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Peace Corps Costa Rica Welcome Book | September 2009

Peace Corps Costa Rica Welcome Book | September 2009

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Peace Corps Costa Rica Welcome Book
Peace Corps Costa Rica Welcome Book

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The Peace Corps is not for everyone. You will have to cope with the frustrations of working in a new culture with
different norms and behaviors. You may be teased because of your differences from Costa Ricans. You must be
willing to live with a family, even though it may make you feel controlled by your host parents. Since a Peace Corps
Volunteer's work often extends beyond the hours of a standard workday, and may include weekends, you may feel
like you never leave your work. You will work with government employees who are often overworked and
underappreciated. The work can be mentally and physically stressful because of Costa Rica’s complex social issues.
Resources may be limited and facilities inadequate. You will need to have patience and find inner reserves of strength
to continue your work with enthusiasm and develop new ideas. In most cases, you will structure your own time. You
must possess the self-confidence and vision to continue working toward long-term goals without always seeing
immediate results.

You will find that the key to satisfying work as a Peace Corps Volunteer is the ability to establish successful human
relationships at all levels (with your host family, community members with whom you work, counterpart agencies
and school officials, and fellow Volunteers). You can expect Costa Ricans to be friendly and, for the most part,
interested in having you in their community. You will acquire a sense of accomplishment when small projects are
effective due to your efforts. In addition, acceptance into a foreign culture and acquisition of a second (or even a
third) language are significant rewards. If you have the personal qualifications needed to meet the challenges of two
years of service in Costa Rica, you will have a rewarding, enriching, and lasting experience. You will have the
satisfaction of knowing that you have had a positive impact on other people’s lives while making much-needed
contributions to the goals of Peace Corps/Costa Rica. Judging by the experience of former Volunteers, the rewards
are well worth the difficult times, and most Volunteers leave Costa Rica feeling that they gained much more than they
sacrificed during their service.



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