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Final Version of Aalat Hr Policy

Final Version of Aalat Hr Policy

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Published by HOSAM HUSSEIN
Final Version of Hr Policy,
Final Version of Hr Policy,

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Published by: HOSAM HUSSEIN on Jun 09, 2010
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  • Introduction
  • Man Power Planning
  • 1-01Recruitment & Selection Procedures
  • 1-02 Job Description & Specification
  • 1.3 Employment Contract
  • 1-05 Probationary Period
  • 1.6 Induction Program
  • 1.7 Hotel Accommodation
  • 1.8Air Ticket Booking
  • 2.1 Code of Conduct
  • 2.02Dress Code & Appearance At Work
  • 2.03 Confidential Information
  • Personal Property
  • Company Property
  • 2.04 Custodian of Personnel Files
  • 2.05 Hours & Place of Work
  • 2.06 Attendance & Tardiness
  • 2.07 Disciplinary Rules
  • 2.08 Grievance Procedure
  • 3.01 Employee Classification & Grading
  • 3.05 Petrol Allowance
  • 3.6 Company Vehicle
  • 3.07 Annual Air Ticket
  • Family status
  • 3.8 Life Insurance Scheme
  • 3.9 Medical Insurance Scheme
  • Chapter 4 Leave Policy & Procedures
  • 4.01 Leave Procedures
  • 4.02 Annual Leave
  • 4.03 Sick Leave
  • 4.05 Maternity Leave
  • Leave of Absence
  • 4.08 Hajj Leave
  • Definition
  • 5.1 Procedures
  • Per Diems & Reimbursement of Expenses
  • Chapter 6 Performance Management System
  • 6.1 Performance Appraisal
  • 6.2 Characteristics Of Performance Appraisal System
  • 6.3 Management by Objectives (MBO)
  • Chapter 7- Training& Development
  • 7.01 Training Procedure
  • 7.2 Training Design Process
  • 7.3 Methods Use in Needs Assessment
  • 7.04 Assessment of Training Program
  • Bonding Policy
  • Chapter 8
  • 8.1.1 Safety Helmet
  • 8.1.2 Safety Shoes/ Boots
  • 8.1.3. Hand Gloves
  • 8.1.4 Apron & Jacket
  • 8.1.5 Safety Goggles
  • 8.1.6 Overall/Coverall
  • 8.1.7 Hearing Protection
  • 8.1.8 Respiratory Protection
  • 8.1.9 Safety Belts
  • 8.1.10 Fire Fighting and Protection
  • 8.1.12 Computer Ergonomics
  • Termination of Employment Contract
  • Death
  • Repatriation


HR policy based on UAE Labor Law No 8 for 1980

HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.L.C &'pda(ed


T)is p'blis)ed policy is an effor( (o crea(e be((er 'nders(andin* of ()e proced'res and (o ens're a safe+ or*ani,ed+ e-powerin*+ and non.discri-ina(ory wor/ place and (o facili(a(e day.(o.day ad-inis(ra(ion of ()e co-pany. !( s)o'ld en)ance personnel decisions+ pro(ec( ()e ri*)(s of all e-ployees and ass're 'nifor-i(y of ac(ion ()ro'*)o'( ()e co-pany. Eac) -e-ber of -ana*e-en( is responsible for ad-inis(erin* ()ese policies in a consis(en( and i-par(ial -anner. No()in* in ()e H'-an Reso'rces Policy in any way crea(es an e0pressed or i-plied con(rac( of e-ploy-en(. Policies in ()e field of H'-an Reso'rces are s'b1ec( (o -odifica(ion and f'r()er de2elop-en( in ()e li*)( of e0perience. T)is policy is s'b1ec( (o re2iew and c)an*e by ()e Presiden( wi()o'( no(ice. T)is policy will be pos(ed on ()e co-pany !n(rane( and HR %)are 3older for e-ployees+ -ana*e-en( and s'per2isory officials. !n addi(ion (o ()e !n(rane( and HR %)are 3older+ e-ployees -ay re2iew ()e policy in H'-an Reso'rces depar(-en(. !( is ()e responsibili(y of eac) e-ployee (o be fa-iliar wi() ()e infor-a(ion con(ained in ()e policy and any a-end-en(s ()ere(o. UAE Labor law R'les and Re*'la(ions -ay be fo'nd on ()e )((p455www.-ol.*o2.ae . T)e HR policy based on ()e labor law of UAE No . si(e and in H'-an Reso'rce $epar(-en(. T)e Presiden( 'nder ()e a'()ori(y dele*a(ed by ()e 6oard of $irec(ors )as appro2ed ()e personnel policies con(ained in ()is -an'al T)e ffice of H'-an Reso'rces is responsible for disse-ina(in* all new or re2ised personnel Policies.

175185701929 January 2009

$one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N


HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.L.C &'pda(ed

3or bes( prac(ice ()e policy !nden(ify ()e *eneral r'les and proced're for de(ails -a((er will be )andled by separa(e policy s'c) as office policy+ salary policy+ H%E policy

175185701929 January 2009

$one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N


175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 4 . T)e recr'i(in* process be*ins wi() an a((e-p( (o find e-ployees wi() ()e abili(ies and a((i('des desired by ()e or*ani.wi() ()e (as/s (o be perfor-ed.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.C &'pda(ed Chapter one-Recruitment & Selection Recr'i(-en( refers (o or*ani.L. ac) new e-ployee s)o'ld be selec(ed wi() care+ no( only for ()eir abili(y (o 'nder(a/e ()e i--edia(e 1ob openin* b'( also wi() a 2iew (o s'i(abili(y for f'('re ad2ance-en( beca'se re*'lar e-ploy-en( wi() ()e co-pany is (o be on career *row(). T)'s+ recr'i(-en( is direc(ly rela(ed (o bo() )'-an reso'rces plannin* and selec(ion.a(ional ac(i2a(es ()a( infl'ence ()e n'-ber and (ypes of applican( w)o apply for a 1ob and w)e()er ()e applican(s accep( 1obs ()a( are offered.a(ion and (o -a(c) ()e.

1.'ired (o pro1ec( ()eir depar(-en(<s wor/ force plannin* ann'ally.'es( for a new 'nb'd*e(ed posi(ion s'c) re. !n case of a re.L.01Recr'i(-en( # %elec(ion Proced'res T)e recr'i(-en( and selec(ion process s(ar(s wi() ()e (er-ina(ion of an e0is(in* e-ploy-en( con(rac(+ (e-porary absence of an e0is(in* e-ployee or w)en a new pos( is es(ablis)ed.'es( 3or-? s)all be filled wi() appro2al bein* *ained in accordance wi() proced're se( o'( in ()is policy. Te-porary e-ployees will be en*a*ed on a fla( 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 5 .'an(ifyin* ()e increased wor/load5 e0pansion in scope of opera(ions.C &'pda(ed :an Power Plannin* To ens're ()e a2ailabili(y of capable+ s/illed and co--i((ed e-ployees in f'('re and *enera(e s(ra(e*ic plans (o ac)ie2e s's(ained co-pe(i(i2e ad2an(a*es by recr'i(in* co-pe(en( s(aff+ ()e depar(-en( -ana*ers are re. T)e wor/ force plannin* s)all be in accordance wi() ()e b'siness plan and ann'al b'd*e( appro2ed by E0ec'(i2e :ana*e-en( and 6oard of $irec(ors. T)e ann'al wor/ force plan alon* wi() ()e appro2ed b'd*e( for ()e sa-e plan s)all be sen( (o HR depar(-en( by end of eac) year for ()e p'rpose of )'-an reso'rce plannin* for ()e co-in* year. !n all cases a >New E-ploy-en( Re. =)ere a new pos( is bein* es(ablis)ed+ ()e b'd*e( 5 f'ndin* for ()e pos( s)o'ld be considered.E labor law co-pliance.'ired for wor/ of a (e-porary na('re -ay be e-ployed on s'c) a basis for a li-i(ed d'ra(ion+ s'b1ec( (o U.A. %(aff re.'es( is (o be s'ppor(ed by wri((en 1's(ifica(ion .HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.

daily local newspaper 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 6 . :edia ad2er(ise-en(.L. T)e candida(es s)o'ld be infor-ed abo'( ()e o'(co-e of ()e in(er2iew wi()in (wo wee/s. Recr'i(-en( :e()ods nce an or*ani. !n ()e e2en( ()e re.'es( is no( in confor-i(y wi() ()e co-pany<s s(affin* s(ra(e*y+ policy or b'd*e( ()is will be no(ified in wri(in* (o ()e concerned depar(-en( -ana*er.a(ion )as decided i( needs addi(ional or replace-en( e-ployees+ i( is faced wi() ()e decision of )ow (o *enera(e ()e necessary applica(ions ()a( -ay (a/e place in(ernally or e0(ernally.w)ic) ()e -os( appropria(e can be selec(ed. A n'-bers of a2ailable -e()ods for recr'i(-en( are4 =al/.'es( is in order+ HR will si*noff and co--ence ()e searc) for s'i(able inc'-ben(s. All recr'i(-en( of a per-anen( or (e-porary na('re is s'b1ec( (o ()e appro2al of ()e HR depar(-en( in con1'nc(ion wi() ()e E0ec'(i2e :ana*e-en(<s appro2al and ()e res( of recr'i(-en( process s'c) as selec(ion+ in(er2iew+ assess-en( +assi*n-en( s)o'ld be done af(er appro2al of HR$ wi() s)ared appro2al of *eneral -ana*er 5presiden( of ()e co-pany HR $epar(-en( will re2iew ()e re. !nfor-a(ion re*ardin* 2acancies s)all be easily accessible and open (o c'rren( e-ployees.'es( (o ens're co-pliance wi() co-pany policy *'idelines and b'd*e(ed )eadco'n(. Af(er i( is confir-ed ()a( ()e re.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. T)is will enable bo() e0(ernal and in(ernal candida(es (o apply for ()e pos( and will crea(e a fairly selec(ed pool of applican(s fro. All 2acancies s)all be ad2er(ised on ()e co-pany websi(e in addi(ion (o any o()er (ype of -edia selec(ed.C &'pda(ed daily5-on()ly ra(e of pay and will no( be eli*ible for any f'r()er benefi(s o2er and abo2e ()is pay-en(. in w)ic) pro2ide and i-por(an( e0(ernal so'rce of applican(s.

'ire-en(+ HR will so'rce candida(es ()ro'*) 2ario's c)annels.'ired by ()e or*ani.a(ion.C &'pda(ed Co-pany<s =ebsi(e Recr'i(-en( a*encies. 6eyond ()e co--'nica(ion p'rpose+ a 1ob descrip(ion pro2ides a n'-ber of o()er needs s'c) as (rainin*+ 1ob e2al'a(ion+ perfor-ance -ana*e-en( and pro2idin* infor-a(ion (o H'-an Reso'rce in recr'i(-en( process. A /ey p'rpose of a 1ob descrip(ion is (o iden(ify for a 1ob)older ()e con(rib'(ion re. locally and o2erseas Head )'n(in* for 2ery senior posi(ion E-ployee referrals $ependin* on ()e le2el and (ype of re.L. =)ere recr'i(-en( a*encies are 'sed+ ()ese ser2ice pro2iders s)all be appro2ed and con(rac(ed by HR personnel only.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. !-por(an( no(e 4 in case of see/in* assis(ance of recr'i(-en( a*ency any a*ency con(rac( +c)ar*es s)o'ld be done only wi() appro2al of HR$ and in accordin* (o bes( prac(ice in ind's(ry +co-pany b'd*e( in order (o *e( ()e bes( e2er condi(ion 1. HR will do ()e ini(ial s)or(lis( and in(er2iew in accordance wi() ()e specifica(ions pro2ided by ()e concerned $epar(-en(. !n(er2iew # %elec(ion Process 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 7 . !( is f'nda-en(al (ools for -ana*ers w)o can 'se i( (o ens're ()a( )is5)er s'bordina(es 'nders(and w)a( ()ey )a2e (o ac)ie2e and ()e cri(eria on w)ic) ()eir perfor-ance will be assessed.'isi(ion for.and pro2ided (o HR.07 @ob $escrip(ion # %pecifica(ion Recr'i(in* ()e ri*)( person s(ar(s wi() a de(ailed 1ob descrip(ion and personal specifica(ion ()a( s)all be a((ac)ed wi() Re.

