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Social Media for Business

Social Media for Business

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Published by Elio Assuncao
Pwerpoint Presentation on Social Media for Business.
Pwerpoint Presentation on Social Media for Business.

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Published by: Elio Assuncao on Jun 09, 2010
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People will soon be making and sharing with the same creativity and facility we associate with writing

today, that is the revolution

Honesty of Opinion ´ Honesty of Identity ´ Honesty of Relationship ´ Act like everyone is your friend

It·s not going away ´ It·s happening with or without you ´ Important but not urgent to act ´ How to start, Preparation ² Execution ´ Produce Content that appeals to social savvy audiences ´ Google, Bing now integrate social media data on their results ´ Users Suggestive Searches and Links ´ Compliment and Interact

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