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S.Y. 2009-2010
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General Directions: 1. Read the following test items and select the correct answer. 2. Blacken the circle of your answer. 3. If you do not know the answer to the question, skip it. Return to that question later. 4. Do the best you can. Do not guess at the answer.
I. READING COMPREHENSION letter of your choice. Selection 1 whose stature and contribution to the intellectual growth of society is made through constant reading and the common tao who has understood the printed word if he is not left behind, if one does not form the habit of reading. Conversely, if one avails of the wealth available through printed word, the task of And this precisely is the reason or the theme of the year's observance of Reading, the bard once said, makes a full man. This is true for the scholar, Read the following selections and answer the questions that follow. Choose the

developing a person, a community and the nation is made easier, more wholesomely.

National Book Week, a project of the Integrated Library Association which we endorse wholeheartedly. OOOO 1. What is the best title of the article? ABCD Man A. A Captive of Ignorance B. The Common Tao and Reading A. developed C. Reading Makes a Full D. National Book Week

OOOO 2. What will happen to a person who doesn't have the habit of reading? ABCD B. left behind C. without a friend D. faces a difficult life

OOOO 3. If everyone reads, what will happen to the task of developing nations? ABCD A. hard B. delicate C. difficult D. easier and wholesome

Selection 2 the course of an ordinary school, you have a wide range of experiences which may become possible materials for written composition. Each experience written up in a single paragraph provides opportunities to write the forms of composition, narrative, description, exposition and argument in small units. How long will depend upon how much material you have to put into them. The important thing about writing a to the purpose or main idea which gives the paragraph its unity. paragraph is that every detail and every sentence in it must have a close relationship As students, you should spend valuable practice in learning how to write well. In

OOOO 4. What is the paragraph all about? ABCD A. Learning to write well B. The four types of composition

C. Materials for written composition OOOO 5. What topic provides a rich source for writing a composition? ABCD A. School experience B. New articles in newspapers C. Close relationship with nature D. Trips to malls and tourists spots OOOO 6. Which is the important thing about writing a paragraph? ABCD A. main idea which gives the paragraph its reason C. there should be a good paper and pen D. each letter in it must be bold Selection 3 Everybody has a patron saint and every patron saint has a feast day. When the B. every detail and sentence in it must have a close relationship D. Making writing a profitable experience

patron saint’s feast day comes, it is fiesta time. We see the decoration hung over the town's main streets. The local band strikes up a tune and visitors come from different in every region. Such is the case with the pagan minorities in the North and with the Muslim in the South. town and barrios. The celebrations are as diverse as there are customs and traditions

OOOO 7. What is inferred in the selection? ABCD A. Filipinos are music lovers. B. Visitors come from different towns.

C. Fiestas are common in the Philippines. OOOO 8. Based on the text, what is its main idea? ABCD A. Filipinos are thrifty. 2 D. The Philippines is composed of many towns.

B. Filipinos are peace-loving people C. Filipinos are lovers of saints. D. Filipinos would not celebrate the feast day without money. A. Children play in the street.

OOOO 9. Which of the statements proves that fiesta is popular among Filipinos? ABCD B. Party goers attend the party. C. Many are dressed in new clothes. D. Visitors come from different barrios to join the celebration. II. VOCABULARY underlined word through its context. A. Read each sentence carefully. Select from the choices the meaning of the

OOOO 10. Don Magno is a wealthy old man who lived in Villa Magdalena. ABCD ABCD ABCD OOOO 11. Pauline is a vivacious young lady. She always makes her friends laugh. OOOO 12. He has a gay disposition that is why everybody likes him and A. cheerful Filipinos. there is no problem he can't face. B. grave C. gentle D. wild A. caring B. honest C. lively D. understanding A. corrupt B. healthy C. poor D. rich

OOOO 13. The president should do something to alleviate poverty level of the ABCD A. improve III. SPELLING ABCD B. lessen C. maximize D. avoid

Select the letter of the word that is spelled correctly. B. valnerable B. garrulus B. vivacius B. voluptuous B. munotonous C. vulnirable C. monotonous D. valnirable D. monotunus D.

