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Telemarketing for Sales Techniques

Telemarketing for Sales Techniques

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SERIOUS Selling provides Sales Techniques to improve your Sales Skills.  Packed with proven Sales Tips and advice, this online video programme, will take your sales success to the next level
SERIOUS Selling provides Sales Techniques to improve your Sales Skills.  Packed with proven Sales Tips and advice, this online video programme, will take your sales success to the next level

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Published by: seriousselling8534 on Jun 11, 2010
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Telemarketing Sales Techniques-”Sales Objections” If it were not for sales objections, selling would be a breeze.

When working in a field such as telemarketing, handling sales objections is extremely challenging. Because objections are going to happen, we all need to learn sales techniques to enable use to turn sales objections into positive reinforcements that will give you the ability to make the sale. When the person on the other end on the phone responds to your purchase suggestions with an objection, it simply means this person has been considering what it is you are willing to offer, but needs some reassurance. It’s easy for a potential customer to talk themselves out of a purchase, if there is self doubt about it’s value to them. Your goal is to convince them that their original thought to purchase was the right decision. The best of sales techniques should always begin by asking them questions to clarify their point of view. Let them explain what concerns they have before you ever start to attempt to answer them. Objections can be quite emotional and understanding the customer's emotions is gained through asking questions. “Do you work full time?”, “Is your position one that deals with the public?”. Then be sympathetic to their responses. "I applaud you for the work you do." "I could never be able to handle that much responsibility." Now you can use that information to encourage the buyer to want the service or product you offer. So if you are selling holidays or time shares for example, the buyer can be convinced they have worked hard all year, have a lot of stress and responsibility and deserve two weeks off, relaxing, with not stress in a sunny resort with people to wait on them. The customer will be thinking "I do work hard and I do deserve to get away". When the customer beliefs the purchase will be for their benefit or they are due the service, they will often find contradictions for their own objections. Overcoming sales objections is simply the application of sales techniques that turn the buyer's objections into a positive purchase at their suggestion. In telemarketing you are not in the same room as the buyer, so do not lose the sale by not acting quickly. When you are in the same room it is much easier to slide the paper in front of them and get a signature. When making the sale over the phone, this is not so easy, so at the first opportunity to get an agreement, get it. As soon as the customer agrees with you that they are in desperate need for a deserving get away, immediately give them a confirmation number and encourage them to have a great time. Handling objections is often a challenge, but can be dealt with as discussed. But here’s an objection handling tip for people in tele-selling/marketing. Just the fact that you rang them can create sales objections, so always start with a positive purpose to the call. The customer on the phone wants to know that being interrupted has meaning. Getting the customers attention at the beginning of the call is very important to avoid losing the sale immediately. Be bright and cheerful as this can be seen through the phone. If you present them with a smile and a benefit at the end of the call the chances greatly increase that you will close the sale. It’s simple sales techniques like this that make all the difference. Don’t overcomplicate it, just put yourself in the shoes of your prospect.

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