%i. T)e panel s)o'ld+ e0cep( in e0cep(ional circ'-s(ances+ re-ain consis(en( ()ro'*)o'( ()e recr'i(-en( and selec(ion process.'ired (o no(ify candida(es An appropria(e and accessible loca(ion Candida(es -ay )a2e par(ic'lar needs+ -obili(y5co--'nica(ion+ w)ic) s)o'ld be -e( (o enable ()e.e # Co-posi(ion of Panel A panel consis( of (wo 5 ()ree people w)ere possible s)all be crea(ed for in(er2iew sessions.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.'alified candida(es. T)e (i-e(able s)o'ld be planed.C &'pda(ed T)e p'rpose of in(er2iew is (o assess candida(e<s s'i(abili(y ()ro'*) fair and efficien( . ne of ()e HR personnel+ per)aps HR :ana*er will be desi*na(ed (o c)air ()e session and will )a2e o2erall responsibili(y and acco'n(abili(y for ()e w)ole process and s)o'ld ens're ()a( ()e recr'i(-en( process is planned and cond'c(ed properly.'es(ionin* (ec)ni. People w)o a((end in(er2iew )a2e (o be well (rained (o be able (o selec( .L.(o par(icipa(e f'lly in in(er2iew process. !( is ()e co-pany<s in(en(ion (o ens're ()a( all -ana*ers 5 s(aff in2ol2ed in ()e recr'i(-en( and selec(ion process recei2e (rainin*. T)ere s)o'ld be considera(ion of4 T)e (i-e re. T)e *oal of selec(ion process is (o acc'ra(ely de(er-ine w)ic) applican( possesses ()e /nowled*e+ s/ills+ abili(ies and o()er c)arac(eris(ics dic(a(ed by ()e 1ob.'es+ w)ic) are foc'sed on ob(ainin* rele2an( e2idence on w)ic) (o -a/e a decision. 7 T)e Panel<s Role 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 8 .s)o'ld be filled by ()e candida(e+ w)ic) will be /ep( in HR!% as a reference for f'('re. !n ()e in(er2iew session+ an e-ploy-en( applica(ion for.

T)e E-ployee a*rees (o s'b-i( (o ()e 1'risdic(ion of U. E-ploy-en( A*ree-en(s are *o2erned and cons(r'ed in accordance wi() ()e laws of ()e E-ira(e and 3ederal Laws applicable in U. Co'r(s wi() respec( (o all -a((ers arisin* o'( of+ in connec(ion wi()+ or 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 9 .9 E-ploy-en( Con(rac( HR depar(-en( will iss'e an appoin(-en( le((er5 1ob offer (o s'ccessf'l applican( and will con(ac( candida(e (o ob(ain o()er rele2an( paperwor/ for f'r()er for-ali(ies.E.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.A. 1.A.'en( a-end-en(s ()a( -ay be in effec(.C &'pda(ed As soon as ()e -e-bers)ip of ()e Panel is iden(ified+ ()ey s)o'ld co--'nica(e (o plan and se( da(es for ()e w)ole recr'i(-en( process. New )ire will recei2e an official e-ploy-en( con(rac( af(er 1oinin* ()e co-pany ()a( will specify and se( o'( ()e -ain (er-s and condi(ions of e-ploy-en(.'es(ions Cond'c( ()e in(er2iews and o()er selec(ion process :a/e ()e final decision !( will be ()e responsibili(y of ()e c)air (o ens're ()a( for-s pro2ided are co-ple(ed and re('rned (o ()e HR depar(-en(.E par(ic'larly in accordance wi() ()e Labor Law and any s'bse. $epar(-en( )ead will -a/e ()e final decision on selec(ed candida(e.L. T)e panel s)o'ld4 $ecide )ow+ w)a(+ w)ere+ A*ree recr'i(-en( # %elec(ion process %)or(lis( applica(ions Plan and de2elop in(er2iew .

'ired (o 'nder*o appropria(e (es(s for co--'nicable diseases and fin*erprin( in ()e police s(a(ion in order (o ob(ain clearance Cer(ifica(es (o finali. 1.'ire-en(s for E-ploy-en( and Residency T)e e-ploy-en( and residence of non. T)e fa-ily rela(ions)ip s)o'ld be disclosed before selec(ion or )irin*.e ()e residence 2isa process.C &'pda(ed rela(ed (o ()e A*ree-en( or )is5 )er E-ploy-en( wi() ()e E-ployer. T)e residence 2isa is 2alid for a period of ()ree years and will be renewable af(er e0pira(ion of ()is period. Le*al Re.ACC na(ional (o enable )i-5)er re-ain 'nder ()e co-pany<s e-ploy-en(. All ()e cos( will be carried by ()e co-pany :edical 3i(ness and 3in*er Prin(4 !n accordance wi() UAE re*'la(ions+ ()e e-ployee is re.8 E-ploy-en( of 3a-ily :e-bers T)e co-pany )as no pro)ibi(ion a*ains( )irin* rela(i2es of e0is(in* e-ployees b'( ()ere are concerns ()a( e-ploy-en( of rela(i2es in ()e sa-e area or depar(-en( -ay affec( depar(-en(al f'nc(ionin*.'ire all non.'ired 'nder UAE Law as below4 Residency and =or/ per-i( re. E-ployee s)all *o ()ro'*) ()is process af(er ob(ainin* e-ploy-en( 2isa.ACC na(ional is condi(ional 'pon ()e co-pany bein* able (o ob(ain all necessary wor/ per-i(s # residence 2isa re.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. To -ini-i. Co-pany is responsible (o process all wor/ per-i(s and residency per-i(s for i(s e-ployees a( co-pany<s cos( incl'din* e-ploy-en( 2isa+ -edical+ fin*er prin(+ one way 1oinin* (ic/e( B for 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 10 .e po(en(ial iss'es wi() re*ard (o rela(i2es wor/in* (o*e()er+ a fa-ily -e-ber s)o'ld no( )a2e s'per2isory responsibili(ies for ano()er fa-ily -e-ber.L.

-en(ioned cos(s+ w)ic) were occ'rred d'rin* )is5 )er e-ploy-en( process wi() ()e co-pany.'es(s+ in wri(in*+ ()a( ()e co-pany )old ()e passpor( on )is 5 )er be)alf.a(ion. T)e co-pany will co2er ()e cos( of residency for -arried e-ployees+ dependen(s based on ()e con(rac( s(a('s of ()e e-ployee as follows4  3a-ily %(a('s4 one spo'se and (wo c)ildren 'p (o a*e of 18 years old. Howe2er+ ()e proba(ionary period is no( necessary for indi2id'als selec(ed wi()in ()e or*ani.C &'pda(ed o2erseas recr'i(-en(C and o()er rele2an( cos(s.()e co-pany. !f e-ployee (er-ina(es )is 5 )er con(rac( before co-ple(ion of one. All new en(ran(s will be re.'ired (o 'nder*o a for-al proba(ionary period.year ser2ices wi() ()e co-pany+ )e5 s)e s)all pay ()e abo2e. T)e ori*inal passpor(s of laborer will re-ain 'nder co-pany<s c's(ody and will be released on ()e (i-e of ann'al lea2e or separa(ion fro.0D Proba(ionary Period All con(rac(s for d'ra(ion of 17 -on()s and abo2e will be s'b1ec( (o sa(isfac(ory co-ple(ion of a proba(ionary period of 9 -on()s fro. 1.in* per-i(s and residency+ ()e ori*inal passpor(s of office s(aff will be re('rned (o ()e e-ployee and re-ain in e-ployee<s c's(ody 'nless ()e e-ployee re.L.()e firs( day of e-ploy-en(.  :arried %(a('s4 1 spo'se Bspo'se C  %in*le4 only e-ployee Af(er finali. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 11 .HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.()e 1ob. T)e proba(ion period will enable -ana*ers (o4 Assess5re2iew ()e ini(ial perfor-ance of ()e appoin(ed candida(e and de(er-ine )is5)er s'i(abili(y (o perfor.

T)e ai-s of ind'c(ion pro*ra.E !nd'c(ion Pro*ra- !nd'c(ion is ()e process of recei2in* and welco-in* e-ployees w)en ()ey firs( 1oin ()e co-pany and *i2in* ()e.'ic/ly and )appily.for new e-ployee wi() differen( depar(-en(s if re. T)is will )elp new e-ployee (o *e( fa-iliar 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 12 . !n cer(ain cases ()e 9 -on()s proba(ionary re2iew will be ran/ed and 'sed wi()in Perfor-ance :ana*e-en( %ys(e-.()e basic infor-a(ion ()ey need (o se((le down and s(ar( ()e wor/ .L.e ()e new e-ployee wi() ()e co-pany<s prod'c(s5ser2ices+ policy 5 proced'res and 1ob f'nc(ion in order (o increase co--i(-en( and red'ce ()e cos( of early lea2ers. be prepared and T)e ind'c(ion pro*ra.'es(ed by concerned depar(-en(Fs )ead. 3ollowin* -en(ioned doc'-en(s s)o'ld considered par( of ind'c(ion pro*ra-4 HR ind'c(ion welco-e pac/ A copy of HR policy and5or any o()er rele2an( depar(-en(al 3or-s+ w)ic) s)all be filled by new e-ployee s'c) as E-ployee !nfor-a(ion r*ani.-'s( be prepared (o ()e par(ic'lar needs of ()e indi2id'al and ()e concern -ana*er -'s( iden(ify ()ese before ()e s(ar( da(e+ w)ene2er prac(icable.C &'pda(ed Ai2e so-e ini(ial considera(ion for ()e e-ployee<s po(en(ial and possible de2elop-en( wi()in ()e 1ob. HR depar(-en( -ay sc)ed'le orien(a(ion pro*ra. Appropria(e le2el HR depar(-en( personnel s)all (a/e care abo'( ()e new e-ployee in )is5)er firs( wor/in* day and ens're ()a( all rele2an( infor-a(ion and doc'-en(s needed for payroll+ personal file e(c are recorded.a(ional c)ar( 3or-? and >6eneficiary Le((er?.are (o fa-iliari. 1.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.

for ()e period of 10 ni*)(s on co-pany<s acco'n( Broo.way (ic/e( af(er 1oinin* da(e.()e appro2ed airlines4 Ar(icle 1. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 13 .e-ployee<s salary. !f new e-ployee wis)es (o b'y )is5)er own (ic/e(+ )e 5s)e s)all do so and rei-b'rse ()e a-o'n( of one.19 and 1.8 Air Tic/e( 6oo/in* T)e co-pany s)all be responsible (o pro2ide one way 1oinin* (ic/e( (o ()e new e-ployee fro.C &'pda(ed wi() o()er depar(-en(s (as/s and )a2e be((er 'nders(andin* of ()e b'siness.L. T)e co-pany No(e -'s( p'rc)ase ()e (ic/e( fro.G Ho(el Acco--oda(ion Upon arri2al of new e-ployee+ )e5s)e will be acco--oda(ed in a s(andard 5 del'0e )o(el roo.18 are applicable for o2erseas recr'i(-en( only. 1.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. 1.()e place )e5 s)e are recr'i(ed (o UAE.nlyC. !f an e-ployee wis)es (o s(ay -ore+ ()e addi(ional days will be paid by ()e co-pany and reco2ered fro.

L.C &'pda(ed Chapter 2.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.General Conditions of Employment 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 14 .

Ac(i2e in2ol2e-en( in o'(side or*ani.1 Code of Cond'c( !( is ()e policy (o obser2e ()a( all U.A.C w)ic) -ay infl'ence indi2id'al<s perfor-ance ne*a(i2ely -'s( be a2oided.in a -anner ()a( reflec(s fa2orably on ()e co-pany<s rep'(a(ion. E-ployees are ()e co-pany<s represen(a(i2es and i( is e0pec(ed ()a( ()ey s)o'ld f'lly co-ply wi() ()e law and perfor. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 15 . Under no circ'-s(ances s)o'ld any e-ployee accep( or offer any for.a(ions Bsocial+ poli(ical+ e(c.L.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. All e-ployees are e0pec(ed (o de-ons(ra(e )i*) s(andards of b'siness e()ics and professional in(e*ri(y.E laws # re*'la(ions are applicable (o ()e co-pany.of co--ission or bribe+ in cas) or in /ind. E-ployees -'s( no( be in2ol2ed in any si('a(ion ()a( -ay res'l( in >conflic( of !n(eres(? in order (o ens're ()a( ()ey )a2e no( ob(ained any personal benefi( a( ()e cos( of ()e co-pany.C &'pda(ed 7.