OOOO 14. A. vulnerable OOOO 15. A. monutonous OOOO 16. A. garulous garrulous vevicious

C. garrolous C. vevacious

OOOO 17. A. vivacious OOOO 18. A. vuluptous


C. vuloptuous

D. voloptous


For each item, select from the four choices the correct answer. Reprinted 1997 Copyright 1995 by Phoenix Publishing House, Inc., and Josephine B. Serrano 3

OOOO 19. Which part of the book contains the entry above? ABCD A. Copyright Page B. Index C. Table of Contents D. Title Page

OOOO 20. What part of the book that is like a little dictionary gives the ABCD A. Appendix meaning of the words? B. Bibliography C. Glossary D. Preface

REVIEW OF BASIC SENTENCE PATTERNS Lesson 1. Subject and Predicate ................................... 2 2. Kinds of sentences …...................................... 3. Expansion of Basic Sentence Patterns ….13 8

4. Review of Phrase ….................................. 20

OOOO 21. Which part of the book contains the entry above? ABCD A. Body of the book B. Foreword

C. Index

D. Table of Contents

H1N1 Swine Flu Likely to Worsen
OOOO 22. Where in the newspaper can be possibly seen the entry above? ABCD A. Editorial Page B. Front Page C. Obituary Page D. Sports Page

OOOO 23. Which section of the newspaper contains the death notices? ABCD A. Classified Ads Section B. Entertainment Section D. Provincial News Section C. Obituary Page

OOOO 24. A section of the news paper designed to entertain and amuse the ABCD A. Business Section B. Entertainment Section
899.21 E398.2P


C. Front Page D. Obituary Page

The Folk Tales

by Eugenio, Damiana L. c 1989

OOOO 25. The above catalog card is an example of _________. ABCD A. an author card B. an index card
PL 899.21

C. a subject card D. a title card PHILIPPINE LITERATURE Philippine Folk Literature Complied and Edited by Damiana L. Eugenio

Quezon City, UP Folklorists, 1989 4

7V (Phil. Literature Series)

OOOO 26. What catalog card contains the entry above? ABCD A. B. author card report card C. subject card D. title card

899.21 E398.2P

Eugenio, Damiana L. Philippine Folk Literature, Comp. & ed. Q.C., UP Folklorists, c 1989. 7V (Phil. Literature Series) I Phil. Literature

OOOO 27. The entry above is an example of a/an __________. ABCD A. an author card B. an index card C. a subject card D. a title card

V. SPEAKING ABCD Classify the following words according to the sound produced. A. /iy/ A. /ⵉ/ A. /iy/ B. /ey/ B. /I / B. /ͻ/ B. /iy/ B. /ow/ C. /ⵉ/ D. /ow/

OOOO 28. best OOOO 29. will OOOO 30. eight OOOO 31. goal OOOO 32. seek VI. GRAMMAR

C. /iy/ C. /I / C. /ͻ/ C. /iy/

D. /ͻ/ D. /I / D. /ͻ/ D. /ey/

A. /ow/ A. /I /

A. Identify the pattern used in the following sentences. Select your answer from the choices below.

OOOO 33. Mr. Montes made his reply very short. ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD A. S-LV-C B. S-TV-DO-OC



OOOO 34. The coach appointed Edward as captain of the team. A. S-TV-DO-OC A. S-TV-DO A. S-LV-C B. S-LV-C OOOO 35. The students are behaved.



OOOO 36. He considers his father his best friend. B. S-TV-IO-DO

OOOO 37. The tidal wave sank the ship. ABCD A. S-TV-DO-OC



D. S-LV-C box below.

B. Identify the pattern used. Select the answer from the A. Full form B. Reduced form ABCD C. Nominal definition D. Expanded definition

OOOO 38. Friendship is a special relationship which is cultivated and characterOOOO 39. A lyric poem that has 14 lines is a sonnet. OOOO 40. Linguistic is a science which studies language. OOOO 41. A composer is a person who composes a song. VII. LITERATURE Inferring Character Traits Infer character traits based on what the speaker says or does. ized by mutual trust.

OOOO 42. “Go away! Leave me alone!” ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD OOOO 43. “Look Sarah, the fiireworks are so wonderful.” A. bored B. glad C. irritated C. kind A. angry B. glad C. nervous D. sad D. nervous D. weak

OOOO 44. The girl cannot make up her mind as to what she really likes. OOOO 45. “Ronald, you fool, answer me before I lay my hand on you.” A. courteous B. generous C. hot-headed D. sad A. choosy B. daring

OOOO 46. David answered back because he was scolded by his mother. ABCD A. happy B. giving C. loving D. impolite


Read the letter below and answer the questions that follow. 46 A. Mabini St., Sta. Rita Subd., Marikina, Metro Manila August 09, 2009

Dear Tricia, It's my birthday on Saturday, August 15. I have invited all our friends to my party. Please come and let's have fun. We will play tricks, sing and dance the whole afternoon.

Hope you can come.


Sincerely, Farrah

OOOO 47. Who wrote the letter? ABCD ABCD ABCD OOOO 48. Whose address should appear in the heading? A. mother B. postman C. receiver A. May B. Farrah C. Farrah's mother D. Tricia D. sender

OOOO 49. Which of the following is correct in writing the complimentary close? A. Your Friend B. Your friend, C. Your Friend, D. Your friend

OOOO 50. What type of letter is the above example? ABCD A. Letter of Excuse B. Letter of Invitation

C. Love letter

D. Thank You Letter


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