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A unique feature of Wal- Mart retailing is that it is virtually recession proof. In times of economic downturn, consumers flock to discount retailers. During the recession of1974-75, sales expanded 42 percent; in the 1981-82 recessions, sales grew 44 percent; and the recession of 1990s, sales grew 30 percent. As such, Wal Mart is not affected by economic downturns like many other retailers. Wal-Mart has obtained a distinct competitive advantage by targeting small, rural communities, which leads to lower operating cost .this advantage result from lower rents, moderate wages. and the absence of unionization. In addition, real estate is significantly cheaper, and smaller communities have a loyal and productive workforce. Although the store location strategy was innovative, several other factors have played a strong role in valuating Wal-mart the top of the retail mountain. For instance, Mr. Sam¶s Management practices were even more trend setting than his store location strategy. For example employees are referred to as employees; instead they are called associates .Other factors contributing to Wal-Mart success include rigorous cost control, an excellent distribution Network, and technological advantage Wal ±Mart proudly moves up in Fortune¶s list of the top ten ³America¶s Most admired Companies in 200, rising to fifth on the list.

About Wal-mart
y y Sam Walton opened the first store in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas. Within 5 years there were 25 Wal-mart stores earning total revenue of $12.6 million in sales. y y In 1972 Wal-mart was listed in the NYSE. In 1991, Wal-Mart became an international company when we opened a Sam's Club near Mexico City. Just two years later, Wal-Mart International was created. y In 2005 Wal-mart incorporated sustainability in it¶s business under their CEO H Lee Scott Jr.


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y In August 2007, Wal-Mart and Bharti Enterprises announced an agreement to establish Bharti Wal-Mart Private Limited. y Mike Duke succeeded Lee Scott as president and chief executive officer on February 1, 2009. y Presently 7,800 stores and club locations in 15 markets employ more than 2 million associates, serving more than 176 million customers a year y Wal-mart¶s major international operations are in the following markets:










Puerto Rico


Mission Statement
Offers the best quality merchandise at the lowest prices in all their stores, from school supplies, to household items and top quality groceries

Vision Statement:
Saving people money to help them live better

Purpose. . .
Sam Walton said it best, ³If we work together, we¶ll lower the cost of living for everyone«we¶ll give the world an opportunity to see what it¶s like to save and have a better life.´


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Wal-Mart Logo Timeline:

1962 - 1964 Sam Walton names his new stores WALMART. The Walmart name was presented in just about any font/style available to the printer. 1964 - 1981 Also known as the "Frontier Font Logo," this was the first official and consistently used logo. 1968-1981 The Discount City mark was used in print advertising, on the uniforms/smocks, instore signing, and other things. However, it was never used as building signage or in an annual report. 1981 - 1992 The logo was updated again in 1981. 1992 - 2008 The star was adopted as an update to the existing logo in early 1992.

2008 New logo adopted by Walmart Stores U.S.


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Currently Wal-Mart:
We are a global retailer committed to growing our company by improving the standard of living for our customers and serving communities around the world. We earn the trust of our customers every day by providing a broad assortment of quality merchandise and services at ev day low ery prices while fostering a culture that rewards and embraces mutual respect, integrity and diversity.

Today, WalMart Stores, Inc. is the world¶s largest retailer with more than 1.8 million associates worldwide and nearly 6,500 stores and wholesale clubs across 15 countries. The "most admired retailer" according to FORTUNE magazine has just completed one of the best years in its history: Walmart generated more than $312.4 billion in global revenue in the fiscal year ended January 31, 2006, establishing a new record and an increase of 9.5 percent. The company earned almost $11.2 billion in net income in fiscal 2005.

Guided by founder Sam Walton¶s passion for customer satisfaction and ³Every Day Low Prices,´ Wal-Mart¶s four retail divisions offer a wide variety of quality merchandise to consumers around the world.

Wal-Mart Discount Stores
Wal-Mart now has more than 1,470 discount stores in the United States offering a variety of quality, value-priced general merchandise and a pleasant, convenient shopping experience. The stores feature wide, clean, brightly lit aisles and shelves stocked with quality items including: family apparel, automotive products, health and beauty aids, home furnishings, electronics, hardware, toys, sporting goods, lawn and garden items, pet supplies, jewelry, and housewares.

Wal-Mart Supercenters
Developed in 1988 to meet the growing demand for one-stop family shopping, Wal-Mart Supercenters today number more than 1,430 nationwide and most are open 24 hours a day for th e ultimate in convenience. Supercenters save customers time and money by combining full grocery lines and general merchandise under one roof at Wal-Mart¶s signature Every Day Low Prices. In addition to general merchandise, Supercenters feature bakery goods deli foods, frozen foods, , meat and dairy products, and fresh produce. Supercenters also are home to many specialty shops


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such as vision centers, Tire & Lube Expresses, Radio Grill restaurants, portrait studios and onehour photo centers, hair salons, banks, and employment agencies.

Sam's Club

Sam's Club is a chain of warehouse clubs which sell groceries and general merchandise, often in large quantities. Sam's Club stores are "membership" stores and most customers buy annual memberships. However, non -members can make purchases either by buying a one[51] day membership or paying a surcharge based on the price of the purchase. Some locations


sell gasoline.[46] The







in Midwest


Oklahoma [51] under the name "Sam's Wholesale Club". Sam's has found a niche market in recent years as a supplier to small businesses. All Sam's Club stores are open early hours exclusively for business members and their old slogan was "We're in Business for Small Business." Their current slogan is "Savings Made Simple" as Sam's Club attempts to attact a more diverse member base. In March 2009, the company announced that it plans to enter the electronic medical records business by offering a software package to physicians in small practices for $25,000. WalMart is partnering with Dell and in this new venture.[52] According to Wal-Mart's 2007 Annual Report, Sam's Club's sales during 2007 were $42 billion, or 12.1% of Wal-Mart's total 2007 sales.[53]As of December 2009, there were 605 Sam's Clubs in the United States. Wal-Mart also operates more than 100 international Sam¶s Clubs inBrazil, China, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.[54]

Wal-Mart International:
Wal-Mart's international operations currently comprise 2,980 stores in 14 countries outside the United States.[55] According to Wal-Mart's 2006 Annual Report, the International division accounted for about 20.1% of sales.[41] There are wholly owned operations in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Puerto Rico (although PR is part of the US, the company's operations there
[55] are managed through its international division ), and the UK. With 1.8 million employees

worldwide, the company is the largest private employer in the US and Mexico, and one of the largest in Canada.[56]


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Wal-Mart has operated in Canada since its acquisition of 122 stores comprising theWoolco division of Woolworth Canada, Inc in 1994.[57] As of October 31, 2008, it operates 310 locations, employing 77,500 Canadians, Canada's first with three a local Supercentres home office as in Mississauga, Ontario.[58] Wal-Mart


in Canadian English) opened on November 8, 2006, in Hamilton, London, and Aurora, Ontario. As of October 31, 2008, there are 39 Wal-Mart Supercentres in Canada,[48]. In 2008, Wal-Mart named German retailing veteran Stephan Fanderl as the president of WalMart Emerging Markets-East in an effort to, "explore retail business opportunities in Russia and neighboring markets." The market is estimated to be worth more than$140 billion per year in food sales alone. In January 2009, the company acquired a controlling interest in the largest grocer inChile, Distribucion y Servicio D&S SA In February 2010, the company agreed to buy Vudu, a Silicon Valley startup whose threeyear-old online movie service is being built into an increasing number of televisions and Blu ray players. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, but a person bri fed on the deal said e the price for the company, which raised $60 million in capital, was over $100 million.

Grass Roots Process
³Listen to your associates. They¶re the best idea generators.´ Sam Walton said that, and he believed it. For years, he traveled continuously so he could visit all of his stores at least once a year, listening to associates and asking for their ideas. We¶re still listening. The sheer size of our company limits how many stores executives can physically visit each year. But, Sam¶s philosophy lives on today in our Grass Roots Process A key part of that process is the associate opinion survey ² it gives every single associate a way to voice their ideas, suggestions, and concerns.


