The wan Streel J()!lf{i;jfce~e5 publication otlo publish 11l~ U.S, Pnrne Rate. ''Je m~:y USa Ihe U,5. Pr1me Rate PlJblished in ail'[ other nawspsper of !WlElral ciItulatlon. W L"ie may Sl.!bsriwte a slmilar reterenee rala al our so!e dis~retlon. Wh~n a char.ge in an r1ppJicable 'IaTj,lI:i!e afll1uaJ percentaqe raid Tat<es eHect W~ will apply it to any existing balances. sutject to WI" promalional rale lhat ma~' appl),.

I: •.

1389: ~ ~ O~ 90 qa:l

IOU U ..... IV

1" ,


Your annual percentaqe rates may also vary if you default under any Card Agreemer,t tMf you have with us because- you fail 10 rnake a p£lymflll to us or any other credftcr when due, you exceed vcur credit nne, or you make a payment to us that is not honored. In SUCh circumstances, wa may Increase your annual pm:entage rates (including any promotions] rates) on: aU ba!a1ttS to a variable defauH rate of up to 23.99% plus the apptlcabla

UB. Prime Ra~e. 1hm maximum vulable default rate currently in ettect and Ih~ -correspondln{l daily periodic rata appear an Ihe Supplement. Faclors consJ1ered In determining your variable default rate may lnctude the length of time your ilCCOU nl with us has been open, tile. exlstence, ser.ousness, and timing of defaults under any Card Agreement that you have with us, and atr,er indications of account usage and, p~r1Drrnance. The v2.riable default rate lakes effect as of the first day of the biUifl!l cycle in whlch YOLI delault Your account may .agaln become ellgitlc for a lower or. nual percentaqs rate en new ana elCisting purchases ami cash access transactions after you have mat the terms ?f aU Card

Ag re ernen ts that you have wilh us tor six cnnseeutlve billir.g cycles. An increase in the variable anr,ual perCfl:'1tage rata means you w:!I incur a higher finan:e charge and perhaps 2 hiqhsr minimum payment,

Promotional Ra te Offers:

From lime 10 lima at our discrellO'll, we may otter special promoI-ions Wilder whIch purchases of goods or services, balance transfers, Of cash access transacnons may be billed to your account wi1h special promotlonal terrns, These special promotlons lnc'ude special promotlDnal purchase offers Including, bul not limited to, the No ;::inance Charge ami Deterred Payments of1ers described below. The- financR charges, minimum paymell!1 and oll1er

terms iOi -spe:eial promotions may differ trom me standard

terms described in this Agreamcnt aml as rna,! OR shown 0(1 your account statement. The standard terms ofthls Agreement apply

to allY spaclal prornotton, except where chatlg!3d by the special orornotlon Except to the extent moulfle:l by the- terms ot the spsclal promotion. standard terms will continue to apply 10 any ami all transactions that are. not subject '0 a socem orcrnotlon, If you elect a special promct.un, y:;.u agree 10 the terms 01 me oromotion a!1d understand that allY unpaid balance related to Ihe special promotion will ba subject to the standard lerms for regular Seaf5 purchases, regular External purchases, ur cash access transacuons when the promotional period Ends. The- nurstlonot the promotional perioo for ths Nn finance Chatge and Cefe fred Payments otters wlll be as specifieu in the promotional orrer, We are (lot required to gi\!e you advance netice betore resuming of starting 10 bii; you"3Ecordfn!no- tlie stsndard terms described in ~his Agreement. The promoUonal otter wlll terminate ir, a1 any time during tns bli1iog cycle tn which YI}U make the transaction that may IJe subject to the otter, or at any [1m£? during the p rnmotional p:!riod, JOU default u-1der any Card Agreement that you have with IJS because you fail to maKe a payment to us Dr allY other credltnr when due, you exceed your credit line, or you rnaks a payment to us lhat is not honored.

-:' ..


... _.' .

~ "


", thIS AgfeElment ~No FinEiolY. Chilrg;:" offers include the l~IIDWi~:

·1'10 InWast Nil F.:tyr !S -f..Io financtdiargM ate iinJ)oscd alia no minimum pafmen1s are r2quired on [his bdlanca during the pmcno!i:JJlal period,

• No Irlmlest Wah Payments: - No finance chargfs are impOsed durili~ tfm promotional period, MinimL!m paymems ars reqlfired en thls pronQtlona! halaOl:a

In this Aglfarnent a "Deferred Payrm:nts· offer is an offer in whlciHfnc.f1C6cl1iJrges ars assessed and imposed on the balance ('lurill~ tne ?fonroUonill perj[u!, No minJmum paym-ents are required on ltJ~ halanca-durinq the ;;romo\ionaf period,

Finance Charges:

Finance charges tor purchases. baf<llKe. transfSIS . .'1M cash access !r;JflsatlionS' \'"IiU ~egin 10 acerva from the catl! the IransacliCII iii ~c:lded to Ibe daily balance, as descrtbed below, anti con[inl.'~ to zccrue until pa)'m.ent ill full is cr~dited 10 your account, H~'118IIer, jj yO(; pafd the lula] Atc{)ut.l (lalance, if any, losted on tne lasl ,U::~O!J'nt statement. Iess asy No Flnil1':ce C:har~e oalen::e tMat expiw5 alter tha paym"lill due data, by Illil paym~nt ace date on that statement yo~ wi>f haVe UIlIII [he payment cue date on your Gurrelll statement to pay yo~[ toral Account Balance less ;JAY No Finance Gharg-e balance thaI exp;res after the P<lYmert dUE "ale:, to avold imposition of atidillonal tlnance charges on [turch2!'.es {exdlMfin9 blllance transters), If )Iou !lave accepted c~mjl1 t-alance Him~ferotfBr:; tor which you may be eliglbll!,

you may not h.e ahle to avcld adO!liDnal rCn~n(;£' cn:;:rges 0" pu,.-Ch<l5E.5, JS ooscf~~d in your balanc!! transter orter,