!( incl'des be)a2ior ()a( in(i-ida(es+ offends+ de*rades or )'-ilia(es an e-ployee. T)is will be H'-an Reso'rces depar(-en( responsibili(y (o (a/es proper ac(ion (o pre2en( and respond (o b'llyin* in wor/places in accordance wi() 3ederal Law and co-pany<s ob1ec(i2es and policy. H'-an Reso'rces depar(-en( will ens're ()a( proced'res for repor(in*+ in2es(i*a(in* and resol2in* co-plain(s rela(in* (o b'llyin* are followed in accordance wi() ()e co-pany<s policy. T)e co-pany is co--i((ed (o ens're ()a( all e-ployees are (rea(ed wi() di*ni(y and respec(.e-ployee -ay lea2e for prayin* Pre2en(ion of 6'llyin* in ()e Co-pany<s Pre-ises =or/place b'llyin* can be defined as ()e repea(ed less fa2orable (rea(-en( of a person by ano()er or o()ers in ()e wor/place or co-pany acco--oda(ion+ w)ic) -ay be considered 'nreasonable and inappropria(e wor/place prac(ice. 6'llyin* be)a2iors can be 2erbal+ p)ysical+ social or psyc)olo*ical Bincl'din* offensi2e -essa*es wi() %:% and e-ailC. T)e $epar(-en( Heads are responsible (o ens're ()a( appropria(e ins(r'c(ion and infor-a(ion are pro2ided (o ()eir s(aff -e-bers (o s'ppor( ()is policy+ pro-o(e s(aff awareness on ()e s(andard professional be)a2iors+ and respec( (owards o()ers. ⇒ Alco)olic 6e2era*es # !lle*al $r'*s Ar(icle T)e possession+ cons'-p(ion or sale of alco)olic be2era*es in wor/place and or co-pany acco--oda(ion is s(ric(ly pro)ibi(ed 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 16 .L.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.C &'pda(ed Prayer Ti-es A'idelines :'sli.

09 Confiden(ial !nfor-a(ion $efini(ion4 Confiden(ial infor-a(ion belon*in* (o ()e co-pany+ w)ic) an e-ployee ob(ains in ()e co'rse of e-ploy-en(+ -'s( no( be disclosed (o persons o'(side ()e co-pany nor 'sed for one<s own personal benefi( or for ()e benefi( of o()ers d'rin* and af(er e-ploy-en(.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. Torn+ dir(y+ or frayed clo()in* is 'naccep(able. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 17 .a(ion<s b'siness+ c's(o-ers+ prod'c(s+ ser2ices+ sys(e-s+ b'siness<s plan+ or any o()er confiden(ial -a((ers. All sea-s -'s( be finis)ed. 7.)alf of 1 percen( or -ore of alco)ol by 2ol'-e and w)ic) is fi( for be2era*e p'rposes ei()er alone or w)en dil'(ed+ -i0ed+ or co-bined wi() o()er s'bs(ances %i-ilarly+ ille*al dr'*s are pro)ibi(ed on ()e co-pany pre-ises. !f an e-ployee is+ fo'nd 'nder ()e infl'ence of ille*al dr'*s or fo'nd b'yin*+ sellin* or possessin* narco(ics on ()e co-pany<s pre-ises )e5s)e will be i--edia(ely dis-issed. . E2ery e-ployee is 'nder con(rac('al a*ree-en( no( (o di2'l*e infor-a(ion abo'( ()e or*ani. 7. Any clo()in* ()a( )as words+ (er-s+ or pic('res ()a( -ay be offensi2e (o o()er e-ployees are 'naccep(able.li/e i-a*e.'id or solid con(ainin* alco)ol+ spiri(s+ wine or beer+ and w)ic) con(ains one.L.07$ress Code # Appearance A( =or/ T)e Co-pany<s ob1ec(i2e+ in es(ablis)in* a dress code+ is (o enable e-ployees (o pro1ec( a professional+ b'siness.'or+ wine+ beer+ and e2ery li. A'idelines (o de(er-ine w)a( is appropria(e (o wear a( wor/4 E2en in a b'siness cas'al wor/ en2iron-en(+ clo()in* s)o'ld be pressed and ne2er wrin/led.C &'pda(ed >Alco)olic be2era*eH incl'des alco)ol+ spiri(s+ li.

Personal Proper(y T)e co-pany pro2ides des/+ close( and o()er facili(ies for all s(aff -e-bers (o /eep ()eir personal proper(y. T)e co-pany does no( accep( responsibili(y or -a/e rei-b'rse-en( for los( or s(olen proper(y.'eries (o ()eir -ana*er or HR depar(-en( (o see/ clarifica(ion and *'idance in specific cases w)ene2er ()ey are in do'b(.rela(ed paperwor/ w)en lea2e a( ()e end of ()e day. T)e 2al'ables s)all be /ep( in loc/ers or (a/e away (o ens're ()eir safe(y.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.L.'ip-en(s s'c) as co-p'(er 5 lap(op+ f'rni('re+ 2e)icle and w)a(soe2er w)ic) -ay be in )is 5 )er 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 18 . Co-pany Proper(y Upon ()e (er-ina(ion of e-ploy-en( con(rac( by ei()er par(y+ ()e e-ployee s)all re('rn ()e co-pany proper(y and doc'-en(s incl'din* all records+ b'siness correspondence+ clien( files+ credi( cards+ -obile p)one+ e. T)e abo2e are a se( of *eneral *'idelines. Addi(ionally s(aff can )elp infor-a(ion (o re-ain confiden(ial by -a/in* s're4 T)eir des/ is clear of b'siness. All po(en(ial sensi(i2e doc'-en(s (o be loc/ed in des/ or fillin* cabine(s. E-ployees are enco'ra*ed (o refer . Access (o file roo-s s)o'ld be con(rolled a( all (i-es.C &'pda(ed All e-ployees< salaries and benefi(s or any o()er rela(ed infor-a(ion -'s( be (rea(ed confiden(ial and s)all no( be disclosed.

'alifica(ions for e-ploy-en(+ pro-o(ion+ (ransfer+ addi(ional co-pensa(ion+ disc)ar*e or disciplinary ac(ion. Up (o da(e infor-a(ion will ens're ()a( e-ployee )as co-ple(e co2era*e 'nder co-pany plans and ()a( ()e correc( person is con(ac(ed in case of any e-er*ency. E-ployee prior ()e financial se((le-en( wi() ()e co-pany s)all re(ain no copies+ no(es or abrid*e-en( of any of ()e abo2e. T)e e-ployee s)o'ld ens're ()a( )is 5)er -ana*er and HR depar(-en( are ad2ised of ()e c)an*es in )is5 )er personal s(a('s.C &'pda(ed possession rela(e in any way (o ()e b'siness or affairs of ()e co-pany. 7. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 19 .'es(+ an e-ployee or )is5 )er $epar(-en( Head )a2e ()e ri*)( (o inspec( ()e personal file of e-ployee a( reasonable in(er2als.08 C's(odian of Personnel 3iles T)e )'-an reso'rce depar(-en( is ()e c's(odian of personnel files.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.L. Personnel records ()a( are accessible for re2iew by e-ployees are any doc'-en(s w)ic) )a2e been 'sed or w)ic) are in(ended for 'se in de(er-inin* ()e e-ployee<s . T)e followin* i(e-s s)o'ld always be c'rren( in ()e e-ployee personal file4  Address and (elep)one n'-ber  :ari(al s(a('s and c)ildren  6eneficiaries  Person (o no(ify in e-er*encies E-ployee 5 $epar(-en( Head Access (o Personnel Record Upon proper re.

'es( (o ()e H'-an Reso'rces depar(-en(.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. An e-ployee w)o is in2ol2ed in a c'rren( *rie2ance can desi*na(e+ in wri(in*+ a represen(a(i2e (o inspec( )er 5)is personnel records+ w)ic) co'ld )a2e born ()e resol'(ion of ()e *rie2ance.()e HR pre-ises. $epar(-en( )ead or E-ployee are allowed (o 2iew ()e e-ployee<s personal file in ()e presence of H'-an Reso'rces s(aff and s(ric(ly are s)o'ld no( re-o2e ()e file fro.C &'pda(ed Cer(ain doc'-en(s are no( s'b1ec( (o e-ployee access b'( accessible (o depar(-en( )ead in ()e presence of HR s(aff.'ires inspec(in* )is5)er personnel records -'s( send a re. 7.'es(. HR will sc)ed'le an appoin(-en( for ()e e-ployee (o access ()e records+ *enerally wi()in 7 days of ()e re.L. An e-ployee -ay a((ac) an e0plana(ory s(a(e-en( (o any disp'(ed doc'-en( in ()e file. T)e e-ployee -'s( presen( 2alid iden(ifica(ion before bein* allowed access (o ()e records. To correc( ()e record ()ere -'s( be a -'('al a*ree-en( (o do so be(ween ()e e-ployee+ ()e e-ployee<s $epar(-en( Head and H'-an Reso'rces :ana*e-en(.0D Ho'rs # Place of =or/ 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 20 . T)ey are4  :edical records  Le((ers of reference  Tes( doc'-en(s  !nfor-a(ion abo'( ano()er person  Records in2ol2in* a 1'dicial proceedin*  !n2es(i*a(ory or sec'ri(y records  :a(erials 'sed for -ana*e-en( plannin* An e-ployee w)o re.

%'nday (o T)'rsday.E 3ederal law.A. 7.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.C &'pda(ed T)e co-pany -ay adop( a-ended sc)ed'les w)ere opera(ional or o()er re. E-er*ency personal (i-e is -ade a2ailable (o e-ployees for s'c) 'nsc)ed'led e2en(s as personal illness+ i--edia(e fa-ily -e-ber illness+ doc(or appoin(-en(s e(c ()a( -'s( be appro2ed by depar(-en( -ana*er before ()e e-ployee lea2es ()e wor/place. $aily a((endance is especially i-por(an( for e-ployees w)ose c's(o-ers and cowor/ers )a2e ()e e0pec(a(ion of on. All s(aff -e-bers are re.0E A((endance # Tardiness n (i-e+ a((endance is an e0pec(a(ion of all e-ployees.'ire-en(s so dic(a(e.L.(i-e deli2ery of ser2ices.'ire by ()e co-pany (o wor/ a( any o()er places e0cep( w)ere )e5 s)e were ini(ially assi*ned (o f'lfill )is5)er d'(ies. Ti-e spen( proceedin* froplace of li2in* (o wor/ place does no( for.'ired (o wor/ beyond ()ose )o'rs. E-ployees w)o are la(e and are no( able (o be presen( a( ()e wor/place on (i-e+ -'s( call ()eir s'per2isor5depar(-en( -ana*er as soon as possible+ b'( no( la(er ()an si0(y -in'(es 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 21 . $'rin* ()e -on() of Ra-adan+ ()e wor/in* )o'rs are red'ced by 7 )o'rs per day accordin* (o U.'es(ed (o co-ple(e 10 wor/in* )o'rs per day incl'din* E0 -in'(es l'nc) brea/ fro.'ired (o (ra2el wi()in 5o'(side ()e Uni(ed Arab E-ira(es (o perfor. T)e e-ployee -ay re. T)e e-ployee -ay also be re. T)is will be based on (o(al daily )o'r and la(er )o'r per wee/.par( of ()e wor/in* )o'rs. 6y ()e end of eac) -on()+ e-ployee<s a((endance s)ee( will be -oni(ored by HR personnel (o ens're co-ple(ion 10 wor/in* )o'rs per day incl'din* E0 -in'(es l'nc) brea/ T)ere will be a salary ded'c(ion if an e-ployee a((ends ()e wor/place la(er ()an nor-al wor/in* )o'rs+ 'nless -issed (i-es is -ade 'p la(er.)is5)er d'(ies. T)e e-ployee -ay be re.

HR personnel abo'( e-ployee<s lea2e.A.0G $isciplinary R'les $isciplinary ac(ion will be dependen( on ()e se2eri(y of ()e -is(a/e co--i((ed by ()e e-ployee. 7.HR personnel i--edia(ely+ o()erwise )e5s)e will be considered absen( w)ic) will affec( )is5)er salary.wor/ wi() red'ced pay for a period no( e0ceedin* 10 days.L. $epar(-en( -ana*er5 s'per2isor s)all infor. =)en possible+ wi()in ()e nor-al sc)ed'le+ ()e e-ployee -ay -a/e 'p Any(i-e -issed d'rin* ()e wee/ in w)ic) ()e (i-e was -issed.E 3ederal Law ()e co-pany -ay i-pose The follo in! penaltie"#  =arnin*  3ine  %'spension fro. $isciplinary ac(ion+ 'p (o and incl'din* e-ploy-en( (er-ina(ion+ will co--ence+ for ()e o2er'se of e-er*ency personal (i-e and 'nsc)ed'led lea2e. 3ail're (o call is considered lea2e wi()o'( pay. E-ployees -'s( )a2e ()e per-ission of ()eir depar(-en( -ana*er (o -a/e 'p (i-e and HR s)o'ld be infor-ed. Life e2en(s can in(erfere wi() wor/ a((endance. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 22 . As per U. =)en an e-ployee -isses a p'nc)+ )e s)o'ld infor. Howe2er+ in order (o opera(e ()e b'siness in an orderly and efficien( -anner+ e-ployees need (o 'se as few e-er*ency personal )o'rs as are necessary and (o a2oid absen(eeis-. !f ()e s'per2isor5depar(-en( -ana*er is 'na2ailable+ e-ployees -ay lea2e a -essa*e wi() a p)one n'-ber w)ere ()ey can be reac)ed wi() ()e recep(ionis(.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.C &'pda(ed af(er ()e s(ar( of nor-al wor/in* )o'rs.

