Presented by : Uday kumar II B.F.


Kattu-maram word from tamil Tamil kattu "to tie" and maram "wood, tree invention of the paravas, a fishing

community on the Southern coast of Tamil Nadu. Oldest traditional fishing crafts, mostly used in south india. State tamil nadu , Andhra, orissa & kerala Mostly operated in tamilnadu(coromandal coast) 

Different name in different state: Coromandal coast catamaran Based on logs used: Periyamaram -- 4 logs Irukumaram -- 5 logs Kolamaram -- 7 logs Thundimaram -- 5 logs Chinnamaram -- 3 logs 

Andhra coast -- tepallu

4 logs Orissa coast catamaran 5 logs Andhra & TN reservoir teppa. 

Standard size of catamaran : 6.5

7.5 m Size may differ according to capacity. 3 logged used for shore fishing along east coast. Center - 1 (heavy), peripheral - 2 4 logged ideally suited for rough sea. Longer than 3 logged. All logs of same girth.

Selection of suitable wood. ‡Albizzia light weight wood. Cutting of logs of desired size. Seasoning of logs. ‡Done by immerging in muddy water for 2-3 months. ‡Checking of properly seasoned or not by measuring the draft. ‡Weight of logs reduce, suggest proper seasoning. ‡Smell of wood change if proper seasoned. ‡After seasoning logs removed, sun dried for a week. ‡This method of seasoning provide good strength & prevent getting damage by wood borers.

Shaping of logs. After seasoning, logs are trimmed & shaped. Kadiya/kompu(horn) wooden support for fastening of logs. Kadiya used stem & stern portion. Shape of catamaran narrow at stem side (easy movement in heavy wave). broader/wider at stern side. Horn tied by nylon/coir rope/cotton rope. Middle log long called naduthadi., (nadu-middle, thadilog). 

Name of three logs of catamaran:

1) valavan thadi (right log) 2)edavan thadi (left log) 3) nadu thadi (middle log) Knoting (tying): 2 types i) knot for tying of catamaran. Previously used kakari (coconut husk). Now nylon rope for its durability. ii) knot for fixing the sail.

Oars : Length same for all catamaran, big or small. Bamboo oars are used because of its flexible character & light wood. Length 1.85 m. Used when sail could not be hoisted due to unfavorable wind or shore is nearby.

Sail : 
Bamboo mast is used with triangular sail. For sail, a cloth called kora cloth is used. Length & width depend upon size of raft. For 7.7 m catamaran 9.6×9.14×8.23 m sail is used.

Mast : 
Mast is used for hoisting the sail. Placed in groove /slit in the central log. Bamboo for its being straight, long, thin, strong enough to cope with storm. A 7.77 m length catamaran need a bamboo of 9.60 m length. 

Maintenance very simple compare to the dug-outs

& plank-built vessel. Everyday maintainence. On reaching the shore, ropes are taken away to separate the logs which are then sun-dried. This is done to reduce weight of wetted logs. help to protect the logs from the wood borers, therby extending life-span. 

Tradition craft whose sea worthiness is testified by its long durability. Its operation is limited, its efficiency is best where the depth of water is not more than 15 to 24 fathoms. Catamaran size differs:

longest 7.32 7.77 m, can carry 4 person. smallest 3.65 -4.12 m, meant for one person. Construction is very simple & low cost. Low operational & maintenance cost. Suits well to the nature of coastline. Some modification is done with catamaran. moterized catamaran FRP catamaran