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Our associates ² making a difference. Using the survey, we continually find ways to improve our customer service, and how to better serve our associates. We continue to learn how to be a more efficient, more environmentally friendly company. Using the Grass Roots Process and the survey, our associates have made Walmart one of the most admired companies in Am

Basic Beliefs & Values
Three simple things that make us great: Our unique culture has helped make Walmart one of the world¶s most admired companies. Since Sam Walton opened the first Walmart in 1962, our culture has rested on three basic beliefs. We live out these beliefs every day in the way we serve our customers and each other. 1. Respect for the Individual We¶re hardworking, ordinary people who¶ve teamed up to accomplish extraordinary things. While our backgrounds and personal beliefs are very different, we never take each other for granted. We encourage those around us to express their thoughts and ideas. We treat each other with dignity. This is the most basic way we show respect. 2. Service to our Customers Our customers are the reason we¶re in business, so we should treat them that way. We offer quality merchandise at the lowest prices, and we do it with the best customer service possible. We look for every opportunity where we can exceed o customers¶ expectations. That¶s ur when we¶re at our very best. 3. Striving for Excellence We¶re proud of our accomplishments but never satisfied. We constantly reach further to bring new ideas and goals to life. We model ourselves after Sam Walton, who was never satisfied until prices were as low as they could be. Or that a product¶s quality was as high as customers deserved and expected. We always ask: Is this the best I can do? This demonstrates the passion we have for our business, for our customers, an for our communities. d


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Sundown Rule
Our founder Sam Walton created the Sundown Rule. It¶s really just a twist on ³why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?´ Observing the Sundown Rule is very simple. Whether it's a request from a store across the country or a call from an associate down the hall, we do our very best to give our customers, and each other, same-day service. We take the Sundown Rule seriously. It¶s one of the many ways we provide superior customer service. When we show a sense of urgency, we show people we know their time is valuable. We care about their needs, and we want to help them quickly. When we observe the Sundown Rule with other associates (employees), it shows we respect each other. And we¶re proud to be part of a team workin g together to get things done. The Sundown Rule in action: Jeff, a pharmacist at a Walmart store in Harrison, Arkansas, got a call at home one Sunday morning. He learned one of his diabetic customers had accidentally dropped her insulin down her garbage disposal. Knowing that she could be in grave danger without insulin, Jeff immediately rushed to the store, opened the pharmacy, and filled her prescription. This is just one of the many ways our associates honor the Sundown Rule every day.

10-Foot Rule
The 10-foot Rule is one of our secrets to customer service. During his many store visits, Sam Walton encouraged associates to take this pledge with him: "I promise that whenever I come within 10 feet of a customer, I will look him in the eye, greet him, and ask if I can help him." The 10-foot Rule was something Sam practiced his entire life.


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"I learned early on that one of the secrets to campus leadership was the simplest thing of all: Speak to people coming down the sidewalk before they speak to you,´ Sam on e said. ³I c would always look ahead and speak to the person coming toward me. If I knew them, I would call them by name, but even if I didn't, I would still speak to them. Before long, I probably knew more students than anybody in the university, and theyrecognized me and considered me their friend. I ran for every office that came along." We¶ve kept Sam¶s promise. Not only was Sam elected to nearly all of those offices at the University of Missouri in Columbia, but the 10-foot Rule helped Sam build a successful business, too. Today, in stores around the world, associates put Sam¶s rule into practice every day. From the greeters at the front doors, to associates throughout the store, and the friendly smile at the checkout lane, The 10-foot Rule is one of the things that makes Wal-Mart great.

Open Door
The door is always open. At Wal-Mart, our management believes open communication is critical to understanding and meeting our associates¶ and our customers¶ needs. Through our ³open door´ policy, associates (employees) are free to share suggestions, ideas, and voice concerns. Whether it¶s help with a problem, guidance or direction, or simply getting an answer to a question. Associates can trust and rely on the open door. This means that managers will treat all discussions fairly, with an open mind, and without bias. They¶ll maintain complete confidentially, whenever it¶s possible. They¶ll work with you to mutually resolve any issues or problems you may have. It¶s one of the most important parts of our culture. We¶re all part of the same family ²the Walmart family. And like family, we care. The open door has helped solve some of our biggest problems, and its generated some of our greatest ideas.


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Servant Leadership
Effective leaders don¶t lead from behind a desk. It's more important than ever that we develop leaders who are servants, who listen to their partners ± their associates ± in a way that creates wonderful morale to help the whole team accomplish an overall goal,´ Sam Walton, our founder said that. Sam believed in servant leadership, and so do we ² to this day. Echoing Sam¶s leadership philosophy, our leaders are out on the floor with their associates. Whether in a Wal-Mart store, Sam¶s Club, Distribution Center, the Home Office, or at any other facility around the world, our teams can expect their managers to be there, serving right alongside them. It¶s what makes us great. It¶s what makes us a team

Sam Walton believed it¶s our teamwork that makes us special. "What makes ordinary people do extraordinary things?´ Sam Walton, our founder once asked. ³Aren't we a group of ordinary folks? We really are. And I think we, together as a team, have done extraordinary things. We've all grown, we've all accomplished muchmore than any of us ever thought that we could." We believe in the power of teamwork, too. As our business grows and the pace of modern life quickens, Sam¶s philosophy of teamwork has become even more important. Our ability to work together affects the quality of service our customers receive. To give the very best service to our customers, and to each other, we rely on guidelines that made our culture great. And make us proud to be a member of the Wal-Mart family:

Guiding Principles:
y y y

Always act with integrity. Lead with integrity, and expect others to work with integrity. Follow the law at all times.


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y y y

Be honest and fair. Respect and encourage diversity, and never discriminate against anyone. Work, actions, and relationships outside of your position with the company should be free of any conflicts of interest.


Ask your manager or the Global Ethics office for help if you have any questions about our Statement of Ethics, or if you face an ethical problem.


Inform the Global Ethics office about any suspected violations of our Statement of Ethics.


Reveal and report all information truthfully, without manipulation or misrepresentation.


Cooperate with and maintain the private nature of any investigation of a possible ethics violation.


When involved in an ethics investigation, you should reveal and report all information truthfully. You should present all the facts you are aware of without personal opinion, bias, or judgment.

Sam Walton¶s Wal-Mart Philosophy

Sam Walton built America¶s vast chain of Wal-Mart stores on the philosophies of excellence in the workplace, customer services, and always having the lowest prices. Walton, affectionately known to his staff as µMr. Sam¶, was a true entrepreneur. He established WalMart in 1962 at the age of 44. He died in 1992, having seen his company become America¶s biggest retailer. Walton believed that each Wal-Mart store should reflect the values of its customers and support the vision they held for their community. Today, Wal Mart¶s Community Outreach Programmes underwrite college scholarships, raise funds for local children¶s hospitals, provide money and manpower for fund raisers, and help educate thepublic about recycling and saving the environment. Wal-Mart even helps American towns and cities build up their local industries by providing industrial development grants.