We will calculate a portion 01 the finance cbarg~ on yotJr account as IIJllc'i"{s:

• We cafculata pl!;[odic tate !in~llcc charges sepa(at~ly (or lJ\lch balanca (s.9- regular Sears purchases, regUlar E:o:temal purchases, Olll Balances. and Cash A[;[!)S~ Iransactions).ISl additlon, we rna,! offer special promotions subject 10 ditferem tums. The periodic rate Jinancc charges lor saeh ptomaUona! balanca subfeet \0 d\f1emnl terms will also bs calculated separate ly. Fo.r p ericelc rate fill~nC'e clla.'ge c;Jlculalion purposes. Deferred Payments Bafances are treated' rlke re!luluSears purchases unless otherwlf,e spr=cifiad In ccnnecncn with a il<Inlcu!o[ prumotional after. H:e periD'dk [ale 1inance charges are calwla'~d '(]r eal:t'i tl~IMc~ on lh~ account or til lakIng ear:!1llaily onance, [H] mUltipl)'lng lhat daily balance til' Ihe .applitilbffi 1fa~'t' pen~t.li[: rate..enn [~II aliding logclne,- the resUftiflg amounts tor each day in the !tilOng cycle. The total periodic rata fillvIH;e c.harga lor lM Ilillircl) cyclfl

is the sum of the penodlc rate finance charpes for eacn bala nee, rounded to IDB ;]nt hi!lhes! cent. You may calclIlllte the periodic ffnl!i'l~e coa roe (.excepl tor minor variations 11M to found Ina} by (i) taking the Averoqe Dally 6aja[\c~ for €rlch bWoce. and [iii m\Jltiplyi~9 t~af A-"arage Oaily Balance by the appr'Cable p~(illrl;r; rste, and Illi) /O:JUlplying thal il.f1lOlmt by lhe n:JmbBr 01 day~ in Ire bil:ing ci'LIE!. nis me,tlO::l 01 calculating the jalallc~ SUbject to



is. &aQ,.,_

~niincs charge ami the periool,: r.lto nilanCf! ellarge5 r~s\JI·s i1

dally crmpo~nrli~9 of fina:ne-e .;I'tarD~s, ' ~

• To delerrnin~ 1,he .d<lUy balance 11Ir cal::l'l aafanl:e 011 tile accou we t?.ke tfle begl1l~lIl!il balance tor each balance each day whi: r may Include unpaid ilnance charges rrom previous billing r;ycl~ add ~ny !laW tranS3ctiorn: forth<.t balancl;c and an'; unpaid tlmr cltar!lfS accrued h?fT1 lhe previ~u:; day on that tl<iJilnce. Oedul:l payments~!l credits posted as 01 \hal CiY to lna\ oolam:.e anc make otl1eradluslments. A crejfillJ"lar.;;e Is tl'!!illBd;:s a balalU::: of zero. New lransaclfo~ are in,:lurled in Iha daily lraiante frorr ~oe ater Clf !he lransactlon dale or 1~1;! fiTst (la-; (11 the billing Cllt m wPich they ate posted to 1he accnum. For o:Jlance !r.!nsfers. 1M 1r.!nsOlcti,:on Il.lle is: the ~.atl? Wi! (CCelve your request for

the balance tronsier. C;Jsh Access T,il,I1SJctiOfi F~as insurance c.liargas, Ac:countCare@fet,<;, late Payment Fees.Ih'1!r-the--Cf~d Lille fee~ Returned Payment Fees, BMall [Jitter (I!es He indudl 11 ttle dar~' wlance of regular SEaIS purchases as of tile elate Itt are post~1l f:; the aecount. 8alan:e 1r:.nsfers are !llclroe:! In tne daily bata~€ ror feguiar 'txt:omr.l purchases on the day after

th~ [lromcttJOnal perJorl expires. IJn Flnaace Cllarge: balances, are incl\l~ in Ihe dally balance (or re I1lllar Sears purchases on the dRY the oroml}t~oml'per.Od expires, 'II. ~ow~ycr. any No Finance Cllarye olief Is .l!flI1lnaled because fll <lefaull (as described ao!'ve) .;oy No Fioaf}CB G/tarue balances wilt be Included In lhe d"I~Y b?-[a~ce jar Jeij1JJar Se<lffl IJUrtl?ases as ot ttre lasl day of tile !lUling e<;de In. which VOU delaull,

~ forf1n:illci! chgrge C}llt:tIlatlon JlL1fPQse~, the ~ilrrr:'l1l;fclc ueg)nl 0([ the day after lhe BII ring Cycle Ckmng [fa 1 e DI thtJ p rcvi CUS bi1li!1!l cycle and includes thl! Biltlng Cycle Cio~f1iJ O~te or Ihe current bIIfIrlg.cycle-. The number of cavs in the .bJiI!/lg cycle

may 1122)'.