T)e penal(y s)all be en(ered a( ()e end of ()is repor(. T)e fine prescribed in respec( of any one offence s)all no( e0ceed fi2e days< re-'nera(ion. T)is penal(y -ay only be i-posed on ()e *ro'nds e0pressly specified in Ar(icle 170 of ()e U.  3orfei('re or defer-en( of pro-o(ion  $is-issal wi() forfei('re of all or par( of ()e se2erance.C &'pda(ed  $is-issal wi() ri*)( (o se2erance pay  3orfei('re or defer-en( of a periodic incre-en(.E 3ederal law no.  No disciplinary penal(y -ay be i-posed on a wor/er for any ac( co--i((ed by )i-5)er o'(side ()e wor/place+ 'nless s'c) ac( is connec(ed wi() ()e wor/+ ()e e-ployer or ()e responsible -ana*er.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.L. T)e period of s'spension s)all r'n fro.wor/ if )e5s)e is acc'sed of co--i((in* a delibera(e offence in2ol2in* assa'l( on person or proper(y or cri-es rela(in* (o )onor and )ones(y or ()e offence of 'nlawf'l s(ri/e.  T)e penal(y of forfei('re of a periodic incre-en( -ay no( be i-posed -ore ()an once in a year and s'c) incre-en( -ay no( be deferred for -ore ()an si0 -on()s.'al (o e-ployee<s re-'nera(ion for a specific period.()e da(e of w)ic) ()e inciden( is repor(ed (o ()e co-pe(en( a'()ori(ies and 'n(il ()e 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 23 .  Non of ()e abo2e -en(ioned penal(ies -ay be i-posed on an e-ployee 'n(il af(er )e5s)e )as been no(ified in wri(in* of ()e c)ar*e a*ains( )i-5)er+ )is5)er s(a(e-en( )a2e been )eard+ )e5s)e )as been allowed (o defend )i-self5)erself and ()e fore*oin* )as been en(ered in a repor( placed in )is5)er personal file.8 of 1980.A. An e-ployee -ay be s'spended fro.  A fine -aybe e0pressed in (er-s of a specific a-o'n( or an a-o'n( e.

T)ey can a( any (i-e re.'es( ()e co'r( for per-ission (o ded'c( -ore ()an ()is a-o'n( if ()e e-ployee )as capi(al asse(s or any o()er so'rce inco-e. T)e e-ployee s)all no( be en(i(led (o )is re-'nera(ion in respec( of ()e period of ()e s'spension. 7. E-ployees -ay disc'ss ()eir proble-s and concerns wi() ()eir i--edia(e :ana*er. !( is ()e co-pany<s ai.as f'lly as possible pro2ided ()a( ()e a-o'n( s)all no( e0ceed fi2e days re-'nera(ion in eac) -on().HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. =)ere i( is decided no( (o (a/e e-ployee (o co'r( or ()e e-ployee is ac.()e e-ployee<s re-'nera(ion s'c) a-o'n(s as -ay be necessary (o repair 5 replace ()e.'es( a referral (o )i*)er -ana*e-en( as per ()e followin* in(ernal proced're4 3irs( %(a*e An E-ployee s)o'ld refer any *rie2ance (o ()eir i--edia(e :ana*er+ w)o will (ry (o wor/ o'( a sa(isfac(ory se((le-en( %econd %(a*e 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 24 . T)e co-pany -ay re.C &'pda(ed la((er )a2e *i2en a decision on ()e case.'i((ed+ )e5s)e s)all be reins(a(ed in )is5)er wor/I )e5s)e s)all be paid )is5)er re-'nera(ion in f'll for ()e period of ()e s'spension if i( was -alicio'sly con(ri2ed by ()e e-ployer. =)ere an e-ployeeI ei()er ()ro'*) )is5)er own fa'l( or in 2iola(ion of ()e co-pany<s ins(r'c(ions+ is *'il(y of ()e loss+ da-a*e or des(r'c(ion of (ools+ -ac)ines or prod'c(s or -a(erials owned by ()e co-pany or in ()e la((er<s c's(ody+ ()e co-pany -ay ded'c( fro.(o -ain(ain *ood E-ployee rela(ions and a2oid *rie2ances and disp'(es.L.08 Arie2ance Proced're $efini(ion4 T)e *rie2ance proced're is a process ()ro'*) w)ic) an e-ployee can brin* wor/place concerns (o 'pper le2els of -ana*e-en(.

3inal %(a*e !f no se((le-en( )as been reac)ed+ ()e case s)o'ld be referred and disc'ssed wi() E0ec'(i2e :ana*e-en(.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. C)ap(er 9 J Remuneration. Benefits & Facilities 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 25 .L. And (er-ina(ion of ()e e-ployee s)o'ld be fac( a( ()e end of ()e road.C &'pda(ed !f no se((le-en( )as been reac)ed+ ()e case s)o'ld be referred (o and disc'ssed wi() ()e H'-an Reso'rces :ana*er for re2iew and ac(ion.

9.09 Transpor(a(ion Allowance 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 26 . E2ery e-ployee of ()e co-pany+ old or new s)all )a2e a *rade allo((ed (o )i-5)er and )is 5)er co-pensa(ion and benefi(s s)all be in accordance wi() ()e *rade ()e e-ployee is in. $ependin* 'pon perfor-ance re2iews and reco--enda(ion of $epar(-en(5%enior :ana*e-en(+ e-ployees can be pro-o(ed and c)an*e *rades accordin*ly and also ()e benefi(s w)ic) is 2erify fro.07 Ho'sin* Allowance T)e Ho'sin* Allowance for e-ployees based on ()e *rade of ()e s(aff and *rade .All benefi( for ()e e-ployee of ()e co-pany will be appro2ed by ()e co-pany board of direc(or 9.*rade (o a ano()er T)e *radin* s(r'c('re will be defined in differen( doc'-en( and will be a2ailable wi() HR $epar(-en(.01 E-ployee Classifica(ion # Aradin* 3or ()e p'rpose of e-ployee *row() and ad2ance-en( as well as for ease of co-pensa(ion ad-inis(ra(ion+ ()e e-ployees of ()e Co-pany will be classified in(o differen( *rades.L.C &'pda(ed 9.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.

9999 9000 GD0 .8D00 9D00. =i() -a0i-'.'ired. 3or o()er s(aff+ e0ec'(i2e -obile allowance as per board -e-ber appro2e $'rin* ()e office )o'r any p)one call -ade for b'siness p'rpose s)all be born by ()e co-pany 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 27 .L. T)e (ranspor(a(ion allowance is calc'la(ed as follow4 Arade Arade A Arade 6 Arade C Arade $ Allowances BAE$C 8000.)is5 )er acco--oda(ion (o ()e wor/place. :obile allowance for sales personnel is considered as par( of ()eir sales co--o(ions and ()ey are no( eli*ible (o recei2e cas)5 allowance.1D00 Transpor(a(ion allowances will be paid (o e-ployees as per e-ploy-en( con(rac(.08 :obile Allowances %'b1ec( (o -ana*e-en( appro2al+ ()e -obile allowance s)all be considered for e-ployee w)ose ()e na('re of )is 5)er wor/ is re.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.of 1000 AE$ for senior sales person+ s'c) as area sales -ana*er.C &'pda(ed Transpor(a(ion Allowance is *i2en (o an e-ployee (o offse( )is5 )er cos( of (ranspor(a(ion fro. 9.

HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. !( is HR responsibili(y (o op(i-i.e ()e 'se of ()e 2e)icle by realloca(in* i( across ()e co-pany as re.L. T)is en(i(le-en( s)all be s(ip'la(ed in e-ploy-en( con(rac(.0G Ann'al Air Tic/e( All e-ployees are en(i(led (o one ro'nd (rip econo-y air (ic/e( as s(ip'la(ed in ()eir e-ploy-en( con(rac(.a 2e)icle is alloca(ed as an opera(ional (ool proceeds on 2aca(ion+ ()e 2e)icle -'s( be )anded o2er (o HR depar(-en(. 9. :ay be pro2ided (o e0ec'(i2e -ana*e-en( as benefi( for personal and official 'se. 9.par( of ()e indi2id'al<s salary or benefi( pac/a*e.'ired. T)e clai. T)e 2e)icle is considered (o be a b'siness (ool for official 'se only and does no( for. And ()e ann'al (ic/e( is based on s(aff *rade 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 28 .C &'pda(ed 9.0D Pe(rol Allowance !f e-ployee<s na('re of wor/ in2ol2es daily b'siness (ra2el+ )e 5 s)e -ay clai-s pe(rol allowance a*ains( pro2ided ori*inal in2oices. =)en an e-ployee (o w)o.E Co-pany Ke)icle Co-pany 2e)icle is pro2ided in ()e followin* cases4 :ay be pro2ided (o e-ployee as an opera(ional (ool w)ose na('re of wor/ in2ol2es daily b'siness (ra2el s'c) as $ri2er+ P'blic Rela(ion fficer+ e(c.s)o'ld be appro2ed by depar(-en( )ead before bein* sen( (o HR $epar(-en(.

'ires HR depar(-en( (o boo/ an air (ic/e(+ )e 5 s)e -'s( s'b-i( ()e lea2e applica(ion wi() ()e re. T)e ann'al air (ic/e( will be boo/ed ()ro'*) -ana*e-en( appro2ed (ra2el a*encies and will be pro2ided (o e-ployees (wo wee/s prior (o depar('re.'al (o appro2ed air fares7 (o ()e -a1or ci(ies fro.C &'pda(ed Arade A 6 C Class of Ann'al (ic/e( 3irs( Class Econo-y class Econo-y class All office s(aff -e-bers are eli*ible e2ery 17 -on()s of ser2ices e0cep( s(affs wi() ()e 1ob (i(les of Recep(ionis(+ Telep)one pera(or+ %ecre(ary+ Coordina(or+ ffice boy and $ri2er+ w)o are en(i(led e2ery 18 -on()s of ser2ices. !f an e-ployee re. 1 All o()er wor/ers are eli*ible e2ery 18 -on()s of ser2ices. 1 The compan$ ma$ ha%e other &ifferent po"ition" in future that are eli!i'le to lea%e or annual tic(et onl$ after 18 month" of "er%ice") Thi" "hall 'e &eci&e& '$ mana!ement in future if re*uire&) 7 Thi" i" the re"pon"i'ilit$ of +R . !f an e-ployee is on sin*le s(a('s )e 5 s)e -ay re.epartment to &etermine the co"t of air fare" an& o'tain -re"i&ent.'es( HR depar(-en( (o p'rc)ase a (ic/e( for )is5)er spo'se a( ()e (i-e of (ic/e( boo/in*. ffice s(aff -e-bers are eli*ible (o recei2e cas) e.e-ployee<s salary.'es( of air (ic/e( 90 days prior (o lea2e da(e.L." appro%al) The rate" "hall 'e &i"tri'ute& 'et een "taff mem'er" an& "hall 'e re%i"e& e%er$ "i/ month") 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 29 . !f an e-ployee is on :arried 5 3a-ily s(a('s+ air (ic/e(s s)all be pro2ided (o e-ployee+ spo'se and )er5 )is c)ildren B'p (o (wo 'nder a*e of 18C based on declared s(a('s in e-ploy-en( con(rac(. HR personnel s)all (a/e necessarily ac(ion b'( will ded'c( ()e cos( of (ic/e( fro.UAE.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.

