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Draft National Land Policy

Draft National Land Policy

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Published by Charles Kiili

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Published by: Charles Kiili on Jun 11, 2010
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151. The processes and procedures of land adjudication, consolidation
and registration of rights were intended to extinguish customary
land tenure and replace them with individual exclusive rights. The
land adjudication process has witnessed a slow pace of
implementation as a result of legislative and institutional
152. The Government shall put in place the following measures:-
a) Review the law related to land adjudication to make the process
transparent, accountable and efficient. The process will also
recognize existing communal and other overlapping rights,
provide sound dispute resolution systems to protect those
concerned and provide for setting aside of land for public utility;

b) Amend and merge the Land Adjudication Act (Cap 284) and the
Land Consolidation Act (Cap 283) to increase the pace of
implementation of land adjudication process in the remaining
parts of the country. The new Act shall allow for both the
appointment of community leaders to Boards and for registration
of parcels not affected by objections to the Adjudication Register
upon expiry of the stipulated inspection period of the Register.

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