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From the RPCV/w President...

The sun is shining and RPCVw has been busy, busy, busy! Whether you joined us for potato salad and chicken at the cherry blossom picnic, attended a self-defense workshop, or took part in the Peace Corps Open mini-golf tournament, you have inevitably seen the energy and enthusiasm that makes our community so extraordinary. As a community, we have taken on some exciting initiatives and formed new, valuable partnerships. At the RPCVw Holiday Party, we named Congressman Sam Farr our Peace Corps Champion, and celebrated his long fight The winning photo from this Spring’s RPCV/w photo contest submitto increase the Peace Corps budget. Due to his leadership, the ted by Saira Amir, Honduras ‘06-’08: Donkey Polo Peace Corps budget was increased from $340 million in FY 2009 to $400 million in FY 2010. The $60 million funding increase Your 2009-10 RPCV/w Board of Directors was the largest single dollar increase since 1961.

President: Tamar Schiffman Vice President: Bea Tijerina Secretary: Joe Ford Treasurer: Kristina Owens Membership: Doug Trapp New Members: Nicholas Brown Communications: RaeJean Stokes Web: Robert Proudfoot Development: Trish Calamari Special Events: Allison Francis Social: Arvis Layton Community Service: Corey Taylor Programs: Liza Cushion

Earlier this year, our members voted and chose the Latin American Youth Center as RPCVw’s charity of the year. We are thrilled to be working together with such a vital organization that is working to bring dignity, hope, and joy to marginalized youth in DC. Already, RPCVw efforts have raised substantial funds for the organization, and we are actively involved in providing community service to LAYC through the efforts of our members. Memorial Day weekend, RPCVw took part in a tradition that our community has lead for years. We honored the legacy of President John F. Kennedy and his commitment and passion for service by laying a wreath at his gravesite in Arlington Ceremony. We heard from Ambassadors whose countries were positively affected by the hard-working and motivated Peace Corps volunteers who served there. So often we talk about how Peace Corps affected our lives and experiences, and I look forward to hearing from the perspective of our host countries, how Kennedy’s dream has made a difference for them. Join us July 10 for our annual picnic at the Capitol Yacht Club where we will finalize our new board. I encourage anyone with a passion for service and a desire to give back to their community to consider serving on the RPCVw board. We are looking for dynamic leaders with diverse opinions and new ideas to lead us ahead into 2011 and Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary year. My best to you,

Save the Date:
Annual Picnic & Board Election Saturday, July 10, 2010 12:30-4pm The Yacht Club, Washington, DC

Tamar Schiffman
President – RPCV/w

RPCV/w Reveals Photo Contest Winners
RPCV/w is pleased to announce that the following photos took top honors in the first ever RPCV/w Photo Contest.

Overall Winner (not featured here; it’s on the front page): Donkey Polo by Saira Amir Top left: Latin America and Caribbean Regional Winner: Modern Inca Foot Plows by Mahlon Barash Top right: East Asia and Pacific Regional Winner: Ghost Mask Festival - Thailand by Paulo Couto Bottom left: Africa Regional Winner: Argan Oil by Leslie Andrus Bottom right: Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Winner: Picnic Song by Chris De Bruyn You can see all the photos at www.thirdgoal.info.
Website Update - Transition to New Service RPCV/w has decided to switch our Website Service to Wild Apricot after using Memberclicks since 2006. Wild Apricot has similar functions to Memberclicks but is much easier to manage and will have RPCV/w paying roughly 75% of what we are paying now. The change was brought on by a desire by the Board of Directors to simplify the web management functions and reduce costs. Per Year Costs: Memberclicks: $1,920 + 1% of all internet sales Wild Apricot: $540 + No charge on Sales After selecting Wild Apricot as our new service provider, we imported all user information to the new database and updated the current webpages. The method for making payments through the website (dues and event fees) is completed through Paypal. com for a 3% fee (industry standard). Hopefully, the membership management and website upkeep for RPCV/w will now be easier with a 75% reduction in cost ($540 vs $2,000).

