In the Face of Anger

Saturday June 19 Workshop
Workshop on an dotes for anger and other distressing emo ons. Components include presenta ons, experien als, and op onal oneon-one sessions.

Responses from professional, psychosocial to spiritual perspec ves.

Vegetarian lunch in a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

Anger steam-rolls over his face like a steak sizzled from the edges-in. He gets out of the car and throws a brick at his target . . .
This is a scene that we may have witnessed, visualized or enacted. Why do decent, intelligent individuals lose all sense of control upon impulse? How do we master our emotions at work, in the home and with ourselves? In this half-day workshop, Life Coach Edith Fuchs and Buddhist nun Reverend Cheen offer a range of antidotes for anger. Moving from the professional responses into the ultimate realms of consciousness, we will examine anger, its source, its potential, and its owner.

TCN Buddhist Center 11024 2nd Ave. NE Sea le, WA 98125

Edith and Reverend Cheen will share the most effective and lasting strategies for managing distressing emotions. The workshop consists of presentations, experientials and optional one-on-one sessions.

tel: (253) 332-6752

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