Tranaectirm Fee for Cash A ceess and Belerrce Trsristers;

YlYJ h~ ~bl'iill'led a sash access trallsac~on IIf balance tlafl!_;1er Torwhlcll lJIe assess a cash access tranS<lt:1lol1 fee;1 YIlU o~ta!n fu;'!~a Jrom an ;luromateri Iei[er machine [ATM), lhrnugh a con. ~fl)!e~e check, tll10uph home banl<ing, or IMlliJgfl a financial lnstitutinn; make a '/'fire ~ransfer. trao!i1er a aalance; at:quire a m':lIH:Y o/~er, !~~eler's check. j~ttery 1;ck5L helting I){ caslnc etilD. or SImilar uern: or E!(l];;ge In another slmi!ar transac.ton. FOI ~a<;11 C2~tJ access transaction or bal~r.ce «anslc{. VIE! add an addjtlonal FJHA.N CE CHAHGE ct :l.(}%. til tile tash access transaettcn or balHlco transfer amount, but r.ot fe~s !lian S5, Thls tee wifE ba ad:ed Co the HQU!ar Sears JX]rchase b;;lsnce, (ThB amount of the cash a~CBss transacuon may IlItludc a slirI:har{lf! !hat the ATM owner Imposes.) The cash acCESS lrnsac.ion fw may eause

tha anflU<J' pen:enla(l~ rate on lh~ ;Jcccunt s("t~mDT\t Oil wtJiCh

'he cash accesstransaetlon or ~alance llO(]sfer Iflsl appears ro exceed me nl.lmmal ann~al p3funtage I~!E.

Minimum Finance Charge:

If litl<lrn:e thal1l1!5 'I{C bei~g addc~ to )lour tlcwunt. but HJelDral

11 ,k-

:-ec '..10 IV IU.J ... H:I .Ju,,!


Q( such ftnance chargas is tess than S1.00, we assess II minimum fiNANCE GI1AAGE of 13 1.00. We [ldd me amount to lhl! balance that Is bs[ng assessed a finance Charge .. It more tnaa one balance is assessed a ffl1ance .. c:harge, we may ~dd th~ mEnimum finance ch..,.g~ to any such balance at our dlscreUon.

Credit Balance:

You may nor maintain a credit balance on your account In excess Dr your assigned credit line. We wiil return to you any credit amount over .$1 .. 00 if the amount has been on your account lon~er l!Lan three months. You may request a refund of a credit balance at any tlrne, We (flay redoce the amount of any credit balance by the amount or new charges biHed :0 you; account.

Transactions Made in ForeJgn Currencies:

If a transactton is made in a foreigl'l currency, we and MasterCard Interna!lonal VIlli convert the transaction into a U,S. dollar

arnoun t.. MasrerGaro will act tn ac-cornance witll their operallng ,egu12!lons or conversion procedures 10 effoct at the time the rransactlon is processed .. Currently, their regulations and pr(]l::~dtJ res provide that the currency converslon rate they US\! IS either (1) a Wholesale market rats or (2) a gO'/emment-mandated rale. in effect O[1e day prior to the prucesslnp date, Mast~rGard increases Illis conversion rate by or;e percent and keeps this increase. INe Increase tne conversion rate provided to us Gy MaslerGaril bj{

1:\"'0 percent and keep thIs Increase. The currency conversion rate calculated in 1his manner that is in effect 011 tho pracess)ng date may differ from the rate tn effect on the trarsactlnn date or the posting dats,

Tota! Minimum Due:

The Total Minimum Due is based on 1M ''Calculaterl Account Balance" (the 'Current Account Balance, as shewn on your

aCC01Jnt statement, Jess any Deferred Payments balances, No Interest No Pavments balances or omar promotional balances where the terms of 'he promotlonal otter do not require a: payment). Each billing cvcle you must pay Hie Total MInImum Due which equals the Gal culated M[nimum Payment, plus ilny past dt:E1 or averlimit amounts. Your Cah;U[ated Mllllmum PaynHmt each blUing cycle ",HI be the !}rBat1Jst of: {i) $10.00; (Ii) your Calculated Account Balance r:lUltipfied bl' 0,0,08 (approximately 1l48.h), rcundau 10 the next higher whole dollar amount; Or (in~ ·bi!lecl tlnance charqes on your account, rounded to the ne)(i pighu whole dollar amount, pius $.1.00.li.ovlwer. il your Oatculated Accnunt Balance Is JESS than $iO.OJ), your Total Mlnimum Due will be your Calculated Account Balance. The Total Minimum Due will (lever exceed your Calculated Atcounl 8alancB.


You must pay at least the Total Minimum DUe by the [la~lment dl,.e nate, and you may pay more at any lime without a penallY. The Account Balance shown ali your account statement may Include amounts sublect to. different periDdlc ,ales .. You aumorize us to



Feb 05 10 10:34a

al1ocal3 your payments ai':l credits in a way Inat i:s mast laver~ble {Jr conVEnient for us 'lkh may include allllcating sUI;1t oayrnenrs aJKI ereolts to pay Oil batacces at low perlodlc raws before pilyil1g [lff balances at higher periodiC rates and alr~catil1Q payments 1;1 credits 10 ?ay 011 longer promotional p~nod balances betore shorter profTl01iona! period nalances. The sooner you pay [he Account SalaMI!. tlle less yoU will ~,-y ill finance charges. We may also allow YOll to sl?P a. payrneot, 11 we de, we wm n~lity yOLE, If y~tl ~11O~S~ to slap iI payment when oNered. W~ Wll! continiJe to assess finance 1:02rg%.

lnstrucuons for maklng paymsnts aie an your account statement. In order to be credited as of a 92rtiwtar d;)j', your payment must oe received ro tha form speci'ied, and by the hour specHi~o. in those insiru:.UJlIs, 00 not sBmilAlsh payrnenls, We tan accept late Of part!:!! p;yments, as well as pa~'mentJ: th:lt ref~O[;t "paic.'

in fuH- or ollmr rest:ictiue annorsements. wfthout !osmg any

af our rights (JnIlerthisAg~er.tl!nt- YoU ;Jgme tn pay us in U.S, dollars draw/I Of! funds on deplJSl1 it: Ihe United States using J paymen1 check, similar fJlstrument. or auromafte debit that Wi!1

be orocessud anu honored tly your bank. We reserve the ri{lh1

to accelll paymenls made in foreign currency and instruments drawn all funds on dej}osit outside the Uni~ed States. II W~ do, W~ wilt select the eff~ctl~ cu rrency coc\ler.lon rate at our diseratlon and !;redlt your account In u.s. jQI~ars after d~du~tlng any tees or costs incurred In connecuon 'mrl1 prncessmp 'Jour payment. If such tees or (:0515 are nut fully deducted at tile lime your account is credJ~d far 1I payment, we VillI bill you separale1y for them.