RPCVw Financial Update: Where does your $$ go?!
When you buy a $15 membership this is how we spend your hard-earned cash:
Ev ents W ebs ite Inv es tments Board

$10.50 is used to pay for or subsidize events such as the holiday party, picnic, programs, Thanksgiving, and Partnership for Peace $2.80 is used for website maintenance and other overhead $1.00 has been invested $0.70 for Board planning retreats & holiday dinner A worthy investment? We think so and hope you think so too. You can buy a membership at www.rpcvw.org.


New Web Director for RPCV/w Needed
Robert Proudfoot, RPCV/w’s Web Director, will be leaving Washington, D.C this June to move to Lexington, Kentucky where he will study law at University of Kentucky. Anyone interested in taking on a greater role within RPCV/w as Web Director should contact Robert Proudfoot atweb@ rpcv.org. Robert Proudfoot is available to teach the Wild Apricot software in person until May 30, 2010. Afterward, he is available for online tutorials until August.

RPCV/w Honors JFK’s Memory
More than 30 Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) from the past 50 years laid a wreath at the grave site of President John F. Kennedy on Saturday, May 29th at Arlington National Cemetery. The gesture, which took place on President Kennedy’s birthday, honored the former Commander-in-Chief for forming the Peace Corps through Executive Order 10924 in 1961. In attendance at the event were Ambassador Daniel Ohene Agyekum of Ghana, and Ambassador Ombeni Sefue of Tanzania, who represented two of the first Peace Corps Countries. Both dignitaries gave personal tales about their exposures to Peace Corps volunteers during their youth. Leading the invited speakers was National Peace Corps Association President Kevin F. F. Quigley, who discussed the significance of President Kennedy creating the Peace Corps. Quigley also paid homage to Peace Corps Volunteers who died in the line of service. Representing the federal agency of Peace Corps was Director of Intergovernmental Affairs C.D. Glin, who expressed the current administrations plans and support for Peace Corps. After statements from each of the invited speakers, there was a procession of RPCVs to President Kennedy’s grave site, and a laying of 13 roses, which represented the first 13 Peace Corps Countries: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, St. Lucia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Thailand.

RPCVw is Linked In and Up
Find us online in oh so many places!
We Tweet! We Facebook! We’re LinkedIn!

LAYC’s Fiesta a Great Success
RPCV/w supports a hometown cause
The Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) is happy to report that its recent Fiesta 2010 was a huge success. The evening was filled with dinner, dancing, a silent auction and the voices and stories of LAYC youth past and present. “It was a great night and one of LAYC’s best events ever,” Executive Director Lori Kaplan said. “The staff, our board of directors and the LAYC youth pulled together to make the night very special.” Highlights of the evening included a silent auction filled with rare sports memorabilia and local crafts and artwork; salsa lessons on the main dance floor and the wonderful stories of LAYC youth, who recounted the effect that LAYC has had on their lives. A video featuring more stories was shown during the program.

RPCV/w Kickball Team RPCV/w organized a WAKA kickball team for the Spring of 2010 after a survey of membership. After five games, RPCV/w had been enjoying the wonderful weather and new friendships from the league. Although RPCVs are not as competitive or cut-throat as some other league teams, we’ve enjoy playing and drinking a beer or two afterward. Anyone interested in hosting a sports league (or that needs more players) should contact RPCV/w to get on our weekly emails. Thank you to everyone that has been able to come out to the games!

“LAYC was tremendously helpful in helping me attain my GED,” Cinthia Manzano told The spring 2010 kickball team in all its glory the audience. “Now that I have it, I feel like I have more to offer my son.” RPCVw would like to thank its gracious sponsors and supporters! In addition to fun, dancing and good food, LAYC is happy to report that the night UN Foundation, The Global Fund for Children, City Staff, Theraised a significant amount of unrestricted resa Immordino, Real Estate Agent, Long and Foster Real Estate dollars that are critical to LAYC’s continued , Pabst Blue Ribbon, The Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel, Capitol Yacht Club, Recessions, Haydees, Marx Cafe, Potbelly in Columbia growth.
Heights, Los Hermanos Dominican Restaurant, H Street Country Club, PBR, and Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority.

