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Mr.Rehan Shaukat
Aamir Shehzad MBA-FA08-002
Muhammad Shafqat MBA-FA08-094
Taimoor Abdullah MBA-FA08-150
06 February, 2010.

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore

Advertisement & Event Management

What are the advertising Agencies???

Advertising agency is a business that assists advertisers in all stages of the advertising
process - from account management and planning to message creation, media
planning, and research
(Bergh & Katz, 1999, p.29)

Advertising agencies are service companies that specialise in planning and execution of
advertising programmes for their clients
(Belch & Belch, 1990, p.61-63)

An advertising agency acts on the basis of an assignment placed by the client in which
the client also delegates some decision making authority to the agency
(Mills, 1990)

In most cases the agency makes the creative and media decisions. Often it supplies
supporting market research as well, and may even be involved in the total marketing
plan. The activities undertaken and the amount of autonomy allowed to the agency vary
from one relation ship to another.
(Aaker & Myers, 1987, p.10)

Advertising services can be defined as packages of activities that are offered to other
companies and which concern the planning, production and / or delivery of advertising.
Advertising services are bought and designed to improve the purchasing company's
performance and well-being
(Wilson, 1982)

Advertising Agencies in Pakistan 2

Advertisement & Event Management

This assignment covers the introduction and details of three major advertising agencies
in Pakistan. We have selected Manhattan Pakistan Limited (MPL), Pirana Group and
International Advertising Limited (IAL) for this purpose. The assignment is started from
the Manhattan Pakistan Limited (MPL)’s details in which we have explained its
introduction, history, services offered by MPL and the list of its major clients. MPL was
the first Pakistan-owned advertising agency and started its business in 1954 at that time
capital of Pakistan Karachi. Currently, MPL has a team of professionals consists on
more than 100 professionals. The agency is providing its services to many Government
and Army institutes like The Board of Investment Pakistan, Capital Development
Authority (CDA), Higher Education Commission (HEC), COMSATS, Pakistan
Telecommunication Authority, Pakistan Television, Frontier Works Organization (FWO),
Askari Bank Limited etc.

Next we have presented the information about Pirana Group which includes the vision,
values, spirit, creative excellence and its major clients. The agency claims as it is
providing fresh ideas and cost efficiency to its clients. The agency is focusing on its
talented human resource to make an edge in the market. It is affiliated with M & C
Saatchi in Pakistan and also its regional presence in Dubai, Karachi, Lahore, London,
and Kabul. The major clients are Dawn News, NOVARTIS PHARMA (PAKISTAN) LTD,
Engro Foods, Habib Oil Mills, Makro Cash and Carry and National Investment Trust

After Pirana Group we have presented the information about International Advertising
(PVT) Limited (IAL) in which you can get knowledge about IAL’s history, philosophy,
vision, motto, credentials, and its major clients. The agency started its business in 1966
and PIA was its first client after it, IAL showed a persistent growth and provided its
services to other big companies like Procter & Gamble and National Bank Limited. It
has won many awards including the “Agency of the Year Award- Adweek & Adage” as
well as the #1 Creative Agency at Cannes. Today IAL has a long list of clients including
Ariel, Engro Foods Limited, Head & Shoulders, Mobilink, National Foods, PIA,
Safeguard, PSO and Pampers. In the end we have concluded the whole work.

Advertising Agencies in Pakistan 3

Advertisement & Event Management


Manhattan Pakistan Limited ((MPL) was the first Pakistan-owned
owned ad agencies to enter
Pakistan’s advertising arena and have remained one of the front
runner ever since.
Today MPL ranks as one of the top agencies in terms of business volume and client

Serving the promotional needs of numerous clients both Above The Line (ATL)1 and
through Below The Line (BTL)2 for the lastt four decades, Manhattan Pakistan
Pakis has now
entered in its fifth decade with the fervor to build brands through consumer insights by
converting buyers into brand believers.

MPL first saw the light of day in 1954 and established its roots in Karachi, Pakistan.
MPL operates with a strong family feeling, with 100 professionals steering the agency
on a straight course towards success. MPL maintains the delicate balance between
conceptualization, to product and an effective performanc
performancee in the marketplace. MPL has
helped influence consumer preferences and changing lifestyles.

During the past four and a half decades, MPL has experienced both vertical and
horizontal growth. Today MPL stands tall with its network of branches providing various
shades of promotion to satisfy market needs. MPL is the only advertising agency with
deep roots spread into the network of multiple media. MPL, with a very strong family
feeling, has a team of over 100 professionals
professionals- many of them leaders in their respective
fields-with proven expertise in multi
media message creation, account planning and
research prowess, client servicing, strategic brand consultancy and all other disciplines
related to successful advertising.
Above the line (ATL) is an advertising technique using mass media to promote brands.
brands Major above-the-
line techniques include TV and radio advertising, web and internet banner ads.
Below the line (BTL) is an advertising technique. It uses less conventional methods than the usual
products, services, etc. than Above the line (ATL) strategies.
specific channels of advertising to promote p
These may include activities such as direct mail, public relations and sales promotions for which a fee is
agreed upon and charged up front.

