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Peace Corps Guinea Welcome Book | May 2009

Peace Corps Guinea Welcome Book | May 2009

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Peace Corps Guinea Welcome Book
Peace Corps Guinea Welcome Book

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Guinea’s major food crops include millet, maize (corn), rice,

manioc (cassava), groundnuts (peanuts), and palm oil. In

addition, coffee and bananas are cultivated for export.

Rice is the staple food, regardless of region. If people have

not had any rice on a particular day, they do not feel that they

have eaten! Rice is served with a variety of sauces, such as

peanut sauce, several different leaf sauces (like spinach, only

tastier), and soup. If a family has the means, beef, chicken, or

fish (usually dried) may be added to the sauce.

The supply of fruits and vegetables varies according to the

season and the region. Bananas are available year-round, but

oranges, avocados, and pineapples are seasonal. Mangoes are

available in the dry season.

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