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Oxford Literature
Four stunning new titles join our Key Stage 3 Rollercoasters series for 2010,
including another thrilling novel by Siobhan Dowd, The London Eye Mystery, and
Michael Morpurgo’s The Last Wolf. Plus − popular magazine-style Reading
Guides and FREE schemes of work and resources for every title.

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Oxford School Shakespeare

Five new-look texts have been added to our popular Shakespeare series for
2010. Our editions are the most cost-effective on the market as well as having
a fresh look and feel. We also have four magazine-style Reading Guides and
our bestselling Romeo & Juliet OxBox CD-ROM.

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GCSE Rollercoasters
Pr¡de& Yes that’s right! Rollercoasters now extends to GCSE and we launch our first seven
set texts this year. The titles all appear on the new 2010 GCSE specifications across
Jane Austen
awarding bodies, and have the same durable and pick-up-able quality as our
bestselling Key Stage 3 titles.

See pages 26–27

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11–14 Why choose
Selected by teachers, examiners, consultants and
students, these novels really work in the classroom.
There is a wide selection of fiction to appeal to girls,
boys, and mixed-ability classes.

NEW You are fully supported with engaging and

imaginative Reading Guides and teachers’ support
for each novel.

New titles for
April 2010



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Deborah Ellis
Set in war-torn Afghanistan during Taliban control, this is the compelling story
of the strength, courage and bravery of 11-year-old Parvana. She is rarely
allowed outside and is banned from attending school; that is until her father is
taken by the Taliban and she is forced to disguise herself as a boy and take
on the role of family breadwinner.

Despite being written for children, this topical historical novel explores fully
the realities of life in Afghanistan. While the story is
bleak, Parvana’s courage
and determination to survive
Ex tra ct in a man’s world
e to make a
ve ge tab le sta nd wa s next. Before she had tim is heartening.
The fruit and you doing on the street
tion, a vo ice be hin d her shouted, “What are Times Educational Supplement
dressed like that?”
her, anger in his eyes
to see a Talib glaring at
Parvana whirled round
. Want to know more
and a stick in his hand your husband?
be co ve red up ! W ho is your father? Who is about what it was like to live
“You must r
et like that!” The soldie
wi ll be pu nis he d for letting you walk the stre in Afghanistan under the
Th ey Parvana’s shoulder.
ught his stick down on Taliban? This is the book for
raised his arm and bro
uld they?
l it. Punish her father, wo you. Ellis tells it as it is… this
Parvana didn’t even fee
simple tale has the ring of
“Stop hitting me!” she
nt. Parvana saw him authenticity.
lib wa s so sur pri sed , he held still for a mome
The Ta turnips at the
sta rte d to run . Sh e knocked over a pile of Guardian Education
pause, and she street.
y went rolling all over the
vegetable stand, and the running, her
the still-w arm na n to her chest, Parvana kept
Clutching n’t care if people were
st the pavement. She did
sandals slapping again ay from the soldier as
at he r. All she wa nte d was to get as far aw
r legs could carry her.
she could, as fast as he

Choose The Breadwinner for:

An engrossing story about a girl living in war-torn
For ordering Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

details, Plenty of dialogue making it ideal for Year 7 or mixed-

please see p.10
Reading Guides
ability classes.

and FREE online Lots of opportunity to explore the way of life in Afghanistan

resources (culture, food, clothing, and language) as well as historical

for each title and political context.


Siobhan Dowd
When Ted and Kat watched their cousin Salim boarding the British Airways London
Eye, he turned and waved before getting on. But after half an hour it landed and
everyone trooped off – but no Salim. Where could he have gone? How on earth
could he have disappeared into thin air?

So Ted and his older sister, Kat, become sleuthing partners, since the police are
having no luck. Despite their prickly relationship, they overcome their differences to
From the author of follow a trail of clues across London in a desperate bid to find their cousin. And
ultimately it comes down to Ted, whose brain works in its own unique way,
Bog Child
to find the key to the mystery.
WINNER 2008 - Book Sense
Children’s Pick List This is an unputdownable spine-tingling thriller – Curious Incident for
WINNER 2008 - School Library younger readers.
Journal Best Book of the Year
WINNER 2008 - Booklist Ex tra ct
Children’s Editors’ Choice orbit.
’s capsule as it made its
WINNER 2008 - Horn Book Kat and I tracked Salim
hest point, we both sa
Fanfare When it reached its hig
I joined
e and Kat laughed and
WINNER 2008 - Kirkus Reviews ‘NOW!’ at the same tim
Best Children’s Books we’d been tracking the
in. That’s how we knew
WINNER 2008 - Book Links nch up as the capsule
one. We saw people bu
Lasting Connection atic
east towards the autom
back down, facing north
re just
ir photograph. They we
camera for the souven
For ordering dark bits of jackets, leg
s, dresses and sleeves.

please see p.13
d the
d. The doors opened an
Then the capsule lande
Reading Guides
twos and threes. They
passengers came out in
and FREE online
iling. Their
ns. Their faces were sm
off in different directio

ssed again.
paths probably never cro
for each title
gst them.
But Salim wasn’t amon

Choose The London Eye Mystery for:

A fast-paced thriller that will keep your
students guessing till the very end.

A talented author who won the Carnegie

Medal for her novel Bog Child.

An accessible and engaging style.

The Last
Michael Morpurgo
The Last Wolf is an action-packed adventure story set in Scotland at the time
of the Jacobite Uprising in 1745.
Robbie McLeod was orphaned at a young age and brought up by his
heartless uncle. That is until charismatic Bonnie Prince Charlie arrives to rally
troops for a rebellion against the English. Whilst being hunted by English
redcoats, Robbie meets Charlie, a wild wolf cub (possibly the last one left in
Scotland) and the pair form a remarkable bond.
A beautifully-written and heart-warming story by award-winning
Michael Morpurgo.

Ex tra ct
t rock, and freshly
I came upon a great fla
I had not gone far when I read in the
in blo od up on it, I fou nd these words, which A vibrant tale that brings a slice of
painted the last wolf in
t gli mm er of da y: Ne ar this rock was killed history to life.
Scotland. 24 April 1746 The Times Educational Supplement
d, at that time I
were true or false. Indee
I knew not if this claim the wolf was a
litt le en ou gh of wo lves, only that by repute
knew the countryside,
vage dog that stalked
species of wild and sa d, on human Choose The Last Wolf for:
she ep , an d ev en so metimes, it was believe
preying on found they were A swashbuckling adventure story
so tha t wh en ev er an d wherever they were
flesh, that will keep students on the edge
and killed.
mercilessly hunted down
s that my own life of their seats.
lating how strange it wa
As I stood there contemp small distance
sa ve d by suc h a cre ature, I heard at some A short novel you can easily read in
had been of whining and
m me in the da rk of the heather the sound a half term’s scheme of work.
fro at I perceived at
n paces I came upon wh
yelping. Within a doze
Plenty of opportunity for further
once to be a wolf pup.
study on Bonnie Prince Charlie and
the English redcoats.

An award-winning author with an

For ordering unmistakable voice.

details, A perfect novel to study as part of

please see p.13
Reading Guides
the transition to Year 7.

and FREE online

for each title

Pete Johnson
‘The world is waiting for me. I’ve just got to get famous somehow.’
Tobey is determined to get famous. He even hangs around the stars getting
autographs at film premieres. When he and his friend Georgia audition for a part in
the local play it could be his big chance. He is devastated when Georgia gets a part
and he doesn’t. Can Tobey overcome this setback and achieve his dream?