Over-thf!"Credlt·Une Fee;

We will add a S35 fee ICJ the regular Sears purchase o2lance for each billing cycle that :he Account Balanr;e e.xce,ens your credit. lille. We may a dd !hIs S::JS tee even if We 3u.UlDnz~ til; t,ransaGtion that caeses the Account Balance to eliceoo your Cfeclilllne,

Late Payment Fee:

We will add a late pavm~mt fee to the regular Se~rs jlurdmse baI3t'J:e tor aaci'l bEling cvere you railla pa~, bV n~ cue aale_ tne Tmal Minimum Due. This late jlaymeot fee IS OCLSe-d on the Account Balanca al the time the !ate p.lyment fee ~s added, The late paymml fee I~: $10 011 iatances up til ~50 a;'td $35 on ~aI3nc~5 of 550 Ol!]d over,

Returned Payment Fee:

We will add a 529 fee to the regular sears purchase balance when a p3yment cneck or similllf mstrurnsm is n01 honored, when WE: must return it b~C2.lJ5~ it cannot be processed, O~ whe n an automatic d~bit is returnecl uGpaid. A1 our option. we \VIII assess tl1is ree the llrst timE your cli~ck or paYjTlenl is not honoree, eve.'l. if it is honored upon rasuhrnlssion.

C'=" ..... r/<Jn,!'3!r"'CS ':hecks;

L.~r;VGI11~nCe cnecxs may be USect to prI(cnase goods and serv-

ices, <0 lfarrs:fer ~ala!lCes from others. or tQ obtain lunds up to Ih,e amouilt of yO<Jr a\'ailab!e cash access lir.~ L!nt~s tn:il 3:;;;; ... ::;~ Will cause tne lotal balance to EKceed your credit line. We will treat conveniena checks as a cash i!CC~SS trar.sactlon and chargL them agall1st your cash access line, Each convenience chack must h,e in tne. torrn ,'Ie ~lil\.le iSSClfD and, m~st 02 usee accordmg to allY mSlrL'ctlollS we grv,<) !iou. Cooverre[1ce check!: may tJ.e

used only·b~' the person wl'los€ nama Is jlrinted OD (Mm. Con· veniellce checks may not be used [0 po)" any amount owed to us under this or any ether Card Ag~amenl ttlat you have with us, W~ will net r:llrti/f any convenlance checks, nor wm we re(tun paid cOJlvellience che~ks,

Rerurned Convenience Check Fee:

We will ado a S2Y lee to Ih~ mQ!Jlar Sears purchase oalance If We c'ectinB 10 honor a convenience check, WI! may oecflne [0 nonor such checks if. [or exampfe. the amount D! the ch!!:ck woulc cause the balanca to e,xceeIJ your cash acce~ line or credit line. II you default..lf y01J did MI comply with our Illstructions regarding Hl~ check. If your aC:;OlJl1t has been ctoseo, or if the card has e:.:.plrel:l,

Stop Payment Fee:

WE will add a $29 fee 10 Ihe fll!JuJar Sears curchase balance wnen payment 01 a convenience checli IS stODDtd ill your r.equesl. YOll may stop payment on canveniem:a ch~Gks b'l Cam!]!,! us allhe custorner Servlcs lelepfl<Ji\~ number listed on tha account staternenr.l1 'jOIJ' call, you must confirm tile call h wrltlnOl'lilhill14 days, fJ. written stop payment order ,vm rerneln in ~flect 10r sjx months unress renewed in w;itlng_

Once a charge is: made thrnu\jh Ihe use of the card or account numher we cann~l"slop payment" on !h~ cfl:Jrge-. Itt'wce Is il dispute involving a charge on vour account, p leasa refer \0 lfle section entm8d ''Wn;rt Til Do II There's ft.l1 Error In. Your Bill'.

Lost or stoTen Cards, Account Numbers, or Conllenienr:e ChecKs:

it :i:lj card, acccunt nurnber, or check is lost or stolen IH ir yOl! think someone used Dr mill' U$~ them -;lithOLJt your perrrnsstun, notify us ill once by caUing Ihe customer Service telephone numher shown on the aCCOUIl[ statement or me number abtttined by calling tofl·froe or rocal Dir~ct(lry Assistance. Wa may require

you 10 pro'Jlrle certain rnlllrmaliofl in wnl[Jlg to l1!!lp us tind out what MppEned, and to comply with such procedures as we may rsqutrn in cooneclioll with OUr!flvesl;oation, Don't use Ihe card, account number, or any nhacks aher we've been no!lfied, even if 111ey are found Dr returned, You may be liable tor unaufhonzed

use of the account, bULm:'l1of m~re than .!i{i{l. You wan't be l!able for unauthorized purchases et cash access 1r.l.'Jsacttofi~ made after wl';\Je be en nct1fied of th~ toss or the theft; h{Jwever, YO[f must jdenlify .ror us the charges on the account statement that 'I'Ifrffi not made by you. or someone authori2ed ay '}'OLI. and jrom

r. ~ -Ct • .J ~\.I. : i:~ cs .. '; ~ ;j u ~~fiei L;.

