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ONTARIO AFFIDAVIT OF John Mraz (Sworn June 9, 2010) 1, John Mraz, of the City of Toronto, in the Province of Ontario MAKE OATH AND SAY: 1. Tam aformer correspondent, and curently columnist and communications cconsulant, [have worked forthe Liberal Party of Canada and have been active from time 10 time in Liberal politcal campaigns. As such I have knowledge of the matters herein deposed 2, At 448 pm..on June 3, 2010, I spoke with Alfted Apps, President ofthe Liberal Pary of Canada. I took notes of our conversation, as I was preparing an opinion piece for the National Poston the subject of coalitions and mergers between the NDP and the Liberal Party of Canada, Our conversation lasted for approximately for 30 minutes 3. Lote the opinion piece, which was printed today, Wednesday June 9, 2010, and includes a reference to Mr. Apps. 4. The subject matter of my conversation with Mr. Apps was cooperation ‘between the Liberal Party of Canada and the NDP. 5, During our conversation, Mr, Apps ejected the concept of forming a coalition ‘between the NDP and the Liberal parties prior to an electoral event. Instead, hh insisted "the only conversation that makes sense before an election was to talk about a merger.” 13. {informed Mr, Apps that I had drafted and filed a piece about precisely that idea, Mr. Apps was upset that I had done so, and I assured him that I would amend the piece, or even retract it if he could give me a good reason to do so. [informed Mr. Apps that I had heard persistent rumors that talks were undervay between Me. Chretien and Mr. Broadbent to explore a vatiety of ‘cooperative measures between the NDP and the Liberal Party of Canada [Me Apps angrily replied “you don't know the half of it. You've got no idea \what you're talking about, 've been involved in those discussions, and they not only include Broadbent and Chretien, but Romanow, Clark, and MeMurtry, 1K suprised me to hear from Me. Apps that former Progressive Conservatives ‘were king part inthe conversations about potential merger of the Liberal Party ef Canada and the NDP. | did not ask Mr. Apps whether he had sanction from Mr. IunaiefF to involve himself in such discussions. In our discussion Me, Apps also stated that that any such undertaking would “demand thatthe NDP renounce socialism.” have never attended or partaken in any coalition or merger discussions with any of the partes or people listed above, | support a discussion of Liberal cooperation with the NDP that should inelude the consideration of coalitions, non-compete agreements, andiora merger. | spoke with Mr. Apps on the afternoon of Friday June 4, 2010 to follow upon ‘on conversation, and told him that I had pulled the National Post piece for amendment Informed in part by Mr. Apps comments during our discussion, amended and ‘submited for publication the National Post piece today, June 9, 2010, 16. I kept notes of my discussion with Mr. Apps and still retain them in my possession. ‘SWORN BEFORE ME at the City of Toranto, on June 9, 2010, John Mraz.