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"The Language of the Gods" by William G. Gray

"The Language of the Gods" by William G. Gray


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Published by Jacobus Swart
An interdimensional communication training manual, based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.
An interdimensional communication training manual, based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

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Published by: Jacobus Swart on Jun 10, 2008
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T hotol Seven is a Life-quality which amounts to the triumph of our best emotions
over our worst feelings. Here are all the ego-expanding experiences which develop us
into sensitive appreciative souls, realising the loveliness there can be in Life for those
able to live it with even a fraction of Divinity conditioning their consciousness. Here the
rhythms of Six are translated into dancing and music, movement and singing. This is the
consciousness enabling us to constantly improve our artistic and aesthetic standards of
living, making us want finer and fuller lives along such lines for every other human
being. It governs the civilised side of our natures from every angle of emotional and
empathic approach. This is what gives real depth to sex-relationships between people,
and makes them of spiritual importance and significance. Consciousness through this
Sphere is one of our most wonderful achievements in this world. Without it we should
lead very dreary and colourless lives with no vivid and heartening experiences to bring us
confidence, that there is more to Life than mere survival from one body to another.
Thotol Seven is where we gain some incentive to look above the lowest levels of
mortality, and see something joyous and gladsome behind the surface of everyday
existence. It may be that relatively few human beings experience Thotol Seven to very
intense degrees many times per incarnation. In fact it can be unbearable to a killing point
for those unable to mediate its energies properly. Nevertheless, even an average
assurance of its inner reality from time to time will help most people through otherwise
desperate periods. Thotol Seven holds more than welcome lifelines to otherwise hopeless
humans struggling with waves of depression and worse in this frustrating world. It is a

For Private use, do not copy.


remarkable feat achieving ability to summon its state at will, by means of the Keywords
linking all contacts with its happy conditions of consciousness.

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