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Peace Corps Guinea Welcome Book | May 2009

Peace Corps Guinea Welcome Book | May 2009

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Peace Corps Guinea Welcome Book
Peace Corps Guinea Welcome Book

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Homosexuality is not publicly acknowledged or discussed

in Guinean society. Although gay and lesbian Volunteers

generally choose not to be open about their sexual

orientation, they have successfully worked in Guinea.

Volunteer Comment

“As a Peace Corps Volunteer, along with all the feelings of

community and belonging, you will probably, from time to

time, experience feelings of loneliness, being out of place,

and being something of an oddity. If you are gay, lesbian, or

bisexual, chances are you’re no stranger to being made to

feel this way. Unfortunately, those feelings can be intensified

here. I have found my group to be extraordinarily tight, close,

and open-minded and have gotten nothing but support from

them. What’s missing, however, is complete understanding.

I’ve not found other gay, lesbian, or bisexual Volunteers to

discuss this with, so though my friends are perfectly willing

to hear me out whenever I need or want to talk, I’ve not

found anyone who really knows what I’m feeling and going

through. In my site, the question of my sexuality has never

been raised. The idea that I’m anything other than straight

doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone, and I’ve chosen

not to challenge that assumption. As I’m not here looking

for love, but rather am here to work, whether I’m gay or

straight is not really an issue. Fielding the all-too-frequent

inquiries as to why I’m not yet married and wouldn’t I like to

become the fourth Mrs. Mamadou Camara is, not surprisingly,



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4/30/09 11:27:52 AM

somewhat uncomfortable, but I have to imagine that that’s not

so pleasant for the heterosexual Volunteers among us, either.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say with all this is: The Peace

Corps can be difficult, and being gay can make it somewhat

more difficult. Or, looking at it another way, being gay can be

difficult, and being in the Peace Corps can make it somewhat

more difficult. However, because of the universal support and

acceptance from staff and Volunteers alike, it has not been at

all unbearable or anywhere close to making me regret having

chosen to come here.”

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