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WMS Rules Engine Examples

WMS Rules Engine Examples


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Oracle Warehouse management Rules Engin Examples
Oracle Warehouse management Rules Engin Examples

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Category based cost group assignment is one of the most frequently used way to assign cost groups.
For instance, components that will be used in manufacturing can be assigned to a different cost group
than finished goods inventory. This type of rule allows a different cost group to be assigned based on
the category and category set an item is assigned.
Suppose a particular cost group is to be assigned when the category MISC within the category set Item
Type is assigned to an item.

Rule Items in category MISC within category set Item Type get cost group XXXX
Description Assign cost group XXXX to items in category set Item Type / category code MISC



= Constant Character MISC


D Category Set

Category Set Name = Constant Character Item Type

Category sets can have different flexfield structures. In this example, the category set Item Type has a
single segment structure. However, multiple segments are possible, and each segment can be directly
specified in the rule restrictions. This means that a cost group assignment could be based on any
segment, or combination of segments, of the category.

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