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What was Sam Walton¶s secret to success? Rule 1: Commit to your business ³Believe in it more than anybody else. I think I overcame every single one of my personal shortcomings by the sheer passion i brought to my work. I don¶t know if you¶re born with this kind of passion, or if you can learn it. But I do know you need it. If you love y work, our you will be out there every day trying to it the best you possibly can, and pretty soon everybody around you will catch the passion from you - like a fever.´ Rule 2: Share your profits with all your associates ³Treat them as partners. In turn, they will treat you as a partner, and together you will all perform beyond your wildest expectations. Remain a corporation and retain control if you like, but behave as a servant leader in a partnership. Encourage your associates to hold a stake in the company. Offer discounted stock, and grant them stock for their retirement. It¶s the single best thing we ever did.´

Rule 3: Motivate your partners ³Money and ownership alone are not enough. Constantly, day by day, think of new and more interesting ways to motivate and challenge your partners. Set high goals, encourage competition, and then keep score. Make bets with outrageous payoffs. If things get stale, cross-pollinate; have managers switch jobs with one another to stay challenged. Keep everybody guessing as to what your next trick is going to be. Don¶t become too predictable.´

Rule 4: Communicate everything you possibly can to your partners ³The more they know, the more they will understand. The more they understand, the more they will care. Once they care, there is no stopping them. If you don¶t trust your associates to know what is going on, they will know you don¶t really consider them partners. Information is power, and the gain you get from empowering your associates more than offsets the risk of information your competitors.´

Rule 5: Appreciate everything your associates do for the business ³A paycheck and a stock option will buy one kind of loyalty.But all of us like to be told how much somebody appreciates what we do for them We like to hear it often, and .


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especially when we have done something we are really proud of. Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise. They are absolutely free - and worth a fortune.´

Rule 6: Celebrate your successes ³Find some humor in your failures. Don¶t take yourself so seriously. Loosen up, and everybody around you will loosen up. Have fun. Show enthusiasm- always. When all else fails, put on a costume and sing a silly song. Then make everybody sing with you. Don¶t do a hula on Wall Street. It¶s been done. Think up your own stunt. All of this is more important, and more fun, than you think, and it really fools the competition. ³Why should we take those cornballs at Wal-Mart seriously?´

Rule 7: Listen to everyone in your company ³Figure out ways to get them talking. The folks on the front lines - the ones who actually talk to the customer - are the only ones who really know what is going on out there. You did better find out what they know. This really is what total qualiy is all about. To push t responsibility down in your organization, and to force good ideas to bubble up within it,you must listen to what your associates are trying to tell you .´

Rule 8: Exceed your customers¶ expectations ³If you do, they will come back over and over. Give them what they want - and a little more. Let them know you appreciate them. Make good on all your mistakes, and don¶t make excuses - apologies. Stand behind everything you do. The two most important words I ever wrote were on that first Wal-Mart sign, µSatisfaction Guaranteedµ. They are still up there, and they have made all the difference.´

Rule 9: Control your expenses better than your competition ³This is where you can always find the competitive advantage. For 25 years running- long before Wal-Mart was known as the nation¶s largest retailer - we ranked number one in our industry for the lowest ratio of expenses to sales. You can make a lot of different mistakes and still recover if you run an efficient operation Or you can be brilliant and still go out of . business if you are too difficult.´


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Rule 10: Swim upstream ³Go the other way. Ignore the conventional wisdom. If everybody else is doing it one way, there is a good chance you can find your niche by going in exactly the oppositedirection. But be prepared for a lot of folks to wave you down and tell you you are headed the wrong way. I guess in all my years, what I heard more often than anything else was: a town of less than 50,000 population cannot support a discount store for ver long.´ y

The philosophy that drives diversity at Walmart is a natural extension of our company's core beliefs. Diversity is a key dimension of our commitment to our customers and associates: Treat them with fairness and respect, be their advocates, be sensitive to their concerns, value their differences, and serve and support them the best we can.

Our commitment to diversity is fundamental to our success, and we don't take our success for granted. Being a leading employer means that we have to set a good example a always strive nd to improve our efforts. That's why we created the Office of Diversity. The office fosters diversity throughout the company and ensures that diversity is interwoven with all of our associate programs, recruitment efforts, supplier relations, philanthropic initiatives, and community efforts. We affirm our commitment and pledge our full support to equal employment opportunities for all qualified people, regardless of race, color, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, ethnicity, national origin, veteran status, marital status, or any other legally protected status. Our expectation is that all associates demonstrate sensitivity to and respect for our customers, suppliers, and other associates. It is also our expectation that all asso ciates are committed to our diversity initiatives.

We take pride in our diverse, mosaic family of associates, and we will continue to celebrate that diversity.


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Recent Awards and Recognition-2005:
y y y y

Asian Enterprise Magazine list top 10 Companies for Asian Americans. Latinos Hispanic Magazine list top 50 Vendor Programs for Supplier Diversity. Black Enterprise Magazine list Top 30 Companies for African Americans. Hispanic Magazine list 2005 Corporate 100 - The 100 Companies Providing the Most Opportunities for Hispanics.

y y

Hispanic Association of Corporate Responsibility (HACR) Corporate Index Top 10. DiversityInc's list of the Top 50 Companies for Diversity.

Diversity Goals
We believe an inclusive workforce drives a sustainable business. We also believe itis important for a diversity program to be built around quantitative and qualitative components, buy-in from senior leadership, and review of diversity metrics and goals by the Board of Directors. Based on these beliefs, the Diversity Goals program was established in 2003. Placement Diversity Goals

Filed management ± establishes objective goals for placing diverse associates at a rate consistent with the qualified, interested and available applicant pool in field management positions.


Home Office management ± captures the candidate slate for officer and director-level positions.

Good Faith Efforts Diversity Goals

Tracks managerial leadership through encouraging involvement with diversity events and diverse organizations.


Requires managers to mentor at least three associates, including persons of diverse race, gender, or background.

2008 Accomplishments


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100% of company officers achieved Management Placement and Good Faith Efforts Diversity Goals.


99% of more than 50,000 managers across the company reached the Diversity Goals ir program objectives.

Efficient operations:
With its stated goal to be low cost leader .Wal-Mart has build a network of stores and offices that serve two important functions: it avoid the cost of building separate administrative offices, and it creates a close feeling between store management and customer while promoting a better work bond among co-workers .This design allows mangers to interact with the customer during business hours. Supportive system such as excellent distribution, as state of the art communications network, and certainly the associates have been given management the ability to manage the large scale growth while controlling operating cost. In early 1997 the company was recognized By computer world and Smithsonian Magazine as one of the top five innovators in information technology. This system provides sales data by item, by store, by day to vendor partners. This help supplier in save time and expenses in planning which translate in lower merchandise costs. Shrinkage occurs as a result of shoplifting, inventory shortages, and employee theft .Although the discount retail industry¶s average shrinkage per store is 2 percent. WalMart pride themselves on a per store shrinkage of around 1 percent .With this low shrinkag rate e come clear rewards: stores that achieve target shrinkage rates earn bonuses of several hundred dollars each.

Distribution Network:
Wal-mart distribution system is another key component of its efficient strategy. Most stores are located with in 1 day¶s drive of a distribution centre. Delivers are made to each Wal-mart store daily. The company recognizes that communication is the backbone to an efficient distribution network. Wal-mart budgets $ 500 million annually to its communication and information staff of 1200 professionals.


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All but all of the distribution centers are automated, utilizing a complex conveyor system that involves up to eleven miles of belts. Laser scanners route the goods which are strategically tied to satellite network core in Bentonville. Wal-Mart added a voice ±based order filling system .The associate voice automatically directs the request to the location in the ware house where the product is stored. Subsequently the quantity ordered is filled and verified. This technology has eliminated the paper work and product labeling cost.

Computer technology:
Wal-mart boasts the world largest private fully integrated satellite network. This satellite connects Wal-mart MIS to every Wal-Mart store and distribution centre in 45 states. as well as foreign operation in Mexico, Canada, brazil, china and other south pacific countries..Every store is connected o real time to real time to the corporate information centre in Bentonville so that each and every truncation is made online. The operational goal of this network is to provide better customer service and improve business efficiency. For instance if a credit transaction can be completed in 25 percent less time ,one checker can handle 4 customers in that time it took to handle three using t e manual h system. Hence a checker can process more customers in the same amount of time In the event a particular store location does experience a stock -out associates are equipped to scan their an item electronically check its availability in other area sores. Associates are t given ³magic wounds´ .The wands help keep up ±to- minute track of the inventory on hand deliveries and back-up merchandise in stock at Wal-mart distribution centers.

