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Since the invasion of Tibet in 1949, the Chinese occupation has resulted in the deaths of over a million Tibetans. Imprisonment and torture continue to this day with hundreds of political prisoners currently held. The basic freedoms of speech, religion, and assembly are strictly limited in Tibet, and arbitrary arrests continue. Many monks and nuns have been imprisoned and tortured for refusing to denounce the Dalai Lama. Tibetans are becoming an oppressed minority in their own country, denied basic human rights by the Chinese occupation. Tibetan children are not even allowed to learn their own language in school. China pledged to improve its human rights record in Tibet if it hosted the 2008 Olympics. This is being ignored. Over 20,000 foreign journalists will cover the Olympics in China. We must ensure that China’s promise of media freedom is kept to expose what is happening in Tibet. Thousands of Tibetans still flee every year from their home, making the treacherous journey over the Himalayas into a world of exile. Many people includign children die making this journey The Chinese government ‘developments’ in Tibet mainly benefit the new majority Chinese, not Tibetans. Education and healthcare are often neglected whereas facilities supporting heavy militarisation receive sizable investment. Tibet's fragile environment is endangered by Chinese mining, nuclear waste dumping and extensive deforestation. The international community, including the United Nations have done very little to address the issue of China’s illegal occupation of Tibet.


Foreign investments in Chinese companies allow the development of Tibet as a resource extraction colony and legitimise exploitative projects that harm Tibet’s environment.

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