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Each question was scored using 1-10. A score of 10 being the highest score. A scoring of “I” was an incomplete or unanswered question. A Scored 10 Answer equals; The most through, complete, thoughtful, specific and responsive answer that demonstrated a strong level of understanding and commitment to constitutional conservative ideas. Answer(s) to Question 1 “What are your reasons for running AND Question 10, “What is your definition of limited government’ ARE THE CANDIDATE’S OWN WORDS Please refer to the M.A.P.S Candidate Questionnaire by clicking the link http://www.scribd.com/doc/31010498/M-A-P-S-CandidateQuestionnaire for the reminder of the questions

Results of M.A.P.S Candidate Questionnaire for Michael Ennis Candidate for 9th District State Senate
1. What are your reasons for running for office? After more than a year as an active Tea Party member, signing up as a precinct delegate, I wanted to institute more if a change in our state. Our current administration is spending at unsustainable rates, is picking industries instead of making Michigan attractive to all industries, picking specific energy sources instead of encouraging all types of energy solutions for Michigan. Balancing

our budget by taking from one fund or future funds that won’t exist in the next year, Instead of making the tough decision to make the budget cuts that need to be made. 2. 10 3. 10 4. 10 5. 10 6. 5 7. 10 8. 10 9. 10 10. What is your definition of limited government? Government that protects the people, secures the border, and is directed and controlled by the people 11. 10 12. 10

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