Online Wal-Mart retailing:
Wal-Mart online ( relaunched on January 1, 2000 offers the well known products found in traditional stores plus additional products offered only to online users.´Virtual shelves´ are always well stocked with the latest software, videos, music, home products, office furniture, toys, tools, and collectibles. Similarly Sam¶s club online ( offer similar products found in Sam¶s clubs, and the club¶s members still enjoy discounted prices.


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Recently Wal-Mart formed anew partnership with the internet venture ±capital firm Accel partners. The new venture is based in Palo Alto, California, and its financial results will be consolidated into Wal-Mart stores, Inc is the majority shareholder, Futhermore the separate company will have its own management team and board of directors. In February of 1998 florist¶s transworld delivery, Inc. announced that it had partnered with Wal-Mart to launch an online flower shop in conjunction with WalMart website. The partnership allows FTD to sell holiday and every day arrangements, flowers and food items and other gift-giving solutions.FTD provides merchandising support and fulfills floral orders through its international affiliation network of more than 5400 FTD florists. Regarding the safety of credit card system they utilize the secure sockets laser system. The security system applies high tech encryption technology to ensure that credit card number are kept away from desirable fraud artists

Support America Made:
The buy America program has evolved into support America made programe.Support America made not only provides business for small American manufactures but also had emphasis on better production and marketing of the product¶s assist many small manufactures whose production of distribution capacities for providing product to nation wide retailers are limited. They also assist companies in finding more efficient and profitable ways of doing business. It will help any manufacturer of American made products with a sale history of 6 months or more .Theses business can easily learn about and apply for membership in program through Wal-Mart website. The program also connect smaller manufactures with the network of support American made partners that have experience in assisting compan with increasing their effectiveness in ies competitive market .In addition financial advice ,management guidance and technical assistance are available from these partners.


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The Wal-Mart Effect:
Wal-Mart has work hard over the years to create an image tha is the working person¶s store t .The store are staff with local, ³everyday´ people who are related well with the type of people to which Wal-Mart is Marketing .But for some people the image of this wholesome American store is trained by predatory pricing lawsuit. Since the court ruling Wal-Mart has expanded into numerous to wns and cities of United States. There are also expansion efforts in Mexico and Canada and pressure to compete with giant discount retailers are causing companies in these countries to wo about their future. rk Wal-Mart is working to correct the predatory pricing image by pushing the ³All American small town provider ³ image even more.Altough the company is the leading retail provider in small towns it promotes local economic growth by do nating about $3 million in Economic development grants each year. It has alliance with National Association of towns and townships to bolster its image. Wal-Mart is also affecting the Canadian marketplace by moving into the food retailing business by opening mini-supermarket test centers.

Wal-Mart's Customer-Centric Policies 
Wal-Mart's pricing policies: consumers always wanted the best bargain on the products purchased by them without compromising on the quality.  Walton had used the captions -"We Sell for Less" and "Satisfaction Guaranteed" on the very first Wal-Mart signboard.  The main policy: Wal-Mart would always provide a wide variety of high quality, branded and unbranded products at the lowest possible price, offering better value for the customer's money.  Their belief: Because you work hard for every dollar, you deserve the lowest price we can offer every time you make a purchase.


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Service strategy 
Services must have o Timely o Accurate in speed and quality in fast time, every time and last time  Increases its employee productivity  Replenish shelves up to three times faster  Keep proper track on the products  Low inventory cost  Make customer happy

The Service Philosophy:
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Half price. The price goes down, the more customers buying the products. Every Day Low Price Rollback Special Buy

Services at store: 
Great return policy.  Separate podiums are being set up in the middle of the main isle behind the cashier area for customer queries.  Photo gift card service. The capability to place a personal photo, business card and phrases on the front of a gift card ± plus the option to recharge the card at local Wal-Mart.

Returning Policy: 100% Guaranteed: 
Everything is returnable.  Items can be returned through mail.


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To return computers, hardware or perishable items, call Wal-Mart.  Exchanging items are also allowed

Wal-Mart¶s Asset Program:
It allows the resale of excess or outdated fixtures and equipment. Everything from glass showcases, metal shelving, apparel racks, trash compactors to front end alignment lifts may be available to purchase. Following are 3 methods to sale the excess 1) Public Auctions 2) On-line Auctions 3) Existing store sales.

How they attain service excellence
By using IT technology  ASDA  RFID

Use of IT for services ± ASDA: 
Wal-Mart uses computers to help further educate and to train their employees.  Wal-Mart¶s 1.2 million employees in the U.S. are offered e-learning programs to help develop their personal skills.  Using this information technology Wal-Mart offers classes that help to increase productivity at both work and in employee¶s personal lives.

Use of IT for services ± RFID: 
Wal-Mart uses RFID to increase its employee¶s productivity.  Wal-Mart is experimenting with a radio-frequency identification system.


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With the use of RFID information technology, employees can replenish shelves up to three times faster than with the old bar code technology.  Products have a radio frequency that a scanner and detect determine the amount of products and where they are located.  Employees can also find products stored in the back room of the store quicker, helping to make the employee more productive and the customer happier.  Using RFID technology also helps to keep inventory costs down.  RFID can automatically tell when products need to be reordered, which is more efficient than being recorded when the employee determines the produc needs to be t restocked.

Helping People Make A Difference:
Wal-Mart doesn¶t only help their customers at their stores but they do help their customers with their life. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Provides scholarships Helps children¶s hospitals Provides money to fund raisers Cares about environment

Health & Wellness:
At Walmart, we have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of millions of people every day. That¶s particularly true when it comes to helping our customers, our associates and the people in our surrounding communities live healthier lives. Our Customers Millions of people around the world are struggling with the costs of health care. To help ease the strain, we are using the strengths of our business to drive costs out of health care and bring our customers the lowest prices on the products and services t ey need to stay healthy. h


Save money. Live better
We also work with several charitable organizations to ensure that communities in need receive critical health information and treatment. Our Associates As an employer, providing our associates and their families with health care c overage is a priority for Walmart. We are continually working to expand affordable access to care for our Walmart and Sam¶s Club associates and their families. Our Neighbors Finally, we see an opportunity to impact not only our customers and our associatesbut also to advocate for broader change. That¶s why we¶ve joined together with leaders in government, business and labor to call for reform in the American health care system, and why we are working closely with other business leaders and academics to adv ance health information technology. By combining the strengths of many, we can improve the quality of care available to all Americans. Walmart¶s new Employer Solutions Program can dramatically reduce the amount self-insured employers and health plans pay for employee prescription drugs and vision care. It allows companies to cut health care costs without cutting a single benefit.

Corporate social Responsibility: Community & Giving:
At Walmart, we believe in a philosophy of operating globally and giving back locally. We know we can make the greatest impact on our communities by supporting causes that are important to our customers right in their own neighborhoods. We¶re proud to be a "store of the community" for all of the communities we serve by helping to provide financial and volunteer support to more than 100,000 charitable and community -focused organizations, and by using our locations to provide opportunities for our customers and associates to give back.



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First-Generation College Students Get Help from the Wal-Mart Foundation to Pursue Their Degrees The Wal-Mart Foundation awarded a $4.2 million grant to the Institute for Higher Education Policy, which will support programs to help first-generation students achieve success at minority-serving institutions. Walmart Foundation Scholarship Programs At the Walmart Foundation, we believe that a good education creates opportunities that lead to a better life. Walmart College Success Award Winners
Twenty colleges recently received grants of $100,000 each from the Walmart Foundation to help them support students seeking to become the first college graduate in their families.Hunger


Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have committed $2 billion cash and in-kind, stepping up efforts to help end hunger in America. Fighting Hunger Together Our "Fighting Hunger together" initiative includes four key components:

Donating more than 1.1 billion pounds of food from Wal-Mart stores, distribution centers and Sam¶s Club locations, valued at $1.75 billion;


Grants totaling $250 million to support hunger relief organizations at the national, state and local levels;


Mobilizing Walmart associates and customers. For example, Walmart¶s logistics team will lend their expertise to help food banks become more efficient in their operations; and


Collaboration with government, food manufacturers and other corporations that are fighting hunger to increase impact and reach a greater number of families in need.