A laugh-out-loud story by award-winning author Pete Johnson about the trials of

celebrity wannabes.

Pete Johnson (is) one of our best

contemporary children’s humourists Ex tra ct
The Times Educational Supplement d. And I
e thing has just occurre
6.45pm: An incredibl crystal
it right away while it’s
want to tell you about saw
This is a thoroughly good hearted and ignore the other stars we
clear in my head. So I’ll
entertaining book with lots of humour and witty
and get straight to …
dialogue. It also reflects on fame and portrays two
mentous was due when
some of the powerful emotions – such as jealousy We knew something mo ht back
er and told us to get rig
and disappointment – which accompany it. Fun policemen lumbered ov y looked
ich we all did until the
and funny – a thoroughly enjoyable read from the barricades, wh
surged forward again.
Sophie Smiley, The School Librarian away, and then we all
to us,
ispered Georgia’s mum
‘Now just stay calm,’ wh ar.’
y Depp’s about to appe
‘but I really think Johnn ,
I’ve just recommended this as a class novel diction came true. There
Five minutes later her pre
for the bottom set Y8s as I think they’ll really enjoy d, Johnny
, silver car was, indee
it. Must say I laughed out loud several times stepping out of a huge y at
nned in an amazed wa
Depp. Georgia and I gri metres
Comment on the Teachit forum
believe he was just a few
each other, unable to
away from us.

Choose How to Get Famous for:

A topic that is bound to resonate with teenagers –

For ordering
celebrities, fame and money.

Lots of opportunity for class discussion on the topic of ‘celebrity’,

please see p.11

as well as linking to current TV programmes such as Big Brother or
X Factor, or how bullying and friendship are portrayed in the media.
Reading Guides
Different text types including diary entries and newspaper articles. and FREE online
Laugh-out-loud funny and will definitely engage your students. resources
for each title
The award-winning author of How to Train Your Parents and
The Bad Spy’s Guide.

11–14 What do you look for
in a reader?
Engaging, imaginative, enthralling stories?
Relevant, challenging, thought-provoking themes?
Accessible for Key Stage 3 readers?
All of our Rollercoasters titles fulfil the criteria above, but you can use the
grid below if you’re looking for something a little more specific.
High boy appeal
The Boy in the Bug Muldoon Divided City The Lastling Room 13 Unique
Striped (lower-ability (lower-ability
Pyjamas title) title)

Mixed ability
Bug Muldoon How To Get The Skin In the Nick Room 13 Iqbal
Famous I’m In of Time

Cross-curricular themes
The Last Wolf The Boy in the Victory Bog Child The Iqbal (PSHE,
(History) Striped (History) (History) Breadwinner Citizenship,
Pyjamas (History, Geography)
(History, RS) Politics)

Opportunities to focus on language and writers’ craft

Bog Child Starseeker Divided City Firestarter The Kite Rider

Mystery and suspense

The London The Road of Storm In the Nick Bug Muldoon Room 13
Eye Mystery Bones Catchers of Time

Multicultural themes
Divided City Noughts The Skin Firestarter Iqbal The
and Crosses I’m In Breadwinner

Girls in particular…
The Same Stuff The Skin Noughts
Merrybegot as Stars I’m In and Crosses

Calling a The Kite Rider: The Last Wolf: Room 13: Fire, Bed & Noughts
Dead Man: DCSF curriculum curriculum Bone: and Crosses:
DCSF recommended -recommended -recommended curriculum - curriculum -
recommended author author recommended recommended
author author



A The Boy in the Striped
Robert Swindells Pyjamas ✸Bestseller✸
Martha is twelve – and very different from
JJohn Boyne
other kids. Strict members of a religious
group, her parents’ rules dominate her life.
g T year is 1943. Bruno’s family must move
ffrom their home to a new house far away. A tall
And one rule is the most important of all: she
ffence running alongside stretches as far as the
must never ever invite anyone home, or their
eeye can see and cuts him off from the strange
tterrible secret could be revealed…
people he can see in the distance. Bruno sets out
tto explore this desolate new place.
h religion,
li ion bullying,
liligi bullllyin
i friendship, family relationships, social divides Themes: childhood innocence, loneliness, friendship, racial discrimination,
Teaching Focus: war, genocide
s Dual narrative creates empathy for both male and female characters. Teaching Focus:
s Debate about parental control. s Chilling, subtle exploration of evil from a child’s perspective.
s Accessible language used with impact. s Accessible language skilfully evokes a sense of time and place.
s Cross-curricular links to RS and Citizenship. s The reader is left to infer and deduce the true story from evidence
Recommended for students in Years 7 and 8, 147pp
in the text.
s Cross-curricular links with History and Citizenship.
Shortlisted for the Whitbread Children’s Book Award Recommended for students in Years 7 and 8, 216pp

Abomination 978 019 832677 9 £7.99 Winner of the 2008 Leeds Book Award 11-14 category and
shortlisted for the Blackpool Fiction of the Year Award
Abomination Class Pack 978 019 832690 8 £120.00
Abomination Reading Guide 978 019 832684 7 £2.25 The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas 978 019 832676 2 £7.99
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Class Pack 978 019 832689 2 £120.00
The Boy in the Striped Reading Guide 978 019 832683 0 £2.25

Bog Child
Siobhan Down
Digging for peat in the mountain with his In the decade and a half that I’ve been
Uncle Tally, Fergus finds something that
teaching I have never known a book have
makes his heart stop. Curled up deep in the
bog is the body of a child. And it looks like such a profound effect on classes.
sshe’s been murdered. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Winner of the Carnegie Medal on the TES Staffroom

Themes: conflict, personal responsibility, coming of age, family

relationships, different cultures
Teaching Focus:
s Plenty of opportunities to teach historical context; the novel is set in the More on web
chaos and conflict of Ireland in the 1980s. Find out more
s A gripping read by a talented new author. Visit
s Interesting debates around responsibility and sacrifice. theboyinthestripedpyjamas
Recommended for students in Years 8 and 9, 336pp to download resources to support
the film of this title.
Bog Child 978 019 832891 9 £7.99
Bog Child Class Pack 978 019 832885 8 £120.00
Bog Child Reading Guide 978 019 832897 1 £2.25

T 01536 741068 F 01865 313472 


The Breadwinner NEW

T Calling a Dead Man
Deborah Ellis Gillian Cross
Set in war-torn Afghanistan under Taliban
S When John, an explosives expert, dies in
rule, this is the compelling story of the an accident in Russia, his sister Hayley and
sstrength, courage and bravery of 11-year-old friend Annie go there to mourn. Before long
Parvana. She is rarely allowed outside and they have suspicions about John’s death and
is banned from attending school; that is until that certain people are desperately trying to
her father is taken by the Taliban and she is keep them away from the truth.
fforced to disguise herself as a boy and take
on the role of family breadwinner.
See page 4 for details Themes: personal identity, effects of the physical environment, loyalty and
betrayal, family relationships, disability
Themes: overcoming adversity, political context, family relationships, freedom
Teaching Focus:
and democracy, women’s rights, cultural differences, religion, war, responsibility
s Skilful evocation of place and atmosphere.
Teaching Focus:
s The use of tension and suspense to produce a fast-paced thriller.
s An engrossing story about a girl living under Taliban rule that will
transport your students to another way of life. s Creation of empathy with characters and their situation.
s Challenging, stimulating themes with lots of scope for discussion. s A variety of narrative layers builds up the plot structure.
s Cross-curricular links to history, RS and Citizenship. Recommended for students in Years 7 and 8, 252pp
Recommended for students in Years 7 and 8, 166pp
Recommended by DCSF for Whole-Class Teaching
The Breadwinner 978 019 832980 0 £7.99
The Breadwinner Class Pack 978 019 832979 4 £120.00
The Breadwinner Reading Guide 978 019 832981 7 £2.25 Calling a Dead Man 978 019 832631 1 £7.99
Calling a Dead Man Class Pack 978 019 832640 3 £120.00
Calling a Dead Man Reading Guide 978 019 832649 6 £2.25
Calling a Dead Man Teacher’s CD-ROM Pack 978 019 832666 3 £165.00 (+VAT)

Bug Muldoon and the Cold Tom

Garden of Fear Sally Prue
Paul Shipton ✸Bestseller✸ S
Sometimes it is not enough to be invisible.
Sometimes home is the place you need to get
There’s some weird stuff going on in
away from the most. When Tom flees from
tthe garden, and Bug Muldoon, Private
his tribe, he has no idea what he is about to
Investigator for the insect world, is trying to
discover – a whole new world and a set of
get to the bottom of it...
ssecrets that will change his life.