3or ()ose e-ployees w)o 1oin d'rin* ()e year+ en(i(le-en( will be calc'la(ed on a pro.L. 8.ra(a basis+ accordin* (o ()e n'-ber of -on()s wor/ed in ()e year of resi*na(ion5(er-ina(ion.ra(a basis accordin* (o ()e percen(a*e of ()e year wor/edI ()e cas) allowance will be ad-inis(ered 'pon s'ccessf'l co-ple(ion of ()e proba(ionary period+ alon* wi() ()e ne0( payroll. All e-ployees are en(i(led (o ann'al (ic/e(I class of (ra2el # eli*ibili(y of dependen(s as specified in ()eir e-ploy-en( con(rac(5@ob ffer.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. Ann'al (ic/e( will be ad-inis(ered as a cas) allowance+ calc'la(ed 'pon ()e c'rren( year p'blis)ed !ATA ra(e+ (o ()e e-ployee<s co'n(ry of ori*in.ens)ipI in ()e case of d'al na(ionali(y+ co'n(ry of ori*in will be a*reed a( ()e 1ob offer s(a*e+ and specified in ()e e-ploy-en( con(rac(5@ob offer. D.C &'pda(ed  R'les of cas) disb'rse-en( of Air 3air (ic/e( 1. 3a-ily s(a('s !f s(aff -e-ber is on fa-ily s(a('s and wis)es (o recei2e cas) ins(ead of air (ic/e( for )is5)er c)ildren<s+ ()eir eli*ibili(ies will be as follow4 C)ildren 'nder a*e of 17 and abo2e 7 years are en(i(led for 8DL of ()e (ic/e(<s a-o'n(. < wor/ers are ineli*ible (o recei2e cas) and HR depar(-en( s)all be responsible for ()eir ann'l (ic/e(s boo/in*. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 30 . 9.'ired (o Fpay bac/< (ic/e( allowance on a pro. E. 7. E-ployees w)o resi*n or are (er-ina(ed d'rin* ()e co'rse of ()e year will be re. Typically+ ()e cas) allowance will be ad-inis(ered alon* wi() ()e @an'ary payroll for eac) calendar year. Co'n(ry of ori*in is defined as ()e co'n(ry of ()e e-ployee<s passpor(5ci(i.

6ased on ()e *rade of ()e s(aff A+6 are en(i(le o()er class no( en(i(le for 9. 9 =)ere e-ployee is on :arried %(a('s+ only )is wife is eli*ible. 9. T)e air fair (ic/e( for ()e fa-ily will be de(er-ined based on offer le((er. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 31 . !f e-ployee is eli*ible for fa-ily5 :arried 9 s(a('s+ )is spo'se and 7 c)ildren 'nder a*e of 18 years will be en(i(led (o -edical ins'rance co2era*e based on declared s(a('s in e-ploy-en( con(rac(.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.one of ()e (op leadin* ser2ice pro2ider in -ar/e( or ()e pro2ider by ()e -ain *ro'p.L.C &'pda(ed 6elow 7 years old 5 infan( is en(i(led for 1DL of ()e (ic/e(<s a-o'n(. T)e a-o'n( of co-pensa(ion s)all be calc'la(ed on ()e basis of ()e las( re-'nera(ion recei2ed by e-ployee before )is5)er dea().financial loss rela(ed (o e-ployeeFs dea().8 Life !ns'rance %c)e-e T)e co-pany -ana*e-en( )as decided (o co2er all e-ployees 'nder life ins'rance sc)e-e (o pro(ec( e-ployee<s dependen(s fro.9 :edical !ns'rance %c)e-e !n accordance (o UAE federal law and co-pany policy+ all e-ployees s)all be co2ered 'nder :edical !ns'rance %c)e-e. HR depar(-en( is responsible (o ens're ()a( all e-ployees are co2ered and )a2e recei2ed proper orien(a(ion abo'( ins'rance sc)e-e. :edical ins'rance pro2ider will be appro2ed by ()e board -ee(in* and co-pany co--i((ee nor-ally ()e co-pany will na-e ()e ins'rance pro2ider fro. All e-ployees -'s( ens're ()a( ()eir >6eneficiary Le((er?+ >E-ployee !nfor-a(ion 3or-? and o()er necessary doc'-en(s s'c) as beneficiary passpor( copy are pro2ided (o HR depar(-en( for s'c) inciden(.

HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.a( )is5 )er own cos(.L.C &'pda(ed !f ()e e-ployee wis)es (o incl'de any o()er c)ildren or fa-ily -e-bers+ ()ey can (a/e ad2an(a*e of ()e *ro'p -edical ins'rance ra(e and pay ()e ann'al pre-i'. C)ap(er 8 Lea2e Policy # Proced'res 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 32 .

Accordin* (o ()e depar(-en(al lea2e plan and ()e lea2e !nfor-a(ion bein* recei2ed fro. T)e e-ployee is responsible for pro-p(ly no(ifyin* ()e co-pany of Any circ'-s(ances w)ic) -ay delay )is5 )er re('rn fro.and forward (o )is depar(-en( )ead for appro2al. !f e-ployee )as (a/en -ore ()an )is5)er accr'ed en(i(le-en( a( ()e 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 33 . 8. Appro2ed applica(ion s)o'ld be forwarded (o HR depar(-en( (o scr'(ini. A copy of lea2e applica(ion s)all be pro2ided (o e-ployee and ()e ri*inal applica(ion -'s( be /ep( in e-ployee<s personal file.for ()e co-pany.L. $epar(-en(al -ana*er s)o'ld -oni(or proposed lea2e plans (o ens're opera(ional effec(i2eness is -ain(ained.C &'pda(ed T)e ob1ec(i2e of ()is policy is (o de(er-ine ()e days w)ic) an e-ployee does no( perfor.lea2e.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.e ()e lea2e and recordin* i( in HR -od'le w)ic) lin/s (o payroll.HR depar(-en(+ an e-ployee s)all $'ly fill ()e lea2e applica(ion for.01 Lea2e Proced'res Applica(ion for lea2e s)o'ld always be acco-panied by ()e s(andard Lea2e applica(ion.

E-ployees are no( allowed (o -a0i-i.HR depar(-en(+ if any of ()eir s(aff are absen( fro. $epar(-en( -ana*ers -'s( infor.e -ore ()an E0 ann'al days for ()e period of 7 years. 8. All wor/ers are eli*ible (o 7D days paid lea2e e2ery 17 -on()s of ser2ices. 8 T)is ar(icle is also applicable (o days off B3riday 5 %a('rdayC. E-ployee will no( be paid in cas) for )is5 )er lea2e en(i(le-en(.()e e-ployee<s final se((le-en(.wor/.09 %ic/ Lea2e 8 UAE 3ederal Law.L. P'blic )oliday anno'nced by UAE a'()ori(ies fall wi()in ann'al lea2e s)all no( be considered par( of ann'al lea2e and will be credi(ed in e-ployee<s acco'n(. All e-ployees are enco'ra*ed (o (a/e ()e f'll lea2e en(i(le-en( e2ery17518 -on()s of ()eir ser2ices. %ic/ days fall wi()in ann'al lea2e s)all be considered par( of ()e ann'al lea2e and no addi(ional days are *ran(ed for ()ese days. 8.07 Ann'al Lea2e !n accordance wi() ()e e-ploy-en( con(rac(+ all e-ployees are en(i(led (o ann'al 2aca(ion as follow4 All office s(aff -e-bers are eli*ible (o 7D days paid lea2e e2ery 17 -on()s of ser2ices e0cl'din* s(affs wi() ()e 1ob (i(les of Recep(ionis(+ Telep)one pera(or+ %ecre(ary+ Coordina(or+ and $ri2er w)o are en(i(led (o 8D days paid lea2e e2ery 18 -on()s of ser2ices. Ar(icle GG 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 34 .HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. Kaca(ion -'s( be (a/en wi()in 7 years o()erwise i( will be lapsed a'(o-a(ically.C &'pda(ed Ti-e of (er-ina(ion+ ()e co-pany s)all -a/e an appropria(e ad1's(-en( fro.

'ired (o pro2ide a doc(or<s cer(ifica(e.C &'pda(ed T)e co-pany *ran(s sic/ lea2e in accordance wi() ()e pro2isions of ()e UAE 3ederal Law 1980.L. BHa2in* cons'-ed alco)ol or narco(ic dr'*C. T)e e-ployee s)all no( be en(i(led (o any paid sic/ lea2e d'rin* proba(ion period. !f no 2alid cer(ifica(ion is s'b-i((ed+ ()e respec(i2e lea2e period will be considered as lea2e wi()o'( pay. Af(er res'-in* (o d'(ies ()e respec(i2e e-ployee is *i2en (wo days (o prod'ce ()e necessary doc'-en(a(ion (o appro2e ()e sic/ lea2e. 8.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.es ()e doc(or (o disclose ()e res'l(s of s'c) e0a-ina(ion (o HR $epar(-en(.'ire ()e e-ployee (o 'nder*o a -edical e0a-ina(ion a( ()e co-pany<s e0pense by a doc(or no-ina(ed by ()e co-pany a( any (i-e. !f ()e ser2ice period is less ()an one year ()en s)e s)all be en(i(led (o -a(erni(y lea2e wi() )alf pay. T)e co-pany reser2es ri*)( (o re. !f ()e e-ployee is absen( for -ore ()an one day+ )e5s)e will be re. !f ()e e-ployee co-ple(ed -ore ()an ()ree -on()s af(er ()e proba(ion period in ()e con(in'o's ser2ices of ()e e-ployer and fall ill+ )e 5s)e s)all be en(i(led (o sic/ lea2e no( e0ceedin* 90 days w)e()er con(in'o's or o()erwise+ in respec( of e2ery year of ser2ice. T)e e-ployee a'()ori. %'c) lea2e s)all be calc'la(ed as follows4 No salary s)all be payable d'rin* sic/ lea2e if ()e illness is ()e direc( res'l( of ()e e-ployee<s -iscond'c(. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 35 .0D :a(erni(y Lea2e !n accordance wi() ()e pro2ision of ar(icle 90 of UAE 3ederal law+ a fe-ale e-ployee s)all be en(i(led (o -a(erni(y lea2e wi() f'll pay for a period of 8D days incl'din* ()e period precedin* and ()e period followin* )er confine-en(+ w)ere s)e co-ple(ed one year of )er ser2ices wi() ()e co-pany.

 New "ear<s $ay BHe*iraC J 1 day  New "ear<s $ay BAre*orianC J 1 day  Prop)e(<s 6ir()day J 1 day  Ascension of ()e Prop)e( J 1 day  UAE Na(ional $ay J 1 day  Eid Al 3i(r J 7 days D 3ederal Law.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. 8. %'c) lea2e will brea/ ()e e-ployee<s con(in'i(y of e-ploy-en( and will red'ce ()e n'-ber of days of ser2ice w)en calc'la(in* end of ser2ice benefi(s. !f o2ers(ay is d'e (o a 2alid reason and appro2ed by depar(-en( )ead+ s'c) circ'-s(ances will be (rea(ed as e0(ension (o ()e lea2e wi() f'll pay pro2ided ()e e-ployee )as s'fficien( lea2e balance (o co2er o2ers(ay period.C &'pda(ed Lea2e of Absence !n ()e e2en( ()a( an e-ployee r'ns o'( of lea2e balance+ 'npaid lea2e will be allowed a( ()e co-pany<s discre(ion.L.D 8.08 Ha11 Lea2e :'sli.e-ployee s)all be *ran(ed once in ()e co'rse of )is5)er period of ser2icesI special lea2e wi()o'( pay for ()e p'rpose of f'lfillin* ()e obli*a(ion (o -a/e ()e pil*ri-a*e+ s'c) lea2e s)all no( be co'n(ed (owards any o()er periods of lea2e and s)all no( e0ceed 90 days. Ar(icle 8G 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 36 .9 P'blic Holidays E-ployees will be en(i(led (o official lea2e wi() f'll pay if ()e followin* occasions occ'r on a nor-al wor/in* day4 ()e p'blic )olidays as -en(ioned below and -i*)( incl'de any o()er days as -en(ioned by *o2ern-en( !f e-ployee o2ers(ays+ days w)ic) are no( appro2ed will be considered as lea2e wi()o'( pay.

8.9 UNPA!$ AUTH R!ME$ LEAKE $'e (o e0cep(ional circ'-s(ances+ ()e co-pany -ay appro2e lea2e wi()o'( pay for a -a0i-'. %)or( lea2e+ of -ore ()an 7 days wi() pay -'s( be s'ppor(ed by a $oc(or<s or )ospi(al cer(ifica(e. !n ()e case of an illness d'rin* ann'al lea2e+ ()e e-ployee is no( en(i(led (o clai.)is5)er i--edia(e -ana*er before 9a.of one B1C -on().8 :edical lea2e $ays of Absence 1s( 1D Calendar $ays Ne0( 90 $ays Any %'bse. Unpaid lea2e 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 37 . %)o'ld an e-ployee<s absence de2elop a )abi('al pa((ern+ ()e H'-an Reso'rces :ana*er will )i*)li*)( ()e concern (o ()e appropria(e -ana*er and ()e :ana*e-en( Co--i((ee for disc'ssion and5or f'r()er in2es(i*a(ion.'en( Period Pay Ra(e 3'll pay Half pay No pay !n ()e e2en( of illness and inabili(y (o con(in'e wor/+ an e-ployee -ay be *ran(ed -edical lea2e as follows4 !n all ins(ances of absence rela(in* (o illness+ ()e e-ployee is re.bac/ lea2e days.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.L.on ()e firs( day of absence. 3or -edical lea2e in e0cess of D days+ ()e abo2e cer(ifica(e -'s( be acco-panied by a -edical repor(.C &'pda(ed  Eid Al Ad)a J 9 day 8. As a -a((er of policy ()e H'-an Reso'rces :ana*er will -oni(or a((endance+ incl'din* absence d'e (o sic/ lea2e.'ired (o infor.

ed all of ()eir accr'ed ann'al lea2e.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. 7 An e-ployee<s re. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 38 .C &'pda(ed periods are no( (a/en in(o considera(ion w)en calc'la(in* ()e End of %er2ice benefi(s or ann'al lea2e accr'als.'es( for 'npaid a'()ori.ed lea2e will only be considered if )e5s)e )as '(ili.L.

HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.L.C &'pda(ed

Chapter fi%e 0u"ine"" trip


175185701929 January 2009

$one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N


HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.L.C &'pda(ed

A b'siness (rip occ'rs w)en an e-ployee is re;'ired (o (ra2el o'(side5inside ()e UAE. 6'siness (rip s(ar(s w)en an e-ployee lea2es )is5 )er )o'se or wor/place for ()is p'rpose and ends w)en s)e5 )e arri2e (o )is5)er base. D.1 Proced'res

Appropria(e appro2als for b'siness (rip s)all be ob(ained as per below -a(ri04 $es(ina(ion !nside co'n(ry $epar(-en( :ana*er "es Presiden( 5 )is $ep'(y No

'(side co'n(ry



D.1.1 E-ployee -'s( ob(ain rele2an( appro2als on >6'siness Trip Re;'isi(ion 3or-? before proceed ()e b'siness (rip. D.1.7 !f an e-ployee beco-es ill d'rin* b'siness (rip+ )is 5)er re*'lar e0penses s)all be paid d'rin* sic/ days pro2ided ()a( )e5s)e presen(s accep(able -edical repor(s and doc'-en(s indica(in* ()e na('re and d'ra(ion of ()e illness. :edical e0penses and )ospi(ali,a(ion cos(s+ if necessary+ s)all be paid by ()e -edical ins'rance+ if co2ered by ()e policy+ or s)all be pro2ided by ()e Co-pany. 6'siness (rip cos( s)all be in ann'al b'd*e( by depar(-en( )eads e2ery year. T)e e-ployee -'s( s'b-i( ()e (ra2el re;'es( -ini-'- D days prior (o ()e o'(side co'n(ry (rip so HR personnel will be able (o do ()e needf'l for 2isa en(ry+ )o(el acco--oda(ion + (ic/e( boo/in* and o()er necessary wor/ on (i-e. T)e e-ployee will be allowed (o e0(end ()e b'siness (rip for personal p'rpose wi() followin* condi(ions4

175185701929 January 2009

$one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N


HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.L.C &'pda(ed

No e0(ra c)ar*es or fees will be paid by co-pany for ()e e0(ension

Arade A 6 C

Per $ie-



AE$ 1D00


Co2ers food+ (a0i+ and e(c

AE$ 1900.1000 1000 .800

900 900

Co2ers food+ (a0i and e(c. Co2er food (a0i and e(c

Period T)e e-ployees ann'al lea2e balance allows for s'c) e0(ension 7C06'siness (rip s)o'ld be by appro2al of board 5*eneral -ana*er . 9CT)e die- will be paid on s'b-i((in* all in2oice T)e e0(ension -'s( be appro2ed by depar(-en( )ead.

 Tic/e( HR personnel based on ()e (ra2el re;'isi(ion d'ly filled and appro2ed by -ana*e-en( s)all do arran*e-en( of (ic/e( boo/in*. HR personnel s)all assis( e-ployee (o ob(ain 2isi(5b'siness 2isa for ()e co'n(ry (o be 2isi(ed. Co-pany will bear ()e 2isa e0penses. No(e4 T)e Presiden( )as ()e ri*)( (o s(op 6'siness Class (ra2el or 'p*rade (ra2el class for all ca(e*ories.
175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N


ed person -'s( appro2e all e0pense clai-s.allowances. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 42 . All e0pendi('re -'s( be s'ppor(ed by ori*inal in2oice5receip(s+ e0cep( for per die.L.wi() ind's(ry T)e per $ie.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.a-o'n( s)all be iden(ified and decided based on re*ion. T)e per die.co2ers e0penses s'c) as food+ (a0i and )o(el+ e0cl'din* (ic/e( and 2isa e0penses for o2erseas (rip. Tic/e( boo/in* s)all be arran*ed as per below (able4 Re*ion =i()in Co'n(ries E0ec'(i2es ACC 6'siness Class :ana*ers Econo-y Class Econo-y class ()er s(aff Econo-y Class Econo-y Class :ore ()an 9 )o'rs Econo-y class fli*)(s T)e followin* (ypes of e0penses are no( incl'ded in ()e (ra2el allowances and s)all be co-pensa(ed a*ains( ori*inal bills5receip(s4 E0cess ba**a*e res'l(in* fro. T)e a'()ori.is se( as per ind's(ry le2el af(er co-pare wi() si-ilar fir.prior (o )is5)er b'siness (rip.e0cess car*o rela(ed (o b'siness !(e-s p'rc)ased for b'siness rela(ed -a((ers C's(o-s paid on b'siness rela(ed i(e-s T)e e-ployee s)all se((le ()e (ra2el clai-s Bif anyC wi()in D wor/in* days fro.C &'pda(ed  Per $ie-s # Rei-b'rse-en( of E0penses Per $ie.()e da(e of re('rn. %ee below e-ail dia*ra-4 E-ployees s)all recei2e ()e per die.

L. E2en w)en clai-in* for (elep)one e0penses+ ()e ori*inal bill is re. Credi( card s(a(e-en(s are no( in2oices and are no( 2alid wi() o'( s'ppor(in* doc'-en(s Any pay-en( is credi( card will be paid be ()e co-pany wi()in ne0( payroll.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. E-ployees will be paid a daily allowance as *i2en below (o co2er cos( of local (ranspor(+ )o(el acco--oda(ion+ -eals+ la'ndry+ 2isa+ airpor( (a0es and o()er inciden(al e0penses.C &'pda(ed P)o(ocopies are no( 2alid s'ppor(in* doc'-en(s. Li-i(a(ion4 !f ()e (rip e0(ends for -ore ()an 8 days in one loca(ion+ ()en ()e (o(al per die.allowance (o co2er ()e cos( of ()eir (ranspor(+ )o(el acco--oda(ion+ -eals+ la'ndry and o()er inciden(al e0penses+ pro2idin* an o2erni*)( s(ay is in2ol2e 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 43 .allowance is (o co2er cos(s associa(ed wi() )o(el acco--oda(ion+ food+ e(c+ w)ic) does no( apply in ()is ins(ance.allowances are calc'la(ed on ()e basis of ac('al n'-ber of (ra2el days+ w)ic) incl'des day of depar('re and day of arri2al e0cep( for (rips wi()in ()e UAE A'idin* principle of ()e per die. Calc'la(ion 4 Per $ie.'ired.allowance for ()e f'll (rip will be red'ced by D0L. And if reac) G days will be ded'c( by E0 L E-ployees+ w)o need (o *o on b'siness (ra2el wi()in ()e UAE+ will be en(i(led (o recei2e a per die.

a(ion doc'-en(s i(s e-ployees< 1ob perfor-ances and de2elop-en( po(en(ials. Proper perfor-ance appraisal pro2ides -ana*e-en( wi() essen(ial infor-a(ion for -a/in* s(ra(e*ic decisions on e-ployee re(en(ion+ ad2ance-en(+ and (er-ina(ion. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 44 .C &'pda(ed C)ap(er E Perfor-ance :ana*e-en( %ys(e- E.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.L.1 Perfor-ance Appraisal Perfor-ance appraisal is a for-al e2al'a(ion proced're by w)ic) ()e or*ani.

HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.)as ()ree basic p)ases4  P)ase .ed by fre. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 45 . e2idence (o s'ppor( disciplinary and T)e -ana*ers5 s'per2isors s)all cond'c( e2al'a(ion of ()eir depar(-en( s(aff perfor-ance once or (wice a year ()a( -ay be necessary in or*ani.'en( personnel c)an*es s'c) as pro-o(ions+ de-o(ions+ layoffs+ (ransfers+ and re(ire-en(s. E.perfor-ance appraisal can affec( ()e e-ployee<s presen( and f'('re<s wor/ be)a2ior. !den(ify and -odify dysf'nc(ional wor/ be)a2ior.7 C)arac(eris(ics f Perfor-ance Appraisal %ys(e- 3or-al appraisal sys(e.)'-an reso'rces needs. T)e depar(-en( -ana*ers -ay 'se appraisal proced'res (o4 Assess ()e po(en(ial of e-ployees for f'('re 1obs and s'**es( appropria(e (rainin* and de2elop-en( pro*ra-s.wi() ()e co-pany<s lon* (er.14 Appraisal plannin* Appraisal plannin* s)o'ld (ies (o*e()er b'siness plans and ()e 1ob ob1ec(i2es of depar(-en(s and indi2id'als+ o()erwise perfor-ance appraisal -ay be wor()less.  P)ase .a(ion c)arac(eri.L. T)e i-ple-en(a(ion of perfor-ance appraisal -'s( be done wi() HR coordina(ion and Presiden(<s appro2al. Personnel decisions deri2ed fro. Carryin* o'( ()e perfor-ance appraisal is ()e responsibili(y of ()e %'per2isor5 :ana*er.74 !-ple-en(a(ion T)is p)ase is opera(ional. Pro2ide doc'-en(ed (er-ina(ion ac(ions.C &'pda(ed T)e perfor-ance appraisal lin/s (rainin*+ de2elop-en(+ and career plannin* pro*ra.a(ion. $esi*n and i-ple-en( -eri( and incen(i2e pro*ra$e(er-ine w)e()er e-ployees recei2e appropria(e co-pensa(ion for ()eir par(ic'lar f'nc(ions and posi(ions in ()e or*ani.

175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 46 . T)e appraisal feedbac/ in(er2iew pro2ides an oppor('ni(y (o clear 'p any -is'nders(andin*s in bo() sides.9 :ana*e-en( by b1ec(i2es B:6 C T)is -e()od specifies ()e perfor-ance *oals ()a( an indi2id'al and )er5)is -ana*er a*ree (o (ry (o a((ain wi()in an appropria(e len*() of (i-e.C &'pda(ed  P)ase .HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. :ana*e-en( s)all p'( ()e res'l(s of e2al'a(ions in(o ac(ion ()ro'*) posi(i2e reinforce-en( or correc(i2e -eas'res.  Appraisal 3eedbac/ Af(er co-ple(in* appraisals+ -ana*ers need (o co--'nica(e ()e res'l(s (o *i2e e-ployees a clear 'nders(andin* of )ow ()ey s(and in ()e eyes of ()eir -ana*ers and ()e or*ani.L.94 E2al'a(ion E2al'a(ion in2ol2es -ore s(ra(e*ic decisions. b1ec(i2es specify ac(ions (o be (a/en or wor/ (o be acco-plis)ed. Ba-bi*'i(y and conf'sion and ()erefore less effec(i2e perfor-ance -ay res'l( w)en a s'perior de(er-ines ()e ob1ec(i2es of indi2id'alC Perfor-ance ob1ec(i2es s)o'ld be -eas'rable and s)o'ld define res'l(. Ka*'e *enerali(ies s'c) as >ini(ia(i2e? and >coopera(ion? w)ic) are co--on in -any appraisals s)o'ld be a2oided. T)e appraisals s)o'ld be disc'ssed wi() e-ployees. !n ()is in(er2iew ()e -ana*er s)o'ld foc's on co'nselin* and de2elop-en( and no( 1's( (ell ()e e-ployee >)ere is )ow yo' ra(e and w)y?.9.1 Ney :6 !deas appraisal sys(e-4 T)ree /ey ass'-p(ions 'nderlie an :6 An e-ployee w)o is in2ol2ed in plannin* and se((in* ob1ec(i2es and de(er-inin* ()e perfor-ance -eas'res (ends (o s)ow a )i*)er le2el of co--i(-en( and perfor-ance.a(ion. Eac) -ana*er -ay se(s ob1ec(i2es deri2ed fro()e o2erall *oals and ob1ec(i2es of ()e or*ani.a(ion. Clearly as precisely iden(ified ob1ec(i2es enco'ra*e ()e e-ployee (o wor/ effec(i2ely (oward ac)ie2in* ()e desired res'l(s. E. E.

