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Published by viperface
A schoolchild bobs in and out of reality.
A schoolchild bobs in and out of reality.

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Published by: viperface on Jun 10, 2010
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Daydream Smoke-like pollution swirled around my bowler hat. Why was I there?

There was a mystery afoot, of course. It called my name, like a sort of grisly Batman-signal. The corpse lay at my feet. The space surrounding us was a dank sort of place, covered in trash and bugs, with the only lighting being a sad, bare bulb protruding from a brick wall. A policeman fidgeted at my right. Why was he there? This wasn t a job for a lowly donut-pusher. No, this was a job for a Private Eye. Which, conveniently, I was. I nudged the sobbing creature on the other side of the body. It was a blonde dame, sobbing her eyes out, but what did I care? Girls like her were a dime a dozen these days. Her large eyes were as wet as community swimming pools. Twice she stopped sniffling, only to start up new water works. It was going to be a long day. Her bawling finally paused for a wavering cry. Is he dead? I snorted. No, honey. He s sleeping. I had no sympathy for either person.The dead man was just another stiff at the scene of the crime. Another nameless, floating face that would be forever etched in my memory. I bent down, taking a closer look. It was bad, alright- completely scratched up. Cats. I whispered. The girl quieted her sobs. Cats?

Cats. I confirmed. My hand slowly reached for his pocket and grabbed a hold of a slimy wrapped. I delicately unfolded it, making sure to preserve the integrity of the evidence. I held it out to the woman, a grim smirk on my face. Ma am Does this seem familiar to you? She gulped. N-no! I mean. I took him out for breakfast! That was it, I tell you! A hearty chuckle erupted from my chest. Ah So you decide to take him for breakfast at I paused, examining the wrapper more closely, Salty Joe s Fish Shack? Yes! What s so wrong about that?! Nothing except that you know that this is the most cat-dense area in the entire city. He couldn t survive smelling like fish sticks. He never had a chance. The blonde froze and turned sheet white. You. You can t prove anything! Not a thing, I tell you! Her voice had turned to a shrill harpy shriek. Oh, is that so? I rolled my eyes. Well, ma am. I couldn t prove anything, you re right. Except that-

TREEEEE! TREEE! TREEEEEE! Hngufwhat? I sat up abruptly in my chair, neatly shoving the entire contents of my backpack onto the floor. Fire alarm, stupid. Grunted someone in the general vicinity. I sighed, picking up my jumbled papers and hastily stuffing them back into my bag. Awful timing for a drill, but I guess you shouldn t stop something that could save your life. The other students swept me along, through the halls and onto the field. While the teachers half-heartedly attempted to wrangle students before the lunch bell, I walked down the length of the field, observing puddles left over from the previous night s unusual rainstorm. I paused to observe a particularly large one, even reaching down to poke at a long tadpole swimming lazily along the puddle s shore. It was almost like a miniature ocean, with candy wrappers resembling colorful bouts of coral and grass waving like stringy seaweed ... Captain? Captain, full steam ahead? You know it, Paul. Drop the anchor, Mr. Starr! The crew bustled around the small submarine. Through it s titanium porthole a mirage of sea life flowed and ebbed at our arrival. It was a simply glorious vision. Clownfish and Tuddlefish and Fiddlyfish and all other types of finned friend greeted the submarine with taps and glazed stares. Oh, to live a life of ease on this yellow submarine! It was simply nothing like anything else experienced on land. Captain, what s that ahead? I m not quite sure. Add fifty knots to the speed! Fifty knots?! Cried Mr. Lennon, alarmed. Impossible! We re going full tilt as it is, captain. Calm down, boys. I know what I m doing. Aye-aye. The four sailors said in hushed tones. Slowly but surely, the submarine edged forward. Faster and faster and faster we traveled, quicker than a whirling dervish. Around the submarine the sea swept by, accompanied by waving seaweed and rainbow coral. We could come back later to observe it, but adventure called. Sir! Look! Mr. Harris was in a heated frenzy, pointing wildly.

My head quickly swiveled in the direction of Harris s finger. It was glorious! A massive shipwreck spanned in front of us, still bubbling at the open windows. Marvelous! Oh, the spoils we will bring. Lord, boys, I might even let you play your guitars on the way back. Adventure on, and we ll be fully rewarded! The submarine surged ahead, shimmying into an open gash in the side of the wreck. We turned gingerly, only to find Ow! Above me was the bright sky, and below me was someone s foot, trying to nudge me along. I groaned. Come on, we re going to be late for class. What ve you been doing out here? Oh, what a gross puddle. The girl disdainfully tugged me out of my comfortable position next to the puddle. I sat up grudgingly and picked up my things, following her away. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on a submarine? I asked, partly to myself. No. Wouldn t that be like, unsanitary? Yeah. Probably. The bell rang and children shouted around us, ushering us back into the halls.

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