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Federal Interagency Communications Center

The Federal Interagency Communications Center (FICC) was established in May 1985 following a reciprocal
agreement between the US Forest Service, The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), National Park Service, and
Bureau of Indian Affairs to consolidate dispatching services for the following Federal Agencies:

BLM California Desert District - 24 Million Acres

Joshua Tree National Park - 764 Thousand Acres
Death Valley National Park - 3.3 Million Acres
San Bernardino National Forest - 850 Thousand Acres
Mojave National Preserve - 1.6 Million Acres
Southern California Agency Bureau of Indian Affairs
Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument (Administered By Forest Service And BLM) 272
Thousand Acres

FICC is located in the San Bernardino National

Forest Supervisor’s Office in the city of San

FICC Provides 24 hour dispatching, 365 days a

year for Fire, Law Enforcement, Recreation,
Resources and administrative capacities for the
member Agencies. The area served by FICC
covers approximately 30 Million Acres in five
separate counties, reaching to the Arizona,
Nevada and Mexican Borders.

The Resources served by the FICC include:

100 + Uniformed Law Enforcement Officers

7 Special Agents
35 Fire Stations
7 Active Fire Lookouts
20 Fire Prevention Units
70 Forest Protection Officers
6 Hand Crews
1 Fuels Crew
3 Helicopters
2 Air Tankers
1 Helitanker
1 Air Attack
1 LE Patrol Plane
1 Dozer
1 Air Tanker Base

Law Enforcement Activities tend to be busiest in the Winter and Spring, and fire activities are busiest in the Summer
and Fall months.

FICC is active 365 Days a year, making it one of the most unique and active Federal Dispatch Centers in the nation.
The FICC has recently moved with the US Forest Service to a new facility and has gone through a major renovation
and equipment upgrade, bringing communication with public safety personnel to a new level.