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Draft National Land Policy

Draft National Land Policy

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Published by: Charles Kiili on Jun 11, 2010
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144. Land Policy should be understood in the context of other sectors
such as water, energy, human settlement, industry, tourism,
wildlife, forestry and fisheries. Thus effective land management
requires coordination and cooperation among these sectors.


145. To address these concerns, the following measures shall be
a) The Ministry of Lands shall institute consultative measures with
the relevant sectors in order to mainstream their concerns in
land reform programmes;
b) All relevant sectoral policies touching on land shall be
rationalized and harmonized in line with this National Land

c) All public and private institutions whose functions are associated
with the Ministry of Lands will work together with the ministry to
ensure efficient implementation of the National Land Policy.
Further, the NGOs and CBOs working in the land sector shall be
encouraged to participate in effective utilization of land; and
d) Local Authorities shall work together with the Ministry of Lands
to ensure proper land administration in their respective areas of

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