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Peace Corps Bangladesh Welcome Book | October 2005

Peace Corps Bangladesh Welcome Book | October 2005

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Peace Corps Bangladesh Welcome Book

Peace Corps Bangladesh Welcome Book

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Serving as a Volunteer overseas entails certain safety and

security risks. Living and traveling in an unfamiliar environ-

ment, a limited understanding of the local language and cul-

ture, and the perception of being a wealthy American are

some of the factors that can put a Volunteer at risk. Petty

thefts and burglaries are not uncommon. Incidents of physi-

cal and sexual assault do occur, although almost all

Volunteers complete their two years of service without seri-

ous personal safety problems. In addition, more than 83 per-

cent of Volunteers surveyed say they would join the Peace

Corps again.

The Peace Corps approaches safety and security as a partner-

ship with you. This Welcome Bookcontains sections on:

Living Conditions and Volunteer Lifestyle; Peace Corps

Training; and Your Health Care and Safety. All of these sec-

tions include important safety information.

The Peace Corps makes every effort to give Volunteers the tools

they need to function in the safest and most secure way possible,

because working to maximize the safety and security of

Volunteers is our highest priority. Not only do we provide you

with training and tools to prepare for the unexpected, but we

teach you to identify and manage the risks you may encounter.

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