... ,_ :c

',', >.,:,,";~;,;r~

dOO: G t. at. SO qS::l

Feb 05 10 1U:::lba



You delaun under ihis Agre~mellt lr ~llU reil to pay. by il!i pay~ men: due lja,.e. tnt Total Millimum D'~e Ilst~(j all gacl1 account SIa.t;Hl1ill1l: fail to maks a pa.ym'nt to ~oy ether creditor wheo due; file lor bankn.:p~cy; ex:ceetf your credit line; pay trj a check Dr srm:far instrument lha\ is not honored or that we must return because it cannot ne 'Processed: pa~ by autcmauc o:obit :hal is returnee unpaio: or default under any other Carli ~Teerner.1 that YOI.: havn ,i,'ilh us. IF you derau[l, we may close your account and QGl7I3rd immediate paymr;:r>t Qftlle total OalanJ;e.

Preeuthortzed Charges:

II you -d~faun. lillIe card is lost or stolen. Dr we chaDge your account Of aC~'JI1t number tor any reasun, we may suspend autornarlc ch2rg~s on [hat account to third par:y ~etdors tor insurance prsmkrrns or olP.er goods or SElNCe5. II praauthorized cnaroes are suspended, you must contact the third party Verldor \0 reinstate them. V(ltl are r~pl)nslble tor making threct payment tor such cnarqes until you rei{lsiats autornatlc charges.

Collection Casts~

If we refer col!ee>Ton [II vour account to (l la"'IYer who is no! our salaried employee, you will be riable for any reascnabla ;;.tt(Jrl\~Y's tees we incur, plJ:S the casts and expenses of any [8~ar actioll. to: lhe eX':enl permlt1ad by Jaw.





Agreement to ArbItrate:

E.ither you or we may. withotJt tl1e mher's consent, elect mannatory. nlr.ding arbttrauon tor ~ny claim. dispute, or controvelsy between you and us (called "Claims"),

Claims Covered:

~ What CliltffiS are sublaet tn afDilratlon? All Claims rel;Jting

to your account. O! prior relalet! account. IH our rekti(l(lsltip are suolect'to arultratrcn. inctudfng Clairr,s r~9a[ding the appr.t~\ion. erlorceabiiity, or interpretation ot tllis Il.QreiOmefl\ anti tnis a(bt~ tration provtsmn. An CI<lims are subj(tct to albit~tion. no matter what legal theory they are based 011 orwhat rernedy (darnaqes, t}r in)u;)cHve or declaratory m!iel) lh~ seek. This includes ClaiMs \;ased on GO[ltrllc1. tort (Inclul.lin!lln~enllon<Jl tort). fraud. a!denc~,




your nr our MgI!g~nC!!, statutory or rli1;lulJ.l:JlY proVlStOns, or

any il~l'.er SOurCES of law: ClaJms madeas cot.!nre[~Jaims, truss' claims, ihtrd·p~rty claims, InT<!rpl'ead,;i':; or Qtherwlse; ~nd Claims made fr.dependently or with other clalm~. A ~acty Who Initiates

a procee:iing In court may elect arbitra!1{JIJ with respect 10- any Claim advanced tn tllat proece-dlng hy an .... other party. Claims and remedieS soughl <IS part of a class acttun, private a~[lrnay genflral or oiher repr~serttatlw acticn are su~Je~r to .arbllrntloll 011 an tndlvldr.ral ({1On-cla~, nQn-(eprc~~I1.[~U'Je) basIs. and the arbitrator may award relief Mly on an li1dlVldual (non-crass. l1on-repm~ent.t1i\le) casls,

• Wh&se £:Ialms are sutJecl t(l arbllra:!lon? Not onl:r ours and yours, I>ul also '!alms made hy or acafnst E,njlone connecren wlln us or yo-u or clalmill!l throlJgh us or you, such ES a co-applicant Of authc;.rized user of YOllf account, all emproyee, acent, rt!1?fesentatlvs, affiliated company, predecessor or successor. hnir, assigll!!!!. or trustee in ~nkruptcy.

• WIHll rime frame. applies 10 t.;laim.t suflje ;11 0 ar~ifr"110.n1 Claims arising In the ;:a!:l. nrasent, or Mure. lnciud~r:g Glann~ arL~i fig before the oPen 1119 of your account. ara Sll1lJE!ct to a rlJitra lion.

• Broad!!sl inllullreration. Any qw!s!ions about whether C1a!ms are sub1ec; iC arbitral Ion shall be resoJved oy loterl?rstlno '~IS arbllratlorr provision In tne broil~est. way the law '111" allow It tl) ba enfo!Ced. ThiS' arbiuaUon provfSlon IS govemed b~ the Feooral ArbitraUoll AC: rth~ "FAA~}.

• What abuut C:lalins flied if) Small Clilrm~ Court1 Claims filed In a small clal[IJs court are nOT :subject 10 .ybitralioll, S? I~np as the matter rema.ns in such ceert and advances only sn IOOIVlduai (nan.~rdSS, nO[l·re~resent:ltjvel Claim.

HoW' Arbiiratio(7 Works;

• How does- a party initiille arbHr.nlop: .7118 party_rillng an arbit rzUo» must choose Dna 01 tl1e foil oWing th~ce arbltratlon 11rms and follow its rules and p,ocedores: tlJr in ltiatlng and JIIlrsuin9 an arbitration: Americen Arbilr<ltion ASSO,,;!a!illil, JAMS, a"d Nallonilf Ar::;Jlration fortJm. Any arbaratlon ll~ar~j'J th¥1 you attend will.