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Disaster Relief: When the Unthinkable Happens, Walmart is There .Whether the disaster is a fire, flood or hurricane, Walmart and its Foundation are first in line to lend a helping hand to the communities we serve. In the aftermath of a disaster, basic needs become paramount and many of the products Walmart and Sam's Club contribute can save lives. Working collaboratively with the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army, Wa lmart and its Foundation are able to provide life-sustaining items and much needed peace of mind to those in need of assistance. We¶re proud to support disaster relief efforts in communities around the world. Chile Earthquake and Tsunami Relief
We're very concerned about conditions in Chile after the earthquake, and our thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted by the devastation.

Haiti Earthquake Relief In response to the tragic earthquake in Haiti, our operations around the world, along with the Walmart Foundation, are responding. Disaster Preparedness Although disasters are truly devastating events, preparation for them is something that can help save resources as well as lives. Localized Efforts: When disasters strike, they can have a tremendous impact on a community. Fast, reliable access to vital supplies can make all the difference in areas that are facing overwhelming damage and destruction. At Walmart, we have the unique ability to draw from both our resources and our logistics network to distribute relief supplies to communities in need immediately after a disaster takes place.

Longstanding Partners:
The Walmart Foundation is proud to have developed relationships with several natio nal nonprofits over the years. Below are a few examples of how we work with these organizations to expand the impact of our work in the communities we serve.


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American Red Cross

Every day, the American Red Cross responds to events, ranging from hurricanes, floods and tornados to smaller emergencies such as house and apartment fires. Our long -standing support of the American Red Cross is an important part of our disaster relief efforts.

Feeding America
Walmart is partnering with Feeding America, the nation¶s largest hunger-relief charity, and enlisting its entire network of Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets and Sam¶s Club locations to help those in need.

The Salvation Army
Walmart and Sam¶s Club associates are committed to the Salvation Army¶s ³Red Kettle Campaign.´ For more than 20 years we have shown our support by raising funds in front of our locations nationwide.

Children's Miracle Network
More than 1 million Walmart associates help a total of 17 million children each year through our partnership with Children¶s Miracle Network.

United Way Worldwide


Save money. Live better
The Walmart Foundation has supported United Way Worldwide and its affiliates at a national level since 1983.

Management Style: 
Maintain an open-door policy  Empowering associates  Maintain technology superiority  Build loyalty among associates, customers, and suppliers

Functional Strategies: 
Same goods for less( charges 2-5%lower price) & still earns profit. 

Very good operational efficiency. 

Use of IT in all verticals of business 

Effective use of logistics management 

Global Expansion for new market opportunity 

Networked to HQ via private satellite in 1983 

Bargaining power over suppliers 

Data used to ³profile´ each market 

Predicts demand, optimizes stock


Save money. Live better
Marketing Strategies
Thinking globally. Serving locally.

Wal-mart international stores offer working families the things they need at prices they can afford, and offer the customer service and convenience they¶refamous for. In each of their international markets, they use their strength as a global company to meet the local needs of our customers, and provide help for their communities.

Saving People Money so they can live better. Saving people money to help them live better was the goal that Sam Walton envisioned when he opened the doors to the first Wal-Mart. Today, more than 40 years later with operations in 16 markets worldwide, Wal-mart continue to deliver that promise to families around the globe. It¶s the focus that underlies everything they do at Wal Mart. And for the millions of customers who shop at Wal-mart stores and clubs around the world each week, it means a lot. µSaving money ² good news in any language¶ ³Every Day Low Price´ is a epicenter of the Wal-mart marketing strategy.

SWOT Analysis of Wal-mart:
Strength  Cost Advantage.  Low Price and Customer Oriented.  Focused strategy.  Strong Supply Chain Management.  People are key to success


Save money. Live better
Weakness  Ignore store decoration  Wal-mart sell products across many sectors (such as clothing, food, or stationary), it may not have the flexibility of some of its more focused competitors.  Managing huge span of control. Opportunity  Strong Brand Equity.  Put efforts on social welfare ± better image.  New location, or store types.  Oversees Markets. Threats  Other Competitors.  Intense price competition.

Pest Analysis of Wal-Mart:
1. Political: Wal-Mart was at a time subject of the largest class action lawsuit. Was for gender discrimination. 2. Economic: "The decision is related to Wal-Mart's recently announced plans to moderate growth of U.S. super centers as part of leveraging capital resources through a strategy designed to improve returns and sales within U.S. stores." 3. Social Analysis: ‡ ‡ People looking for ONE STOP service come to Wal-Mart s a first choice in US. Wal-Mart and China.


Save money. Live better
4. Technological Analysis: Wal-Mart incorporates the latest MIS systems to vertically integrate with suppliers and customers. Key Success Factors The Company¶s µLow Price¶ image, backed by the strong integrated marketing strategy is the key success factor of Wal-mart. People at Wal-Mart believe that , µsaving money is a good news in any language¶. ± This statement (believe) is certainly true as it helped them acquiring success in which this concept is not so popular ± like Germany. Walton¶s 10 commandments for business success were: 1. Commit to your business. 2. Share your profits with your associates (employees), and treat them like your partners. 3. Energies your colleagues. 4. Communicate everything you possibly can with your partners. 5. Appreciate everything your associates do for the business. 6. Celebrate your success. 7. Listen to everyone in your company. 8. Exceeds your customers expectations. 9. Control your expenses better than your competition. 10. Blaze your own path.

Management at Wal-Mart strictly adheres to these commandments, and that¶s the key to their success.

Cost Leadership Strategy: 
It is the world's largest public corporation by revenue  dominant player in the retailing industry


Save money. Live better 
became successful by rigorously pursuing its core philosophy of cost leadership  strategy of establishing discount stores in smaller towns and capturing significant market share.  growth in the 1980s by using information technology (IT) to manage its supply chain and by expanding business in bigger metropolitan cities.  In the late 1980s, it ventured into food retailing by introducing Supercenters  In the late 1990s, Wal-Mart launched exclusive groceries/drug stores known as "neighborhood markets"

Wal-Mart's Aggressive Pricing: 
Mission ´ to provide a wide variety of high quality, branded and unbranded products at the lowest possible price´.  efforts to procure products at the lowest prices possible from manufacturers.  Wal-Mart's products are usually priced 20% lower than those of its competitors  generate more profits due to larger volumes.  surplus generated was reinvested in building facilities(modern equipment, latest technology) of an efficient scale  Wal-Mart imposes a strict control on its overhead costs  The stores are set up in large buildings, while ensuring that the rent paid was minimal.

Wal-Mart Customer Service: 
Wal-Mart¶s key to success is that it thinks like the customer, give a good value in product for the customer, sell the customer what he or she really wants to buy, exceeds the customer¶s expectation and ensures that the customer enjoy themselves in the process.  Wal-Mart¶s customer strategy is to have almost every aspect of their business centered on its customer


Save money. Live better 
Wal-Mart handles their customer¶s complaints in a fast and friendly manner.

Wal-Mart Growth Strategy: 
At present, the most important goal for Wal-Mart is to maintain their current net sales growth of approximately 12 percent per year.  expand into international markets that have large population centers.  increasing the overall efficiency of the organization by reducing operating costs or cost of goods sold.  In the area of human capital, Wal-Mart has no unions, pays low wages, and relies heavily on part-time and temporary help.

