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Peace Corps Georgia Welcome Book | 2010

Peace Corps Georgia Welcome Book | 2010

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Peace Corps Georgia Welcome Book
Peace Corps Georgia Welcome Book

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Published by: Accessible Journal Media Peace Corps Docs on Jun 13, 2010
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Georgia has an extensive transportation system. Tbilisi is connected by rail with Batumi on the
Black Sea, Baku on the Caspian, as well as Yerevan in Armenia. Most people travel by bus or
vans between cities and fares are relatively cheap. Taxis are widely available, but tend to be
much more expensive. Georgia’s main international airport is in Tbilisi. Batumi also has limited
international flights.

Riding a bicycle is not a common practice in Georgia, and for safety reasons, Peace
Corps/Georgia does not recommend them. Volunteers and trainees are prohibited from owning or
operating motor vehicles (i.e., automobiles or motorcycles) or riding on motorcycles or in
motorcycle sidecars as a passenger. Violation of these policies may result in the termination of
your Volunteer service.

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