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Lauren Freeman

Cadre 14
Curriculum Project

Ancient Greece
project Links
For this assignment, you will use the following links to research and find information about your
Ancient Greece topics. Please make sure you try and stay on my links because there is a lot of
information out there on Ancient Greece. As you surf the web-links, write down notes on what you
read/see that interests you.

Plagiarism: a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as
being your own work

Please write your newsletter in your own words!!

Ancient Greece for Kids

An excellent site that is written in “kid-friendly” language that will be easy to read! Has
information on all of your Ancient Greece topics. Look here first!

Ancient Greece
Another comprehensive Ancient Greece website. However, itʼs written for
High School students. Give it a try!

Odyssey Online!
Emerge yourself in Ancient Greece lifestyle! This is a flash website with music, pictures and
animations! Click through this website and watch what happens.

Alexander the Great

He conquered all of Persia, Egypt and Greece and spread Grecian ideas.
Learn all about the Great Alexander here.

Zeus? Apollo? Hermes? The place to go for all of your Mythology related searches.

Phillip Martin’s Clip Art

Free Clip Art for your projects. He has sections for Ancient Greece and much more! The images on
this page are all examples of his free clip art!

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