BPA3C -'s( be filled w)ene2er ()ere are c)an*es in e-ployee<s s(a('s s'c) as (ransferrin* wi()in depar(-en(s+ pro-o(ion+ or any c)an*es in )is5)er co-pensa(ions.C &'pda(ed E-p)asi. 6e specific abo'( reasons for ra(in*s $ecide on specific s(eps (o be (a/en for i-pro2e-en(.L.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. E-ployees are ra(ed accordin* (o perfor-ance (owards or+ Perfor-ance a*ains( ob1ec(i2es and co-pe(encies are re2iewed as a -ini-'e2ery E -on() ()e end of year appraisal is ()e Ffor-al< appraisal all ()e appraisal for.5 .and ()e final decision for any c)an*es in e-ployee<s s(a('s 'l(i-a(ely res(s wi() ()e KP of ()e co-pany.5 65T • • • • Prepare in ad2ance. Rele2an( depar(-en( -ana*ers -'s( appro2e ()e for.will be pro2ided by H'-an Reso'rces $epar(-en( w)en it is needed. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 47 . • • • $o all ()e (al/in* Lec('re ()e e-ployee :i0 perfor-ance appraisal and salary or pro-o(ion iss'es Concen(ra(e ne*a(i2e only on ()e • -er"onal 1ction 2orm 3 -124 $efini(ion4 T)e personal ac(ion for. T)e Perfor-ance Appraisal process iden(ifies ()e perfor-ance of ()e e-ployee for ()e 17 -on()s of ()e appraisal year.will be pro2ided by HR$. No(e4 T)e perfor-ance appraisal for.in* de2elop-en( *i2es bo() par(ies an oppor('ni(y (o consider()e e-ployee<s perfor-ance as par( of appraisal feedba . 3oc's on perfor-ance and de2elop-en(.

C &'pda(ed C)ap(er G.L. Trainin*# $e2elop-en( 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 48 .HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.

E2al'a(ion 3or-? pro2ided by HR personnel (o enable HR -ana*er and depar(-en(<s )ead (o 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 49 . G.01 Trainin* Proced're All s(aff -e-bers s)all )a2e access (o ()e co-pany<s (rainin* facili(ies ()ro'*) ()e HR depar(-en(.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. T)e *oal of (rainin* is for e-ployees (o -as(er ()e /nowled*e+ s/ills and be)a2iors e-p)asi.'ired (o co-ple(e ()e >Trainin* Pro*ra.(o.'es( for (rainin* pro*ra-s are -ainly (o be se( a( ()e ann'al (rainin* plan accordin* (o (rainin* needs analysis and ann'al b'd*e( by depar(-en( -ana*ers. Re.day ac(i2i(ies.rela(ed co-pe(encies incl'din* /nowled*e+ s/ills+ or be)a2iors ()a( are cri(ical for s'ccessf'l 1ob perfor-ance.ed in (rainin* pro*ra.C &'pda(ed !n order (o *ain co-pe(i(i2e ad2an(a*e ()e co-pany will -a/e e2ery effor( (o facili(a(e e-ployees learnin* of 1ob.and (o apply ()e.(o ()eir day. =)en an e-ployee a((ends (rainin* pro*ra-+ )e 5 s)e is re.L.

T)is in2ol2es )a2in* ()e (rainee 'nders(and )ow (o -ana*e s/ill i-pro2e-en( as well as *e((in* co.C &'pda(ed assess ()e co'rse and iden(ify i( s(ren*()s and wea/ness and necessary re2isions on f'('re co'rse if needed. G. $e2elop an e2al'a(ion plan.7 Trainin* $esi*n Process T)ere s)o'ld be a sys(e-a(ic approac) for de2elopin* (rainin* pro*ra-s+ depar(-en(al -ana*ers s)all consider followin* s(eps in (rainin* process4 Cond'c( a needs assess-en( ()a( is necessary (o iden(ify if (rainin* is needed.9 :e()ods Use in Needs Assess-en( 3ollowin* -e()ods s)all be 'sed (o cond'c( needs assess-en( incl'din*4 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 50 .'es( (o HR depar(-en( wi() )is5)er appro2al.L. C)oose ()e (rainin* -e()od based on ()e learnin* ob1ec(i2es and learnin* en2iron-en(. T)e final appro2al (o de(er-ine if (rainin* pro*ra. Crea(e a learnin* en2iron-en( ()a( )as ()e fea('res necessary for learnin* (o occ'r.wor/er and -ana*er s'ppor(. G.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.and -a/in* c)an*es in i( or re2isin* any of ()e earlier s(eps in ()e process (o i-pro2e ()e pro*ra.will -ee( ()e co-pany<s s(ra(e*y s)all be *ran(ed by H'-an Reso'rce :ana*er. Ens're ()a( (rainees apply ()e (rainin* con(en( (o ()eir 1obs. T)is incl'des iden(ifyin* w)a( (ypes of o'(co-es (rainin* is e0pec(ed (o infl'ence. $epar(-en( -ana*er is responsible for need assess-en( process wi() e-ployee<s in2ol2e-en( and send ()e (rainin* re. Ens're ()a( e-ployees )a2e ()e -o(i2a(ion and basic s/ills necessary (o -as(er (rainin* con(en(.so ()a( learnin* ob1ec(i2es are ob(ained. E2al'a(e ()e pro*ra.

n. G.()e (rainin* needs analysis. @ob Trainin* T)e -a1ori(y of (rainin* carried o'( wi()in ()e co-pany will be on 1ob (rainin*.'es(ioner (o iden(ify /nowled*e+ s/ills and o()er c)arac(eris(ics re. New or ine0perienced e-ployees learn ()ro'*) obser2in* peers or -ana*ers perfor-in* ()e 1ob and (ryin* (o i-i(a(e ()eir be)a2ior.'ired for ()e 1ob.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. Assess w)e()er ()e con(en(+ or*ani.  n . !den(ify ()e pro*ra-<s wea/nesses and s(ren*()s. T)is incl'des de(er-inin* if ()e pro*ra.C &'pda(ed bser2in* e-ployee perfor-in* ()e 1ob As/in* e-ployee (o co-ple(e .)o'se (rainin* co'rses eac) year+ w)ic) will be de2eloped in response (o ()e (rainin* re.08 Assess-en( of Trainin* Pro*ra6efore cond'c(in* ()e (rainin* pro*ra-+ i( -'s( be e2al'a(ed (o disco2er ()e followin* fac(ors4 1. 7.'ire-en(s+ co-plied fro.  6ondin* Policy 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 51 .()e pro*ra- 9. $e(er-ine ()e cos( of pro*raCo-pare ()e cos(s and benefi(s of differen( (rainin* pro*ra-s (o c)oose ()e bes( one. T)e co-pany r'ns a n'-ber of in.is -ee(in* ()e learnin* ob1ec(i2es.incl'din* ()e sc)ed'le+ acco--oda(ions+ (rainers+ and -a(erials con(rib'(e (o learnin* and ()e 'se of (rainin* con(en( on ()e 1ob.1ob (rainin* s)all be 'sef'l (o 'p*rade e0perienced e-ployees< s/ills w)en new (ec)nolo*y is in(rod'ced+ cross.L. (rainin* e-ployees wi()in a depar(-en( or wor/ 'ni(+ and orien(in* (ransferred or pro-o(ed e-ployee (o ()eir new 1ob. !den(ify w)ic) (rainee benefi(s -os( or leas( fro.a(ion+ and ad-inis(ra(ion of ()e pro*ra.

C)ap(er 8 Heal() safe(y en2iron-en( proced'res for wor/ place 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 52 .HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. T)e cos( of (rainin* pro*ra.and o()er e0penses as -en(ioned abo2e s)all be di2ided in(o n'-ber of -on()s wi()in bondin* period and for e2ery -on() of e-ployee<s ser2ices wi() ()e co-pany+ bond will be a'(o-a(ically red'ced.L.C &'pda(ed $epar(-en( :ana*ers -ay no-ina(e e-ployees for e0(ernal5in(ernal (rainin* co'rses on selec(i2e basis accordance wi() or*ani. T)e co-pany )as ()e ri*)( (o bond ()e e-ployee for all ini(ial cos(s incl'din* b'( no( li-i(ed (o (rainin* cos(+ )o(el+ (ranspor(a(ion+ or any o()er e0penses ()a( s)o'ld be pro2ided (o e-ployee d'rin* (rainin* pro*ra-.()e firs( da(e of prod'c(i2i(y af(er co-ple(ion of (rainin* pro*ra-.a(ional s(ra(e*y and HR policy. $epar(-en( )ead will decide ()e period of bondin* and ()e bondin* period will be s(ar(ed fro.

free.ards in ()e wor/place are per2asi2e and serio's.L. All e-ployees s)all be co--i((ed (o+ and acco'n(able for+ i-ple-en(in*+ -ain(ainin*+ -eas'rin*+ and i-pro2in* ()e en2iron-en(al+ )eal() and safe(y pro*ra-s of ()e Co-pany.'ali(y of ()e en2iron-en(.free+ safe and )eal()y wor/in* en2iron-en(.ards and pro(ec( ()e e-ployees a*ains( i( (o w)ic) ()ey -ay be e0posed w)ile perfor-in* ()eir 1obs. 8.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.1 Aeneral %afe(y Proced'res in =or/ %)op E en2iron-en(ally E 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 53 . All aspec(s f b'siness are -ana*ed in a safe and responsible -anner in accordance wi() ()e Principles se( for() in ()is policy. No 1ob is 100L ris/.ard.C &'pda(ed !n(rod'c(ion4 T)e co-pany is co--i((ed (o a sec're+ safe and )eal()y wor/place and en2iron-en(. !( is ()e co-pany responsibili(y 'nder UAE 3ederal Law (o pro2ide a )a. T)ese ac(ions benefi( o'r c's(o-ers+ s)are)olders+ e-ployees and ()e p'blic+ bo() now and for ()e f'('re+ w)ile i-pro2in* ()e . T)e co-pany s)all display de(ailed ins(r'c(ions in a conspic'o's posi(ion a( ()e wor/place indica(in* ()e -eas'res (o be (a/en (o pre2en( )a. Heal() )a.

1 %afe(y Hel-e( T)e s)op personnel are re.L.1.'ali(y con(rol+ s'per2isors+ s(ore/eepers and s'perin(enden(s are re. BPPEC 8.'ired (o 'se personal pro(ec(i2e e.1. =elders will 'se special safe(y boo(s for e0(ra pro(ec(ion. 8.9.D %afe(y Ao**les %afe(y *o**les or s)aded eye*lasses -'s( be worn w)ile opera(in* c)ippin* )a--er+ fric(ion saw+ )and *rinder+ s(a(ionary *rinder +wood wor/in* -ac)ines+ or 'sin* *as c'((in* e. 8.'ired (o wear ()e %afe(y )el-e( accordin* (o below -en(ioned desi*na(ed colors4 =)i(e colored )el-e( is for ffice personnel+ e0ec'(i2es+ fore-en and lead )ands 6l'e colored )el-e( s)all be 'sed by plan( wor/ers Areen colored s)all be 'sed by -ain(enance personnel "ellow colored )el-e( will be 'sed by Kisi(ors 8.C &'pda(ed !n accordance (o ()e co-pany<s Heal() # %afe(y Policy+ ()e en(ire wor/s)op personnel are re.7 %afe(y %)oes5 6oo(s All wor/s)op personnel incl'din* .HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.1. T)e e0ac( -odel is specified in ()e wor/s(a(ion safe(y analysis s)ee(. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 54 .1.=orn o'( or da-a*ed boo(s -'s( be replaced i--edia(ely. 8. Hand Alo2es $'e (o con(in'al close con(ac( wi() s)arp ed*es of s(eel -a(erial in Plan(+ wor/ers -'s( wear )and *lo2es of ()e 2arie(y defined by ()e wor/s(a(ion safe(y analysis.8 Apron # @ac/e( All welders+ (ec)nicians+ -ec)anics+ wor/in* on wor/in* area processes incl'din* (ic/ers will 'se aprons for fron(al and 'pper body pro(ec(ion.'ired (o wear safe(y s)oes.1. 6oo(s # s)oes -'s( be laced 'p (o a2oid en(an*le-en( . =elders will 'se lea()er *lo2es for e0(ra pro(ec(ion a*ains( )ea(.'ip-en( and d'rin* fabrica(ion process.'ip-en(s d'rin* wor/in* )o'rs.

