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Peace Corps Albania Welcome Book | August 2009

Peace Corps Albania Welcome Book | August 2009


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Peace Corps Albania Welcome Book
Peace Corps Albania Welcome Book

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The Peace Corps will provide you with all the necessary inoculations,
medications, and information to stay healthy. Upon your arrival in Albania,
you will receive a medical handbook. At the end of training, you will receive
a medical kit with supplies to take care of mild illnesses and first aid needs.
The contents of the kit are listed later in this chapter.

During pre-service training, you will have access to basic medical supplies
through the medical officer. However, you will be responsible for your own
supply of prescription drugs and any other specific medical supplies you
require, as the Peace Corps will not order these items during training. Please
bring a three-month supply of any prescription drugs you use, since they
may not be available here and it may take several months for shipments to



You will have physicals at midservice and at the end of your service. If you
develop a serious medical problem during your service, the medical officer
in Albania will consult with the Office of Medical Services in Washington,
D.C. If it is determined that your condition cannot be treated in Albania, you
may be sent out of the country for further evaluation and care.

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