De 1elO at a place CIl(lS~j] by Ihe. arbitratin» hrm In Ihe ~~e City as ,Ile U.S. Dlslrict Court closest to yO_lJr then current billmg_

add ress, or at some other place to wn1Ch you and we agrea In writtng. You rna}' oblaln copies 0: tile _currenl.rules of ~~fh _of th E! three arbitration firms and forms and IIlstructlollS 1{lr :nldattng

an arbllra!ian by c::lnt~ctlm] them as fOllows:

, American ArbRration AssoclallCin 335 Madison Avenue, F1arx If) Nt'.w York, NY 10017-4605

Web s ita: \\IYiVo·.adr.org


1920 M;_ill Slreet, Suile .3{l() Irvine. Gil.. 92610

W&b site: \·.~~w.iamsad(.com

N atiOoilJ Ii rbit "llion Forum P,O. Bo~ 50191 Ivllnneapolis, M'l 55~05

Web site: ~w/'.v.arbitralioll-forum.com

At any time you or we may ask an ~jJpropr!.1te court to comcer afb'lirallon 0: Claims. or to :stay \he litigation 01 Clafms pending artftrallon, even il Wen ClaIms are. part of a lawsuit, unless a trial !las begun or a fillaljutl9mern Il2s been enierec, Elfen if a partY lai!s to exercise these rights at any partirufar !Jme. (If in conn ectlon witll any particular ClaIms. lb:at party can "till require arbltratkm at a later time or ifl connecttnn 'vilh any ather Claims.

• Wha1 J1rc"edure~ ilnd law are ~PJlJ1Gable In arb!!raUon2 A si()gle. neu!ral arbilra!Of will resotve Claims. The <lfbftrar01wlfl be £'!Itoo:- a Jawyerwilh It IcasUeil years experiem;1l or a rellred or termer ju.dge, selecled in accordance wHl1 the rulss Mills ubrtnt!Oi1 firm, The arbitraflon win rollQ.w procedures ard rules of the .EJbttFaliort tlrrn ill e11ecl on tile date th!! arbitration is filed unless 1hose procedures and rules are j~GOIl1;;S!Mt with lhls AgreBmen.r, ·ifll'.llfch case this Agreement wilt prevail. Those procedures and

roles mi!'J limit the discovery JIIaijable to you or us. The arcnrator will taka reascnabte steps to arotect CtJstDmer account inJorma[Jon and other confiderrHallntormathmlf requested to do so by you or us. The arbitrator will app:y a~plicabJ&-subSlantive; la.ll conslstent witt, UH! FAA:md applicable statutes ()fllrlllfation3. will honor claims Qf prIYrlege re[;Qgniz&d a' law, and wJtl have ths power to- award to a parly any damages Dr other roliBt provided for under appJ[r;abre law: YOtl or we mzy coo()se to hava a hearillg and be represented by counsel The arbitrator wilt make any al'lanll n wrllin9 aM, jf requested by),o IJ or us, will pre vlda.a

brief mt~m6J)t at the reasons for the awa:nf. All award in arbitrallnn siJ<E11 detarrnlne the. rights ;md caliganoflS b~t'Neen the named parties only. and oolV in respsct ofthll Claims 111 arbitratlon, and shalr nul hm.'e any be.arinl1 on the ri'glits and obligations 01 any nIGer parse [1, cr on tl1e i'l!.soru!io(1 of any other jisputa •

- Who pays? Wtioever fIres tile .arbitration pays the mitlal filing lee. II we file. we pay; if you 1ile, you pay, unless you II ~t a re~ warve, under the applicab!1. rules of lhe ar!Jitr.oti()[1 firm. II yOII have pald tile Initial filing 1M and )'011 prevail, 'tie. ~/ln retrnburse

.... ou for Ihill rae, It tnera is a hearing, we wlH NY air; tees. 01 !he arbitrator and aroitra1il}O firm for the ftrst lIay ilt that hearing. All ether fee; wlll .be allocated as provkled by Ute rules of ths arbltration tlrm and applicable law. Hmvever, W~ wiH mvat:1cE! er relm· burse your fee.s if the arbItration lirm Dr arbllrator determtnes there is ~[JcId mason ~or reQUiring us I[J do so, m If you ast us and we determTne there is good reason fer doing so. Each pa.rty will bear the expense of that pa~'~ attornsys, experts, ar d wltnnsses, anll other e:tpenses, regilldless ofwllich party prevails, but a paTti may reCfNerany or aH expenses from another party,

if IhE!'arbrJrator, appfying- applic;alll~ faw. so deterrnrnss.

• WilD can he a party? Cf<lil7lS must be brought In Ihe 113m of 3nl(J{livid'Jal person or entity and must .t:1IDce.ed IJ[J an !nc:Nidual tnnn-class. non-re~reSenla\: .... e~ hasts, The <l(tlilfalor wJII NH

~: .

. ;.

, I:l:f?1iie::

Feb oe to lU;'jtia



award reliel1oror agair'st anyone Wllo is 1101 a party. If YOIl ifr we reuuire arbitr.alion of it t;~aim, l1ei\l1er ynu, WB, nor any other parron may pursue tile Glaim 11\ arbtlraUan as a class actlon, ;:ulvare attomgy genucJ acnon Q r ntheJ rePfeset',!.allvear;tion. nor may such Claim be pursued on your or our aehe'!l In cny Iltiga!ion ln iIllY court. Gfil'ims. inchrcillg assi~ne~ Claims, 01 two or mora perSOIlS mai not b~ lolned or COflsQUdatetl In the same arbitration. However, appllcams. cn-appfleants, aulhllfil~d users. 0fI it single account ano/OJ relatec accounts, Of corporate "tiiliatl!.S ate here considered as one person .