Themes: mystery, investigation, friendship, humour Themes: isolation, freedom, prejudice, folklore, the supernatural, human
Teaching Focus:
Teaching Focus:
s Excellent novel for lower ability Year 7 – short, engaging, clear
language, humour. s Accessible language that is also evocative and poetic.
s Good scope for teaching around the text, for example about the s A powerful opening and pacy, short chapters sustain a high level of
detective genre and parody. tension and suspense.
s Opportunities for media links to films such as ‘A Bug’s Life’ and ‘Antz’. s Ideal for drama activities.
Recommended for students in Year 7, 134pp s Links with further study of traditional tales, songs and ballads.
Recommended for students in Years 7 and 8, 136pp
Bug Muldoon and the Garden of Fear 978 019 832858 2 £7.99
Bug Muldoon and the Garden of Fear Class Pack 978 019 832846 9 £120.00
Bug Muldoon and the Garden of Fear Reading Guide 978 019 832852 0 £2.25 Winner of the Branford Boase Award and Nestlé
Smarties Book Prize Silver Award

Cold Tom 978 019 832679 3 £7.99

Cold Tom Class Pack 978 019 832692 2 £120.00
Cold Tom Reading Guide 978 019 832686 1 £2.25


Divided City ✸Bestseller✸ Firestarter

Theresa Breslin
T Catherine Forde
A young man lies bleeding in the street. Keith is looking after his baby sister for a
It’s Glasgow. And it’s May – the marching week but finds himself conflicted when he is
sseason. The Orange Walks have begun. drawn to the troubled, fire-obsessed boy
A gripping tale about two boys who must next door.
ffind their own answers – and their own way
fforward – in a city divided by differences.

Themes: football rivalry, cultural and social divides, bigotry, sectarianism, Themes: responsibility, working parents, attraction and avoidance of trouble
tolerance Teaching Focus:
Teaching Focus: s A good all-round read; Year 7 and Year 8, mixed ability, girls and boys.
s A violent, shocking incident opens the story, instantly engaging the reader. s A mixture of dialects, including Scottish, making it ideal for linguistic
s A fast-paced, often humorous narrative explores sensitive issues. heritage work.
s Glaswegian setting offers language work on accent and dialect. s Themes that link with those covered in PSHE and Citizenship.
s Supports cross-curricular work in Citizenship, RS and History. Recommended for students in Year 8, 150pp
Recommended for students in Years 8 and 9, 230pp
Nominated for the South Lanarkshire Book Award
Winner of the Catalyst Book Award
Firestarter 978 019 832860 5 £7.99
Divided City 978 019 832674 8 £7.99 Firestarter Class Pack 978 019 832848 3 £120.00
Divided City Class Pack 978 019 832687 8 £120.00 Firestarter Reading Guide 978 019 832854 4 £2.25
Divided City Reading Guide 978 019 832681 6 £2.25

Fire, Bed and Bone How to Get Famous

Henrietta Branford Pete Johnson
A revolt is brewing. The year is 1381 and ‘
‘The world is waiting for me.
unrest is spreading like plague. I’ve just got to get famous somehow.’
England’s peasants are ready to rise against T
Tobey is determined to get famous. He even
ttheir unjust landlords. The violent upheaval will hangs around the stars getting autographs
affect everyone – even dogs, like the old hunting
a at film premieres. He is devastated when his
dog through whose eyes, ears and nose these
d ffriend Georgia gets a part in the local play
dramatic events are revealed. and he doesn’t. Can Tobey overcome this
ssetback and achieve his dream?
Themes: loyalty, society, history, democracy Themes: celebrity, humour, friendship
Teaching Focus: Teaching Focus:
s A novel and author recommended by LA fiction lists and in the new s Lots of opportunity for class discussion on the topic of ‘celebrity’, as well as
National Curriculum. linking to TV programmes such as Big Brother or X Factor.
s An enchanting and captivating novel that will transport your students to a s Humorous style that will definitely engage your students.
different time. Recommended for students in Years 7 and 8, 208pp
s Peasants Revolt of 1381 offers discussion of democracy, equality, and
how society is structured.
How to Get Famous 978 019 832972 5 £7.99
s An ideal book for classroom study because of its manageable length.
How to Get Famous Class Pack 978 019 832971 8 £120.00
Recommended for students in Years 7 and 8, 136pp
How to Get Famous Reading Guide 978 019 832973 2 £2.25
Winner of the Guardian Children’s Fiction prize
Winner of the Nestlé Smarties Book Prize Bronze Award

Fire, Bed and Bone 978 019 832859 9 £7.99

Fire, Bed and Bone Class Pack 978 019 832847 6 £120.00
Fire, Bed and Bone Reading Guide 978 019 832853 7 £2.25

T 01536 741068 F 01865 313472 

Packed with action and intrigue, this is an
exhilarating new novel from an author
who never disappoints.
TES about The Kite Rider

In the Nick King of

of Time Shadows
Robert Swindells Susan Cooper
Charlie stumbles in the 21st century, and
C Nat is a young actor performing as Puck in A
picks herself up in the middle of the 20th! Midsummer Night’s Dream. As the rehearsals
TThere are no trainers, no mobile phones – intensify, Nat’s health begins to fail and the
and she’s a pupil at a weird outdoor school
a ccast is horrified to hear that he has been
where the classrooms don’t even have walls.
w rushed to hospital with the Bubonic Plague.

