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Copia de Ten Interesting Ways to Use a Wiki in the Classroom

Copia de Ten Interesting Ways to Use a Wiki in the Classroom

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Published by: jairo alberto galindo cuesta on Jun 10, 2010
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Eleven Interesting Ways* to Use a Wiki in the Classroom

*and tips

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike 3.0 License.

#1 - Create a subject-specific repository
Get students to write their own revision materials!
1. Sign up for a free 'education' wiki with Wikispaces(see link below) 2. Make the wiki only open to those you have granted access. 3. Get students to sign up for a Wikispaces account

4. Make students responsible for their own pages. 5. Students can collaborate and become 'experts'

Doug Belshaw

#2 - Ask for student response
‡ as collaborative project o And To Think That I Saw It On My Way To School o Love That Dog ‡ to books
o o

Civil War Novels Ghost Cadet WikiWorld! Emma's Politics Page Di Hengen and student conversations

‡ to classwork/class discussions
o o

‡ To Canadian mentor

Paula White

#3 - Show off Student Work
‡ to demonstrate understanding
o o

Fractions, Decimals and Percents Consecutive Numbers

The Rotunda Charlottesville, VA USA

‡ for an audience (reports and projects)
o o

Landmarks and Math Discrimination (check out Japanese Americans)

‡ for advertising purposes ‡
5th Grade Fundraiser (see menu on left) To meet someone (in this case, our mentor introducing herself) o Dionne Hengen

Scott Stadium At UVA Charlottesville, VA

Paula White

#4 - Allow Students to create pages:
‡ Just For Fun
o o

5th Grade Student pages Drew's Games Summer Activities Spring Break Going to Middle School School Board Links


To communicate
o o

‡ To relieve stress

‡ To organize for presentations

Paula White

#5- Publish Training Videos
Use Jing and Wikis together to learn and review

‡ Students: o Researched/mastered assigned objective for MOS Certification test o Wrote scripts with step-by-step instructions o Used Jing to record screencasts o Used a Wikispaces wiki to upload video and add script ‡ Wiki is now a source for learning and reviewing MOS test objectives ‡ Has also been shared with school staff for quick howto reminders

Heidi Van Riper @hlvanrip

#6 - Post Podcast
Embed Podcast

‡ Create podcast and embed on page

SES Computer Lab  We use Podomatic to create ours, then embed the code in the wiki. Barb Smith

#7- Sharing teaching techniques among staff
Invite staff to share ideas that work and build up a library of techniques For example ‡ Good practice in teaching pupils with SEN ‡ Ideas for stetching the most able ‡ Ways of integrating thinking skills / MIs into lessons Advantages ‡ Easy access to staff when it's convienient to them ‡ Quickly builds into a valuable resource ‡ Some staff will contribute and this builds shared sense of ownership
Dave Stacey @davestacey

#8 A wiki as a forum for pupils to air issues relevant to teenagers.
Create a wiki for a group of teenagers.

‡ Pupils create seperate wiki pages relating to certain issues:
o o o o

Bullying Drugs Peer-pressure etc

‡ Pupils include links to resources, helplines, fora etc.
‡ Pupils use the Wiki discussions

Pupils use the discussions in addition to the pages themselves. The discussions allow conversations around the issue.

Submitted by Dughall McCormick Twitter: @dughall

#9 - Where can I get a wiki?
Three companies offer ad-free wikis to educators. Each offer different features, which may make them suitable for specific purposes

http://www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers http://wikisineducation.wetpaint.com http://pbwiki.com/academic.wiki

Dave Stacey @davestacey

#10 - Interactive Sub (Supply) Plans
Create a page with sub plans and post for class

Sub (Supply) Plans
‡ Create voki and read plans to class ‡ Post Schedule and show class ‡ Require at least one assignment be done using wiki creating virtual classroom teacher can look in on

Sample Voki

@mwacker Michael Wacker

#11 Create a collaborative dictionary.
- Create an English or foreign language dictionary to catalogue new words encountered each week: ‡ Have a new page per topic area. ‡ As an extension, students add what type of word it is, i.e. noun, adjective etc, genders (for MFL), and an example of its use.

Submitted by Catherine Elliott Twitter: @camoore

If you would like to: ‡ Contribute your ideas and tips to the presentation. ‡ Let me know how you have used the resource. ‡ Get in touch. You can email me or I am @tombarrett on Twitter If you add a tip (or even if you don't) please tweet about it and the link so more people can contribute. I have created a page for all of the Interesting Ways presentations on my blog. The whole family in one place :-)
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Thanks for helping Tom Barrett Have you seen Maths Maps yet?

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