Corporate Strategy:
(Gain competitive advantage by) providing customer¶s access to quality goods, when and where needed, at competitive prices Corporate Strategies

y y y

Differentiate themselves from their competitors To grow through new services and alliances Growth of the supply chain capabilities

Corporate Goals 
Store openings

Globally in 2007, the company expects to add around 5.5 million square metres of gross retail space, which is a 7.5% increase. The company will open over 660 new units during the year.  Buying strategy

Wal-Mart's buying power is immense and it is seeking to gain further efficiencies by increasingly shifting buying towards Asia.  Pricing strategy


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EDLP is Wal-Mart's key retailing ethos around the world and it seeks to offer shoppers the keenest possible pricing without compromising quality. Own labels have been a core component of the EDLP strategy.  Marketing strategy

Wal-Mart actively uses TV, press and radio ads to market itself, its low prices and new stores. Its US division is also home to the biggest instore TV network in the world. Increasingly, in the face of more vocal criticism, Wal-Mart is using its marketing initiatives to defend its reputation.  Brand and Private Label Strategy

Private label development has been a cornerstone of Wal Mart's success, and the company is developing similar ranges in all of its markets. An example is the internation roll-out of the al George clothing line.  E-commerce

Wal-Mart has embraced e-commerce in a number of its core operating markets, although it is by no means a universal strategy throughout its international operations.  Supply chain management

Wal-Mart's supply chain infrastructure and systems are the envy of the retail world. The company takes a very hands-on role in its supply chain operations and is keen to collaborate with suppliers to drive out  I.T. strategy

A cornerstone of Wal-Mart's growth has been its Retail Link system. This EDI system enables suppliers and Wal-Mart to interact more effectively. Wal-Mart is also a keen proponent of RFID implementation within the supply chain.

Strategic Goals:

Dominate the Retail Market wherever Wal-Mart has a presence.


Save money. Live better
y y

Growth by expansion in the US and Internationally. Create widespread name recognition and customer satisfaction with the Wal Mart brand, and associate the retailer with the reputation of offering the best prices.


Branching out into new sectors of retailing such as pharmacies, automotive repair, and grocery sales.

Job Analysis:

y Job Description
At Wal-Mart every employee gets his job description before starting his formal job after training as they are very much conscious about their employees sothey not only depend on job description but also employees are guided by the supervisor and the lin manager e or any other manager.

Wal-Mart offers the opportunity for you to start a career in a broad range of fields, such as in cashier sales, hospitality, inventory, stocking, customer service, management, maintenance, shipping and receiving, engineering, writing, programming, business development and pharmacy

Wal-Mart cashier Job description: A Wal-Mart cashier is responsible for effectively executing and adhering to the "Basic Beliefs" of the founder, Sam Walton. These beliefs entail showing the customer respect at all times, demonstrating outstanding customer service and settling for nothing less than excellence while performing daily responsibilities. Training 1. Wal-Mart cashiers are trained to provide excellent customer service. A cashier's training focuses on the 10-foot rule, which ensures every customer encountered at this distance is aided in a polite, serviceable manner.


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Responsibilities 2. The cashier is responsible for talking to the customer, responding to questions and giving assistance while processing transactions. Cashiers should adhere to company policy at all times. Merchandising 3. Cashiers are required to uphold the tone of the register area by removing unpurchased merchandise and restocking it in the appropriate areas. They also settle issues pertaining to product pricing and UPC codes. Characteristics 4. Aside from having the basic math skills and the operational knowledge of running a cash register, the cashier should possess the people skills necessary for interaction with customers. Restrictions 5. A Wal-Mart cashier should be able to effectively confirm identification for customers purchasing cigarettes, alcohol and other age-restricted products, Carrier Available in Wal-Mart: As one of the world's largest companies, the job opportunities at Walmart are unlimited. Working at Wal-Mart is more than just a job, it's the chance to build and advance a life -long career. Take a moment to explore the many different areas within our company where you can apply your skills to realize your goals. If you're a veteran, you can apply your skills here at Wal Mart.

Carrier Available in Respective Fields:

Walmart stores, Sam's Clubs and distribution centers


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y y y y y

Corporate Careers Pharmacy Careers Independent Doctors Optometry Careers Truck Driving Careers

Human Resources:
³Our philosophy is that management role is simple to get the right people in the right place to do job and then encourage them to use their own inventories toaccomplish the task at hand´ Sam Walton ³We have super stores in Wal-mart we have average people operating in an environment that encourages everyone to perform way above average´ David Glass

³Most of us wear a button that says, ³Our people make the difference´. That is not a slogan at Wal-mart it is a way of life .Our people really do make difference.´ David Glass

Wal-Mart culture is most fearsome weapon .The company gospel is ³Be an agent consumer, find out what they want and sell it to them for the lowest possible , price´ One source describe Wal- mart as follows: The key to Wal-Mart success is the quality of their management, its style, and its recognition of their importance of the individual player in the overall team effort .other companies are


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striving to achieve those cultural level but no other retail company is close .Wal Mart people work harder the most, probably because they have more fun .they are constantly being challenged by one another and forced to laugh at themselves. They take pride in working for perhaps the finest company in the world and their individual contributions are recognized´. According to Mr. Sam ³99 percent of the best ideas we ever had came from our employees´ .His explanation was simplistic but to the point. ³if people believe in themselves ,it¶s truly amazing what they can accomplish´ Managers for each of the 40 departments with in a typical Wal-Mart are expected to un their operations as if they were running their own business .According to one manager 90 percent to their day is spend walking around stores communicating with associates he praises them for well done jobs, discuss how improvement could be made and listens to comments and solicits suggestions. The management style encourages id from its associates. eas Wal-Mart corporate culture is defined by ten basic principles. 1. The customer is always right. 2. We are merchandise driven company. 3. Our people make the difference. 4. We communicate with our associates. 5. We maintain a strong work ethic. 6. Associates are partners. 7. Our leaders are also servants. 8. Associates are empowered. 9. We have integrity in all we do.

10. We control our expenses. Store Meetings:
Every morning before store open and every evening after store close, associates and managers meet for ten minutes to discuss over all operations, expectation how things went, and so on. Every Friday morning each store has a general store meeting during which associates at every level can ask questions and expect to get straight forward answers from


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management. These meeting communicate to associates information on new company initiatives and policy change announcements. Video training films are shown time t time .As o a part of these meetings, corporate management, via satellite emphasis company most important priorities for the operating week, which gives employee goals and keep them focused.

Saturday Morning meeting at headquarters:
Since 1961 on every Saturday at 7:30 in Bentonville, Arkansas, Wal-mart conducts a very informal meeting, employee dress casually some in hunting or tennis clothesfor after meeting fun. Those attending include top officers ,merchandising staff ,regional mangers who over see store districts, and the Bentonville headquarters staff .they meet to discuss Wal-mart issues such as week sales; payroll percentages; special promotion items ;unusual problems and reports on transportation ,loss prevention and information systems.

People division:
Instead of personnel department Wal-mart has a people department .According to Von Johnston director of people division: we deal with people; people are our jobs. One of the board member suggested that we change our name to reflect our job and we di ´ d This division is divided into five functions; store operation, warehouse personal, T&D, general office personal staff, and Walton life fitness centre staff. The primary focus of the people division is recruitments of new associates.

³The Wal-Mart Way´:
³The Wal-Mart Way´ summarizes that company unconventional approach to business and the determination of its associate¶s .This commitment t o ³total quality¶ is essential to the company future success.´Quality the Wal-Mart way´ is an on going focus with the emphasis of doing every thing right the first time because that is the most efficient way .Key elements are productivity ,team work the ³elimination of dumb things: innovation that calls for ³breaking the frame´, and effort to continuously improve. This mind set has also been adopted by Sam¶s club, which has adopted HEATKTE -³high expectation are the key to everything ³ as its strategic rally cry´


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In store employees at Wal-mart consist of two categories: manager (salaried) and associates (hourly) .Every retail outlet is managed by a store manger and one or more assistants .Mangers are hired in three ways 1. People from other retail companies with outstanding merchandising skill are recruited. 2. College graduates are hired 3. Hourly associates move up to the rank.