Themes: thriller genre, historical context, language change Th

Themes: History,
H ffamily
l relationships, being an outsider, personal identity,
cultural differences, bereavement, artistic challenge
Teaching Focus:
Teaching Focus:
s An author who is recommended on the new National Curriculum.
s A classroom favourite, which makes Shakespeare accessible to modern
s Short, convenient chapter lengths and lots of dialogue, ideal for low or students.
mixed-ability Year 7 classes.
s Fast paced text, with short chapters; can be easily read in a half term’s
s Plenty of opportunity to link to 1950s texts or TV programmes such as scheme of work.
That’ll Teach ‘Em.
s An absorbing and exciting time-travel thriller.
Recommended for students in Year 7, 224pp
Recommended for students in Years 7 and 8, 192pp

Shortlisted for the 2008/09 West

Sussex Children’s Book Award Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal

In the Nick of Time 978 019 832889 6 £7.99 King of Shadows 978 019 832888 9 £7.99
In the Nick of Time Class Pack 978 019 832883 4 £120.00 King of Shadows Class Pack 978 019 832882 7 £120.00
In the Nick of Time Reading Guide 978 019 832895 7 £2.25 King of Shadows Reading Guide 978 019 832894 0 £2.25

Iqbal The Kite

T ✸Bestseller✸
Francesco D’Adamo Rider
For the children of Hussain Khan’s carpet
ffactory, Iqbal Masih’s arrival is both the
Geraldine McCaughrean
end of hope and its beginning. It is Iqbal
e T amazing story of Haoyou, strapped to a
who tells them that their families’ debt will
w kite and sent to fly among the clouds and the
never be cancelled, but it is also Iqbal who sspirits of the dead.
is brave enough to plan their escape – and
tto encourage the children to stand together
against their master’s injustice.
Themes: family, responsibility, coming of age, friendship, cultural
Themes: child labour, human rights, overcoming adversity differences, adventures, sights, sounds and smells of Ancient China
Teaching Focus: Teaching Focus:
s Based on the true story of Iqbal Masih, a former child slave who s Strong plot and characters allow drama activities with a multicultural
campaigned against child labour in Pakistan until his assassination. flavour.
s A short novel told in a lyrical yet accessible style – ideal for lower-ability s Rich descriptive style provides plenty of scope for close textual analysis.
Year 8 students. Recommended for students in Years 8 and 9, 212pp
s Cross-curricular links to PSHE, Citizenship and Geography, and helps to
cover the multicultural element of the new National Curriculum.
Winner of the Carnegie Medal, Blue Peter’s ‘Best Book to
Recommended for students in Year 8, 128pp Keep Forever’, and the Nestle Smarties Bronze Award
Iqbal 978 019 832892 6 £7.99
Iqbal Class Pack 978 019 832886 5 £120.00 The Kite Rider 978 019 832636 6 £7.99
Iqbal Reading Guide 978 019 832898 8 £2.25 The Kite Rider Class Pack 978 019 832645 8 £120.00
The Kite Rider Reading Guide 978 019 832654 0 £2.25
The Kite Rider Teacher’s CD-ROM Pack 978 019 832667 0 £165.00 (+VAT)

Michael Morpurgo biography
Michael Morpurgo was born in St Albans, Hertfordshire, in 1943, and was evacuated to Cumberland
during the last years of the war, returning to London and moving later to Essex. After a brief and unsuccessful spell in the army, he took up teaching and
started to write. He left teaching after ten years in order to set up ‘Farms for City Children’ with his wife. They have three farms in Devon, Wales and
Gloucestershire, open to inner city school children who come to stay and work with the animals.
In 2003 Michael Morpurgo became the third Children’s Laureate, a scheme he had originally helped to set up with poet Ted Hughes. Morpurgo firmly
believes that ‘literature comes before literacy’ and wants all children ‘... to discover and rediscover the secret pleasure that is reading, and to begin to find
their voice in their own writing...

The Lastling
T The London
Philip Gross Eye Mystery
Paris is thrilled when her Uncle Franklin takes Siobhan Dowd
her with him on his trip to the Himalayas.
T and Kat watch their cousin Salim get
Franklin is a man with a vision, something
on board the London Eye. But after half an
dark and strange, but just how strange?
hour it lands and everyone troops off – no
Paris is about to find out…
Salim. Where could he have gone? How on
earth could he have disappeared into thin air?
TTed and his older sister, Kat, start to investigate
tthe mystery. Ultimately it comes down to Ted,
Themes: madness, greed, hunting, culture clash, adolescence, adventure, whose brain works in its own unique way, to find the key to the
mystery. See page 5 for details.
Teaching Focus:
s Different narratives interweave, reflecting different cultures. Themes: mystery and suspense, autism, family relationships
s Debate about the pursuit of extreme experiences. Teaching Focus:
s Rich language, ideal for close textual analysis. s A gripping story of mystery and suspense.
Recommended for students in Years 8 and 9, 225pp s An accessible and engaging style.
s Good for mixed-ability classes.
Shortlisted for the Calderdale Children’s Book Award Recommended for students in Years 8 and 9, 328pp

The London Eye Mystery 978 019 832900 8 £7.99

The Lastling 978 019 832635 9 £7.99 The London Eye Mystery Class Pack 978 019 832974 9 £120.00
The Lastling Class Pack 978 019 832644 1 £120.00 The London Eye Mystery Reading Guide 978 019 832975 6 £2.25
The Lastling Reading Guide 978 019 832653 3 £2.25

The Last Wolf

T NEW The Merrybegot
Michael Morpurgo
M JJulie Hearn
Robbie McLeod was orphaned at a young age Nell lives in a seventeenth century West
and brought up by his heartless uncle. That is
a Country village with her grandmother, the
until charismatic Bonnie Prince Charlie arrives to local cunning woman. When the minister’s
rally troops for a rebellion against the English. d
daughter falls pregnant she accuses Nell of
Whilst being hunted by English redcoats,
W putting a curse on her. With the Witch-Finder
Robbie meets Charlie, a wild wolf cub (possibly General on his way, who can she trust to
tthe last one left in Scotland) and the pair form a ssave her?
remarkable bond. See page 6 for details.
Themes: loyalty, friendship, war and rebellion Themes: witchcraft, teenage pregnancy, prejudice, health and healing
Teaching Focus: Teaching Focus:
s A swashbuckling adventure story that will focus your students on how to s Strong characterization lends itself to drama activities.
create tension and suspense in their writing. s Rich language and vocabulary, ideal for sentence level work.
s Plenty of opportunity for further study on Bonnie Prince Charlie and the s Bias and opinion feature in alternating narratives.
English redcoats.
s Cross-curricular links to History and Religious Studies.
Recommended for students in Years 7 and 8, 88pp Recommended for students in Years 8 and 9, 266pp
The Last Wolf 978 019 832983 1 £7.99
The Last Wolf Class Pack 978 019 832982 4 £120.00 Shortlisted for the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award,
The Last Wolf Reading Guide 978 019 832984 8 £2.25 and nominated for the Carnegie Medal

The Merrybegot 978 019 832629 8 £7.99

The Merrybegot Class Pack 978 019 832638 0 £120.00
The Merrybegot Reading Guide 978 019 832647 2 £2.25
The Merrybegot Teacher’s CD-ROM Pack 978 019 832665 6 £165.00 (+VAT)

T 01536 741068 F 01865 313472 

Robert Swindells author info
Robert Swindells was born in Bradford, one of five children, and left school at the age of 15. He served with the Royal Air
Force and did various jobs before he became a teacher. In 1980, he left teaching to write full-time. Robert has won many
awards and is one of only four authors to have won the prestigious Children’s Book Award twice (for Brother in the Land and
Room 13). He has fans amongst young and old alike for his style of mixing hard-hitting themes with page-turning storytelling.

