Flowerdale & Hazeldene

Community Projects Information & Feedback Day
You are invited to a Community Information & Feedback Day. It’s your chance to view information on Community projects planned for Flowerdale and Hazeldene and give your feedback

When: Where: Time:

Sunday 20 June (Same day as Community Market at the Hall) Flowerdale Primary School 10am -2pm

Drop in to see the displays and have a chat Tea, Coffee & Biscuits provided
Projects include: • Flowerdale Shared Pathway • Art Studio • Community Garden • Men’s Shed • Hazeldene Bridge • Youth Facility • New Use for Existing Tennis Courts • Flowerdale BBQ Recreation Facilities • Community Picnic Tables

We want your feedback

Presented by Murrindindi Shire Council in conjunction with Flowerdale Recovery Committee & VBRRA MSC Contact: Sarah Martin 0407523338

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