8 Respira(ory Pro(ec(ion T)ere are -any (as/s in2ol2in* e0pos're (o f'-es+ *ases and d's(s ()a( are )ar-f'l (o ()e )'-an respira(ory sys(e-.d'rin* wor/in* )o'rs. T)e co-pany s)all (rain a *ro'p of wor/ers in fire fi*)(in* and pro(ec(ion -eas'res w)o will a((end fire inciden( ()a( -ay )appen.'ip-en( a( )ei*)( are re.'ired (o wear safe(y bel(s and lanyards for ()eir pro(ec(ion a*ains( fall. !f for so-e reasons ()ey are no( a2ailable+ personal apparel worn s)o'ld be co-pa(ible wi() %afe(y. 8. =or/ers are s(ron*ly ad2ised (o wear ()e. 8.'ired (o 'se i( 8. 8. 3ire s(ar(s w)en ()e ()ree ele-en(s of fire (rian*le are presen(.10 3ire 3i*)(in* and Pro(ec(ion 3ire is one of ()e deadly+ fearso-e and da-a*in* disas(ers ()a( can occ'r b'( i( co'ld be pre2en(ed by incorpora(in* co--onsense principle.E 2erall5Co2erall 2eralls pro2ided (o fac(ory personnel are desi*ned for ind's(rial safe(y.1.1.1.'ps. T)e )ea(+ f'el Bwood+ paper+ *as+ or o()er fla--ablesC and o0y*en. T'c/ in s)ir(.'ired (o wear respira(ory pro(ec(ion li/e -as/s and respira(or.1. A2oidin* fire -eans no( allowin* all ()ree (o co-bine.L. Use lon* slee2e co((on s)ir(s+ close fi((in* (ro'sers wi()o'( ('rn. All wor/ers are re. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 55 .G Hearin* Pro(ec(ion =elders+ -ec)anics+ all s(aff wi() in ()e wor/ s)op are pro2ided wi() )earin* pro(ec(ors+ -'ffs and pl'*s+ (o be 'sed d'rin* c)ippin* process re.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.C &'pda(ed 8.9 %afe(y 6el(s :ain(enance crews wor/in* on o2er)ead cranes or o()er e.1.

ards (o w)ic) ()ey -ay e0posed w)ile perfor-in* ()eir wor/. 3irs( aid /i(s5cabine(s are placed and -ain(ained in eac) -a1or wor/in* s(a(ion wi() s'pplies c)ec/ed re*'larly. T)e repor( -'s( be sen( (o HR depar(-en( i--edia(ely.1. Pro-p( /nowled*eable (rea(-en( of in1'red wor/er will in -any cases pre2en( -inor in1'ries frobeco-in* -a1or one. %'c) ins(r'c(ion will be in Arabic and En*lis). 8. All personnel are re.'ired.C &'pda(ed A'idelines in case of 3ire inciden(4 !n case of fire brea/in* o'( in ()e wor/ place+ ()e person w)o no(ices i( s)o'ld i--edia(ely 'se ()e neares( fire alar.L.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. G 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 56 . 3ire 6ri*ade Gs)o'ld be infor-ed i--edia(ely w)en ()eir assis(ance is re.and press ()e bo((o.by brea/in* ()e *lass+ w)ic) co2ered ()e alar-. !-por(an( No(es4 T)e fore-an5 represen(a(i2e of eac) wor/in* s(a(ion are responsible (o prepare a repor( in case of in1'ry and -a1or acciden(s. %ec'ri(y personnel s)o'ld be aler(ed (o -a/e arran*e-en( (o recei2e fire bri*ade a( *a(es wi()o'( any delay. T)e co-pany s)all display de(ailed ins(r'c(ions in conspic'o's posi(ions a( ()e wor/place indica(in* ()e -eas'res (o be (a/en (o pre2en( fire and pro(ec( ()e e-ployees a*ains( )a.11 3irs( Aid =)ile e-p)asis is placed on ()e pre2en(ion of acciden( and in1'ries+ acciden( do occ'rs.'ired (o e0i( ()e plan( and -o2e (o a safe place.

'ali(y and (o con(rib'(e (o ()e )eal() and well. T)is is P'blic Rela(ion fficer Responsibili(y (o co--'nica(e wi() Police 'nder ()e s'per2ision of HR :ana*er. Eyes(rain can be -ini-i. T)e e-ployee w)o wears spec(acles -ay need a separa(e pair of *lasses (o wor/ efficien(ly a( a co-p'(er.C &'pda(ed T)e repor( s)all indica(e ()e e-ployee<s na-e+ a*e+ occ'pa(ion+ address+ na(ionali(y and con(ain a brief acco'n( of occ'rrence+ i(s circ'-s(ances and -edical aid or (rea(-en( pro2ided.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. Re*'lar s(re(c)in* brea/s e2ery )o'r or so and easy ran*e of -o(ion e0ercises for ()e nec/ and s)o'lder are 's'ally )elpf'l. 8 U. !( s)o'ld be a( ()e sa-e (ypin* )ei*)( as ()e /eyboard and wi()in easy reac). %)o'lder and wris( pain )a2e acco-panied ()e addi(ion of ()e co-p'(er -o'se (o ()e des/(op. Also i( s)all con(ain ()e s(a(e-en(s of ()e wi(nesses+ co-pany represen(a(i2e and ()e e-ployee if )is5)er condi(ion per-i(s.17 Co-p'(er Er*ono-ics Upper bac/ and nec/ s(iffness is co--on in e-ployees w)o -ain(ain a s(a(ic pos('re for a lon* period wi() des/ 1obs. !( s)all indica(e w)e()er ()e occ'rrence was connec(ed wi() ()e e-ployee<s wor/ or i( was delibera(e or res'l(ed of *ross -iscond'c( on e-ployee<s par(. Nec/ and s)o'lder co-plain(s are also co--on in people w)o spend a lo( of (i-e on ()e (elep)one. 8 T)e -a1or inciden(s -'s( be repor(ed (o police i--edia(ely.1.E 3ederal Law. 8. %-o/e 3ree =or/place To pro(ec( and en)ance o'r indoor air .A.ed if ()e e-ployee /eeps ()e screen clean+ ad1's(s ()e bri*)(ness and con(rols *lare Bspecial fil(ers are a2ailableC.bein* of all e-ployees+ ()e co-pany s)all be en(irely s-o/e free. Ar(icle 187 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 57 . A )eadse( is a si-ple+ effec(i2e re-edy for ()is proble-. T)e -o'se is of(en posi(ioned (oo )i*) and (oo far away.L.

175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 58 . T)is incl'des co--on wor/ areas+ (rainin* roo-s+ conference and -ee(in* roo-s+ pri2a(e offices+ )allways+ res(roo-s+ and all o()er enclosed facili(ies.C &'pda(ed %-o/in* is pro)ibi(ed in all of ()e enclosed areas wi()in ()e co-pany wor/si(es and ca-p+ wi()o'( e0cep(ion. 3ail're (o co-ply wi() all of ()e co-ponen(s of ()is policy will res'l( in disciplinary ac(ion TER:!NAT! N 3 E:PL ":ENT C NTRACT =)ils( responsibili(y for ini(ia(in* (er-ina(ion of an e-ployee res(s wi() depar(-en( -ana*er+ in all cases i( will be necessary (o cons'l( wi() ()e HR -ana*er (o ens're ()a( 1's(ifiable *ro'nds e0is(+ ()a( s'c) *ro'nds are ade. T)e e-ploy-en( con(rac( s)all con(in'e (o be 2alid ()ro'*)o'( ()e period of no(ice and s)all be e0pired on ()e end of no(ice period. T)is )elps (o /eep a nea( and clean en2iron-en( for all e-ployees and o'r 2isi(in* par(ners and c's(o-ers.L. No addi(ional brea/s are allowed (o any e-ployee w)o s-o/es. T)e only desi*na(ed s-o/in* area is o'(doors. 3inally+ s-o/ers and 'sers of (obacco prod'c(s -'s( dispose of ()e re-ains in ()e proper con(ainers. As per co-pany policy ()e d'ra(ion of no(ice period is considered 90 days fro.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.()e (i-e of (er-ina(ion of con(rac(. Ter-ina(ion of E-ploy-en( Con(rac( As per UAE 3ederal law ()e con(rac( of e-ploy-en( s)all be (er-ina(ed by ei()er par(y pro2ided ()a( ()e pro2isions of ()e law re*ardin* ()e period of no(ice are obser2ed.'a(ely doc'-en(ed and (o ens're ()a( (er-ina(ion of con(rac( is applied s(ric(ly in confor-i(y wi() le*al and con(rac('al obli*a(ions.

'ired (o perfor.  !f ()e e-ployee disobeys ins(r'c(ions respec(in* ind's(rial safe(y or safe(y of wor/ place or does no( perfor.L.  !f ()e e-ployee -a/es a -is(a/e res'l(in* in s'bs(an(ial -a(erial loss for ()e e-ployer. T)e e-ployee s)all be en(i(led in respec( of ()e no(ice period (o f'll pay calc'la(ed on ()e basis of )is5)er las( re-'nera(ion and )e5s)e is re.  !f ()e e-ployee is absen( fro.)is 5 )er d'(ies.  !f ()e e-ployee discloses any confiden(ial infor-a(ion (o a ()ird par(y.)is5)er wor/ wi()o'( a 2alid reason for -ore ()a( 70 non.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. T)e 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 59 .)is5)er wor/s d'rin* ()is period.consec'(i2e days or -ore ()an se2en consec'(i2e days.C &'pda(ed Co-pany -ay dis-iss and e-ployee wi() o'( no(ice in any of ()e followin* cases and -ay incl'de any o()er reason as -en(ioned per UAE labor  !f ()e e-ployee adop(s a false iden(i(y or na(ionali(y or s'b-i(s for*ed cer(ifica(es or doc'-en(s.  !f ()e e-ployee is en*a*ed on proba(ion and is dis-issed d'rin* ()e proba(ionary or on i(s e0piry.  !f w)ile wor/in* ()e e-ployee assa'l(s ()e e-ployer ()e responsible -ana*er or any of )is 5)er wor/-a(es. $'rin* proba(ionary period one wee/ no(ice period is re. No(ice of Ter-ina(ion 5 Resi*na(ion !n case an e-ployee wor/s on daily basis ()e period of no(ice s)all be considered one wee/ if e-ployee )as been e-ployed for -ore ()an si0 -on()s b'( less ()an one year.  !f ()e e-ployee is fo'nd in a s(a(e of dr'n/enness or 'nder ()e infl'ence of a dr'* d'rin* wor/in* )o'rs.'ired by -ana*e-en( appro2al.

%alary 'p (o and incl'din* ()e las( wor/in* day. =)ere an e-ployee fails (o *i2e ()e no(ice of ()e (er-ina(ion of e-ploy-en( con(rac( or red'ce ()e period of no(ice+ )e 5 s)e are obli*a(ed (o pay co-pensa(ion (o ()e co-pany called >co-pensa(ion in lie' of no(ice?. !n case w)ere ()e e-ployers pro2ide acco--oda(ion (o ()e e-ployee+ ()e e-ployee s)all be obli*ed (o 2aca(e ()e pre-ises by end of no(ice period. $ea() !f an e-ployee dies d'rin* )is5)er ser2ices wi() ()e co-pany ()e co-pany s)all pro2ide e2ery s'ppor( (o )is 5)er fa-ily and (ransfer )is5)er final d'es and life ins'rance a-o'n(.'al (o ()e e-ployee<s re-'nera(ion in respec( of ()e en(ire period of no(ice or ()e (i-e by w)ic) was red'ced. Repa(ria(ion n ()e (er-ina(ion of e-ploy-en( con(rac(+ ()e co-pany s)all pay ()e cos( of re('rnin* ()e e-ployee (o ()e dis(ric( fro. Accr'ed lea2e pay (o ()e effec(i2e da(e of (er-ina(ion 5 resi*na(ion.w)ere )e was recr'i(ed or (o any o()er place a*reed 'pon be(ween ()e (wo par(ies. T)e cos( for re('rn of ()e e-ployee -eans ()e 2al'e of )is (ra2el (ic/e(. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 60 . T)e said co-pensa(ion s)all be e.L. End of %er2ice 6enefi(s End of ser2ice benefi(s s)all be paid based 'pon le*al and con(rac('al pro2isions for (er-ina(ion of ser2ices as follows4 1.HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L.C &'pda(ed co-pany or ()e e-ployee -ay a*ree (o red'ce or increase ()e period of no(ice. 7.

!n addi(ion+ 2aca(ion balance and o()er. 175185701929 January 2009 $one by 4HR :ana*er H %%A:HU%%E!N 61 .HR P L!C" # PR CE$URE% &AALAT L. T)e days of absence fro.C &'pda(ed As per UAE 3ederal Law Ar(icle 197+ if an e-ployee )as co-ple(ed a period of one year of con(in'es ser2ices+ )e 5 s)e s)all be en(i(le (o se2erance pay. 71 days for firs(D years 7. End of ser2ice benefi( will be calc'la(ed as followin* 1. 90 days for ()e ne0( D years :a0i-'-4 ()e end of ser2ices benefi( s)o'ld no( e0ceed ()e salary of 78 -on()s.wor/ or lea2e days wi()o'( pay s)all no( be incl'ded in calc'la(in* ()e period of ser2ices.L.

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