N ✸Bestseller✸ Room 13
and Crosses Robert Swindells
Somebody was in there. Somebody – or
Malorie Blackman
M ssomething...There is no Room 13 in the
Callum is a nought – a second class citizen
C ccreepy Crow’s Nest Hotel. Or is there? For
in a world run by the ruling Crosses. Sephy at the stroke of midnight, something peculiar
is a Cross, daughter of one of the most happens to the door of the linen cupboard
powerful men in the country. In their world, next to Room 12.
noughts and Crosses simply don’t mix.
Can Callum and Sephy find a way to be
ttogether? They are detemined to try. And
then the bomb explodes… Themes: mystery and suspense, the horror genre
Teaching Focus:
Themes: racism, prejudice, loyalty, friendship
s How writers build tension and suspense.
Teaching Focus:
s An author who is recommended on the new National Curriculum, and a
s Ideal for coverage of multiculturalism, which features strongly in the new title that appears on many Local Authority fiction lists.
National Curriculum.
s A short read, perfect for classroom study and engaging lower-ability
s Great for stimulating discussion about racism and prejudice. students.
s A novel full of suspense, tension and drama. Recommended for students in Year 7, 160pp
Recommended for students in Year 9, 443pp
Room 13 978 019 832893 3 £7.99
Room 13 Class Pack 978 019 832887 2 £120.00
Winner of the Children’s Book Award, Red House Book
Award, Lancashire and Sheffield Children’s Book Awards Room 13 Reading Guide 978 019 832899 5 £2.25

Noughts and Crosses 978 019 832861 2 £7.99

Noughts and Crosses Class Pack 978 019 832849 0 £120.00
Noughts and Crosses Reading Guide 978 019 832855 1 £2.25

The Prisoner
T River Boy
JJames Riordan Tim Bowler
Tom and Iris watch the enemy aircraft coming G
Grandpa is dying but he is determined to
down and go hunting for souvenirs.
d ffinish his last painting, ‘River Boy’, before
They find more than they bargained for: the he goes. A poignant story that explores the
injured pilot. They listen to his story… ssubject of grief and loss in an accessible and
affecting way.

Themes: moral issues around war, propaganda, violence, friendship Themes: grief, bereavement, testing physical limits, artistic challenge
Teaching Focus: Teaching Focus:
s Differing wartime experiences in Germany and England. s Language rich in metaphor and other rhetorical devices.
s Impact of propaganda and the triumph of friendship and compassion. s Strong characterization and sensitive portrayal of relationships.
s Language that strongly evokes the time and place. s Creation of mood and setting through descriptive language.
s Cross-curricular links with History and war poetry. s Key images woven through the narrative and plot.
Recommended for students in Years 7 and 8, 107pp Recommended for students in Years 8 and 9, 135pp
The Prisoner 978 019 832630 4 £7.99
The Prisoner Class Pack 978 019 832639 7 £120.00
Winner of the Carnegie Medal
and the Angus Book Prize
The Prisoner Reading Guide 978 019 832648 9 £2.25
River Boy 978 019 832637 3 £7.99
River Boy Class Pack 978 019 832646 5 £120.00
River Boy Reading Guide 978 019 832655 7 £2.25
River Boy Teacher’s CD-ROM Pack 978 019 832668 7 £165.00 (+VAT)

A powerful and inspirational
story of true courage.
Malorie Blackman
about The Skin I’m In

The Road of Bones

T The Skin I’m In
Anne Fine
A Sharon Flake
A chilling tale about belief and freedom. Yuri M
Maleeka suffers from the taunts of the other
grows up under a stifling regime where there is
g kids about her home-made clothes, her good
no freedom of speech. One day he slips up and grades at school, and her dark, black skin.
is sent to a prison camp from which there seems When a new teacher, whose face is blotched
little chance of escape. with a startling white patch, starts at their school,
Maleeka predicts trouble. But Miss Saunders
loves the skin she’s in. Can Maleeka too?

Themes: belief, freedom, society, punishment, revolt Themes: growing up, prejudice, outsiders, personal identity, friendship,
Teaching Focus: family relationships, responsibility
s An engaging adventure narrative with lots of scope for discussion. Teaching Focus:
s Ideal for Year 9 and students who enjoy a challenging read. s Humorous, sharp language of Black American teen culture.
s A good length to study – not too long. s Engaging, lively first-person narrative, creating empathy with character.
Recommended for students in Year 9, 243pp s Diary extracts add a sub plot.
s Sympathetic treatment of sensitive themes.
Recommended for students in Years 8 and 9, 133pp
Nominated for the Carnegie medal

Winner of a Coretta Scott King Award for new authors

The Road of Bones 978 019 832862 9 £7.99
The Road of Bones Class Pack 978 019 832850 6 £120.00
The Road of Bones Reading Guide 978 019 832856 8 £2.25 The Skin I’m In 978 019 832675 5 £7.99
The Skin I’m In Class Pack 978 019 832688 5 £120.00
The Skin I’m In Reading Guide 978 019 832682 3 £2.25

The Same Stuff as

T Starseeker
Stars Tim Bowler
Katherine Paterson A wonderfully rich novel, combining lyricism,
drama, and power with an unputdownable plot.
Angel has been abandoned. Suddenly she’s in
It tackles difficult issues of grief, loss, love and
ccharge – not just of her little brother but of her
healing – issues to which many teenagers will
sstubborn great-grandma too. Then a mysterious
be able to relate.
sstranger appears on clear nights to teach Angel
all about the stars.

Themes: responsibility of parents and grandparents, personal growth and Themes: grief, loss, love, healing, bullying, crime
self discovery, overcoming adversity Teaching Focus:
Teaching Focus: s A moving tale of talented pianist Luke and his struggle to overcome grief
s Strong character development with opportunity for drama activities. and bullying.
s Rich in language work, especially American English. s A popular author enjoyed by teachers and students alike.
s Skilled use of tension and suspense. s Plenty of opportunities to teach writers’ craft.
s Strong but subtle development of major themes. s Relevant themes for teenagers that link to PSHE and Citizenship.
Recommended for students in Years 7 and 8, 242pp Recommended for students in Years 8 and 9, 336pp

The Same Stuff as Stars 978 019 832632 8 £7.99 Starseeker 978 019 832890 2 £7.75
The Same Stuff as Stars Class Pack 978 019 832641 0 £120.00 Starseeker Class Pack 978 019 832884 1 £120.00
The Same Stuff as Stars Reading Guide 978 019 832650 2 £2.25 Starseeker Reading Guide 978 019 832896 4 £2.25

T 01536 741068 F 01865 313472 


Storm Catchers Victory

Tim Bowler
T ✸Bestseller✸ Susan Cooper
Fin is devastated when his sister is kidnapped. S
Sam Robbins is a farm boy, serving aboard
He will never forgive himself for leaving tthe HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar
her on her own. Still, at least they’ll get her in 1805. Molly Jennings is a modern-day
back when they’ve paid the money. But the English girl forced to live with her new step-
kidnapper has more then just money on his ffamily in America. This extraordinary time-
mind. And as plans unfold, Fin and his family sshifting adventure tells the interwoven stories
are forced to confront their deepest, darkest
a of Sam and Molly. Two lives linked by one
ssecrets. ffragment of history…

Themes: family relationships, secrets and lies, loyalty, mystery, love Themes: war and conflict, families and ancestry, hero worship, adapting to
Teaching Focus: change
s A gripping story of mystery and suspense. Teaching Focus:
s A manageable length with strong themes for discussion. s Different styles of language give variety to alternating narrative voices.
s Good for mixed-ability classes. s Past and present stories interweave and converge in a dramatic climax.
Recommended for students in Years 7 and 8, 213pp s Strong characterization for writing and group discussion outcomes.
s Cross-curricular work with History and Citizenship.
Winner of the South Lanarkshire and Recommended for students in Years 7 and 8, 182pp
Stockport Libraries Book Awards
Victory 978 019 832678 6 £7.99
Storm Catchers 978 019 832863 6 £7.99 Victory Class Pack 978 019 832691 5 £120.00
Storm Catchers Class Pack 978 019 832851 3 £120.00 Victory Reading Guide 978 019 832685 4 £2.25
Storm Catchers Reading Guide 978 019 832857 5 £2.25

Unique ✸Bestseller✸ Warlands

Alison Allen-Gray
A Rachel Anderson
Dominic finds the photograph in his No one really knew the true story of Uncle
grandad’s loft. When his parents refuse to
g Ho’s early life. All they knew was that he
ttell him anything he seeks out the truth and was a Vietnamese orphan, born among
unleashes a chain of events that will have tthe bombings and terrors of war. But the
ffar-reaching and disastrous consequences. warland nightmares in Uncle Ho’s head
won’t go away.