Advertising Agencies in Pakistan 4

Advertisement & Event Management


The following services are offered by MPL

Advertising (Above The Line/Below The Line)

Designing and creative management
Account and brand management
Outdoor advertising
Account planning
Strategic/Brand consultancy
Direct marketing
Media (management, planning, buying)
Public relations
Event management
Sales promotion


The following are the major clients of MPL

Askari Bank Limited

The Board of Investment Pakistan
Burraq Telecom Limited
Capital Development Authority
Bahria Town
Higher Education Commission (HEC)
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
National Savings Organization
Frontier Works Organization (FWO)
National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC)
Pearl continental
Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan
Land Rover
Pakistan Television and
Fauji Cement

Advertising Agencies in Pakistan 5

Advertisement & Event Management


To transform our client’s brands and business through the power of our “Fresh New
Ideas” approach while providing cost efficient communication solutions.

At Pirana, talent is the most valuable asset we have. The focus is on providing long-
term career development and nurturing partnerships with our valued clients.

To inspire excellence through hunger, passion and an ideas driven approach, and to
deliver solutions that are cost efficient and best in class. We aspire to winning global

One word equity – Non conformists
A challenger brand with hunger, passion and aggression
Regional presence- Dubai, Karachi, Lahore, London, Kabul-Afghanistan
World class creative talent with 65 awards 5 global and regional awards
Global agencies experience with local experts
Managing multinational and local brands
Providing cost efficient solutions
Affiliated with M & C Saatchi in Pakistan

New York festivals 2007 (Instant money – bronze winner)
Dubai lynx MENA awards 2008 (Awakening- bronze winner)
Dubai lynx MENA awards 2008 (Before & After-bronze winner)
Dubai lynx MENA awards 2008 (Old Man Waiting-Finalist)
Cannes Lions 2008 Awards (Old Man Waiting-Print Finalist)

Advertising Agencies in Pakistan 6

Advertisement & Event Management

Dawn News
Engro Foods
Habib Oil Mills
Makro Cash and Carry
National Investment Trust Limited

Advertising Agencies in Pakistan 7

Advertisement & Event Management



International Advertising Limited opened its doors to business in 1966 and like many
pioneering agencies, IAL started off with a single client – PIA.. In a few short years new
clients were added to the portfolio such as National Bank of Pakistan, PTDC and BootsB
Pharmaceuticals. It was also the only agency to record growth after the fall of East
Pakistan, no mean feat in an atmosphere of economic and political turbulence.

In 1973, IAL took the bold step of refusing the nomenclature of its parent company PIA.
Andnd yes, PIA is still its client, a very valued one at that. The agency continued to grow
and by the mid 80’s IAL had become the la largest
rgest agency in terms of Print Media
M Buying
and was also the first Pakistani agency to go international, buying media worth more
than $5 million. By 1988, IAL had extended its international credentials by becoming the
first Pakistani agency to affiliat
affiliates with an international agency- Saatchi & Saatchi,
Saat a top
player in the global advertising arena.

In 1991, IAL launched the entire Procter & Gamble portfolio in Pakistan (including Head
& Shoulders and Vicks).. Five years down the line, the locally developed ads for Oil of
Ulay were adapted internationa
internationally. Since then IAL has welcomed every new brands like
Engro Foods Limited, Jazz, Indigo, Mobilink, Samba Bank and Sony Ericsson. Change
is vital and at IAL it is constant…as is creativity and hard work. No wonder IAL is the
hottest ideas Company around.


We consider ourselves to be an Ideas Company, not merely an ad agency. While ads

and ad campaigns are perishable, Ideas have a life of their own.
Ideas are created by people and ultimately it is our people who make the difference.
They are passionate,
onate, competitive and restless.
We want to be known as the hottest ideas shop in Pakistan.
Our purpose is to generate extraordinary ideas that transform our clients’ businesses,
brands and reputations.


Nothing is impossible

Advertising Agencies in Pakistan 8

Advertisement & Event Management


It is a known fact in the market that IAL has won more awards in diverse creative
disciplines than any other agency, including the “Agency of the Year Award- Adweek &
Adage” as well as the #1 Creative Agency at Cannes.

IAL is the only company in Pakistan which has won international awards for its creative
work. These include:

Reader’s Digest Worldwide “Pegasus Award” (twice)

Nikkei Business “Advertising Impact Award”-Japan
P&G Global “Passion For Brandbuilding”
BFI “Ideas Bigger Than Ads”-S&S
South Magazine “Creative Awards”-Asia


Dewan Mushtaq Motor Company
Engro Foods Limited
Head & Shoulders
Mead Johnson
National Foods
Samba Bank
Sony Ericsson

On the basis of above information and research for advertising agencies gave us a
good know how about the working of the advertising agencies and their scope. We
concluded that all advertising agencies are mainly focused on the ideas because
they are doing the business of ideas, so they try to encourage their people to give
them fresh and lively ideas. The agencies are the reputation builder of its clients’

Advertising Agencies in Pakistan 9

Advertisement & Event Management


Advertising Agencies in Pakistan 10