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Valley Medical Plaza

Valley Medical Plaza

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Published by: Dennis Box on Jun 10, 2010
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VaHey Medical

Plaza at Town Center

Sue Bowman, Board Chair Rich Rood man, CEO Mike Glenn, SVP

Who We Are

• King County Public Hospital District #1

• Governed by 5 member publicly elected board

• Valley Medical Center

• Valley Physician Network, a multi-specialty physician group consisting of 23 Clinics and 135 employed providers

• 550 affiliated providers

• 2800 employees

• "The 2 V2 Factor"

District Municipalities

• COvington (part of the

district since 1966)

• Maple Valley (partial)

• Black Diamond (partial)

• Kent

• Renton

• Tukwila (partial)

• Newcastle

400,000 people

Who We Are (cont.)

,/ 56 Room ED

,/ Certified Stroke Center

,/ 30 Bed Intensive/Cardiac Care Service ,/ Comprehensive Cancer Center

,/ University of Was rung ton

Primary Care Residency Program with 23 residents

,/ Orthopedic Joint Center Ranked # I in state ,/ Award Winning Birth Center

,/ NICU - Level Ill

,/ Interventional Cardiology

,/ Comprehensive Diagnostic Imaging

,/ Robotic and minimally invasive surgery '/Washington Neuroscience Institute

Our Clinical and Strategic Partners

• VOA - Valley Orthopedic Associates

• SLC - South Lake Clinic (Cardiology, Cancer, Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, Dermatology, Gastroenterology)

• Valley Pediatrics

• VOl - Valley Diagnostic Imaging

• Llniversitv of Washington Medical School

• Swedish Medical Center

• Associated Emergency Physicians

• Eastside Pathology

• Many, Many more





Heatthcare Reform is Occurring

Heatthcare Reform is Occurring

Healthcare's Changing Landscape

• Centralized hospital services

• Horizontal patients (19,000)

• Pull patients to hospital

• System centric

• Locate healthcare services convenient to other health care services

• Bricks and mortar integration


• Decentralized healthcare services

• Vertical patients (700,000)

• Push services to patients

• Patient centric

• Locate healthcare services convenient to where people live, work, shop and play

• Virtual and electronic integration

Healthcare's Changing Landscape (cont.)

Assisted Living Centers Pt I Pharmacy Doctors

! Ho'pltal Doctors

X-ray / MRII CT

Skilled Nursing Facility

- Consolidation

- Hospital Centric

• Provider Priendly

.. Diversification

.. Community Centric .. Consumer Friendly

Our Services in Covington Area

• Covington Primary Care Clinic

• Covington Urgent Care

• Lake Sawyer Primary Care Clinic

• Kent Primary Care Clinic

• Covington Valley Diagnostic Imaging Center (MRI)

• Covington Rheumatology Clinic

• Valley Orthopedic Associates

• South Lake Clinic

Our Vision for VMC

Medical Development in Covington

VMC's vision for SE King County extends well beyond Emergency Services

• Provide a convenient and fully integrated link to tertiary care services

• Expand emergent, primary and specialty care services

• Develop additional diagnostic, wellness and preventive care services

• Expand outpatient services

The Greater Covington Area is Important to VMC



• Auburn Regional Medical Center

• Overlake Hospital Medical Center

• Swedish Medical Center

• Harborview Medical Center

• St. Francis Hospital

• University of Washington Medical Center

• Virginia Mason Medical Center

• Multicare Tacoma General Hospital

I npatient Services MarketShare

48% 13% 7% 7% 4% 4% 3% 3% 2%

Covington residents choose VMC nearly - 4 to lover Auburn Regional

7 to lover Swedish & Overlake Hospital 25 to lover MulticareTacoma General

Our Vision for Covington

• Monitor need for inpatient services and develop, as necessary

• Participate in the development of Rehabilitation and Assisted Living Services

• Develop Comprehensive Medical Mall with Retail Components

Our Program

What is a Free Standing ED?