Themes: cloning, personal identity, family relationships, self-discovery Themes: long-term effects of war, disability, loss of cultural identity, adapting
Teaching Focus: to new environments, extended families, storytelling
s Engaging, pacy, first-person narrative. Teaching Focus:
s Debate about genetic engineering and cloning. s Multiple narrative perspectives.
s Opportunity for drama activities. s The development of powerful themes and ideas.
s Cross-curricular links to Science and Citizenship. s Media representation of war.
Recommended for students in Years 8 and 9, 244pp s Cross-curricular work with Citizenship and History.
Recommended for students in Years 8 and 9, 109pp
Shortlisted for the Branford Boase Book Award, Booktrust Teenage Warlands 978 019 832634 2 £7.99
Prize, The South Lanarkshire Award, and the North East Book Award Warlands Class Pack 978 019 832643 4 £120.00
Warlands Reading Guide 978 019 832652 6 £2.25
Unique 978 019 832633 5 £7.99
Unique Class Pack 978 019 832642 7 £120.00
Unique Reading Guide 978 019 832651 9 £2.25

Free set of magazine-style Reading
Guides in each class pack
Reading Guide

Activities actively engage students

in the novels and encourage
a deeper understanding of the
texts and their context

Background historical and cultural

information informs students’
appreciation of the novel

Activities can be built into

lessons as reading progresses
or can be used to support further
reading activities

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Reading Guide

More on web
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Free online Teaching a novel for the first time or simply
resources g
in need of fresh ideas?
OVERVIEW FOR SCHEME OF WORK readinglounge for FREE time-saving
(Book chapter)
Learning outcome
Students will be able to:
Reading AFs Framework
1 Establishing contexts • Use contextual clues to anticipate AF3: Inference and Y9: R6, R11 WS: 1a, 1b
(Prologue) the content, theme and viewpoint deduction RG: p. 4
of a novel AF6: Writer’s purposes
• Use textual clues to infer AF7: Social and
character and relationships historical context

2 Viewpoint
Pages 19–59
• Identify and evaluate narrative
AF2: Locating evidence
AF4: Structure
Y9: R1, R6 WS: 2a
RG: p. 5 Schemes of Work for each title,
(1–6) • Determine the key points about
social relations in the world of this
linked to Assessment Focuses and
3 Language and theme
Pages 59–120
• Identify discrimination implicit in
AF3: Inference and
Y9: R12, R16,
WS: 3a, 3b
RG: pp. 6–8
Framework Objectives
(7–25) • Identify some of the novel’s major AF5: Use of language

4 Theme and reader • Identify how far and in what ways AF2: Locating evidence Y9: R1, R2, R6 WS: 4a
response a writer draws on history to inform AF6: Writer’s purposes RG: pp. 9, 11
Pages 121–149 fictional events AF7: Social and
(26–31) • Begin to develop judgements on historical context
writers’ and readers’ sympathies

5 Structure • Trace how a writer uses AF4: Structure Y9: R12 WS: 5a, 5b
Pages 149–182 characters to structure a plot AF5: Use of language
(32–42) • Identify the turning points in the
developing plot and patterns in
words to link to the concept of
tragedy Individual four-part lesson plans with
6 Narrative tension
Pages 185–233
• Identify how a writer builds
narrative tension
AF4: Structure
AF6: Writer’s purposes
Y9: R4, R12 WS: 6a
RG: p. 10 differentiation and homework tasks
(43–57) • Evaluate how far a writer’s
viewpoint is evident in a fictional

7 Genre and plot • Identify how a writer manipulates AF6: Writer’s purposes Y9: R12 WS: 7a
Pages 233–257 genre and plot to maintain reader
(58–64) engagement

8 Reader response • Identify the dramatic potential of a AF5: Use of language Y9: R9, R14, Wr11 WS: 7a, 8a, 8b
Pages 261–286 court scene in fiction AF6: Writer’s purposes
(65–74) • Exploit dramatic potential of
language for media reporting

9 Writer’s craft
Pages 289–304
• Explore how a writer’s choices
(viewpoint, structure, language)
AF6: Writer’s purposes Y9: R12, SpL12 WS: 9a, 9b Fully customizable worksheets
(75–78) affect a reader’s response
and resources

10 Comparison • Recognize the nature of tragedy AF4: Structure Y9: R7, R12 WS: 7a, 10a, 10b

Pages 305–331 AF5: Use of language RG: pp. 12–13

(79–88) AF7: Social and

historical context

11 Writer’s craft • Select key character AF2: Locating evidence Y9: R12, Wr17 WS: 10b, 11a, 11b
Pages 335–359 developments AF5: Use of language
(89–94) • Analyse how a writer’s use of AF6: Writer’s purposes
language, structure and viewpoint

details, -16
affect a reader’s response

12 Reader response • Begin to recognize how a writer AF4: Structure Y9: R12 WS: 12a
Pages 359–408 prompts a reader to anticipate the AF6: Writer’s purposes
(95–107) ending of a novel

13 Reader response • Confirm how a writer prepares a AF4: Structure Y9: R9, R18 WS: 13a

see p.9
Pages 409–432 reader for a novel’s conclusion AF6: Writer’s purposes RG: pp. 12–13

14 Whole text • Develop their responses to and AF4: Structure Y9: R18, SpL9 OHT: 14a
Pages 435–445 judgements about a text through AF6: Writer’s purposes RG: pp. 14–15
(116–end) exploratory talk

15 Evaluating the text • Judge how appropriate Noughts AF4: Structure Y9: R18, Wr13 WS: 15a, 15b, 15c,
and Crosses has been for class AF6: Writer’s purposes 15d
reading RG: pp. 15–16
• Use informative and persuasive
language to promote a novel or
give reasons for not promoting it

Scheme of Work for Noughts & Crosses

T 01536 741068 F 01865 313472 

11–14 adaptations and
original drama
Suppportive and curriculum-focused teacher notes.
Innovative activities tailored to the Framework.
Wide range of plays to develop your students’
speaking and listening skills.
A great way to cover the media components of your
scheme of work.

Across the Barricades

A Bog Child
By Joan Lingard By Siobhan Down
Adapted by David Neville Adapted by Adrian Flynn
Kevin is Catholic. Sadie is Protestant. They live in Digging for peat in the mountain with his Uncle
Belfast and are supposed to be enemies – so what Tally, Fergus finds something that makes his heart
cchance do they have when they fall in love? stop. Curled up deep in the bog is the body of a
child. And it looks like she’s been murdered.
Novel and Reading Guide available. See page 9.

Number of speaking parts: Number of speaking parts:

Male: 8 Female: 6 Either: 5 Male: 13 Female: 7 Either: 12
(Plus extra non-speaking parts)
Bog Child 978 019 831087 7 £9.25 April 09
Across the Barricades 978 019 832079 1 £9.25

T Amazing Maurice
and his Educated
By Terry Pratchett
Adapted by Stephen Briggs
Maurice is no ordinary cat. He can think, he can
ttalk… and he has an amazing scam going. And
all he needs to pull it off is an army of intelligent
rats and one stupid-looking kid.
Number of speaking parts:
Male: 18 Female: 4 Either: 12

Adapted from the Carnegie Medal Winning Novel

The Amazing Maurice and

his Educated Rodents 978 019 831494 3 £9.25

This series deserves great success in schools because it presents far more
than good acting opportunities. The plays open up new fields of knowledge
and experience, as the best fiction and best drama should.