New Board Members Needed

Do you want to get more involved in your local RPCVw community? Do you have great ideas? Do you want to build your leadership skills? Join RPCVw’s board of directors! We are looking for talented people to shape the future of the organization. As an RPCVw board member, you can be the face of the organization, create and plan events and programs for our diverse membership, listen to the needs of the community and create a fun and exciting space for returned Peace Corps volunteers in the Washington area. Terms are for just one year and are volunteer, unpaid positions. Board members attend monthly board meetings and are expected to be present at most RPCVw events. We have two planning retreats throughout the year to strategize and plan for the year ahead. There are many positions available, each highlighting different skill sets. Please keep in mind that position write-ups are only broad outlines. RPCVw encourages board members to pursue their interest and contribute new ideas and programs. President: The president is responsible for giving strategic direction to the board. He/she runs board meetings, co-facilitates retreats, and serves as the face of the organization for media and events. The president maintains partnerships with NPCA, Peace Corps and other peer organizations in the region. Candidates should have leadership and management experience, patience, and rapport-building skills. Vice President: The VP is responsible for coordinating and co-facilitating strategic board retreats. In the President’s absence, the VP runs board meetings and fills in as board leader. The VP runs and implements the Partnership for Peace program, linking RPCVw with local community non profits. Candidates should be well organized managers with excellent people skills. Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for managing RPCVw’s finances and cash flow. The treasurer manages membership dues and event revenue, writes checks for all expenses, and provides monthly budget summaries for the board. Candidates should have basic knowledge of Quicken or similar finance software, be detail oriented, trustworthy, and organized. Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes of each board meeting and retreat, as well as compiling the annual report at the end of the year. The treasurer should distribute minutes in a timely manner and keep detailed records of board decisions. Candidates should be organized and available to attend meetings regularly. Membership Director: The Membership Director is responsible for guiding RPCVw’s membership strategy and work plan, managing RPCVw’s membership database, and coordinating with NPCA for membership dues. The Membership Director Chairs the Membership Committee, a group of board members dedicated to increasing membership and ensuring member satisfaction. Candidates should be strategic thinkers and organized managers. New Members Director: The New Members Director is usually a recently returned RPCV, responsible for reaching out to recently returned volunteers. He/she coordinates events and gatherings for new members to meet each other, network, and connect. Candidates should be energetic, full of ideas, and ready to meet new people. Development Director: The Development Director is responsible for keeping RPCVw funded through non-dues revenues. He/she works with sponsors and donors, and runs the silent auction at the Holiday Party. The Development Director chairs the board’s Development Committee, thinking creatively about new revenue opportunities. Candidates should have basic fundraising or networking experience, have great people skills, and creativity. Program Director: The Programs Director plans and executes programs for the RPCVw community. From film screenings, to lectures, to cooking classes, he/she responds to the needs of our members with new and exciting opportunities to participate. Candidates should be well organized, social, and creative. Special Events Director: The Special Events Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of RPCVw’s two signature events: The Annual Holiday Party and the Annual Summer Picnic. He/she works closely with venues, catering, and the Development Director to secure sponsors and donations. Candidates should have event planning experience, be able to delegate responsibilities to the board, and have a sense of humor! Community Service Director: The Community Service Director is responsible for integrating the service component to RPCVw. He/she identifies local opportunities to engage in service projects. In addition, the Community Service director plans and coordinates the annual wreath laying in honor of President Kennedy at Arlington Cemetery. Candidates should have a passion for service and be able to bring diverse groups of people together. Social Director: The Social Director is responsible for coordinating social events for RPCVw members, including happy hours, family events, and networking. He/she coordinates sign-up sheets and nametags at events, coordinates with local venues, and encourages members to meet each other and establish connections and friendships. Candidates should be outgoing, organized, and fun! Communications Director: The Communications Director is responsible for sending out the weekly listserve to RPCVs members and friends, as well as putting out a quarterly newsletter. He/she gathers all event information from board members for compilation into the list serve. Candidates should have working knowledge of pagemaker or similar newsletter formatting software, be extremely organized, and keep to deadlines. Web Director: The Web Director is responsible for maintaining and updating RPCVw’s website, Google Groups, and other applications. The Web Director works closely with the Membership Director on integrating the member database. Candidates should have basic knowledge of website management and online applications.