Recruitment and Selection at Wal-Mart:
The Wal ±Mart recruitment is done through online website
statements, including agreeing to a background check and a drug screening, andacknowledging that misrepresentation or omission of any information will result in your disqualification from consideration for employment or, if employed, your dismissal. Register for an Applicant Account The next step is to create an applicant account. Either create a new account or login to an existing account, if you have one. If you are creating a new account, be prepared with your social security number. Complete the Wal-Mart Job Application You can choose to volunteer your gender or ethnic group, or, you can withhold this information.
y y


Be prepared to answer whether or not you can prove your U.S. citizenship. Choose if you want to work at a Wal-Mart retail store, Sam's Club, or for Wal-Mart distribution and transportation. Choose the city you'd like to work in, and select a store or facility you're interested in.

y y

Provide your contact information - name, address, phone number, and email address. Fill out your scheduling availability.


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y y y

Provide two references. Complete your employment history - employers, dates worked, - up to ten years ago. Provide your qualifications, such as if you have any special skills or if you are bilingual.

Wal-Mart Employment Questionnaire Next, you will fill out a questionnaire in which you are asked to provide your age, and if you have ever been convicted of a felony, theft, fraud, or a violent crime. You need to answer whether you're available to work evenings/weekends, if you can work the night shift, and if you'd like to work full-time, part-time, or on temporary basis. You will also be asked the highest level of education you have completed, if you're a student, the lowest amount of money you would accept for the job, your past employment experience, if they can contact your past employers, when you can start working, along with answering questions that will determine if you are eligible to receive federal tax credits. Wal-Mart Pre-Employment Assessment Test This retail Wal-Mart assessment test has 65 questions in four sections. Section 1: Six multiple choice questions about customer and employee relations. They are looking to see what path you would take in handling conflicts that you might experience working in a Wal-Mart store. For example, they ask you how you would deal with angry customers, customer complaints, and conflict with coworkers. Each question asks a hypothetical situation and you choose the option which is most similar to how you would deal with the situation. Section 2: You are asked about work-related situations and you are asked to grade the effectiveness of different responses to problems. For example, they ask you if you think it is very ineffective, somewhat ineffective, somewhat effective, very ineffective, or neither ineffective or effective to ask your supervisor to schedule you to work with someone else when it comes to dealing with a difficult employee you don't want to work with. Also rate how much you disagree/agree with questions like, "I complete my tasks at work successfully" or "I feel I am an expert in what I do at work."


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Section 3: Questions about how much you disagree/agree (choose somewhat disagree, strong disagree, somewhat agree, strongly agree, or neither) with self-analysis questions about your work ethic, personal decisions, your behaviors, and moral issues, such as whether or not you agree with the fact that stealing from work is wrong. Section 4: Questions about your past experience in previous jobs such as your quality standards, your attention to detail, if you would sacrifice quality for getting something done on time, the number of your past employees, and your self-discipline. Sample Test Questions Two of your co-workers are having a disagreement. One is from your department and the other is from another department. You find them arguing and how would you handle it?


A customer has complained about the same problem three times. Do you ask her to explain the problem and tell her you'll solve it? Do you say you will get the last person she talked to and let them solve it? Do you ask her to wait while you talk to the last person she talked to and find out why it hasn't been resolved?


A person in your department is habitually late, and the others in the department are picking up the slack, but they're getting mad about it. Do you tell her that she needs to start being on time? Do you mention being late at the next department meeting? Do you explain how it's affecting the whole department when she's late?


Do you do your job as fast as possible to meet the deadline without checking it? Or do you make sure you leave extra time to check it before turning it in, even if it may make it a little later?

Passing the Pre-Employment Test If you did not pass the Retail Pre-Employment Assessment Test or the Logistics Pre-Employment Assessment Test, you can retake it after 60 days. If you took the Supervisory Leadership Assessment but did not pass it, you can take it again in 6 months. Wal-Mart Interview Questions Do you have an interview scheduled or have you interviewed at Wal Mart? Review interview questions and add your questions to the list.


Save money. Live better Training and Development:
Management training and succession: In order to ensure well trained future store managers, Wal-mart is committed to an on going training program for store managers, assistant mangers, and department managers .All managers complete structured management training program that consist of on the job training and book work..Areas studied include management topics such as internal/external theft; scheduling; store staffing; retail match; merchandise replenishment; and Wal mart key to supervision series, which deals with interpersonal skill and personnel responsibilities .After completing the training program trainees are given responsibility of an area in a store they length of the time they are in this position vary according to how the traineeprogress .Subsequent to this the training is promoted to assistant manger. In 1985 Wal-Mart created the Walton institute of retailing which was open in affiliation with the University of Arkansas. Currently every Wal-Mart corporate and store manger is expected to participate in the institute special program to strength and develop company managerial capabilities. Wal-mart believes that good people need good challenges therefore with respect to senior management .Wal-mart offers cross training to enable them to master new areas.

Associate training:
Upon being hired new associates must complete a ³new hire¶ checklist and a 3-day orientation ,and they are immediately placed in position for on the job training .No formal training is provided by Wal-mart headquarters for hourly associates.OJT is Wal-Mart philosophy regarding associates training .Store manger and train and supervise employees .The use of video films is popular training technique, shown from time to time in Friday morning meetings .Topic of the videos vary from new cash register functionality to security policies. Wal-mart also use satellite television broadcast to retail management seminars to disseminate information from headquarters. Associates have every opportunity of advancement .the management trainee program is designed to give associates an opportunity to learn and apply basic skill necessary to advance


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to the assistant manager position .The program is structured 20 weeks period with each including a specific focus .the objective is to build strong knowledge and experience base in following areas: personnel functions and administration, operation, merchandising and supervisory skills. The trainee program is implemented via CBL Computer based learning provide training on approx 200 task areas and test the associate on each learning module. It is used to train newly hired associates.

Performance Evaluation:
Wal-Mart calls the process of performance appraisal ³evaluation´. All managers and associates are evaluated annually. Associate are hired more than minimum wage and can expect to rise with in one year .New associates receive two evaluation during the first fiscal year. The first at 90 day and the second on the anniversary date. The four performance appraisal level are  Below standard  Above standard  Standard  Outstanding Assuming performance is above standard the employee receives raise at the 90 day evaluation and at the annual evaluation..Employees who are performing outstanding can receive rise in pay ant time during the year. All employees must be in their current position for at least 6 months before they are promoted to next leve

Compensation and Benefits:

y Executive Compensation:
Wal-mart uses the compensation and nominating Committee and the stock option committee to help determine executive compensation parameters The Wal mart compensation and nominating committee administer Wal Mart stock option and restricted stock plans sets the interest applicable to the deferred compensation plan and reviews the benefits and benefits structure for executive officers. This committee has make nomination for directors..


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y Director compensation plan:
This program is designed to 1. Provide fair compensation to executives based upon their performance and contribution to Wal-mart. 2. Provide incentives to attract and retain key executives. 3. Instill a long term commitment to Wal-mart and develop pride and sense of company ownership This compensation package has three main parts. 1. Base salary, which is reviewed annually 2. Equity compensation consisting of stock option and for certain executive restricted stock 3. Incentive payment under the company management incentive plan.

Wal-Mart has deferred compensation plan under which executives may defer compensation with its interest accruing on amount deferred. . xecutive also participates in the Profit E sharing plan which is doffed contribution to retirement plan with its assets primarily invested in Wal-Mart stock.

Reward System:
Store manger receive additional compensation based upon their store profit .Assistant store manger receive compensation based upon company profitability. All other persons are compensated on hourly basis with the opportunity of receiving additional bonuses based upon the company productivity and profitability. Shrinkage bonuses are implemented in 1980 to control losses from theft and damage. If a store holds shrinkage below corporate goal every associate in that store receive bonus .wall mart has paid several million dollars in bonuses for improving shrinkage problem. A very successful incentive program is its volume producing item contest where by departments with in a store have special promotion and pricing on items they want to feature .the contest is initially among departments in the store .result are compared among


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departments and region to region .This is done to boost sales and sell slow moving items .it also encourages employees to be innovative.