Brother in the Land The Canterbury Tales

By Robert Swindells By Geoffrey Chaucer
Adapted by Joe Standerline Adapted by Martin Riley
When a nuclear bomb wrecks his hometown and In a dramatic attempt to bring Chaucer back to
rips his family apart, fifteen-year-old Danny has to life, four medieval alchemists invite a group of
learn the art of survival… and fast. Then he joins C
Chaucer’s best-known pilgrims – the Knight, the
the resistance and the real fight begins. Wife of Bath, the Pardoner, the Nun’s Priest, and
tthe Miller – to tell their Canterbury Tales.

Number of speaking parts: Number of speaking parts:

Male: 18 Female: 4 Either: 12 Male: 13 Female: 12
Brother in the Land 978 019 832084 5 £9.25 The Canterbury Tales 978 019 832063 0 £9.25

Cry, the Beloved Dracula

Country By Bram Stoker
By Alan Paton Adapted by David Calcutt
Adapted by Roy Sergeant He is Nosferatu, the Undead. He can walk through
locked doors and change his shape. He never
Set in South Africa, this story tells of a father’s grows ill and never tires. And if you invite him into
search for his son, a terrible discovery, and the yyour home, he will take your life and your soul.
fate of their village in rural KwaZulu-Natal. It
gives lots of opportunity to discuss issues such as
family relationships, human suffering and racial Number of speaking parts:
reconciliation. The film version allows students to Male: 11 Female: 6 Either: 6
incorporate media study.
Dracula 978 019 831898 9 £9.25
Number of speaking parts:
Male: 10 Female: 3
Cry, the Beloved Country 978 019 832695 3 £9.25

The Demon Frankenstein

Headmaster By Mary Shelley
By Gillian Cross Adapted by Philip Pullman
Adapted by Adrian Flynn Frankenstein is the famous story of a young man
who thinks he can change the world. Instead he
Strange things happen at Lloyd and Harvey
creates a living monster.
Hunter’s school. When their new foster sister Dinah
arrives she wants to find out why. But can she
escape the Demon Headmaster?
Number of speaking parts:
Number of speaking parts: Male: 7 Female: 4
Male: 13 Female: 12 (Plus extra non-speaking parts)
The Demon Headmaster 978 019 832064 7 £9.25 Frankenstein 978 019 831498 1 £9.25

T 01536 741068 F 01865 313472  19


JJohnny and Doctor Faustus

the Dead By Christopher Marlowe
By Terry Pratchett Adapted by Geraldine
Adapted by Stephen Briggs
A McCaughrean
JJohnny Maxwell, visiting the local cemetery, Doctor Faustus, a talented student in Wittenburg,
discovers that he can see and speak to the Germany, wants to learn more than the university
dead. So when the local council plans to sell the has to offer. Craving knowledge of things beyond
ccemetery, Johnny learns that there are some things his reach Faustus turns to the study of magic.
in life (and death) worth fighting for. TTempted by the immense powers of the black arts,
he makes a pact with the devil himself.
Number of speaking parts:
Male: 6 Female: 18 Either: 5
Number of speaking parts:
Johnny and the Dead 978 019 831492 9 £9.25 Male: 20 Female: 4 Either: 20

Doctor Faustus 978 019 832086 9 £9.25

Lady Macbeth Original

drama Salem Original

By David Calcutt By David Calcutt

Daughter of a Pictish King, Gruach is forced to Everybody tells a different story but who is telling
marry her father’s enemy by the new ruler, King the truth? In 1692, 19 people were executed for
Malcolm. Desperate, she turns to the Wyrd Sisters
M witchcraft and the whole town was engulfed in
for advice. fear. But what actually happened in Salem? As the
town comes to terms with recent events, people
need to speak out – but who can you trust?

Number of speaking parts:

Male: 20 Female: 5 Number of speaking parts:
Male: 13 Female: 14
Lady Macbeth 978 019 832083 8 £9.25

Ideal preparation work for The Crucible

Salem 978 019 832103 3 £9.25

Noughts and The Snake-Stone

Crosses By Berlie Doherty
By Malorie Blackman Fifteen-year-old James is mad about diving and
ttrains hard. He has a natural talent and his dad
Adapted by Dominic Cooke encourages him to aim high. But James has always
Callum is a nought – a second class citizen in a known he is adopted, and now he decides to find
world run by Crosses. Sephy is a Cross – daughter
w his birth mother and his true identity. He sets out
of one of the most powerful men in the country. alone, on the journey of a lifetime.
Noughts and Crosses simply don’t mix, but they are
determined to try. Novel and Reading Guide also Number of speaking parts:
available. See page 14. Male: 25 Female: 5
Number of speaking parts:
Male: 13 Female: 11 Either: 2 The Snake-Stone 978 019 832087 6 £9.25

The acclaimed RSC adaption

Noughts and Crosses 978 019 832694 6 £9.25


More on web
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The Three Musketeers

T The Valley of Fear
By Alexandre Dumas By Arthur Conan Doyle
Adapted by Ken Ludwig
A Adapted by Adrian Flynn
A for one and one for all! Enjoying this humorous
All JJohn Douglas is a man with a past. When
action-packed story is easy with a Playscript version Holmes and Watson are summoned to the
tthat is the ideal length and language level for KS3. ccountry to investigate Douglas’s murder, it
begins to look as though the past might finally
have caught up with him.

Number of speaking parts: Number of speaking parts:

Male: 8 Female: 4 Male: 25 Female: 5

The Three Musketeers 978 019 832696 0 £9.25 The Valley of Fear 978 019 832085 2 £9.25

Troy 24
T Original
drama T White Rose and
By David Calcutt the Swastika Original

Achilles, the Greek champion, is returning to
tthe Trojan War. His close friend, Patroclus,
By Adrian Flynn
had been killed by Hector and he is intent on It is 1942 and the Nazi regime is in power.
revenge. Everyone knows that this fight will In Munich, leaflets have appeared by a group
determine the outcome of the war. Troy 24,
d called ‘The White Rose’, fiercely attacking Hitler’s
Olympus Broadcasting’s popular TV show,
O government. If the Gestapo find who wrote them
ccovers the Trojan War and plans to get the they will be killed. In secret, The White Rose work
world exclusive of this fight.
w tirelessly, determined to oppose Hitler at all costs –
but where will it all end?
Number of speaking parts: Male: 25 Female: 6 Either: 13
Male: 33 Female: 5 Either: 13 (Plus extra non-speaking parts)
Troy 24 978 019 832101 9 £9.25 The White Rose and the Swastika 978 019 832102 6 £9.25

T Turbulent Term
The War Horse
of Tyke Tiler By Michael Morpurgo
Adapted by Nick Stafford
By Gene Kemp
Based on Michael Morpurgo’s moving and
When friend Danny steals a tenner and dad stands powerful novel set on the battlefield of World
ffor the local council, it’s only the start of a turbulent War One, War Horse has enjoyed two sold-
tterm for Tyke Tiler. out seasons at the National Theatre. Following
tthe tumultuous journey of war horse Joey as he
experiences the horrors of war-torn France, this is
a story of friendship and survival.
Number of speaking parts:
Male: 11 Female: 10
(Plus extra non-speaking parts) Number of speaking parts:
Male: 28 Female: 3
The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler 978 019 831499 8 £9.25 (Plus extra non-speaking parts)

As seen at the National Theatre

War Horse 978 019 832939 8 £9.25

T 01536 741068 F 01865 313472  21

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New OxBox CD-ROM and Reading Guides
Ideal for use with our GCSE
and A Level courses. See (see pages 23 and 24).
pages 8-26 of the English

Special school
price of £4.50


Fresh and original Reading Guides for

classic Shakespeare texts
Our magazine-style Reading Guides have proved so popular that we’ve now
adapted them for more Shakespeare plays. Packed full of activities and
background material, they cost just £7.50 for a pack of 5!

