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Sailing of Adventurous_the Netherlands_Beantra

Sailing of Adventurous_the Netherlands_Beantra

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Published by Jan Habi Habásko

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Published by: Jan Habi Habásko on Jun 09, 2010
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Sailing of adventurers on two seas

Sailing boat Destination Date Beantra the Netherlands 1.8. (20:00) - 6.8. (16:00) 2010

What´s going on ?
SAILIIIIIING !!! After the TSR 09 (Tall Ships race-Baltic sea), I started to work with „At sea sail training company“ in Czech Republic and I´ve got the idea to approach the director with the project „ Sailing of adventurers“, the director liked it and we started to cooperate. Not only about this project, I´m doing other 4 projects with this company (for primary schools,NGOs...). I don´t want to get you tired with so detailed information, if u will be interested don´t hesistate and approach me. I´m giving you an AMAZING possibility to join this sailing with your friends. I would like to conceive this sailing not only like TSR 09 reunion but also as a possibility to give your knowledge in sailing to your mates as well. Please my friends, sit down, read carrefully and decide, if this is the thing which you want to experience and everyone will be green with envy ! :-D

tel.: +420 739 421 636


email: jan@naplachetnici.cz

Program of „ Sailing of adventurers“ „ Totally different condition then ýou have experienced. „ 1. day: Port Lemmer - has a population of around 11,000 and is one of the most famous watersport towns. Program: Get to know each other , games, icebreakers, small suprises, rules, partying and enjoying the sunset together ! 2. day: Sailing to picturesque Small city , full of life, Hoorn, founded in 716. Hoorn rapidly grew to become a major harbour and it was an important home base for the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and a very prosperous centre of trade. The southernmost point of South America Cape Hoorn is named in honour of Willem´s Corneliszoon Schouten home Hoorn. Tasmania and New Zealand was explored by Abel Tasman from Hoorn as well. We will watch from an old gate,like the sea lies open infront of us. The last but not least attraction will be steam locomotive run. Program: Sailing, navigation, nonformal atmosphere, build up a team, enjoying the amazing feelings „how is to be free on the open sea“ . 3. day: Amsterdam - we will anchor in the centre of the town !!! We can visit everything we want, 400 bridges, go for a smal sail trip around the city on small boat (we call Amsterdam „northern Venice“ :)), the most important museums of Amsterdam which are located on Museum Square, Van Gogh Museum ,Rijksmuseum, enjoy night life and so on. The program will be build on our preferences. 4.day: Amsterdam sightseeing tour and sailing to Monnickendam 5.day: Sailing to Medemblik - Medemblik is the smallest, prettiest and oldest city (12th century) of Issel´s sea. The beautiful castel (Kasteel Radboud) and the view from the top of the castel will také us to the old times when the sea was unbeatable. We wiill visit the bakery musem, the best „taste musem“ in Netherlands .
tel.: +420 739 421 636 www.NaPlachetnici.cz email: jan@naplachetnici.cz

6. day: Back to Lemmer - debarkation till 4pm. Program : To fall in love with the one of the oldest ships in the world. ;) The last „taste“ of sailing during the guitar playing and massage, which is invaluable on deck. Feedback (projection of photos, impressions, discussion, reflexion, group (team) foto ) Course of the sailing The sailing boat is driven by a skilled captain. His righ hand is the 1st officer. And what about you ? I expect participation, e.g.: pulling the ropes on a 30 meters high mast, unfurl the sails, help with the steerage and navigation. Why ? Because it´s simply fantastic to try how to steer a 200 tons and 35 meters long ship which was built in times of our grandparents ! During the sailing we will do these activities : Theory and practice of sailing „How to do a knots“ Fundamentals of navigation and steering of ship Emergency conditions “Evolution“ of sailing. Sailors (team) games Team buidings team buildings, team buildings - conditions on the ship are the most special you can imagine for team buidings.

tel.: +420 739 421 636


email: jan@naplachetnici.cz

Cena zahrnuje:

Charakteristics of the experience :

Our gorgeous ship and sailing trips consist of relax and activities, luxury and adventure, cognition and PLACHETNICE sports, sea and land. We don‘t have to spend any minute of our lives by driving a car or going by bus to exPronájem lodi ports and lost places where the history of sailing was written.Because we do have an amaplore new cities, zing ship. Only thing you have to do is to lay on plynu, spotřebu pohonných hmot, úklid lodi na konci plavubytování na lodi, spotřebu vody, elektřiny a the deck or in hammock, „love“ the sun and feel how the wind and waveslodi empowering the sails. To by, pojištění are talk with your friends during the sunset with a Poplatky glass of wine, forget about the daily problems andturistické poplatky, poplatky za life in zdymadly, mosty a městy, poplatky za kotvení v přístavech to find out how splendid is the průjezd small romantic bays. Because the voyage Služby posádky itself is the aimprofesionálního ! plat a diety of our sailing kapitána a matróze (pomocníka kapitána)

Price of 530 € covers :
Jídlo a pití plná penze (snídaně, obědy, svačiny a teplé večeře) Rental nealkoholické nápoje (káva, čaj, šťáva) accomodation on ship, water,electricity and gas expenditures,propellants,cleaning Snídaně: formou švédského stolu (pečivo, máslo, sýr, salám, zelenina, džem, nutela, med, cereálie, mléko, of the ship káva, čaj). Fees Svačiny: dopoledne ovoce, odpoledne káva, čaj, tatranky, zákusky, koláče Touristic fees, payment for sluices, bridges and anchor fees Obědy: nejsou hlavní jídlem dne z důvodu plavby na moři (polévka, pečivo, sendviče) in the ports, salary of the profesional captain and his officer. Večeře: je hlavním jídlem dne po připlutí do přístavu (teplá jídla, dezert) Také jídlo lze přizpůsobit požadavkům (např. vegetariánské, bezlepkové, apod.). Food and drinks
All the food and kitchen will provided by a profesional cook..




Personální zabezpečení Full board (breakfasts,lunches,breaks and dinners) nonkoordinátor plavby, český kuchař alcoholic drinks (cofee,tea,juice), barbecue

Breakfast: Bakery products ,butter,cheese, salami,vegetable,jam,hazelnut spread, hoMateriál ney,cereals,milk,coffee,tea možné Fruits,sandwiches, biscuits, dessert, Snacks: zapůjčení sportovního vybavení a společenských her (míče, frisbee, karty, stolní hry) Lunch: coffee Because of sailing .it‘s not the principal meal of the day (soup,baked goods, sandwiches The principal meal of the day (warm food, desserts) If you are a vegetarian or do have any special needs - just let us know, it´s not a problem for us !
www.NaPlachetnici.cz email: plavba@naplachetnici.cz email: jan@naplachetnici.cz


tel.: +420 773 652 822 739 421 636

Parameters Type of the ship : Year of manufacture : Modernisation: Length : Width : Masts : Area of sails : Capacity : kliper 1909 1998 35,19 m 5,49 m two 480 m2 26 people

Please, if you do have any questions, don‘t hesistate and contact me as soon as possible. See you at „our“ sea :) jan@naplachetnici.cz

tel.: +420 739 421 636


email: jan@naplachetnici.cz

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