Benefits Packages:
Wal-Mart benefit program is extensive and very competitive in the industry .Te benefits package include 1. Profit sharing 2. Comprehensive health care plan and dental insurance for employees and their dependants. 3. Group life insurance and optional term life insurance plan 4. Business travel accident policy 5. Salary continuance. 6. Long term disability insurance 7. Paid vacation 8. Purchase discount 9. Store managers bonus program 10. Generous stock purchase plan.
Our benefits are designed to help associates meet their unique personal, family, and financial needs, and the program is divided into four areas:

Career Benefits Career benefits are designed to give each Associate every opportunity to grow, prosper, and advance in his or her career. Regardless of gender, color, religion, age, national origin, or sexual orientation, an Associate with the desire and the ability to get the job done will find many career paths and opportunities to explore. We also provide classroom training, computer-based training, in-store and on-the-job training, mentoring, and a host of other opportunities to give associates the knowledge and skills for a successful career.

Financial Benefits Financial benefits offer associates several ways to save and invest for their financial security. Our


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Profit-Sharing and 401(k) Plan help associates save for long-term financial needs, such as retirement. Another financial benefit is the Associate Stock -Purchase Plan, which allows associates to buy stock through payroll deductions.

Health Care Benefits The foundation of our health benefits is to provide a choice of medical coverageoptions designed to protect associates from catastrophic medical costs. Health care benefits also include Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, Short and Long-Term Disability Insurance, and a dental plan that covers a range of general and major care.

Personal Benefits Our personal benefits include such extras as discounts on child care, education, and travel. Personal benefits also include medical and personal leaves of absence, long -term service benefits, and even a professional and personal associate counseling service.

y Profit sharing and Stock option plans:
Wal mart believes that each of its associates is a partner in the company and encourages stock ownership .To maintain feeling of ownership and to keep them informed the company stock price is announced storewide ate the end of each business day .eight percent of the Wal-Mart full time associates own stock

Current Problems and issues: Non-Unionization:

Unlike its competitors in the retail industry Wal Mart has remained non-unionized. Its alternative is an open door policy which aims to encourage employees to take their complaints beyond management. Wal-Mart employees commence at lower wages than unionized corporations, quitting by the end of the first year


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Low Wages:

The average Wal-Mart associate makes between a paltry $12,000 and 17,000 annually. suggest that the company cares more about keeping its prices low than to increase employees¶ wages and thus, in turn, their standard of living.

Discrimination against Women:
Wal-Mart has been accused of discriminating against women by its actions of denying training and promotion opportunities that are generally offered to men. Men are also paid more than women. In June 2001 a group of six current and former female Wal Mart employees filed a sex discrimination lawsuit (seeking to represent up to 500,000 current and former Wal-Mart workers) against the company . The suit was filed because Wal-Mart failed to provide equal employment opportunities for women. Women comprise 72% o the f workforce but only small percentages are in supervisory or managerial positions. In addition, ³Wal-Mart is the nation's largest employer of women, but unfortunately they are being treated without dignity and respect." (Cookson, 2001). The data also s hows that women are rated higher in performance the research evaluations of across all positions (Anon., except 2003d) are cashier. that:




Women Total

are earnings

disproportionately paid to men is

employed about

in $5,000

lower more

paying than paid

hourly to

jobs women

Women are on lower hourly rates but have been employed longer than men Women scored higher in performance ratings

Over 95% of Store Managers and Co-Managers change stores at least once upon entering the positions. 80% of Support Manager promotions did not appear in job posting data . Wal-Mart's (Anon., 2003d) treatment of its female employees is characterized by a sexually demeaning atmosphere, where female employees are told that "women do not make good managers", that "a trained monkey" could do their jobs, and that women with kids couldn't be managers.


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The largest source of concern for this functional area is the slowing speed of checkout lines. This is simply a product of Wal-Mart's success. Because more and more people are going to Wal-Mart, and the number of checkout lines is staying constant, the only way to compensate is for the time to checkout increase. This is a problem because it can and will cause people to choose other stores that are less congested. They are basically losing sales due to this fact.

Research and Development:
This is a weakness because they do not actively engage in any research and development. Specifically, they do not do any prior site research bef re opening a store. They simply o approach a local government and build.

In conclusion, Wal-Mart is the number one retailer in the United States and is at the top of the Fortune 500 listing. Wal-Mart operates in many countries world-wide and is moving into new countries every year. Wal-Mart is also expanding as a retailer. They have expanded into many other sectors of the marketplace, including groceries, gas stations, electronics, and auto maintenance. Each year, Wal-Mart finds new ways to grow and offer more services to their customers. Each year, the number of people who have a stake in Wal-Mart also grows. Each year, more claims are made against Wal-Mart by the unions and other businesses that have been forced out of business. Wal-Mart is often able to uncut many other local industries and more and more local businesses are shutting down when Wal-Mart moves into town. The unions are filing more court claims against Wal-Mart because they encourage their workers not to join unions. As a result of Wal-Mart's ever growing size and variety of services they offe their r, public affairs department is going to become more and more important. And as the animosity against Wal-Mart becomes more widespread, here and in foreign countries, Wal-Mart is going to have to work harder to maintain their good reputation. Wal Mart's foundation will become increasingly more important for giving things back to the community.


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In order for Wal-Mart to stay at the top of their game and follow the company strategy and achieve their key policy goals, they are going to have deal bette with their stakeholders r and make sure they guard their reputation well. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Wal-mart is more oriented towards making profits by cutting down costs Has little concern about its employees One stop shop, low priced and diverse services makes wal mart a tough competitor Has slowed down its growth.

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Introducing higher and equal incentives for both genders. Continue trade with china to reduce cost. Discovering new geographical opportunities. Being more concerned about employees.

Workshops, Training & Seminars :
The HR department, emphasizing that Wal-Mart is serious about its strategic initiatives to promote and hire more women to managerial and supervisory positions. From the data and research collected, it appears that the key people in charge of pr omoting and hiring of staff are male. In order to change their perspectives and beliefs regarding women in the workforce, we believe it is imperative that these people realize the benefits, experience and knowledge that women can bring to the organization. We realize it will be a gradual and at times seemingly slow process, but many psychology studies (Bentham, Veltman, & Vebrugge, 2004) confirm that a change of beliefs is possible via avenues such as sensitivity training and workshops.

Diversity Task Force :
The creation of a Women¶s Group which actively promotes, supports and brings attention to women¶s rights in the company will help increase equality. Other organizations have implemented diversity task forces to great success, such as Napa Valley Colleg Kodak, e,


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Wells Fargo and AT&T (Cole, 2007) ± who report that turnover has decreased whilst staff morale and job satisfaction has increased. The CEO of the Diversity Advisory Board (DAB) Eric Beresford states that ³If a company is willing to say diversity is a business imperative, then a diversity advisory board [or diversity council] is a terrific way to make that a reality ... But if diversity is three layers deep in an organization, the diversity council may get frustrated. But if diversity is a business imperative, then a diversity council can provide tremendous value."

Clearly posted job openings/promotion opportunities and abolish implied µrelocation¶ for Management positions :
Wal-Mart should ensure advertisements for any managerial or supervisory po sitions are easily viewable by all staff, and that there are no conditions attached to the job, ie. Relocation, non-flexible hours, which may result in women being hesitant to apply.

The diversity initiatives have managed to salvage what was left of its reputation and continues to slowly change the community¶s perception of the company for the better. Wal Mart must also be extremely diligent when navigating international markets due to cultural differences in human resource practices. Potentially damaging misunderstandings may occur which will be reported and hyped up by the media, resulting in a loss of faith, trust and revenue.


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