Download the BBC Music Ontology (

It represent inform ation on the programmes and music broadcast by the BBC. The ontologies are writt en in OWL (expressed using its N3 and RDF/XML notations respectively). Write a Java program that uses JENA to: 1.Generate the list of class and object property names in the Music Ontology. 2. Process the following SPARQL queries: - Write a query to find the name of Johnny Cash¡‾s wife (Johnny Cash is a music artist and so is his wife); - Find the name of the artists who have been married to two other artists; n order to run the queries you can use the Talis SPARQL endpoint (http://api.tal A sample query for your help : This query list the name of all the artists who a re married. PREFIX mo: <> PREFIX rel: <> PREFIX foaf: <> SELECT ?artist1_name ?artist2_name WHERE { ?artist1 a mo:MusicArtist; foaf:name ?artist1_name. ?artist2 a mo:MusicArtist; foaf:name ?artist2_name. ?artist1 rel:spouseOf ?artist2. }

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