The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, D.C. (RPCVw) was founded in 1979 and incorporated in 1990 in the District of Columbia. RPCVw is one of the largest organizations of its kind in the world. RPCVw is a nonprofit 501c3 and represents more than 900 returned Peace Corps volunteers, Peace Corps staff, and Peace Corps families and supporters in the greater Washington, D.C. area. RPCVw is governed by an elected board of directors. MISSION & VISION: By fostering opportunities to share our unique experiences and commitment to service, we create a community that celebrates the diversity of the greater Washington area and world cultures. GOALS: * Undertake and sponsor educational and charitable activities in support of the Peace Corps 3rd goal of “Helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans;” * Inform and educate members and the public on matters relating to economic development and developing countries, including but not limited to those countries which have been served by the Peace Corps; * Support policies to maintain a strong and healthy Peace Corps; Encourage continuing volunteer involvement of its members in serving the needs of their local communities; * Affiliate and strengthen other organizations with similar vision and mission goals, such as the NPCA; and * Provide the foundation of a Community of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to support all of the above activities.

About the RPCV/w

Spring Recipe
Georgian Khachapuri (cheese bread)
Are you looking for a dish that will impress friends and be sinfully delicious? This Georgian classic is cheesy, comforting, and absolutely scrumptious. A bit involved, but totally worth it. What you will need: 1 package of dry yeast 2 TBSP and 1 tsp sugar ¾ cup milk ½ cup melted butter 1 tsp salt 3 ½ cups flour 8 ounces muenster cheese, shredded* 8 ounces Swiss cheese, shredded * 8 ounces white aged cheddar, shredded * 2 eggs, slightly beaten 2 TBSP parsley, minced ¼ tsp white pepper *Feel free to substitute your favorite cheese – the sharper the better. Roquefort works well too, but doesn’t mix well with other cheeses. Dissolve the yeast and 1 tsp sugar in 1/4 cup warm water and let stand 5-10 minutes until it starts to foam. Add milk, remaining sugar, butter, salt, and enough flour to make a soft dough. Place in greased bowl roll to coat all sides. Cover and let the dough rise until it doubles in size. In a separate bowl, mix cheeses and remaining ingredients. Refrigerate. Heavily grease a 9” pan. Punch down the dough and shape into a ball. Roll it out into a big circle and place gently into pan, letting excess hang over the edge. Put the cheese filling into the dough and bring dough up over the filling, securing with pleats. Pinch ends together tightly. Cover with wax paper and let sit until it rises again to double in size. Once it rises again, brush the top with some butter and bake 40-50 minutes at 375 degrees, until golden brown. Then, remove from the pan and put directly on the oven pan for an additional 5 minutes until the bottom is crusted and brown. Cool for 20-30 minutes before cutting in wedges and serving. It will be HOT! Enjoy!

Become a Sponsor
If your organization is interested in becoming an RPCVw sponsor, please start by either logging in to your existing account or create a new account profile. You will then be directed to a form where you will be asked to submit your sponsorship proposal. Sponsorship proposals are evaluated on a case by case basis by the RPCVw Board of Directors. For questions please e-mail development@rpcvw.org.

The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, D.C.
P.O. Box 66101 Washington D.C. 20035 Webite: www.rpcvw.org Email: communications@rpcvw.org

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