Fun activities grab your

students’ attention

The Reading Guides help to

make Shakespeare relevant and
enjoyable for all your students

Romeo and Juliet Reading Guide


o ver for
See x software
Romeo and Juliet Reading Guide pack of 5 978 019 832925 1 £7.50
As You Like It Reading Guide pack of 5 978 019 832928 2 £7.50
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Reading Guide pack of 5 978 019 832934 3 £7.50
Macbeth Reading Guide pack of 5 978 019 832935 0 £7.50

T 01536 741068 F 01865 313472  23


An invaluable bank of resources on CD-ROM, including

It’s all in the box! over 90 images, activities, background material, a case
study of the play in performance, and the full text of the
play in Microsoft Word.


Engaging and customizable

content including loads of images from
the productions, teaching materials
and interactive activities

Your one-stop-shop for lesson planning

and resources – you can even add in
your department’s resources so everything
is in one place!

Romeo and Juliet OxBox CD-ROM

Ordering Find out more

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Romeo and Juliet OxBox CD-ROM 978 019 832926 8 £150.00 (+VAT)
s Includes approaches from
the DCSF ‘Teaching
e O xB oxes
For mgolish catalogue
Shakespeare’ paper

see En , 12, 13, 19

s Great value for money with

pages 4
no subscriptions

s Site licence and free VLE

version included
and 26



See pages
23 and 24
for Reading
and OxBox

Romeo and Juliet The Merchant of Venice Julius Caesar

978 019 832166 8 £6.99 978 019 832867 4 £6.99 978 019 832868 1 £6.99
Class Pack (15 plays and 15 Reading Guides) March March
978 019 832924 4 £90.00

Special school
price of
Call 01536 741068
to place your order

Much Ado About Nothing Twelfth Night The Tempest

978 019 832872 8 £6.99 978 019 832871 1 £6.99 978 019 832500 0 £6.99
March March

As You Like It 978 019 832869 8 £6.99 Macbeth 978 019 832400 3 £6.99
Anthony and Cleopatra 978 019 832057 9 £6.99 Measure for Measure 978 019 832010 4 £6.99
Coriolanus 978 019 832006 7 £6.99 A Midsummer Night’s Dream 978 019 832866 7 £6.99
Hamlet 978 019 832870 4 £6.99 Othello 978 019 832873 5 £6.99
Henry IV Part 1 978 019 832091 3 £6.99 Richard II 978 019 832004 3 £6.99
Henry V 978 019 832033 3 £6.99 The Taming of the Shrew 978 019 832035 7 £6.99
King Lear 978 019 832054 8 £6.99 The Winter’s Tale 978 019 832582 6 £6.99
Love’s Labour’s Lost 978 019 832012 8 £6.99

T 01536 741068 F 01865 313472  25






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ane Austen
Susan C

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JJa elostla

All your favourite features of

Rollercoasters are now available
in GCSE set texts:
s 4
format proven to last longer
in the classroom.
s 4HE
pick-up-able quality that
our Key Stage 3 novels
are famous for.

Rollercoasters now extends
up to GCSE!
O rd er in g


A George Eliot
Christmas a
Pr¡de& M a rner





Jane Austen

A Christmas Carol
978 019 832998 5 £7 Pride and Prejudice
.99 978 019 832996 1 £7 Rani and Sukh
September .99 978 019 832994 7 £7 Silas Marner
September .99 978 019 832992 3 £7
September .99


E m ily Br on t ë

The Strange Case of Dr

Jekyll The Withered Arm and
and Mr Hyde Wuthering Heights
978 019 832990 9 £7 Other Wessex Tales
.99 978 019 832988 6 £7 978 019 832986 2
September .99 September

W hi ch no ve ls ar e
on w hi ch sp ec if ic
at io n? *
A Christmas Carol
Pride & Prejudice ✔
✔ ✔ ✔
Rani and Sukh ✔
Silas Marner ✔
The Strange Case of Dr ✔ ✔
Jekyll and Mr Hyde
The Withered Arm and
Other Wessex Tales
✔ ✔

Wuthering Heights ✔
*Based on the draft spe

Post -16

For great poets and

Oxford Student Texts
Need an accessible approach to
challenging writers?
Featuring three thematic anthologies with extracts from poetry, prose, drama
and non-fiction to support the new A Level English specifications.
Oxford Student Texts are a great way into the classic writers that many students first
encounter at A Level.
Tasks are designed to encourage student engagement with the texts, and essay
questions prepare them for the exam.
The ‘Interpretations’ section includes stimulating, interactive discussion of themes,
language, issues and critical history.
Chronologies and contemporary illustrations help with contextual work.

More on web
Find out more
For information on which texts are on your
specification, visit www.

Post -16

Find out more

For OCR set texts, see English page 24

New editions – ordering details


Victorian Literature Love Through the Ages Struggle for Identity Sheridan: The School for Scandal
978 019 832879 7 £9.99 978 019 832880 3 £9.99 978 019 832881 0 £9.99 978 019 832874 2 £9.99

✸Bestseller✸ ✸Bestseller✸

Chaucer: General Prologue Milton: Paradise Lost Bk 1 & 2 Wilfred Owen: Selected Poems Behn: The Rover
978 019 832876 6 £9.99 978 019 832877 3 £9.99 978 019 832878 0 £9.99 978 019 832573 4 £9.99


Dickinson: Selected Poems Keats: Selected Poems Donne: Selected Poems Pope: The Rape of the Lock
978 019 832545 1 £9.25 978 019 832546 8 £9.25 978 019 832575 8 £9.99 978 019 911656 0 £9.99

Shakespeare: Complete Sonnets Webster: The Duchess of Malfi Chaucer: The Nun’s Priest’s Tale Chaucer: The Pardoner’s Tale
978 019 832576 5 £9.99 978 019 832574 1 £9.99 978 019 832548 2 £9.25 978 019 832549 9 £9.25

Chaucer: The Miller’s Tale 978 019 832577 2 £9.99

Chaucer: The Wife of Bath’s Tale 978 019 832572 7 £9.99 Previous editions still available
G.M. Hopkins: Selected Poems 978 019 832551 2 £9.25 19th & 20th Century Women Poets 978 019 831990 0 £10.99
Marlowe: Dr Faustus 978 019 832599 4 £9.99 Blake: Songs of Innocence and Experience 978 019 831952 8 £10.99
Milton: Paradise Lost Book IX 978 019 832600 7 £9.99 W.B.Yeats: Selected Poems 978 019 831966 5 £10.99
Wordsworth: Selected Poems 978 019 832550 5 £9.25 Frost: Selected Poems 978 019 832002 9 £10.99
Wordsworth & Coleridge: Lyrical Ballads 978 019 832547 5 £9.25
Other Poetry/Drama titles
Sheridan: The Rivals 978 019 831908 5 £9.50
Tennyson: Selected Poems 978 019 911056 8 £10.99

T 01536 741068 F 01865

741068 F 01536 454519 W
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