• When is 2» arbfltaliJn award finBl? The arbitrator's award is fUl<!t lr.d binding on the parties unless a party appeals 11 in wriUng \0 the arbltratlon firm 'within flFteen days of notice of the award. The appeal must request a new arbitration before a panel of three neutral arbitrators designa~ed by the.sams arbitration firr.l. Ths panel will consider all tactual and legal issues anew, :oRowthe same rules [hat apply \0 a proceedinp uSlng a. slllgre aroltr a l0f, and rnaxe decisions based Oil me vote of the maiClrity, CllS!S will ·1Je allocal6'c in thl! same IW'f they are allocated for arbitration .betore a sing:~ arbltraior, An ;award by a panel Is fihal and bInding on the parties alter 1Iftcllo days has ,assed. A. 11nal and binding award I.:: subject to judicial rev1aw and enforcement as provlded by the FAA or other appli I:dh~1! law,

SUrv;val and Severabrtity ot Ierms:

• Thls a rbftratio;l D rov!s]on sI1 a J[ su!Yi'/~: (i) ! ermin"tJol1 Or changes in the Ail,-eem~nt, the account, :Jrthe. relationship bcl'.ve~n.1ou ~mf us concernten the aC~C'IJnt; (ii) tile lJankruplc)' 01 any part'" and {iii} ally rranster; sale or ass i!Jnmeill or your account or any am ounts OVJed 011 your account. to any other person Of eoUy, II any porilor; a11hls arbitraliun provlslcn Is daeroed invalid or unenforceable, the remaiaino portions shall nev"rtheles:s rernatn in terce, A"'.I different agreerner.l rU'ga~dinQ arbitration must be agreed 10 in wriHng.

credi: Reporting:

We may report iC]fDrmatiofi abljut your aeecnnt to cre~t:t bureaus. late ~ayroen\s, Missed payments, or other dnfauils on your acecun] may OB renectec on your creOit faport. 11 you request

_ additona] cards on you.- account fur others, you rmderstnnd 'that

. 'WE: May redort account inlormatlon ill your name as I'J~1! as in \h~ names 01 nicse other people. We may also obtaln tonow-up ~redit reports on you (for example, VIP-en we fe\.'iew your account ror a clcdil1ill~ iocreasel. If you VJIsh to know tha names ~f the Q!Jen· cles we hi!.1ie contacted, write us ar th~ Customer servlce adrJres$ listed 011 the account statsment, We will try to n"tify yOtr by totephone or by ~ait 01 any legal process served 011 us ill order to gio.:e you an cl~Ortllllity to object to it. unless the law pJollibi,S the notice.

11 you think we. reponed erroneous information to a credl! reportlnq 3gem:y.wrile us at P.O, Bnx 81800" Cleveland. OH 44181-8007. We wilt pmmptly frlVestJ[}ate ',he matter alld.it our


, .

Feb 05 10 10:37a

irwesiigatlon ~h()\'I'S yOIJ are light. we W1Ji contact eaen credit reporting agency W wl1Qm we rcpcrred aM wm request the,· correct [fie report. If we disagrea with j'llil alter ourinv£stigatloll, W~ will tel! ,Dtl In wriling Dr b~ telephone and instrlJct you hovr

• to ?U!lmi1 a sbtement llfyour pcsltlcn to those agencIes. Your statement wUI become it part of your credit record with them.

Telephone Monitoring and Recording:

From Ilme to lime we Ill2Y moulter and record your 1e!ephone calls regmllng your ~ccountwjth us to assure 1he. Q,uality {)I OUr service,

Closing Your Account:

You may closs your account at any t?me hy notlf'ling us in writing. However, you remaill responsiblE! to pay the to[;;l batance according to Hie Mrrns of this Agreem~nt, We may close your account or suspend your account privtlege3 at any lime for any reason withQut prior notice, We may als3 reissue a different card, acccuor nurnher; or dlf!erel1t cnecks at anv time, YOIl must return the card orthe dlecks to US upan /eQuest.

Heiueet of the Card:

We ale not msponsibre If a uansacnon on your account is [JQt appmvgd. eilher by us or by a third party, even i1 !too have. sufft .. cienr ersdit available. We ;nay limit the number of transaction~ that may be a,~pro'led in Doe day. Jf we detect UrlUSIlJr Dr suspicious activity on your account, we may lempoldrjly suspend your credit privilagas until YJE! can verJfy the activity.

Changing this Agreement:

We can cj]ange this Agreement, inclUl1fng all foos and the annual perc:entaga rates. at any time, We can also add or delete- provtslons refaUng 10 your acceunt am! to the natuee. extent, and anfon:ement 01 the lights .na: o!J!igatlons Y'ou or W~ may havB_ relating to this Agreement. These chanpes are l:Jlntilng on you. J-IoV','ever. it !he ch<inge will cause a 1e~. rate or minimum paym::nt to increase, we wUI maifyov written notlee at feast 1S days belofl,l the beginning 01 the blll1ng cycle In which the J:l1ange becomes cffec~ive_ If you do not agree to tt1e cnal1g~, you mIJS! notifY us

ill w/iting witili!l25 aays altff the effective dale of the chan!je and pay us tIll:! total balance, enher at once ~r under the te~ms

of [he ilflc:haflged AgreemenL UnlE'.SS we ilotlfy you othsrwtse, use 01 the eard after troe effectille date 01 the change !'halJ be deemed acceptaaee of the new terms, even i1 the 25 days have [lo! e:<:pired.

En/orcing tbts Agreement:

We can o€lay in enlorcin!1 or lall to ernorce all;' o-j {Jllr rights under this Agreement without [osir.g them,


l!oje {es.ePI~ :ha rlght 10 ;Jssign ,my or .all of cur rights.and obHga, nons uncer lhi"l\ureamelH to a Ihird Nfl,!.


Applicable Law:

The terms and enlorcemerrt or thls Agreement shal !le !i'o v ~rned by {et1gr.lf law and 11e la,., 01 SQuth Dakota. where we ale located.