• A convenient, local entre to sophisticated health care services

• 2417 hospital licensed emergency service offering

comprehensive diagnostic services and specialty trained staff

• Does not require CON approval

• Mostly urgent care with one ambulance drop off every 6-8 hours

• Under development all across State and Country

• Issaquah Redmond

• Mill Creek Maple Valley

ED Centers located in Professional/Retail Settings

• Population 172,421

• Projected ED Utilization 60,347

nascd lin \'Va:'lhinl!to~ SUIe. DOH ED utiliz:fll'ioll d::.u

Town Center Plaza

• Ideal location to conveniently meet the needs of Covington residents

• Large enough parcel to accommodate 2 phased approach

• Historically zoned for health care uses

• Town Center perfect fit forVMC Medical Mall concept

• Proximate to YMC and VMC aligned services and phys"ic;;:cia:-:cnc-:-s----:-~_:_=___", ~\hlk!y: MedirnI Center

VMC Project

Our Campus Project Goals

• A medical mall for the 21 st century

• Punctional, elegantly designed bUildings

• Public plaza, green space and gathering places

• Optimal pedestrian and auto transportation grid

• Town Center seasonal gathering place

• Mitigation landscaping

• Commons parking

• Provide gateway I celebration of entrance to Town Center

• Catalyst for near term Town Center Development

• Compatibility with Town Center Vision

• Leed platinum certified buildings !~\alJeyMedicalCenterl

Our Campus Phase I & II


!±:!~~ 6:J~-

Our Campus - Phase I Gateway to the Town Center

• Free Standing ED

• Specialty offices

• Public parking, plaza, green space and gathering places

Our Campus - Phase I Gateway to the Town Center

Our Campus - Phase I FS ED Floor Plan

Our Campus - Phase II

Catalyst for professional, retail & restaurant development

VMC Medical, Professional and Retail Mall

• Physician Office Space

• Optometry Retail Space

• Pharmacy

• Medi Spa

• Legal & Professional Services

• Financial Services

• Retail

• Bistro

• Coffee Shop

Additional Views

Economic Development

The Development ofVMC's FS ED and Profession Plaza will be an immediate "shot in the arm" for Covington's local economy and generate 1 00 - 135 family wage jobs.

I VMC FS ED and Professional Plaza I

Construction cost:

• New construction jobs

• Utilize mostly local sub contractors

• Huge boost to local construction related businesses

• Generate local sales tax

$ 21,450,000

This project will be ready to launch October 2010, or "as soon as humanly possible."

[ ~\Iilley Medical Center I

Economic Development (cont.)

Employment YMC FS ED

65 Full time employees at an average wage of $10,155

Professional Services Plaza

'35 Full time employees at an average wage of $48,500


Annual Payroll




• 100 new, family wage jobs and $6,257,500 annual payroll will be created by Phase I of YMC project .

• The jobs will help support existing Town Center business and

stimulate additional economic development.


Phase II

VMC Medical, Professional and Retail Center

Construction Costs:

• New Construction jobs

• Utilize mostly local sub contractors

• Huge boost to local construction trades and related businesses



VMC model, Professional & Retail Center 50 Full time employees at an

average wage of $35,000


Economic Development (cont.)

I Phase I I

FS ED & Professional Services Plaza

I Phase II I

Medical, Professional & Retail Center Existing

Covington & Lake Sawyer Clinics VMCTotal

Additional Healthcare Employers; Valley Orthopedic Associates Southlake Clinic

.... Eo.timatc

Jobs 100

Annual Payroll $4,560,000

*50 $1,750,000
45 1,575,000
195 $7,885,000
93 • $2,325,000
200 • $5,000,000 VMC Project Compatibility with Town Center

VMC Project Compatibility with Town Center

• Far West corner ofT own Center

• Serve as Town Center gateway

• 70% public plaza/green space/parking, 30% bUilding footprints

• Multiple meetings with City Staff to assure compliance with design standards and vision for Town Center

• Addresses issues identified in the Downtown Plan and Zoning study (April 2009)

• Assists local residents to not have "to commute out of the area for high wage jobs"

• Creates "High wage employment growth"

• Attracts "pioneering employment & mixed use development"

• Multiple use (Healthcare, Professional, Retail & Restaurant)

• Elegant transition from surrounding big box bUildings and parking

lots to professional, retail and restaurants. ~\hll;:Y~~

VMC Project Compatibility with Town Center

• Emergency Medical Transport

• 3-4 visits per day

• Zero sirens

• Travel at speed limit

• Landscaping and public use space mitigation

• Voluntary replacement of north/ south connector road

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