For Further tntartnetion:

Call1h~ Customll'r Service leLephone numbar sho'l:\l~ on th~ account statamant. You cen also Gall toll-lieE: Of IOGaI Directory Asslstsnce HI :let om telephOilE nllm!:;cr_

e 2004 CltlbanK USA. N.A,

Spanish Language Trensletion:

As a custorner service, We will pro\.<i~(! YDU With a COj}Y of 1I1ls Agreement in Spanls'l upon ~'aur request and lorYllur COfl"vel'llsnce, II thsrs are ;1Oy discrepancies bet.vee" tM Enolisll Janguage version and tho Spanish ~ersion tile Erollilsl"llanguage versions will prevail, Tu obtatnsuch a [;ODY, you rmy wrfle to us at !'.o. Box 81IHl07, CJalle!rtnd, OJ-! 44181-8007, on:al us at l-EOO·669-S4BB, and request a Spanlsl1laflgvaae copy of this A ~reernellt.

Gomo un servlclo a nuestros clitnles,le prcveeramos !,Ina copla de este p,Cuerdo en eSp;!.£iDi sl ust~!I asr 10 sollelta. Sf hay clialQuiBf discrepaocia entre Ia versldn eo Ingles!! y Ia vl'rsi6n eo sspaflol las verslones en ir.gJes .orsvaleceran. Pam cbtener dlcha copi~, ouede escrlbirnns ill F:O- SQ)( 8illOO], Gfll\'eland, OH 441111·8007, 0 Ilamamos al ~-aOO·6f'jg-848!1, 'I sollcit<lr una 'ietSlon en espaficl de este Acusmo,

What To Do If There's An 8ror tn Your STlI. rour Diffino Flights_ Keep Thls NotlctJ Frlr FlJtrrrr U;rl1.

Th;s notice contalns lrnportant lntormatton about yo~r rlghl~ arK! our responslbilities under tile Fair Credit BJI!lng Act.

Nality Us In Case 01 Etrors or Questions. Abo IJt YOW' ~i1/.

!f you IIDnk your account statement is wron~. or if yell need mora . lmormatlon about a. transactlon on 'Your 3{;CQunt staternem, write to US {an a ssnarata S11881) at tl)! address pn:wlded in tte 8i1Hng Rights Summary portion on the bac\\ of yOU!" account statement Write tc us as SOtin as possible. We must near from you nn later than 60 days alter we s~n1 yau thE first a~cou nt stata me nl on whIch the error IJr problem appeared, You can telephone us. hut doing S(J will not preserve your rights.

ln jour let1M. give us the 1[)IIDWill!llflforrTIattol'l:

• Your narna ~n~ account number,

• The dollar amount of the- sllspected el ror,

• Describe the error and ,explain. il you can, why you believe there is an -, error.It yO!) neerl more lnton •• ahon, descntre the item you are not sure about

• Please sl~n yuur lettet.

11 YOI! nave aU!horiW:l us to pav your credit cud bin ;:!utomatic:!11y rrom your savings or th~t:klng account. )filII can stop the pay-



J •

: I ...

r-eD oo -IU IU;.Joa

".--_ -

menr (m any amuunt you think)s wrong. To stop Ihe paymem ~ou must le(! us at leas! thre~ busilless days betore Ihe automatic payment is scheduled to eccur,

rOJJr RighI:; fwd 011(' HesplJRsilJflItfes Aller We Beceiv« Yoar Wrftllm NaIir;f:.

We must acknowledge your (etler wfthil13D Cilts, ursess we have ccrrected the error b:ro then. Wi1hin 9D days, \\It. must elth!tr cnrrsct the. error or explafn why we: believe YClIJf account statsmant 'lias correct, Arter we receive ~'our tattllr, we Cannot hy to collect ~ny <Jmoun1_you qU~511011, or report your ilCClIunt as t!elinQuent. We can continue to bW you for the amount you Question, rncIudIno thance charge~. and we :ao apply any unpald amount agaill:;t your credit line. '(OU do not have to pay any Questioned arneunt WhIle 'lie are inve:s~lgatln{l, hUI Y01J are :stil! >JbJlgcted 10 par the pans oj you t bala nee. tha1 a rl'. not In question.

:f we fino that: we made a mistake- on your account statement, you will not have to pa.y any riJlOnc~ eharqes related 10 any ql1~Stlooe<l amount. II ws dIdn't make a mistake, you may have: to ~ilY frnance clTaraes, and you wni have to make UJl any mrssed payments on the questioned ilfl1(IlJllt !i) either esse, we will send ycu a statement of Ih~ amount yOIJ owe :Hld the jale it fli due.

(1 yOU' fall to pay. the amount that 'till mlrrk Y['II owe, we may (<!por1 you as d{)rinqull1lt. However. if cur explall<>[!on does not :wtlsfy you and you write 10 llS withlll j(} 1Jays telling us thel you slll1 refuse to pay, we m'Jst tell anyone we report YOlt to that you have a QlJ6stion about your bill. And. we must tell you the name and address ot anynne \0 Whom we rf!,p~r1ed yow account informa:tio fl. We must terl anyo-he we report you to that the matte r has been settled between us when it is nnally seWed.

If 'Ne don'I1ollow these rules, we can't collect me ti'r.st .ssa Df the qJe.sfioned amount. even if your account statement was correct,

Speci.aJ !fflfe for Cn:dil Card PuTtm:158S.

H you have a protl\emwitll the quality of proper1y Of services that j'Ou pUfchase~ with a credit card. and you have jri~c in good 1alth to correct the- problem W!1h the merchant yOL' may lJa'Je the light not to pay ltre Jernaimrlg arnount dlle on !he prop~rty or services. 1hera are t\V(I ,Imitations 011 tflis right

• You rnast have made :he purchase in your nome stale or. If not withil1 your horne state. within 100 rnilss M your current address; aod

• The purchase prlcs must have tleen more than S50.

ThBSI<! limitatiofls do nol2pply if we own Or operate LhOf .nerGtiafli, or if we. maiif;O you lhe advertlsement for the prope:~ or services,






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